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Link Building Basics: Outreach


In this this post we will cover outreach, one of the most important aspects of link building. Crafting effective outreach takes practice, persistence, and creativity. Outreach is a skill that you must continue to hone and develop. By mastering the basics of outreach you can establish a foundation from which you can build upon. Compile a Refined Outreach List.

How Can Marketing and Business Development Work Together to Maximize Results?


But, how do these departments and key attributes effectively work together to increase a firm’s ROI? While each department has its separate “duties” and functions, ultimately, they must work together to support the firm’s overall goal -- to grow the business. What Happens If Marketing and Business Development Are Unbalanced or Uncoordinated?

Today’s Rules for Guest Blogging- How to Find Opportunities with Outreach Tools


If you’re working to increase your brand exposure, build your credibility as an industry expert, or improve your back links and SEO ranking, consider writing guest blog entries on other sites. Let’s look at some ways you can uncover guest blogging opportunities and a few online outreach tools to help focus your search. Are you looking to position yourself as an expert in your industry? • Are you working to build backlinks to your website? The next step is one you’ve probably already done when defining your own content strategy, developing personas.

How the Long Tail AdWords Approach Works for Blogger Outreach


So, this week, I want to draw an analogy to successful Google AdWords approaches so that you can see how to apply that same technique to blogger outreach. Long-tail blogger outreach is like long-tail Google AdWords advertising. The same should be done with blogger outreach. The same thing can be done with blogger outreach. These lessons map perfectly to blogger outreach. With blogger outreach, you face the same odds as for paid search. Image via CrunchBase. There will always be blogs that are out of your league and your target audience.

About SEO Shortcuts, SEO Tools, and Productive SEO Campaign Development

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Shortcuts impair the ability of the SEO professional or partnership to fully understand what or why results in SEO (negative or positive) happen. For example, what about becoming a good writer or adept at graphics tools, in order to develop effective communication strategies for social and link building outreach? Learn from them. Buying links purely for keyword rankings.

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How Business Development Roles Can Leverage Marketing to Close the Sale

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Many firms and business development professionals have discovered the remedy is not offering a better, cheaper, or faster solution (in fact, that’s an impossible feat ). This puts greater pressure on business development professionals. If you are in a business development role, how can you ensure your preparations are not in vain? 6) Help position you as a Visible Expert ®.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You |

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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You. Penn , will be the first to say that this service is sorely underrated as a place to develop business, grow your capabilities, and promote your projects and opportunities. Here’s the first paragraph of my summary: I show businesses how to use social media technologies for external community building and outreach, and for internal collaboration. Make Your Job Descriptions Work Two Ways. If you work for yourself, be clear about that, too. What’s the best way to represent freelance work?

How To Blend B2B SEO Into On-Site Content Development

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You see, variations of this tactic worked really well in the late nineties (and maybe in several years following). Eloqua’s best practice section is a great example of what we recommend for many of our clients developing a set of resources for their customers and site visitors. Outreach: It doesn’t hurt to let people know you linked (to them). Now what?

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Why Your PR Isn't Working (and How to Fix It)


And yet, I think the heart of the problem has less to do with the age-old argument of whether press releases work or not, and more to do with the need for a seismic shift in how we think about media relations. Marketers who hone this skill develop a deep understanding of trends in their industry, and unmatched awareness for what constitutes a meaningful storyline and what doesn’t.

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5 Tips to Writing More Effective Cold Emails

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Specifically, landing a great job, doing a landmark deal, and starting a relationship with a mentor all originated from cold outreach. A lot of Business development folks use the first sentence to talk about themselves. Hi I’m Scott and I do business development at X company. Because I know that reading, interpreting, and responding to it is going to be work. But.but.I

The reality of online influence and the only thing that matters

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In my position as Global Director of eBusiness, I was the company’s go-to guy for anything Internet. I was in a position to give speeches at convention halls filled with thousands of people. Yet, in our conversation he admitted that he had no idea where I had worked for most of my life, what I did, or what I had achieved before I was a blogger. I used to be a big shot. Salary.

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Developing Client Personas to Give Content a Personal Touch


You want to position yourself as an expert in your field and be the advisor clients and prospects turn to when they need to make a decision. This hub of valuable information, in combination with personal outreach, positions your firm as a trusted advisor rather than a company that sells 'x' services. So what is content marketing and what does it do for your firm?

20 More of the Best Social Media Marketing Guides and Tips of 2013


He even provides sample outreach email text that’s been proven to drive significant response. 26 Tips to Create Social Media Magic for Your Business by Positively Peggy. ” Social Media Policy Development Guides. Social media marketing has become an integral part of strategies for maximizing the overall web visibility of an organization. by Pitch Magazine.

The art of writing the perfect blogger pitch


Whether we’re doing an outreach to the bloggers of mainstream media and celebrity blogs or to someone who has just set up a blog for the first time, it all begins with the message model. Below is an example of a message model we developed for Miriam’s Kitchen for National Homelessness Month. We didn’t use it because we focused on Give to the Max Day instead, but I think it is an example of our best work and I’ll put it aside and we’ll use it next year for sure. Image by Sean MacEntee via Flickr. Thank you so much. Chris.

Content Marketing Is No Longer a Choice

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Many companies that have embraced content marketing are still using it as a branding and positioning function of their marketing department. It’s not an add-on function that lives inside your marketing department, it’s not about branding and positioning, and it’s not a choice. Your Definition will Determine Your Direction What's Your Content Development Strategy?

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5 Online Marketing Tips Every Financial Advisor Should Know


Takeaway: In your outreach to clients, both current and potential, tell them something about you -- your passions, purpose, and what makes you unique. When developing your personal presence online, it’s important not to let compliance fears depersonalize your language. However, you'll want to spend some time to find the one that works best for your needs and budget.

Marketing vs. Business Development - Why It Is Critical for Law Firms to Know the Difference


The terms marketing and business development are frequently used interchangeably, especially by law firms that utilize both to grow their businesses. While both marketing and business development cover similar ground and ultimately contribute to growing your law firm’s business, each has different strengths and each department should have distinct responsibilities. Marketing.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile With These 10 Key Elements

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But at the foundation of all effective LinkedIn outreach is a well designed, fully developed LinkedIn profile. Without this, your outreach initiatives lack trust and credibility. Check out this post from the Undercover Recruiter, highlighting “10 LinkedIn headlines that stand out from the crowd” and can be used for inspiration in your own development. Tl;dr.

B2B Social Media Strategy: 5 Steps to Gaining Executive Buy-in.


Engage – When ready, begin to orchestrate across all departments to incorporate social media into the fabric of all customer outreach in campaigns, events, sales, and support. Or better yet, invite Charlene or Jeremy to work with your company. Michael has been working in marketing and sales for over 16 years in various roles serving a diverse group of industries. Or Does It?

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5 Tips For CMOs To Keep Their Creative Teams Humming

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Many creatives believe that the nature of their work is enough to push them into expanding their creativity and come up with new ideas every day; however, being restricted to work within the confined office space makes it almost impossible to let completely go and actually think out of the box. Development. There are great resources for your developers. Content Strategy.

27 (of the) Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2014


On the other, given their skills in relationship-building and content development, PR professionals (should at least) have a natural knack for social media success. 9 Timeless PR Positioning Strategies by Sword and the Script. Guides to Journalist Pitching, Media Relations, and Blogger Outreach. Blogger Outreach: Persistence is Fertile by FeedBlitz. Read it again.

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Blogger Outreach for PR - Worst Practices


Despite the fact that several smart PR bloggers, including Cece Lee , Laura Moncur and Elge Premeau have written about what works in blogger outreach for PR, there are still a lot of agencies and PR people who just don't get it. So, do the same in your email outreach to bloggers, and you'll have a far greater shot at getting some online coverage than you will with a press release.

B2B Marketing and Sales Won't Exist (As We Know Them) in 5 Years


I would posit that our demand gen capabilities, our martech development, and our personal skills are pushing the limits of this traditional model. Marketing taps the accounts via top-of-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-funnel (MOFU) activities while sales prepares their outreach to align with marketing’s air cover. Watch for these 5 stages of their dissolution. But what’s next?

5 Steps to Build an Impressive B2B Account-Based Marketing Framework


Although what constitutes “perfect” will be different for each company, there are general guidelines that one can follow to develop a reliable account-based marketing framework. To start, ABM will never work without strong Sales and Marketing alignment. You know who these individuals are, their job titles and what company they work for. Coverage. What metrics determine success?

Add For Immediate Release to your podcast queue


While earned media influencer outreach may well be as close to traditional PR as you can get online these days, short of calling journalists, my strategies and tactics care as much about spiders and bots as they do column inches and names spelled properly. Here’s FIR #15: THE OPEN WEB VS. CONTENT SILOS : As you may know by now, I am more of a technologist than a communicator.

The Expanding Role of the Humble SDR


Sales Development Reps. Account Development Reps. Business Development Reps. Marketing Development Reps. He compares those often entry-level employees to arguably the most important position in sports. SDRs, he argues, are instrumental to making an Account-Based Sales Development strategy operate smoothly as they focus on booking meetings for Account Executives.

8 Great LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

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From the group introduction: Search Engine Land is a must-read hub for news and information about search engine marketing, SEO, PPC, and how search engines work such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. This group focuses on the connection between sales and marketing, as it pertains to lead generation, outreach, and broader sales-oriented best practices. Google Analytics.

9 Reasons B2B Sales Teams Are Huge Fans of Marketing Attribution


I would posit this is one of the biggest kept secrets in the B2B marketing space today -- B2B sales teams are some of marketing attribution’s biggest fans. Joyce Juntunen , Bizible’s Head of Sales, and Danny Kisch , Bizible’s Sales Development Manager, have lent their expertise. Lead insights are key to a salesperson’s outreach. Everyone’s working within the same system.

Checklist to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Agency

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Influencer marketing ; who your industry leaders are and how they will work with you. Influencer Marketing: Outreach and partnering with industry leaders and influencers in order to access their networks and tap into their earned credibility. Look for services rendered that you want and look for positive testimonials. Current Industry Expertise. A Wide Range of Services.

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Consumers Weigh in on the Efficacy of Inbound Marketing

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At Fractl, we looked into how this works with our latest research with Moz, “ Inbound vs. Outbound: Consumer Perspectives on Marketing Effectiveness.” In fact, when we asked consumers in our study how likely they are to buy a product or service they heard about through an online search, 77% of respondents said their purchase decision would be positively influenced by it.

Driving economic benefits from your Alpha Audience

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Melyssa is the Head of Marketing and Communications at WD, a Western Digital Company and leads global communication strategies across PR, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Brand Development, Consumer Marketing and new innovation initiatives. We look at the positive advocates of course, but we also connect with our detractors, too. I remember the day well. It was in March 2013.

Digital Storytelling: A New Virtual Reality Might Not be Far Off


Ben Fischler , @arnoldrenderer , Director of Education + Outreach @ Solid Angle. We’re working to make things that feel good in VR. Industry and education need to work together to make learning with it more accessible. Peter: Most of the tools are freely available – you have to be conversant in development or programming, but the tools are there if you understand them.

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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Here we go: CONTENT MARKETING ADP : Developed a content marketing campaign to connect and engage with their target audience on a ADP solution using white papers and a diagnostic assessment tool. Inside of 18 months $47 million in brand new business was awarded to AT&T, directly attributable to social media outreach. Is it harder or are we not looking hard enough? million. million.

A strategy to stay relevant in a tumultuous marketing world

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Three years ago, I was working on what would be the biggest consulting contract of my career. Economists say that technology could kill 5 million jobs in the next three years — mostly “knowledge worker” positions. By Mark Schaefer. It was a potential deal with a U.S. It was a bit intimidating. “Oh Mr. Schaefer, we all know who you are,” she said.

My PocketCHIP is a portable Linux box


was developing something that like the Raspberry Pi but less headless , at least when it’s decked out in the form I funded back on June 6, 2015, the PocketC.H.I.P. ! . — I don’t think there’s going to be that much work done on the PocketCHIP. My first job after college was managing a room full of Sun SPARC Solaris pizza boxes. But, oh, the PocketCHIP!

How to Get Your Sales Team Using — And Loving — Video


Ellen, the manager of our BDR team suggested starting small when it comes to video and working your way up. Even if you’re starting with a super small group, it’s time for you – or your team manager – to join the ranks and start doing some cold outreach yourselves. And adding video to your prospecting emails can increase response rates by up to 8x! Sounds awesome, right?

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32 Resolutions to Prepare for Your 2012 B2B Lead Generation Program


Consider these as the stepping stones for optimal business growth by aligning marketing & sales, and developing a content strategy designed to generate leads and nurture them into sales. Look at your pipeline conversion rates; find inconsistencies by total company, sales regions, sales people, and work to improve sales process throughout the funnel. Review your marketing budgets line item by line item, and review activities that are considered unnecessary spending or have not worked to support your brand or lead generation strategy, and remove/optimize those older approaches.