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Will Your Social Media Service Tell You When It Hits The Iceberg?

WindMill Networking

financial resources in building a business presence at MySpace (rebranded Myspace), Second Life , Digg and other fallen stars has earned enough online combat pay to exercise a wee bit more caution before recommending the next new and shiny social portal on the block. What, did GoDaddy forget to send its usual flood of domain expiration warning alerts? Benjamin Franklin. Global reach.

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Brain-Based Blogging: The 4 F’s of Action

Writing on the Web

You’re reading the NY Times online , there’s a picture of food accompanying an article about food prices. Why do you think GoDaddy uses pictures of racing star Danica Patrick on their site to sell domain names? Digg this! How is blogging and online content marketing like psychotherapy ? One of the things I like about blog writing and publishing content on the Web is the connection to people. While “real life&# connections put you face-to-face with people you know, publishing content on the web connects you distantly with people you don’t know.