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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PKM has been associated with a focus on personal branding , responsibility for personal learning, personal networking - using networking engines (Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIN) and management of individual documents, thought and writings. The use of MediaWiki as a combination knowledge management/project tracker/note taking/document generation software has been suggested. Hidden categories: Wikipedia articles containing buzzwords | Articles lacking sources from January 2007 | All articles lacking sources. About Wikipedia.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. About Wikipedia. Contact Wikipedia. Donate to Wikipedia. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. About Wikipedia. Cognitive apprenticeship. Jump to: navigation , search Cognitive apprenticeship is a theory of the process where a master of a skill teaches that skill to an apprentice. Constructivist approaches to human learning have led to the development of a theory of cognitive apprenticeship [1]. To combat these tendencies, cognitive apprenticeships â??â?¦are fadesâ?? General.

10 Years in the Making: Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Wikipedia

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The Grande Guide to Wikipedia. confess: Despite the fact that the site celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year, I still know next to nothing about what happens “behind the curtain&# at Wikipedia.  I know less about Wikipedia than I do the opera, jai alai or magic tricks.  It’s a mystery, and it frightens me.  So I asked my friends and colleagues what they knew about Wikipedia

Editing: Is social media realtime or permanent?


Image via Wikipedia. Some kinds of social media (Wikipedia) couldn’t exist without editing while others (Twitter) do not even allow editing. To me, it shows both that we use different kinds of social media for different purposes (think Wikipedia vs. Twitter) but it also shows an ambivalence over what we expect social media to be. What gives? How about YouTube?

Implement the powerful CloudFlare CDN for free today


CDNs serve a large fraction of the Internet content today, including web objects (text, graphics and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media , on-demand streaming media, and social networks,” according to Wikipedia. for free. actually do. I stress eat. You’re going to need to.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


Learn how to properly edit a Wikipedia page  — Wikipedia’s not just your graduate dissertation. Knowing how to write objectively with citations and references is a first start, but Wikipedia is also a meritocracy, it’s a democracy, it’s a community, and it demands commitment, openness, transparency, and some knowledge of the wiki markup. Right now. For shame!

Five Ways B-to-B Marketers Need to Change Their Game


Image via Wikipedia. Populate your website with white papers, research reports, videos, how-to guides, technical documents, archived webinars, all written in objective, non-salesy language, to help educate buyers and help influence them toward your solution.  Be sure to title the documents with plenty of keywords. These days, the sales person has lost control. 

Social Business: Facebook for the Enterprise?


If you have to use comparisons to convey your message, you may be better off explaining that your corporate social networking platform aggregates features you see in Facebook, Google, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, and the myriad of online discussion forums and communities into a single platform, and adds an enterprise-y flavor to it. creating documents or diagrams.

5 of my favorite productivity apps


So, I can convince folks to get off of email and onto a project management platform with accountability, tracking, document sharing, tasking, and all that good stuff. So, I bill Wikipedia Management differently than I do ORM or SEO or SEM or influencer outreach or social media strategy. Taking photos of important documents. While I aspire to build It makes my head swim.

What's WYSIWYG? How Today's Online Editor Came to Be


Before WYSIWYG editors were introduced in the 1970s , content creators had little control over the way their documents appeared. By 1974, the world's first WYSIWYG document preparation program, Bravo, became operational. Xerox Alto (Image Credit: Wikipedia ). WordStar running on DOS (Source: Wikipedia ). WYSIWYG. But did you ever stop to think about where they came from?

The Future of Buyer Relationships

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Image via Wikipedia. Buyers will make quick determinations about their relationships based upon the availability of real-time content – information on products, services, support documentation, expert knowledge sharing, and the likes.    Our developing views of the buyer undergoing perhaps the most profound transformation in the last 100 years.  Reputation.

50 of the Most Dependable Web Resources for University Students |

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Some of the resources you will find here include historical documents, manuscripts, artwork, maps, photos, letters and film. 2. The site looks almost exactly like Wikipedia, but there is a difference between the two: Scholarpedia can be cited in research papers. Current style options include MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA and Wikipedia. Associate Degree Programs. Copyright.

Email bankruptcy and internal social networking


Credit: Wikipedia. That, and also creating presentations, word processing documents, spreadsheets, the whole Office Suite she-bang, all artifacts attempting to render what your knowledge is. Today, you need Google search more than you need Yellow Pages, Wikipedia more than Britannica. The first trap in the question in bold above is: what do you mean by “real work”?

Importance of Context to Understanding the New Social Buyer Persona

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Image via Wikipedia. Circumstances under which a document was created, including its function, purpose, use, time, the creator, and the recipient. One of the major outcomes of the recent advances in the social age is the resurgence of contextually-based persona development and its’ role in helping to inform as well as shape strategy.  What is Context?   Related articles.

5 Critical Roles that Need SEO Skills


Photo credit: Wikipedia. If you’re interested, I have documented such an encounter at my other blog, writingfordigital. Last month, I said that SEO is the top skill for digital marketers. This might seem outrageous to one who has not read that post. Even to those who have read it, it might seem controversial. Many people in my Twitter stream are calling SEO the bane of the web.

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5 Ways to Get the Most From Google+ Communities


Photo credit: Wikipedia. While you’re chatting with members of your community, you can share videos, search for documents, and present slideshows. But this post is about using Google+ communities, which are fast becoming the a hotter version of Facebook groups. While the world’s least-understood social media network might not have the 1.1 image credit: global web index.

Why I’ve Got My Head Stuck in the Google Cloud


It’s also the new home of Google Docs, a suite of productivity applications for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. “Life gets a bit easier when your Google products work well together…” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Finally accepting the reality of these truths, I decided to dive in to the Google Cloud headfirst; here’s what I found. DOES IT COME WITH CHROME? and 4.2

Got Writer's Block? 7 Tips and Tricks to Make Writing Easier


White , Content Creator at Inbound Marketing Agents. 5) Use Wikipedia as your style guide. instead of diving into a massive style guide, simply look up the phrase in Wikipedia. For example, if you''re not sure how to write a movie title, looking it up on Wikipedia shows you that the title should be italicized.)". - Jay Acunzo , Senior Manager of Content at HubSpot. Jordan P.

Happy Independence Day from Find New Customers

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Here are some fact on the day from Wikipedia. There is no question that July 4, 1776 is the date that the Congress approved the final official document, having voted to declare independence two days earlier. [8] Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had also signed it on that day. An Independence Day invitation from 1825 is pictured here.

This Is the Real Secret to Unleash Your Content Marketing Creativity

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The Answer That Came from a 1,600 Year Old Document. Sources:   Wikipedia  and If you have ever wanted to tap into the power of content marketing, but have felt held back because of a lack of creativity, then you are going to want to read this post today. And the answer will be both a surprise and a relief. The Unbelievable Way that Malaria Was Finally Defeated.

Sponsored Comments: Can Genius Build the Next Big Ad Platform?


As the community grew, the focus broadened from just rap lyrics to all music, some poetry, and even historical documents. It’s more like a blend of Wikipedia and Reddit. Three years ago, I sat in a sleek startup office as the co-founders of Rap Genius told me about their master plan for taking over the internet. But at some point, the founders needed to monetize. Can it be both?

Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy

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As it relates to search engines, the frequency with which two documents are cited together by other documents may help cement the relatedness and context of a page. Have you read the recent SearchMetrics ranking factors survey? The report showcases four content factors which the authors feel correlate to higher rankings: Semantically relevant and semantically comprehensive wording.

Semantic Search: Keyword Choices and Relevancy

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As it relates to search engines, the frequency with which two documents are cited together by other documents may help cement the relatedness and context of a page. Have you read the recent SearchMetrics ranking factors survey? The report showcases four content factors which the authors feel correlate to higher rankings: Semantically relevant and semantically comprehensive wording.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Application Programing Interface (API) - An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to interact with another application. Google Documents - Google Documents is a group of web-based office applications that includes tools for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet analysis. On the web today, things change fast. We're talking Facebook friends.

Enhance the Buyer Experience with Intelligent Engagement

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Image via Wikipedia.   This is presenting an enormous challenge for strategists and marketers to learn how to establish “built-in” engagement that is intelligent as opposed to being the mere presence of a document which can be printed.    I referenced this in my previous article whereby I questioned the phrase Reach and Engage in contrast to Listen and Engage. 

What Makes REAL Buyer Personas? Beware of Pretenders developing Buyer Personas

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First, check out the Wikipedia page of Alan Cooper. Real buyer persona are based on unstructured interviews with won and lost deals, done by trained professionals.  It also involves collect and documenting those findings using best-practices templates and tools. Beware of Pretenders developing Buyer Personas. Recently I was contacted by the new Chief Marketing Officer at a past client of mine. I had proposed developing buyer personas for them. Also in terms of Personas, both myself and my associate have worked with and trained with Alan Cooper in the 90′s. 

16 case studies prove ROI of mobile marketing


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Caritas documented how the mobile devices were able to save 19,200 hours or 98 hours per clinicians per year. Are you paying attention to your mobile marketing yet? After years of being the next big thing, mobile might finally be the current big thing. But there is a big problem–most people don’t know how to prove it. joint study by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and MediaVest shows marketers are excited about opportunities for mobile marketing but frustrated about the ability to prove return on investment (ROI).

Marketers: 3 Ways to Make Sales-Based Business Intelligence Work for You

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Wikipedia: “ Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.” ” The techniques range from strategies such as mapping business objectives to choosing which data to analyze. Here are three ways that marketers can use sales-based business intelligence: 1.

A Keyword Primer: Finding and Using Keywords Effectively

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Keywords are single words or phrases, used to indicate the content of a document, or a web page, or (as used in alt text) the meaning of an image. Keywords are important for every business online today. They help drive traffic to your business website and when chosen and used well, draw visitors who become customers. What Are Keywords? Keywords are also used in paid search advertising.

A Salute on this #VeteransDay


Go ahead, check out the Wikipedia entry. I’m that handsome young man next to the captain, holding a grounding rod and awaiting a helicopter transfer of some documents. A veteran’s legacy lives on in the stories and memories of their service passed down from father to son, or grandfather to granddaughter. Karrie Sundbom, Act-On’s senior content marketing manager, shares the story of her maternal grandfather, Harold Leight, who piloted a C-47 during WWII. It was not a fighter – it carried no weapons – rather just delivered supplies, picked up injured men, that sort of thing.

The Internet of Things (IoT): when everything is “a thing”


For those still wondering what that is, here’s its Wikipedia definition as of this writing: The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices.

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Application Programing Interface (API) - An API is a documented interface that allows one software application to to interact with another application. DocStoc - DocStoc is an online sharing service for documents. Users can view, upload, share and sell documents. All documents are stored and edited online and allow multiple people to collaborate on a document in real-time.

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My Dog the Meme: The Origins of the All-Time Greatest Animal Memes

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He even has a Wikipedia page , and his claim to fame is his love of boxes. Maru may not have any documented tattoos  that I could find, but he has a ton of fan art dedicated to his likeness. Author: Dayna Rothman My dog is a meme. When Toni had come into work that morning, her co-worker quickly ushered her over to look at a funny dog meme that popped up on her Facebook page. Who knew?

Optimizing your site information architecture (IA) for Panda


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Google claims it will take sitemaps as advisory documents, but it favors sites that are crawler-friendly to begin with. Last time I wrote about cleaning house and freeing up Google’s index for your best content. That’s a great antidote to Panda’s negative ranking factors that punish cluttered websites. No one goes looking for white papers. 

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Get Over Social Media Writer’s Block


Image via Wikipedia. ” This sort of fear generally stems from a very threatening social media policy document or a general lack of experience or a lack of confidence in representing the particular brand, company, product, or service. We’ve all had it. Writer’s block. You need to write something and there’s nothing there. No idea. Why does it happen?

Email Personalization Basics (+American Express Travelink’s Email Success Story)

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There’s room under this umbrella for everything from Attention Profiling Mark-up Language (APML, an XML -based markup language for documenting a person’s interests and dislikes) to that coffee cup with your name on it. Dear {{First Name}}: “Personalization” is a broad term. Personalized Emails Deliver 6X Higher Transaction Rates , MarketingLand). What is personalization? We sure did.

When being real matters


Nelson Mandela(Photo credit: Wikipedia). Those who do not walk the talk can be easily outed and a few viral posts documenting hypocrisy can ruin a brand and a business. If you are a news junkie like me, you have spent the last week listening to tributes to the late Nelson Mandela. This has become our mantra and we recite it frequently. These individuals come off as authentic.

Content is Rook. (Quality is King.)

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It’s well documented that too many choices result in cognitive overload, which adversely affects – even wholly impairs – our ability to make a decision. Add to that our (also well-documented) inability to multitask well, and it’s easy to understand how the once-novelty of hundreds and thousands of content options now causes our eyes to glaze over. At 12 inches, I’ve made up my mind.

How to Measure Digital Marketing With Observer Effects


Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Rather than describing the science, which is well documented all over the place, I thought I’d save some of your time and attention by merely mentioning two of the arts we need to embrace to do this. Last month, I argued that your marketing investments should not be influenced by measurement limitations. Observer Effects in Digital Marketing.

Japanese Celebrity Calls for an End to Tweeting after Demos Erupt

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Unfortunately with the power of Twitter, many learn their lesson until it is after the fact and the damage is done.  In fact, there is a Japanese Wikipedia page that has already been created and documents the above facts called Fuji TV’s Korean Broadcasting Issue. Whenever I see a Korean show on the air I turn off the TV.  ^^ Goodbye. Why do you have to tell everyone?