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Case study: Social media engagement as a point of differentiation

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Engagement as differentiation. He asks: “How can we help the most people?” – and then sets about creating rich, useful original content that educates customers, solves their fountain pen and ink issues and problems, and inspires them to become more creative. Engagement as differentiation. by Trevor Young, {grow} Community Member. Take a look at the Goulet blog.

Higher Education and Beyond: A Changing World for Marketers

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Marketers can learn about a lot more than just textbook knowledge from higher education. Marketing For higher education in particular, 58% of admissions directors had not met their goal of filling fall classes by the May 1 deadline this year, according to Inside Higher Ed. Rise of digital education. Author: Vyoma Kapur Class is now in session! And that’s true for all marketers.

Find Your Differentiator: 21 Ways to Gain a Competitive Advantage for Your Firm

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Finding a differentiator for your professional services firm is not an easy task. Many firms struggle mightily only to come up with a differentiator that doesn’t really differentiate them at all. To be successful, a differentiator must meet three important criteria : It must be true. But take heart; there are many successful differentiators. But be careful.

5 Key Factors to Pinpoint Your Technology Differentiator

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Strong brands hinge on strong differentiators. Differentiators are the foundational components of communicating your brand clearly and consistently. In our own research , we've found that high growth firms are 3X more likely to have a strong, easy-to-understand differentiators. ” Here is a quick test to see if you have a true differentiator. This is our mantra.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

to Mike White, the brand’s CMO, this objective enables financial advisors to educate. Return visit rate by SQLs • Click-through rate (CTR) of lead nurture emails • Time to conversion • Cost per customer Educational Grow brand awareness: Establish a lasting position. differentiating factor. own—be it entertainment content, educational. Content. Methodology: A Best. going.

Differentiation Case Story: How Pariveda Solutions’ Employees Make the Difference

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In the process of living out these ideals, that difference became the engine that drove their powerful brand differentiation. These steps were particularly effective because they blended two powerful differentiation strategies: 1) Have one or more individuals who are high visibility experts in their fields. ” Already, Pariveda was a business with a difference.

(Re)Creating a Distinctive and Relevant Brand

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You need to flesh that out in terms that are meaningful and differentiating to your customers. “We did some research on those characteristics that were associated to us in a meaningful way – differentiated value propositions that were both available to us, credible, durable, and strategically aligned to who we were.” ” My second response was, “OK.

How Does Continuing Education (CE) Help Your Professional Services Firm?

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Embracing continuing education (CE) helps to keep your knowledge fresh and relevant so your firm can continue to earn the trust of your buyers. What exactly is continuing education? Depending on your industry, some professional associations require members to obtain a certain number of Continuing Education Credits, or CEUs. What are they? Most courses may be taken for credit.

How to Differentiate Content Curation on Social Media

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Content marketing and curation has become an important tactic for professionals looking to educate and engage clients and prospects on social media. How can professional services marketers differentiate themselves using content curation as a marketing tactic? How the content is introduced and is another way to differentiate sharing content. Articulate your point of view 2.

What Your Traditional Marketing Education Didn't Teach You About Marketing Today


And luckily, today we''re announcing our new Inbound Marketing Certification program to help marketers and aspiring marketers alike bridge these gaps in marketing education. As a result, marketing education focused on empowering PR pros to identify key events to expose their executive team to key audiences, and choose the venue, message, and invite list accordingly. the campaign.’"

Mad Marketing TV is educating the world – and me

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Mad Marketing TV , the TV-like show sponsored by Act-On Software and hosted by yours truly, Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers is bringing the world great insights on marketing and sales – buyer personas, content marketing, social media, Think Like a Publisher, Differentiation and more. Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers is today one of the top experts in B2B marketing anywhere.

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Delivering Buyers a World-Class Education


In it, the founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, talked about his vision of delivering a “world-class education.” think Wittlake encapsulated a long-held belief of mine (as apparently illustrated in this conference) that teaching is the true differentiator in B2B sales. Herrmann, likes to talk about the new role of the sales professional as educator and resource. (We at Fathom have even just launched a website centered on this philosophy.) How much of your website educates your buyers in a world-class manner? Call it a mission. know I will.

Why this is the most difficult (and fun!) time to be in marketing

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One reason I am differentiated as a marketing consultant and writer is that I’m old … it helps me connect the dots between decades and generations, between trends and fads. To a large degree, companies are placing the responsibility for continuing education on the employee. careers evergreen marketing best practices marketing education marketing strategy

Consumer Choice in Education

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So it is interesting to see how marketing and sales functions view the problem of student acquisition, how companies procure eLearning for their employees, how governments model the educational system and associated certifications mechanism, and so on. In fact, two things here – one, that student determination of an academic institution is largely independent of the considerations of the learning process (which is more determined by the prevailing educational systems), and two, that decisions to join a particular are fairly independent of learning methodology and pedagogy itself.

Research Methods 'Beyond Google' :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education's Source for News, Views and Jobs

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News, Views and Careers for All of Higher Education. ” An instructor “winds up learning so much that it’s an enormous benefit to them, and moreover, it reminds them of why they wanted to be in higher education in the first place, because it’s all about this process, and it’s exciting.” Thanks for bringing to our attention some of the good programs in higher education that bring together librarians, faculty and administrators to help students become better researchers. differentiated instruction). Friday. June 27, 2008. Sign up.

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9 attributes of the best thought leadership content

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Differentiated. Share and Enjoy: Latest Post Thought Leadership B2B marketing Business Education and Training Executive leadership Management marketing Sales Thought leaderSome time back, I blogged about the attributes of a thought leader. Lately, I’ve been talking to B2B marketers about the content delivered by these thought leaders and asking, What defines good thought leadership content? Here’s what I have so far. Surely, you have a suggestion that will get us to ten attributes? Visionary. It’s best to address a problem before customers realize that it’s a problem. Provocative.

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A Report Card for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

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Although many are free and promise to bring an Ivy League education to the masses, these open-source college courses often suffer from massive dropout rates and organizational problems. But this could be a cost-effective way for some people to differentiate themselves, especially in a workforce where a traditional degree isn’t necessary. The Frat Party of the Future. Really.

7 Great Pinboards from Universities on Pinterest


According to the National Center for Education Statistics , around 13.8 From game day rituals like Duke University’s “K’Ville” to learning an alma mater, pictures of students participating in traditions are a great way to differentiate your school. Education Industry Social Media education industry pinterest Pinterest is a great platform for making that introduction.

Marketing Continues to Drop the Ball for Sales in online marketing programs, as per Crain’s B2B study market

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New data from Crain’s BtoB Magazine underscores need for brand differentiation, better targeting and segmentation strategies, and more visibility into online marketing program performance across the entire marketing funnel. Brand differentiation is becoming increasingly important, but marketers struggle to achieve it. Key conclusions from the survey include: 1. ” 2. link].

How to Create a Focused Content Strategy for Paid Search


And in the world of higher education marketing, colleges and universities have to convince a rather tough bunch of people to reveal this information: millennials. This millennial attitude poses a problem for higher education marketers focused on lead generation. Landing pages and microsites should stick to high-level information such as information about the campus, select top programs, financial aid availability and other key selling points and differentiators. Digital Advertising Higher EducationTell me more!”.

The Case for Higher-Ed Non-Branded Site Optimization


We’re seeing some education industry trends that explicitly point to the need for non-branded, query-driven content. Fill that informational gap by identifying your college’s best assets, differentiators, unique programs and scholarship options, and then creating a healthy mix of branded and non-branded content around them. Higher Education SEO branded search non-branded search

Aligning Marketing and Admissions to Drive College Enrollment


For many schools, the emphasis and investment is shifting toward building brands that differentiate from the competition and, for some schools, this includes hiring marketing leadership from the corporate world. Instead, we see two extremes in higher education. digitally-engaged audience offers colleges more touch points to to educate, engage, and influence prospects.

12 Tips for Building and Managing a Bigger Sales Pipeline

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Instead – add value, educate, connect and empower. Differentiate from competitors: As you build value and communicate with prospects all along the sales pipeline, also build differentiation and preference for you and your products/services. Differentiation and preference will lead to action and decision in your favor. Be educational. for you. You simply execute.

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5 Trends Redefining Sales and Marketing in 2016

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In our research for the book Inside the Buyer’s Brain we learned that most high-growth professional services firms had three traits in common: A reputation for educating their audience. Today, many buyers do some independent research and self-education before reaching out to a potential provider. Much of that self-education happens online. But education does not end there.

What Is Thought Leadership? And When You Should Use It?

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We can only compete if our content is differentiated. would argue that your audience isn’t looking for your content to be differentiated all of the time. ” My advice: differentiate with your point of view, when appropriate. Differentiate with your visual design. You need to educate them but we are all human and none of us mind a little humor.

Your Employees May Be Your Best Untapped Brand Advocates


Educate. Putting your brand in the hands of employees can be nerve-wracking — after all, your brand what differentiates your business in the marketplace. To minimize the risk of losing control of your company’s brand image, it’s imperative you educate your employees on exactly what your brand is. Guest post by Liz Greene. It’s simple. Identify. Willingness to help. Recognize.

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Digital Display Advertising in the Data Analytics Age (with Jennifer Davis, VP Marketing and Product Strategy at Planar Systems)

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NASDAQ: PLNR), a leader in differentiated display systems and digital signage with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Retailers, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, utilities and energy firms, and home theater enthusiasts all depend on Planar to provide superior performance when image experience is of the highest importance.

Using thought leadership and educational marketing to generate leads

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As marketers look for ways to optimize lead generation, they are recognizing the value of using educational content and thought leadership to help attract more customers. I've written a number of times on using educational marketing and certain aspects of thought leadership to generate leads, and I thought this post by Dana VanDen Heuvel over at the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog was useful reminder. So what is a thought leader? First of all, thought leaders don't really refer to themselves as thought leaders. thought leader is a recognized authority in one’s field.

4 Detrimental Dont's in Higher Education Marketing


And yet too often, higher education admissions marketers only provide late stage offers to prospective students visiting their websites. School marketers should closely consider the key mistakes higher education admissions offices and websites often make when it comes to attracting prospective students. Don't Ignore Content Creation Opportunities to Emphasize Differentiation.

B2B Sales Conversations — By Design


You’re gaining respect and trust that makes it possible for you to educate buyers and influence a buying vision and decision criteria. This sales requires educating and gaining consensus from 4 to 14 buying team members, 5.4 is a considered average. The objective is to actually create value for customers, and differentiation for vendors, through conversations that deliver insights and useful ideas. To paraphrase David Packard, sales conversations are too important to leave to sales people. B2B sales conversations for key touch points should be designed.

#ContentMarketing Workshop at Leading #College to Drive Enrollment Taught by @MNBurgess #University

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The professionals at Columbia truly get content marketing’s value as a way to differentiate their college in a crowded, competitive marketplace. Download ~> Free Chapter 3 – “Brands Under Pressure” Communication Content Marketing Education Marketing Social BusinessOver the past several years, content marketing has been an undeniable force for social brands.

5 Things Every Managing Partner Must Do To Drive Organic Growth

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Find a true differentiator. Without a meaningful differentiator (or two, or three), a firm lacks a serious competitive advantage. And without understanding their differentiators, firms lack a way to communicate that advantage and grow. In our research, we’ve found that high-growth firms consistently have stronger differentiators. Focus on fewer markets. Provable.

10 Customer Experiences You Need To Deliver Today

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You can claim victory by way of this competitive differentiation war by offering the lowest prices or providing a superior, surprising and spectacular customer experience! Whether it’s the one-off Google search experience or ordering a sandwich at Subway – two of the most highly ranked ’simple’ brands – a simple and easy experience differentiates your business from the competition.

Content Is The Key To Social Selling Success

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Research shows customers’ native behavior includes searching, consuming content and self-educating. Many are self-educating early in the sales cycle. This is the secret sauce to beat and differentiate yourself from the competition. Differentiate Yourself From The Competition. How differentiated would that approach make you? However, we do all of that with content.

16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats


Biro at TalentCulture writes passionately and practically about encouraging girls and young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, blogging about women in STEM and STEM recruiting. These research findings address high-level topics like the value of marketing and the future of brand differentiation. Image credit: Association of National Advertisers.

From 0 to 21.5 Million Visitors in 8 Years: 4 Lessons on Content Marketing


Develop content designed to educate your potential clients. Content marketing today is much more than blogging, and with a little creativity you will be able to differentiate yourself greatly from your competition. Some of that differentiation should come in quality. We hear so much about content marketing; it’s easy to assume that everyone is doing it. You are the expert.

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