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The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


What’s more, the work of discovering and saving curation-worthy content—and in some cases, even displaying and sharing it—doesn’t have to be (entirely at least) a manual effort. The 20+ tools showcased here enable you to automatically find, source, search, store, organize, annotate, and/or share content from a wide range of publishers and social sources. Pricing:  free.

What are The Most Popular Social Media Tools?

Haley Marketing

Everybody wants to be great at social media, but instead of spending dozens of hours every week making it happen, start relying more on tools that can help you drive amazing results in less time. The 14 Most Popular Social Media Tools of 2016. With respect to the staffing industry, the example below is a display of results from a search for “Interview Attire”. Bonus Tools.

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Best Social Media Management Tools for Small Business Owners

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

There are numerous tools that make populating your Twitter feed, Facebook page, and other social media outlets relatively painless, and some are completely free. Shortens URLs , so you don’t have to visit bitly , tinyurl or some other site to shorten them yourself. No analytics, although there are a number of free social media analytics tools that could bridge the gap. Buffer.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Find out if the username or vanity URL you want is still available across dozens of social sites? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website? Discover how to accomplish all of the tasks above and more using some of the coolest free and modestly priced social media and web tools released in the past year or so. Create video emails?

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24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011


Take advantage of free or low-cost blog tools and resources? Noting that will well over 100 million blogs on the web now it can be challenging to stand out, the effervescent Diana Adams shares a list of common mistakes to avoid such as making your RSS button hard to find, posting inconsistently, and failing to respond to reader comments. Blogging Tools and Resources. Stuart W.

10 Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing


By now, most members of the inbound marketing community are probably aware that RSS exists (and if you don't, this blog post will help ). While this may be true, my guess is that many still aren't aware of just how versatile RSS can be. The good old RSS feed can be a lot more powerful than you might think. 10 Helpful Marketing Uses of RSS Feeds. 1. Write about it!

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


There are lots of tools out there that do this, but the one we use is called SumoMe. Features include Simple and Advanced modes, multiple audio/video player options, subscribe to podcast tools, and podcast SEO features. Select your fields, configure your options and easily embed forms on your WordPress-powered site using the built-in tools. Google Review Count:  312. grow}.

The dashboard has finally been perfected


One of the biggest problems I have as a small businessman is keeping track of everything: RSS feeds, competitors, backend performance data, social media mentions and trends, sales cycles, reputation warnings, revenue data, my inboxes, my calendar, key RSS feeds, search performance, tasks, and a million other sources of data. Private URL. RSS Feed. Remember Yahoo! Alexa.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Should blogs and RSS be a part of your lead generation strategy?

B2B Lead Generation Blog

« Small companies blogging for leads while big companies watch | Main | Revised Lead generation strategy map for complex sales » Should blogs and RSS be a part of your lead generation strategy? Scobles Link Blog pointed me to this interesting article by Pheedos Bill Flitter, " A Sound Case to Include Blogs and RSS in Your Marketing Mix."

57 Little Things to Double Check Before Your Website Launch


Thank-you message or page displays after form is submitted. Feeds are working properly (RSS, news, social media). Integrations with third-party tools, such as your CRM, e-commerce software, and/or marketing platform, are running smoothly. Metadata is properly in place for any content in an RSS feed. Page URLs consistently reflect site information architecture.

Forget Facebook; keep your fans to yourself!

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across their websites, their marketing material, their fundraising efforts, and anything else that could display a vanity Facebook URL. Question: Why would you put your Facebook vanity URL onto a highway billboard instead of the URL of your own website? For the last few years businesses and non-profit organizations have ridden the Facebook bandwagon.

35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English


permanent redirect from one URL to another -- usually from a company''s old website to their new website. This usually happens when the web page has been deleted or the visitor mistyped the URL. When an image isn''t able to load in an email, website, or blog post, the alt text is displayed instead. RSS Feed. Learn how to optimize your URLs for search here. Scrum.

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60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know


With CSS you can create rules to tell your website how you want it to display information. For search engines, PPC ads display an advertisement when someone searches for a keyword that matches the advertiser''s keyword list, which they submit to the search engine ahead of time. The information encoded by QR codes can include text, a URL, or other data. RSS: Rich Site Summary.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Bitly - Bitly is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. Bitly is popularly used to condense long URLs to make them easier to share on social networks such as Twitter. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Disqus - Disqus is a comment system and moderation tool for your site. link] ). V. for $1.65

How to Build the Ultimate Online Newsroom


Links to analyst (industry and/or financial) research and coverage. • A link to the company blog(s). • RSS feeds for press releases and blog posts. Again, current releases should be displayed on the newsroom main page with a link to archives, and the media contact name should be easy to find on every release. by TomPick and guest blogger Maria Verven.

Spending more time on SEO than adding value to Google?


Adam’s an affiliate and an AdWords guru, par excellence, by profession; however, he also stays on top of organic search religiously just as part of creating content sublime enough to compel all the folks who click through from sponsored search, contextual ads, and display ads. I met my buddy Adam Viener for breakfast on Friday morning at the Reston, Virginia , Silver Diner.

Why the volume and quality of interactions with customers has to pass for social media ROI

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Make a list of the people who subscribe to your blog through RSS and e-mail and match them up to your comments. RSS+comments=VIP. There are even tools like Tweet This, that can be set up to send a tweet based on the title of your post automatically. Use URL shorteners to gauge subject interest. By using a URL shortener like Image by LollyKnit via Flickr.


Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 2


An easy tool for automatically creating music videos. Helpful Firefox plugins and SEO analytics tools. Discover all of these and more here in another set of the coolest web tools. While this tool would benefit from more attractive pricing (you can only make 30-second videos for free) and better controls, it's worth checking out and playing with.

Social Media Success Stories

Anything Goes Marketing

Twitter is a fantastic networking tool and it can help you maximize your travel time. Twitter tip #2: Make sure you add your Twitter URL to your LinkedIn profile. Now, when I update my travel plans to Tripit, it will display my travel plans to all of my LinkedIn followers. Imagine how you can use social media tools for your business Social media tools are interrelated.


Are People Stealing Your Content? How (and When) to Fight Back [SlideShare]


Here are a couple ways to find it: Copyscape : Simply plug your page’s URL into the search box, and voila! Google Alerts , Topsy , and HubSpot Social Inbox : Whichever tool you prefer, you can set up alerts to ping you when someone mentions your content online. Publish a few paragraphs in your RSS feed with links to full content. Then the anger sets in. Not cool. what’s next?


11 Reasons Your LinkedIn Company Page Sucks


It Features No Recommendations: Displaying testimonials is a great way to show third-party validation and, as a result, credibility for your products/services. You Haven't Enabled the Blog RSS Feed: Feature your business' blog content automatically by adding your business blog's RSS feed to your company page. Up until recently, the value of a LinkedIn Company Page was minimal.

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40 Essential SEO Terms Marketers Should Know [Glossary]


Jargon alone shouldn't stop you from making your site the powerful marketing tool it can be. Canonical URL - The canonical URL is the best address on which a user can find a piece of information. Specifying the canonical URL helps search engines understand which address for a piece of content is the best one. 40 SEO Terms You Must Know! Directory and Dmoz. See Panda). H.

LinkedIn Company Page Checklist for B2B Marketing

B2B Ideas @ Work

Add the CompanyTwitter and Blog RSS Feeds - Bringing in your twitter updates and blog feed keeps your company page active, relevant and current. Add the News Module - Adding in the news module displays search results that share news about your company. Your company website URL link can go to your home page, to a services page, or specific landing page especially for LinkedIn visitors. You also have the option to place three larger graphic images with unique URLs. Contact MLT Creative for assistance with design and copywriting for this powerful tool for B2B marketing.

Twitter Analytics: Five Practical, Lesser Known Free Tools for B2B Professionals

B2B Marketing Savvy

Other Popular Posts:       Digital DeTox Tools      Twitter Blurs the Line       B2B Twitter Case Study      Email The Scoopdog Team.   Nifty free tool that lets you track on individual Twitter accounts (think YOUR competitors). More than 50 statistical measures displayed with graphics and maps.  Primarily a tool for Twitter users to analyze themselves or their friends. TwitterFriends A “reach/extended-reach” tracking tool that helps you discover information about the network behing your follower/their follower lists.  And results were positive. 

The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained

Hubspot - is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. is popularly used to condense long URLs to make them easier to share on social networks such as Twitter. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Disqus - Disqus is a comment system and moderation tool for your site. Internet websites.

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101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


People definitely need more practice using URL shorteners. 6) Send out a tweet every 30 seconds. Bury your RSS button and email subscribe field way below the fold of your blog in a completely illogical place. Don't include any links to your privacy policy on or near your forms, and don't display any third-party seals of approval (e.g. Because love is all you need. Oh look!

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

Modern B2B Marketing

Second only to Google, YouTube has rapidly emerged as an easy-to-use and reliable search tool; it overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in 2008 and is now the fastest-growing media platform in history.  In fact, this month the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad attracted 20% of the record-breaking viewership for the entire SuperBowl XLV in just 36 hours. Take YouTube, for example.

5 Alternative Ways to Search Twitter for People by Location

WindMill Networking

It displayed conversations of those you followed, and you could see whenever someone mentioned your username or sent your a private message. Any Twitter tool must be universal in scope, and the limited numbers of users there when compared to a major metropolitan American city made it a perfect test case scenario for this blog post. That’s where Twitter’s APIs come in.

4 Easy Ways of Subscribing to Feeds in Google Reader

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Phil on Thursday, June 26th, 2008 Posted to: RSS/Atom , Reader One comment, add yours! Google Reader is a very popular online tool for reading RSS feeds. In this article we will take a look at a few easy ways to subscribe to a new RSS feed. Add subscription will take any a keyword, feed name, feed URL or web page URL and attempt to parse it to find the feed you want. And finally, if you put in a site URL or feed URL, it will add the correct feed for you. have an RSS feed!) Subscribe by RSS feed or by email today! Tools.


Checklist: How to Start a Business Blog


In most cases it is also your post URL so make it count. You’ll be surprised that many people will still prefer this over RSS. RSS – This is a standard feature for blogs. You can take it one step further and make it even easier by just taken the RSS image icon and hyperlinking it to your RSS URL. Have the icons display alongside your blog posts.

Book Review: Blogger -- Beyond the Basics


Along the way, the author cites helpful tools such as text editors ( HTML Kit , Arachnophilia , Dreamweaver) and color tools ( Color Hunter , transparent color generator, VisiBone colors by shade). As the major blogging platforms have evolved, WordPress has become the more feature-rich tool, but Blogger puts all of the basic functionality into an easier-to-use package.

Tips on Using Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

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You could probably create an RSS feed from this URL as well and then display this content in real time. On his reside blog , Philip Nelson describes how Eloqua includes a number of Twitter links below the main call to action to continue the conversation via Twitter and other social media outlets and to leverage tools like Twitter to further promote your marketing materials. The new URL shortener makes it easy to shorten and track long URLs but goes well beyond that. Use a tool like PollDaddy to engage your Twitter followers. It’s that easy.

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Email Dashboard: Information Overload Research Group news wrapup

Buzz Marketing for Technology

and provides his perspective on using email as a tool. Tony Wright worries that "the increasingly personalized infoporn delivered to us through a broadening array of channels (like RSS, alerts, Twitter, Digg, Email, IM, Social Networks and more) is a looming disaster." " Paul Mooney points to "Meetings about meetings, emails about phone calls, efficiency tools and methodologies that nobody can figure out, its no wonder burnout is so prevalent." TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. Name: Email Address: (Not displayed with comment.).

Why B2B Blogs Aren’t Achieving SEO Success

delicious b2bmarketing

As a result, many single-post URLs were not getting indexed, presumably because the same content was on the home page. Optimizing individual posts and getting the post URLs indexed is the key objective. No control over what is indexed A quick look at what the search engines indexed from each blog showed low value URLs. Among indexed pages were URLs resulting from the blogs’ on-site search tools, and author, date, and tag archives. These URLs were indexed at the expense of indexing single-post URLs; many single-post URLs were not indexed.


The Bamboo Project Blog: Seven Strategies for Supporting Personal Learning Environments at Work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

It explains the concept of a personal learning environment and it also describes and demonstrates how to use a number of different tools. Start Introducing the Tools Yesterday I said that I believe in the idea of small pieces, loosely joined. That is, we introduce people to various tools that can be used to support personal learning and we let them figure out which tools work best for them. Imposing tools on people is a recipe for resentment and confusion in my opinion because everyone has their likes and dislikes. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link].

Web 2.0 Social Tagging Sites, Part 3: Special-Purpose Sites


indiamarks I didn't evaluate this site as a general-purpose social tagging tool for two reasons. 1) The site states that " indiamarks is a social bookmarking service for the global Indian community," which is attractive to members of that community as well perhaps as businesses that market to it, but not relevant for more general use, and 2) the top links displayed on the day I checked it out contained tags like "topless," "voyeur," "steriods," "dating" and a few I can't print here; presumably not tags that many marketers would like their brands associated with.


The Bamboo Project Blog: Blogging for Learning: Blog Challenges

Buzz Marketing for Technology

For example, if you're going to have them develop a set of instructions to do a specific task, encourage them to try out using more creative tools to express themselves, like VoiceThread or putting a PPT onto Slideshare. Social media is, in many ways, more of an organic, from the ground up tool. TrackBack URL for this entry: [link]. URL: Remember personal info?