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5 Common Stages of B2B Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing provides a structural framework for delivering specific types of content that answers buyers’ questions when they ask them. While every lead nurturing program requires some tailoring, we outlined 5 common stages a prospect will go through and the kinds of content you should deliver. This is the stage where a lead becomes an opportunity. Welcome.

Grab Your Free Guide to Lead Nurturing

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One of the most important topics for the demand gen and marketing ops functions is Lead Nurturing – the process of cultivating leads that are not (yet) ready to buy. Lead Nurturing, particularly when paired with Lead Scoring , is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and marketing alignment, increase marketing efficiency, and ultimately grow revenues.

Goldilocks and the 3 Lead Nurturing Programs

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When it comes to lead nurturing some programs start out too hard and some start out too soft, but don’t worry, some are just right. This Lead Nurturing Program is Too Hard. The Papa Bear mistake of lead nurturing is starting out too complex. Anytime someone mentions “automation” or “nurturing” it triggers painful flashbacks. This Lead Nurturing Program is Too Soft. Her lead nurturing program is up and running before her porridge gets cold, but is it working? This Lead Nurturing Program is Just Right.

The 8 Stages Of Lead Nurturing Romance

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So what does dating have to do with lead nurturing ? On this day dedicated to love, we take a romantic romp through eight stages of lead nurturing. If you’re not already, you’ll want to employ a robust lead scoring program to keep track of your lead’s movements and makes sense of his or her behavior. What is it your lead’s larger aspirations? How can you be part of accomplishing your lead’s ambitions? Likely your lead will want to take it slow and easy while you pursue him or her. So your lead is sold.

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The 6 Stages of Successful Lead Management

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What makes a lead management process successful? In the real world implementing lead management requires a degree of science, art and consensus. If you are considering implementing a lead management process, here are 6 Stages of Lead Management Implementation to give you a sense of what to expect. crucial stage within any lead management system is an ongoing one.

Lead Nurturing – How to Develop a Solid Process for B2B Lead Management


Effective lead nurturing is crucial to successful b2b marketing. Lead nurturing can help you improve your lead conversions over time. ” “ Lead nurturing will generate an increase in sale opportunities up to 20%. ”  “ Lead nurturing can help you build a trusted relationship with your economic buyer.” Day 7: Lead attends webinar.

Inside The Busy Mind Of A Marketer

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With brand awareness, nurturing of leads , managing events and even social media duties falling squarely on marketing’s shoulders, it’s no shock that marketers have much on their minds. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this What goes on inside the head of today’s marketer? In a word, lots. Click on the image to download the image now. That’s a lot to remember. Facebook.

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Why hiring a search marketing firm is a waste of money

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If you’re like me, you get calls every week from search marketing firms like the one in this picture, offering to get your company to the top of Google organic search rankings. “Just think of all the leads that will pour in if you rank highly in Google when people search.&#. That is exactly what the B2B lead generation company, Find New Customers did.

The Goal of Marketing – Trust

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Your company needs to be everywhere online – not just a website, but an active, frequently updated blog (the heartbeat of the business), Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, delicious, Twitter, and even Google Plus. Jeff Ogden is President of the B2B Lead Generation Company Find New Customers. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans. That’s right – it’s all about trust. want ME-mail.”

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management

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These best practices can be bucketed into four fundamental building blocks of Revenue Performance Management: Lead Lifecycle Management : Managing engagement with prospects and customers.  Tactics include nurture marketing (used by 65% of Top Performers), lead prioritization (used by 72% of Top Performers), lead scoring, and pipeline analytics.  Google Bookmarks.

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5 Big Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter

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Keep Nurturing. Good marketers know the value of lead nurturing. By tracking what moves the needle early in your prospects buying cycle, and using lead scoring to understand what actions push them further down the funnel, marketers can comprehend when they’ve reached the tipping point. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Clearly, crowdfunding can work.

Purchases are fun, but…….they don’t move the business needle

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Too often we confuse business purchases with what is truly required to generate business results, especially quality sales leads for salespeople. Sales lead generation takes a lot more. Agreed lead definitions – ask your salespeople what information they need to say “Yes, this is a great lead.” Buying a sports car does not make you a great driver.

4 Common Lead Scoring Snags – How To Fix Them!

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Your marketing team’s lead scoring efforts have hit a snag. Sales is receiving too many “tire-kickers.” Or maybe Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) aren’t converting to Sales Accepted Leads (SALs). Lead scoring is a powerful tool for aligning sales and marketing , predictably driving prospects through your sales funnel and generating revenue. Below we bring you 4 common problems that might slow down your lead scoring – and how to fix them! The Problem: Sales is finding a lot of leads are just “tire-kickers.” How many of your leads actually fit that bill?

[Infographic] Inside The Busy Mind Of A Marketer

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With brand awareness, nurturing of leads , managing events and even social media duties falling squarely on marketing’s shoulders, it’s no shock that marketers have much on their minds. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this What goes on inside the head of today’s marketer? In a word, lots. Click on the image to download the infographic now. That’s a lot to remember.

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DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]

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Google Bookmarks. Demand Generation B2B b2b marketing Content Marketing crm DemandCon Forrester Research Jeff Ernst lead management Lead Nurturing Salesforce stories storytelling TEDby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Jeff Ernst would like you to know that people don’t give a hoot about your product. People don’t buy into your product. Ernst remedy for this?

3 Lead Management Questions Sales will Ask Marketing

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If so, the days of “the leads suck” conversation is in the past. Now you’re onto “the leads still suck, but please give us more” conversation. healthy lead management process transcends sales and marketing, resulting in a unified view from inquiry through opportunity to revenue. Even a great lead management process will be questioned. Here are 3 questions sales teams often pose to marketing after implementing a lead management process. used to get 100 leads a week, now I only get 15. Because of lead scoring , we now only pass on “sales ready” leads.

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

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Google recently jumped into the data clean up space with its “ Refine ” project. The idea of implementing a lead management process tied to quantifiable metrics was unheard of, much less measuring marketing success by its contribution to topline revenue. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Do you feel like you hear the word “data” thrown around a lot lately? You’re not crazy. Once the exclusive purview of geeks, big name brands and small startups alike are pushing the concept of data into the mainstream. And businesses are trying to cash in on it. Comment below.

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Survey: More Than Half of Marketers Responsible for Revenue Goals

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For instance, the number of leads generated is the most cited metric for measuring marketing performance among respondents at 88%. Most respondents aren’t measuring the impact of their lead nurturing efforts (26.7%) or are planning to start measuring within the next six months (30.2%). Google Bookmarks. Revenue Performance Management b2b marketing Lead Nurturing revenue goals revenue performance revenue performance marketingNearly 53% of respondents said that their marketing departments were responsible for meeting a revenue goal. Share email. Facebook.

5 Islands On The Revenue Performance Management Journey

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The point is to lead your industry, not settle for the status quo. Marketing should understand how sales define leads. Sales need to know when and why marketing is passing a lead onto sales. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Is your company on a journey or stubbornly rooted at home? The RPM journey mapped out by Erin Rampey of NetApp. Sponsorship Isle.

How to Do Great Marketing with (Almost) Zero Money

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Where do they look for answers – friends, social networks, Google, Trade Associations? Make it really easy for prospective customers to find by posting to social networks like  LinkedIn ,  Twitter ,  Facebook  as well as  Digg ,  Delicious , StumbleUpon ,  SlideShare  (presentations),  YouTube  (video). Can you really market a business without a lot of money? What do they care about?

This Study On The New York Times Could Change Your Marketing

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There were stories about cell phones altering your brain chemistry; lawyers being replaced by software, Google trying to make a better boss, a series of soup recipes, concerns about “sexting”, and an explanation of how General Electric avoid billions in taxes. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Sounds like a fairly random list, right? No big surprise there. Share email.

“You Had Me At Revenue”: 5 Lessons From The SiriusDecisions Summit

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We heard from five organizations that have taken the lead management journey: Iron Mountain, Kronos, F5, American Express and Hexaware.  In most cases, the presentations were made jointly by both the head of sales and head of marketing.  what’s a sales-ready lead?) Google Bookmarks. by Brian Kardon | Tweet this. The learning and results of those journeys were spectacular.

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Feeling for the Elephant: 4 Lessons from the Content Marketing Summit

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From there it’s on to website conversion, email nurturing (thanks for the Eloqua callout!), and the eventual sale. But display ads will also drive a spike in other channels, particularly a lift in brand keyword searches on Google or Bing, and in visits to the company website. Google Bookmarks. by Alexandra Fisher | Tweet this. You know the story. powerful concept! Reddit.

5 Tips For Sponsoring Virtual Events

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There’s great value for your lead nurturing program in knowing where you first met them. Follow Up Fast Everyone on that virtual trade floor is looking to engage leads while they are still fresh. If there’s not a relatively direct route from the theme of the conference to the product or service you provide, it will prove harder to convert the leads you collect. But if your purpose is robust lead generation , then you probably need to mix up the virtual events you attend. How many of those leads became marketing qualified leads? Google Bookmarks.

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Revenue Performance Management to Marketing Automation: What Facebook was to MySpace?

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Importantly, I think there will continue to be a healthy, albeit fragmented, SMB tier where lead nurturing and email marketing players prosper as independent businesses. Google Bookmarks. Revenue Performance Management crm Eloqua Facebook IBM Lauren Carlson lead management Lead Nurturing marketing automation MySpace RPM Salesforce Software Advice Terradataby Joe Chernov | Tweet this. She’s got the three “S’s” down pat: She’s smart , speedy and social. Here’s what she had to say. Tell us about what brought you to this industry? Facebook.

B2B Lessons From Boston University

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In both college admissions and b2b marketing there are long sales cycles, deep research, high buying costs, multi-touch campaigns and plenty of lead nurturing done along the way.  Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Question: What does college admissions and b2b marketing have in common? Answer: Plenty. Students consider many of the same issues as b2b buyers. Reddit.

4 Steps for Making a Fan for Life [Video]

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Lead nurturing plays a huge role in serving up the right content and messaging at key points in fans’ purchase decisions. Google Bookmarks. Digital Marketing Adrian Chang blogging blogs Boston Bruins buyer behavior Email Marketing Facebook Lead Nurturing online behavior online marketing sports blogs sports marketing sports teams the miami heat the phoenix suns Twitter upsellingby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this In sports marketing there’s little that takes precedence over the all-important up sell. Check out the video below. Click here to view the embedded video.

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Facebook Advertising Tricks for B2B Marketers

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After 9 years of Search Engine Marketing – I think it is safe to say any keyword you are going to buy is maxed out when it comes to the Google AdWords auction process. Digg this! Could Facebook become a Lead Nurturing platform? When you think of lead nurturing platforms you typically think. Go big and go broad with the Job Titles. Email this to a friend?

4 Tips for Getting WAY more from Email Marketing

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Google Bookmarks. Email marketing Digital Body Language email Email Marketing lead management Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring marketing automation Marketing Measurement sales and marketing alignment sales enablementby Amber Stevens | Tweet this. Share email. Facebook. LinkedIn. StumbleUpon. Reddit.

Swish! How The Phoenix Suns Used Fan History To Drive Sales

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So by using customer and team history, the Suns pieced together an emotionally and economically driven lead nurturing campaign with an immediate call to action. Google Bookmarks. Targeting & Segmentation Andrea Lechner-Becker basketball Charles Barkley click-through rates crm email email campaign Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Microsoft open rates Phoenix Suns renewals season tickets targeting and segmentationby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. You probably remember the sights and smells from the first time you went to a baseball game. It was nothing but net.

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The 3 Big Themes of Demand Generation [Video]

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It’s a blanket term covering topics like lead management, funnel management and content marketing. Google Bookmarks. Demand Generation Content Marketing DemandCon lead management Lead Nurturing marketing automation revenue Revenue Performance Management RPMby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Demand generation might sound pretty wonky. But any marketer can tell you it’s pretty wide ranging. Appropriately, the inaugural DemandCon event served many different demand generation dishes. Our own CMO, Brian Kardon , was in attendance. Were you at DemandCon?

B2B Gets Yelp’d

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And that leads to another headache, because marketing and support are usually given the shortest shrift in internal decision-making. And marketing needs to expand lead nurturing their existing customer base. They need to nurture their customers the same way they nurture their prospects,” Albee says. Google Bookmarks. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. This article originally appeared on SocialTimes on May 6. We wanted to share it with our readers, just in case you missed it. If you’re a restaurant or retailer, you ignore Yelp at your peril. Share email.

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Top 3 Topics from Topliners

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Here are a few of the great items we were discussing this week: Imagine It: When Do You Stop Nurturing? Google Bookmarks. Lead Nurturing cloud connectorsby Heather Foeh | Tweet this. It was a milestone week on the Topliners community as we gained our 1000th registered participant joining in the active discussions that are popping up each day. If you’re interested in getting ideas to increase your top-line revenue, stop by and see us. How do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel? Are there digital body language cues to look for? Share email.

3 Top Topics from Topliners

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See It: Multi-Touch Nurturing is a Winner with Asure Software – This Austin-based company launched a targeted campaign that used multiple communication methods to create measurable success. Google Bookmarks. Lead Nurturing Asure Software data data cleansing database health database marketing Digital Body Language Eloqua multi-channel marketing topliners topliners.comby Heather Foeh | Tweet this. Every day dynamic conversations are happening between marketers who want to increase their topline revenue. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Reddit.