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A Sampling of the Sexiest Business Blogs on the Internet


It''s easy to navigate to find the articles you''re looking for, recent posts, and different topics -- like Opinion, News, Video, and Company. What also stands out about this blog is the different types of media they include, and how they display it -- from blog posts to ebooks to video. All those different types of content are sprinkled throughout blog posts in a clean and neat way.

Running an Email A/B Test? How to Determine Your Sample Size & Testing Time Frame


For instance, I knew that you needed a big enough sample size to run the test on. wasn''t sure how big was "big enough" for sample sizes and how long was "long enough" for test durations -- and Googling it gave me a variety of answers my college stats courses definitely didn''t prepare me for. Theory vs. Reality of Sample Size and Timing in Email A/B Tests. Ta-da!

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B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Comparison -- Here's a Sample

Customer Experience Matrix

set their own weights for the different scoring categories and do detailed, side-by-side comparisons of vendors they select. Having three different sets of scores was a step in that direction, and making things interactive goes still further. Click here to download a sample of the format. But you can see the results of the different scoring schemes and also get a list of the specific items with their weights and definitions. The sample also contains draft versions of the introductory materials. readers? The Chosen?)

How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different

Paul Gillin

There are plenty of opportunities to apply social media tactics, but the context is different. Download a sample chapter. As Eric and I began to dig into this topic, we put some thought into how B2B and B2C markets differ. We came up with six major areas of divergence, and we were surprised to realize how really different these two flavors of marketing are. Read it!

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Ecommerce Website Design for Different Buying Styles


With so many different shopping styles and personalities out there, you can be sure your simplified design leaves a chunk of buyers out in the cold. How can you plan for the many different shoppers so that you can be prepared to convert them to customers at any time? Designing and developing an ecommerce website seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Or are you? Impulse Shoppers.

B2B market research – 10 unique features

The B2B Research Blog

Is B2B market research really that different from B2C?  Well in a nutshell, yes.  In this blog post Circle’s Andrew Dalglish explores the 10 key differences that make B2B research unique. There are fundamental differences between B2C and B2B markets.  In fact, as illustrated in the infographic below, there are 12 key features which make B2B markets unique.

4 Strategies to Optimize Your Differences From Amazon


Now, here are four strategies that you can use to optimize your differences to Amazon to provide your customers with an unbeatable shopping experience. 1) Curation. beautiful and unique website can be the difference between "basic” and "basically my favorite online shop ever." We did that when we looked at three strategies to borrow from Amazon. The Take Away. Ecommerce

B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Comparisons: New Report Next Week and The Coolest Sample Yet

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You can also compare their scores, which, since you can change the weights applied to different inputs, means you can get your very own, custom comparative ranking. Here's a screenshot: You can also download an interactive sample. The downloadable sample only has descriptions under all the other tabs, but everything else is actually ready. If that's not fun, what is?

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The 17 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM


nursery that understands the importance of content marketing and SEO may very well want to optimize content on its site for both types of queries—but they will be different pieces of content. Sample review:  “If your competitor is ranking for particular search terms you may be able to write content and start ranking for this content instead of them…Very handy!!”

Content Marketing Takes a Turn for the Better: New 2017 Research

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In addition to asking marketers to identify why they are more successful, we also have research to identify what top performers are doing differently than their peers. As we have seen in past years, successful marketers do a few things differently. Eight-five percent of top performers deliver content consistently, compared to 58% of the overall sample and 32% of bottom performers.

The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps


You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes, and use the images however you like. Sample review:  “Create beautiful word clouds in just a few clicks.” — BuzzBlogger. Sample review:  “After the Deadline checks spelling, style, and grammar wherever you go on the web.” — BuzzBlogger. Google Review Count: 2,210,000. Pricing: free. Pricing: free.

Sample Guide Entries Now Available on the New Site

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These will give a concrete view of the difference between the two formats. The new Guide Web site is now fully functional at Please visit and comment. If you want to make a purchase, even better. Per yesterday's post regarding the comparison matrix and vendor tables, extracts of both are available on the site (under 'Look Inside' on the 'Guide' page). I'm sure I'll be adding more to the site over time. For the moment, we have to turn our attention to marketing: press release should have gone out today but I haven't heard from the person working on it.

Mining Un-engaged Prospects using a Multivariate A/B Approach


Most of the time, marketers will just look at the open rates a couple of hours after sampling, as bad as they may be, and decide “Yep, that one beat out the other. Send out one test sample with a subject line that makes a statement, and one with a subject line that asks a question. Try changing up some other variables in the form of slightly different versions of HTML content.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools


Sample review: “This is one of the more advanced tools available, and it has been rating websites for a long time (much like a PageRank)…This tool does it all when it comes to spying on your competitors (linking, traffic, keywords, etc.) Sample review: “SimilarWeb is very useful for spying my competitor’s sources of traffic. Google Review Count: 400,000.

The Seven Best File Sharing Tools


Different tools do vary though in terms of additional features, pricing, and storage capacity. Sample review:   “Dropbox is first of all a file sharing tool. Sample review:   “Google Drive is a great place to keep your editorial calendars for easy sharing and collaboration during the content planning process.” Google Review Count:  699,000. ” — Siasat.

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Rating the Crowd-Sourced Marketing Software Review Sites

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This begged for a deeper look at the review sites to understand how they differ which, if any, could replace the work of professional reviewers (like me) and software guides (like my VEST report). Of these, , SocialCompare , and Cloudswave were different enough from the standard model that it made sense to exclude them. But they also differ in other ways.

4 Steps to Get Started with Marketing Automation


Here are three samples of goals people often consider: To understand better how prospects interact with your website. It’s useful to break these options down into one of five different categories: attract, capture, nurture, convert, or expand. No more quilting together information about a campaign from a bunch of different information streams. We understand your pain.

The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools


Sample review:  “Trello is a simple, yet effective project management tool following the agile development model. Sample review:  “This is a very easy-to-use tool for brainstorming and creating mindmaps. I use it for mapping out different content and blog post types to include in my editorial calendars.” — Online Marketing Institute. Best Content Planning Tools. 1) Trello.

B2B Email Lists Buy Guide


Get A Random Sample w/your List Quote. When you get your list quote, insist that you get a random sample… as big as you can get. You want a complete random sample so that you can really check the accuracy. Verify Your Sample List Quality. After you get the sample, test it all. Not opt-in lists, but actually had lists for sale. Which is scary! Other data providers?

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How CMOs Can Monetize With Real-Time Integrated Data (featuring Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, CMO of SOASTA)

Crimson Marketing

If you are conducting complex marketing operations on the Enterprise level, you probably are using at least a half dozen different marketing technology (martech) applications to run your CRM, demand generation, advertising, search marketing and so on. She offers her prioritization of the three key aspects of a good marketing information system. SOASTA is the leader in performance analytics.

5 Email Metrics to Help Diagnose Your Mistakes


This is what sampling is all about, everyone. Spam complaints are different from unsubscribes. Every ISP’s threshold for spam complaints is different. If you’re unable to do that, then sample out a small fraction of the list and then review the above basic email metrics prior to sending out the balance of your new/untested assets. Can an email stats report be boring?

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Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Automation in place, the team started slow with a few email campaigns, faced some internal challenges, but then quickly began to implement lead nurturing to handle a high volume of leads in different product groups. MMI), a provider of management services for technology assets, faced a different problem than SmartBear from the case study above. Integrating content creation into the automation solution meant creating content categories and segmenting the database into those different groups to align content creation with certain reader segments. Scalability. Results?

The A/B Testing Checklist You'll Want to Bookmark


CRO testing can be valuable because different audiences behave, well, differently. To run an A/B test, you need to create two different versions of one piece of content with changes to a single variable. Other things you might test include email subject lines, sender names, and different ways to personalize your emails. But these tests can also be complex. or days.

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Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

B2B Lead Generation Blog

But, if you have more time, or if one really strikes you, click on the link for the entire article and supporting creative samples. In this campaign, the company segmented its prospects for targeted marketing, came up with different incentives – such as trips to the company headquarters, or admission to a major league baseball game – for each stage of the campaign, utilized PURLs to track response to the campaign, and used telemarketing to highly qualify prospects. If you only have a few minutes, this post provides highlights from each case study. What were the results?

How and Why To Set Your Site Up for Google’s Rich Answers


They play by different rules, affect other rankings, and offer a major new opportunity for SEOs who know how to use them. Part of Stone Temple’s research on rich answers included two case studies about how rich answers affected different sites. Google often tests rich answers from different sites. It appears they rotate different content to see how well searchers like it.

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Four lessons in marketing data analysis for beginners

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Some time ago, I was working with an SEO professional who was helping my client with some A/B testing of a website (testing two different versions to see which performs better). Did we calculate the correct sample size? When you see research, ask if the sample size was calculated, and large enough to support the assumptions. 2. Did we calculate the correct sample size?

The Trick to Seeing Through Marketing Statistics

Digital B2B Marketing

However, if we list the answers differently, we might get a significantly different result. Check the Sample. An example I recently came across is Passle’s State of Business Blogging 2013 report, with markedly different results from the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 Benchmarks report. When you look at the sample audiences, they are vastly different.

7 not-quite-predictions for marketing technology in 2016


The next version of my landscape won’t cover all of them, just a large representative sample. Services companies (agencies, systems integrators, and other marketing service providers) will become champions of this approach because it’s a different lever of vertical competition in their favor. #6. Most people suck at accurately predicting the future. I’m one of them.

YouTube Views Don’t Matter – Here Are 5 Metrics That Do


But who would we target in this sample YouTube ad? Then you create a simple call-to-action, such as “Find out more: [link] Ideally, you should have a link-01, link-02, and so forth, with each link being different so you can track the results of each video and do more of the kind that are getting the most clicks. Why are people watching it?” Not much, anyway. Not true.

Why content marketing complements (but doesn’t replace) link building


Content marketing cannot supplant link building; they are two entirely different marketing strategies. The two practices do share some broader goals (exposure, branding, relationship building) but the main functions of each are quite different. Content marketing has often been conflated with link building. And manual promotion with the goal of links is, well, link building.

B2B Marketing: 6 essentials for testing your teleprospecting

B2B Lead Generation Blog

We want to minimize the chances that the difference in the metrics of interest between the treatments is due to random chance. For example, a test with a 95% level of confidence has only a 5% chance that the observed difference is random chance. Sample distortion effects – This happens when your sample of calls is too small to determine a 95% level of confidence in your testing.

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The Marketing Genius of Curious George: How Demos Impact Your Business

Bulldog Solutions

Sulking, George heads back to the candy counter the next day, only to find Cayley ecstatic because the people who received the free samples were returning in droves to buy more of her product. Food samples in the grocery store, a free trial of a software application prior to signing up for a long-term commitment, a tiny-sized shampoo bottle that lets you try a little before you buy a lot—the examples are endless. Long-Term Impact: Product sampling appears to affect sales longer than many other promotional types. I know way too much about Curious George. Maybe not.

After the Webinar: 7 Steps to Ongoing Audience Engagement


Marketing may typically follow up with the rest, but in some cases sales may also want to follow up with the non-attendees, using a different talk track than they use with attendees. You could go so far as to provide sample follow-up scripts, and/or email templates. 4. What happens after the live webinar is even more important than what happened before it. Follow up with the leads.

How to Find The Best Influencers for Your Company


Here’s a sample table for a content promotion that might help visualize how you need to think of this. You don’t want to manage more than five different influencers. Of course, every influencer is different. If your company has taken a strong position on something, be careful about partnering with influencers who have a different opinion. Is it defining the strategy?

3 Big Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Campaigns

Modern B2B Marketing

We’re talking about the difference between a few people knowing versus a few hundred thousand people knowing—a whole new level of embarrassment that your childhood self couldn’t even fathom. To make sure your test can reach statistical significance, you need to back into the numbers when selecting your sample size. Look Author: Mike Madden Unfortunately, we’ve all been there.

How Has Content Marketing Valuation Matured?

KoMarketing Associates

The continuous loop of content marketing is different than singular or execution-based activities like email or events. So you have to iterate all the time the stuff that does work, using a larger sample.”. DO YOU SEE ANY VARIABLES OR CIRCUMSTANCES THAT DIFFER IN B2B CONTENT CALCULATIONS THAN B2C? “I’ve worked primarily with B2B clients, so measuring B2B content came easier to me.

Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


In his famous Ted Talk presentation , “Start with Why”, Simon Sinek discussed how different people are comfortable adopting new technology at different times. Your team needs a more efficient way to create and send targeted, multi-touch email campaigns – you need to send different messages to different titles and industries at different times and track them all.

Mariana Uses Artificial Intelligence to Build Personas and Find Target Audiences

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The whiz-bang part of its pitch is using artificial intelligence (“deep learning” as in the Mariana Trench – get it?) to build personas by analyzing a sample of your existing customers. Can computers understand an individual human’s personality (and then, presumably, use that understanding to better target marketing messages)? But many of your marketing targets are less visible.

10 Marketing Reports Everyone Working Online Should Read


Through testing different approaches, marketers can get a sense of what works best for their demographics. This guide gives lends sample scenarios and stats so you can determine which KPIs will indicate growth for your business. It’s no surprise that digital marketing is constantly evolving and adapting to the trends that appeal to our target audiences. Content Marketing

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Marketing Automation 2014 Industry Overview: What the Surveys Tell Us

Customer Experience Matrix

Pepper Global also makes some intriguing observations about differences in responses from small businesses vs. mid to large businesses: cost and budget are the biggest issues for small business, while integration and analytics matter more to bigger companies. million for Marketo.) As the Pepper Global slide suggests, different vendors are strongest in different customer segments.