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Best SEO Guides, Tips and Resources of 2010


That makes optimization more important than ever, and leads to questions like: How can SEO be used in online reputation management? Lior Levin writes that footer links generally don’t carry much weight with search engines: “Since the webmaster has heavily devalued the link, it only makes sense that the search engines would as well.&# Digg this! SEO Basics. Adam T.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Blog

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Josh Chan, an online marketing specialist at Chromatix design admits that his company’s blog underestimated the commitment. “Businesses want to write dry, information-based articles that highlight their own accomplishments,&# explains Angela Neal , an online marking consultant based in Scotland. “When you write about me, I want to pay it back. Analysis?

Rick Short Explains How to Turn Staff Into Prolific Bloggers

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Werent you worried about a shortage of readers and topics to write about? A: My goal was, and remains, to own the space as the "thought leader" for a wide variety of pertinent topics, technologies, etc. After all, "writing a column" (like a journalist) seems quite unlike the traditional serious and deeply-involved creation of a "white paper" - it doesnt feel right to some scientists.

The Insidious Nofollow Tag: An SEO Rant


I’m normally a positive, upbeat kind of guy, and as someone who’s been writing professionally since the days of disco, rarely at a loss for words. The nofollow tag was misguidedly inflicted upon the online world by Google in 2005. An alarming number of once-respectable social bookmarking sites—Digg, delicious, Mister Wong, Reddit, Mixx, Bibsonomy, Jumptags, Faves, Yahoo!

The Role of SEO in PR

PR Meets Marketing

Google PageRank uses a scale of 1-10 to rank pages. I'm more enamored with the eloquence of my writing versus the practicality of selecting the right words that 1) people search on and 2) will increase my company's visibility in search engines.  When I've identified my key words, I strategically use the words in the headers and first paragraph of what you're writing.


Best Business Blogging Tips and Guides of 2010 (So Far), Part 1


Learn how to make your blog the center of your social media efforts, build traffic, write great posts and more here in some of the best tips, tactics and guidance for blogging of 2010 so far. How to Never Run Out of Blog Topics to Write About by Internet Marketing for Business Owners. Ten Must Read Tips to Start a Small Business Blog by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Lee Odden writes that “there’s a litany of things you COULD do with setting up a blog. Sure Fire Tactics to Promote a Business Blog by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Digg this!

SEO Rant: The Insidious Nofollow Tag


I'm normally a positive, upbeat kind of guy, and as someone who's been writing professionally since the days of disco, rarely at a loss for words. The nofollow tag was misguidedly inflicted upon the online world by Google in 2005. According to Wikipedia (among the worst nofollow offenders ), "The nofollow HTML attribute was originally designed to stop comment spam on blogs.

Book Review: Website Optimization


King's book makes it possible for any business to improve its online performance. There are still some specialized skills required—it certainly helps to have some background in online marketing, web analytics and HTML coding—though King's clear and concise prose removes a lot of the mystery. Or at least almost any business. Very Sun Tzu." He recommends paying for links.

Best of 2009: SEO Tips, Part 1


The brilliant—and entertaining—David Harry provides an exhaustive list of the primary and secondary factors affecting search engine rank, from link-related factors (link text, relevance, PageRank) and header data through trust-related factors (domain history, outbound links) and “dampening factors&# (poor coding, duplicate content and URL issues). Q&A: A Few Things You Need to Know About Keyword Usage by Search Engine Guide. SEO Basics: 6 Tips for Google Webmaster Tools by TopRank Online Marketing Blog. Digg this! SEO Tools 101, Part 1 by Search Engine Watch.

Best of 2008 (So Far) - Cool Web Tools, Part 2


Included here are some interesting new tools for getting more out of search, reflecting your personality on Twitter, collaborating with teammates online, writing blog posts more efficiently, accessing your home or office desktop PC from the road, and more. The company also offers tools for both displaying and buying online ads. It's free and very simple to set up.


Best of 2008: SEO Link Building


Link Building: The Future Of Relationships by SEO Book SEO writer and consultant Peter Da Vanzo writes that getting links to a static brochure-ware sight is really hard, so.don't even try. How To Actually Get Links From Your Linkbait by SEOmoz This post offers three strategies for getting links from your content even when it doesn't make the first page of Digg. That works sometimes.).