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How to Change your B2B Sales Team’s Culture for the Better

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Many teams that are successful in providing transparency display leader boards of all the sales to see what areas need improvement or send regular recap memos to ensure everyone’s aware of what’s going on and can be constructive in finding a solution. Your change towards a better sales team culture and more engaged employees doesn’t have to take place all at once. Provide Transparency.

4 Steps to Content Curation for Inside Sales Reps

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

We recommend the 4-1-1 strategy to anyone starting off in content sharing; that means each week you should share 4 pieces of 3 rd party content, 1 piece of original content, and 1 piece of content that displays your personality, such as a favorite quote or funny picture. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Dave Howe , Principal at Sales for Life.

8 Tips for Improving Open Rates for B2B Sales and Marketing Emails

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Prepare for the preview pane: The information that displays in the preview pane is a big part of the reason your message gets opened. If the pictures don’t render, or they don’t display correctly (and a lot of preview panes suppress them), your primary message will be lost. Marketing emails lure the leads, and sales reels them in. Many of us get hundreds of emails every day.

6 Email Prospecting Tools Every Inside Sales Rep Should Be Using

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Boomerang displays these emails in a dashboard that is easily accessible from your inbox, and allows you to change the date or time of your scheduled emails at any time. As an inside sales rep, your call plans most likely include effective email prospecting strategies. You’re giving out your email to everyone you talk to in case they want to contact you later. Streak - A CRM in Your Inbox.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

more troubling, 85 percent of display ads are clicked on by 8. On a related note, 86 percent of consumers exhibit ban- ner blindness, unable to recall the last display ad they saw. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved.

6 Things Michelangelo Could Teach Today’s Inside Sales Professional

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If you''re working with a prospect and trying to further qualify the engagement, you may need to display your strength as a sales professional and really help him or her envision your product providing a beneficial solution in their environment. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Mike Lipka , an Inside Sales Representative at AG Salesworks. What could Michelangelo’s sculpting techniques teach you about reaching quota? The answer may surprise you. Michelango’s mastery of sculpture was without rival, and his philosophy on his craft was equally brilliant.

B2B Social Selling: Sales Megaphones or Conversation Drivers?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Display your knowledge within your industry by helping others, and that will not go unnoticed. Over the past year, social selling has become one of the hottest topics. When combined with outbound prospecting, social selling can be a powerful selling method. It''s a method of selling through listening and thought leadership. Here are a few pointers when it comes to social selling. 1.

Have You Tied March Madness to your Inside Sales Team Contests Yet?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The idea of a bracket – especially when displayed on a huge white board across the office – really gets rep’s competitiveness going. I’m going to be honest, I never really get into March Madness. Sometimes I’ll fill out a bracket, picking teams based on which color uniform I like better of course. This year I didn’t have a big interest in it – that is until I saw an email come through my inbox about our first ever 2013 BDR March Madness Tournament. Points were earned by having quality conversations (1pt) or passing qualified leads (4pts). It created positive energy.

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How Do You Define a Quality Sales Opportunity?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

While I could appreciate that work ethic and the tenacity that hungrier reps displayed, I usually found that passing over anything lukewarm usually resulted in a lead that didn't go anywhere.and generally I was cold calling back into that company months later. During my years as an Inside Sales rep, I've always appreciated working with the young hungry territory reps willing to talk to anyone "with a pulse". On the other side of the coin, I struggled when passing leads to the veteran sales folks who wanted every opportunity completely teed up. Current technology/service in use.

10 Ways To Create The Ideal Environment For Your Teleprospecting Team

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If you are running weekly, monthly, or quarterly contests, use another white board to display results to keep the team motivated. In the industry, we talk a lot about how to create the best environment for teleprospecting teams, from a day to day perspective, that will increase employee productivity. We’re constantly thinking of ways to incent our teams through more lucrative compensation plans, more robust training, better tools from a technology standpoint, etc. Low cubical walls. Large white board that tracks performance. Hang up “Fun” art décor. Make splitters visible and accessible.

Reinforcing The Use Of A “Message Map” for Insides Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

It’s such an easy and straight forward concept, but at the same time I feel like it was the first time I’ve heard it put into writing or displayed in a video. At first glance the title set my expectations toward some cheesy, outdated methodology, but what I discovered really resonated with the process our company has been working to put in play. The method is simple.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

social content • Paid search and display Divisible Content Across Channels V. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV.

How Inside Sales Reps Can Prepare for Weekly Client Calls

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

We create an Excel file that organizes all quality conversations for the week and displays a dashboard showing where we stand against goals for the month: leads, interested pipeline, and whatever else the client would like to track on a weekly basis. When we start working with a new client at AG, we establish a time for all parties involved to have a conference call per week.

How A Sales Professional Can Achieve Greater Success Through Online Marketing

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

With some attention and setup, a sales professional can place an advertisement that displays the name, product or service and a small message on the computer screens of key accounts within a territory. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Ryan Corey , Sales and Marketing Director with TrainAce and Co-Founder of Over the past several years many major sales industry superstars have been telling sales professionals to build their online presence. In particular, the focus has been placed on building a strong social media base.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of June 6, 2013

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

On Monday, Laney Pilpel shared a post with us about how what she looks for when hiring a new rep on her team is similar to what the Boston Bruins display every game: a sense of urgency. It’s the first week of a new month, and I’m sure your sales team is eager to pass qualified leads, meeting deadlines and stepping up to challenges. Here at AG, we’ve held contests over the past few weeks to pump up our own inside sales team. We’ve also produced a few blog posts to help inside sales reps with their technique. Now, on to this week’s recap. Monday, June 3, 2013. Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

How To Create The Perfect Dashboard To Display Your Inside Team’s Sales Metrics

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Last week there seemed to be a common theme when working with our clients: What metrics should we use to measure the success of this project and how are we going to organize and display the information? The question is how to display this information visually. First, it’s important to determine what metrics you want to display and create a dashboard to include the following: Opportunity Information: Total Number of Actual Opportunities Compared to the Monthly or Quarterly Goal in a graph displayed as a meter. Total Opportunities to Date in table form.


Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

CONSTRAINTS: For confidentiality reasons, the data must be displayed. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. Adopting a Winning Perspective 7 III. Back at GE and in.

Dissecting A Horrible Sales Prospecting Email

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

product dumping - This email displays textbook product dumping - there is way too much detail about this software. I went through a fun exercise with the AG team today. forwarded the prospecting email below that I had received and asked them to very simply to identify the three things that they felt would bother me the most about it. Specifically, the three things they thought made me close this email before even finishing the first sentence. The actual email in question is below with all identifiable words and contact information removed. This is the actual format. Subject line blows 2.

Tactics for Effective Emailing

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Staying with the theme of your subject-line, try to keep your email to 60 second read. A big reason for this is that prospects may be more likely to check email on their mobile device first, so you want to make sure it's an easy read and will display correctly. If you've read my blogs over the last few months you might have noticed that I am a firm believer that email is without a doubt your most effective weapon in your teleprospecting arsenal. The phone ultimately closes the deal, but you most likely will not have the conversation if email is not an integral part of your call plan.

Who Took My Sword?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Some of my decorations include my winning team medal and rainbow “Kanye shades” proudly displayed from the summer party, a tank of Sea Monkeys I rescued from being poured down the sink, and of course my Viking sword and helmet from Halloween. Sales Prospecting Perspectives in pleased to bring you a guest post from one of our newer BDRs, Elizabeth Guerra. AG frequently has visitors, and since my desk is next to the conference room, they usually have to walk past me to get to their meetings. To be fair, there are plenty of things to choose from.

So Many Sales Prospects to Contact and So Little Time.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If you continue to receive lists from the same campaign over a series of months on a weekly basis, make sure to create list views that display only leads from this campaign, but make sure the “lead created date” is visible to your reps so they can sort the leads by this field and call the newest leads first. Last week a client asked my boss and I a common question that we hear often, “How many accounts can one business development representative prospect in one month?” ” The answer to this question really varies depending on so many factors.

How To Maximize Your CRM's Capabilities To Increase Sales Value

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

By utilizing the reporting features offered through our CRM, I ended up creating dashboards on each rep’s homepage that displayed their activity numbers for the day, along with a graphical snapshot that showed them the amount of prospects they had that hadn’t been touched yet. When I originally sat down to blog today, I wanted to focus on the benefits of a CRM (specifically targeting companies that hadn't jumped on the CRM bandwagon yet, and to tell them what they were missing). If they haven't, I can only imagine how far behind they must be in the market place.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of January 10th

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

How To Create The Perfect Dashboard To Display Your Inside Team’s Sales Metrics – Laney Pilpel put together a great blog discussing the importance of putting together a Dashboard for your clients but also the content that should be in it. The question is how to display this information visually. Happy Friday Everyone! We’ve had a very busy week here at AG! So please tune in and tell us what you think! Now, before I get into the recap I want to highlight a great blog I found this week. Ardath Albee wrote a very interesting blog titled: These B2B Leads Suck!

Terminus Offers Targeted Display Ads for B2B

Customer Experience Matrix

b2b display advertising b2b marketing marketing automation terminus Tuesday’s post on the Adobe Marketing Cloud illustrated the complexity of solutions that combine many marketing and advertising components. Despite my best efforts, and much cooperation from Adobe, I’m sure it still misses many nuances of how Adobe components do or don’t work together. email-based targeting. sales stages.

Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age (with Jennifer Davis, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems)

Crimson Marketing

Tracking data, identifying buyers and following leads throughout the entire sales cycle has become a conventional practice, even in areas like digital display signage. Display Data: The importance of martech in collecting user engagement data is not lost in the world of video displays. Marketing Technology Podcasts #advertising #digital display data analytics

Paid Advertising 101: Understanding Search and Display Advertising


Search and display advertising on major platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads (Yahoo!/Bing In fact, businesses of all sizes and industry segments not only use paid advertising formats like search and display to generate new leads, but also rely on tools like ad retargeting (aka remarketing) to convert existing leads into paying customers. year over year. Read on. Bing Network.

Display Advertising Is Broken Says Agency CEO

B2B Marketing Insider

The post Display Advertising Is Broken Says Agency CEO appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. 22% of UK adults now use ad blockers online, according to the latest figures released by IAB/YouGov. ComScore study found that 10% of US consumers are already using ad blocking. Worldwide, there are approximately 200 million monthly active users of ad blockers. Content Marketing

20 Display Advertising Stats That Demonstrate Digital Advertising's Evolution


When display advertising first surfaced in the world of marketing, many marketers were left with a bad taste in their mouth. As technology advanced, we started looking at display advertising -- digital advertising in general, really -- in a new light. To learn how to make display advertising actually work for you, download our free guide here. What Is Display Advertising?

Online Display Advertising, Targeting, and Capturing Leads


A Look at Online Display Advertising for Lead Generation. It’s time to take another look at online display advertising strategy now that Google has revamped its ad planner tool; now calling itself the Google Display Network Ad Planner, and eliminate site research from non-GDN sites. The role of online display can be huge if executed properly and tracked accordingly.

5 AdWords Hacks to Ramp Up Your Display Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

In this blog, I’ll share some effective AdWords Display tricks with you that not many people know about. But before we get into how you can create your own AdWords Display Network plan , you need to understand the key difference between AdWords Search and AdWords Display. hese are the five AdWords Display hacks you won’t find outlined in user manuals : 1. Tools. Tickets.

10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising


We are biased inbound marketers at HubSpot, and normally I ignore many of the stats I see about display ads because I know their engagement rate is incredibly low: The average banner ad has a 0.1% 10 Shocking But True Display Advertising Stats. Only 8% of internet users account for 85% of clicks on display ads (and some of them aren''t even humans!). So here they are. seconds.

Is Display Advertising Really in Trouble?


wouldn’t suggest sounding the death knell for display advertising just quite yet, however. Even with these predictions of doom and gloom from some marketers the investment in display advertising continues to grow. Why are Some Marketers Complaining About Display Advertising? So those marketers attempting to use display advertising to distribute top funnel content are correct.

The Complete Display Ads Overview For B2B Marketers


Display advertising is a bit of a mystery. You have countless referral sites and it is entirely onerous to track the opportunities and revenue generated from each display ad. But this doesn’t have to be the case with display ads in B2B marketing. We’ll also talk about getting transparency into your display advertising so you can see its true impact on revenue.

Display Advertising on Facebook versus Google: Who Wins?

Social Marketing Forum

With Google AdWords display advertising and text ads, you can achieve a good ROI but what about Facebook? B2C marketing Brand marketing Infographics Social media marketing click through rate CTR Facebook ads Google Display Ad Network WordstreamAlthough Facebook and Google are very different platforms, they have common revenue streams: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising whereby contextual relevance, targeting and sharing are essential. Facebook has been testing several methods and formats lately, although not with big [.].

Online Display & Social Media, Branding & Attribution- Affects on Conversions


Marketers have for years been struggling to determine how online display campaigns contribute to sales, conversions, and branding. The industry has made great strides with research initiatives and attribution modeling to determine how online display, and also social media and other internet marketing channels, contribute to “lift.” Rebook? We know better, don’t we? Nielsen/Vizu.

Online Display & Social Media, Branding & Attribution- Affects on Conversions


Marketers have for years been struggling to determine how online display campaigns contribute to sales, conversions, and branding. The industry has made great strides with research initiatives and attribution modeling to determine how online display, and also social media and other internet marketing channels, contribute to “lift.” Rebook? We know better, don’t we? Nielsen/Vizu.

Targeting B2B Companies with Online Display and Social Media Advertising


With all of the emphasis on search marketing and social media with regard to b2b digital internet marketing strategies, I have been writing lately on online display advertising, covering such topics as retargeting and demand side platforms (DSPs).  Therefore, this is my third and final post in this series on display advertising targeting opportunities. Really. . LINKEDIN. FACEBOOK.

How to Choose the Right Display Advertising Network

Vertical Response

You’ve decided to spend some money on online display advertising to help drive your business. Many people have the perception that online display advertising is difficult and choosing an ad network can seem daunting. Some networks also have additional offerings other than just online display advertising. SEO/SEM Ad Network Display online display paid search PPC SEM

5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign

Marketing Action

Today, there are more than 30, which include paid search, social media, mobile apps, online display and a few dozen more. With that in mind, we thought we’d take a dive into one of the more important channels – online display – and show you how to set up, launch and manage a campaign of your own. What is online display advertising? Why choose display advertising?

B2B Display Ads with Demographic Targeting: Why Doesn’t Google Do This?

The Point

Earlier this week, San Francisco-based Demandbase announced its “ Company Targeted Advertising ,” a new platform that allows B2B marketers to target online display advertising either to specific companies (by name) or those that meet specific corporate attributes (company size for example, or vertical industries). Technically, it should be possible.

Why Good Content Will Always Beat Display Ads


The stats paint a pretty bleak picture: Online display ads draw a .1% The post Why Good Content Will Always Beat Display Ads appeared first on Visually Blog. click-through and 40% of those clicks are made by mistake; plus, only 8% of all Internet users account for 85% of all ad traffic. As online advertising flounders, eMarketer predicts content marketing spending is expected to increase from $112 billion to $300 billion in the next four years. What do these numbers suggest? Two-thirds of marketers say they’re going to increase their native ad budgets in 2015. Design

A Tour of Online Display Advertising; DSP, DMP, RTB, Ad Exchanges


The low CTR of banner ads should never be the only measure of online display effectiveness.  By using analytics tools, you can measure reach, frequency, attribution, and affect on conversions.  Here’s an amazing chart detailing the major players in online display advertising.    . My friends at WPP put together this nice diagram of how display works.  .  . DEMAND SIDE PLATFORM.

8 Rules For Running Online Display Ads

It's All About Revenue

But online displays ads still play a vital role in building a wider audience. Together they deliver 8 Rules for Running Online Display Ads. As a practice, online display ads don’t boast an especially impressive track record. The average industry click-through rate for display ads is about 0.08%, Kunz notes. Have you launched an online display advertising campaign?