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The Revenue Focused SEO Keyword Strategy For B2B Marketers


1) Build Your SEO Keyword Strategy Around Revenue. Next, let’s talk about how to approach your keyword strategy after implementing the needed technologies to track revenue. 2) Build A Keyword Strategy Based On User Intent. With Bizible we push web session data so you can see which URL’s (e.g. blog post pages) and which form URL’s (e.g. The chart below illustrates.

How To Create A Revenue Generating B2B Marketing Strategy


Strategy. Once in awhile it’s necessary to take a step back consider your strategy for every important aspect of B2B marketing. Whether you’re stepping into a marketing role at a new company or building a B2B marketing strategy from scratch, this article includes the major elements for succeeding at marketing’s most important missions.In How To Develop Personas.

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Two Personas Every Marketer Should Care About, Even if They Never Buy


At HubSpot we talk about personas a lot. That''s because inbound marketing is really about creating persona-driven marketing that helps you engage with your dream customers in the channels they are most comfortable in. When discussing personas, we usually talk about buyer personas and how identifying them can help you create marketing people really love.

5 Roadblocks Your Content Strategy Needs to Avoid in the Buyer's Journey

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While no two journeys will be exactly alike — some come in with a hot need, others are merely curious — there are some frequented bad habits of content strategies that can really slow down the buyer’s progress. This asset hits on several key elements for decision makers: It’s easily shareable by merely sending a URL link. Consideration stage. Decision stage.

How One Company's New Blog Strategy Increased Lead Flow by 700% in One Year


So I caught up with SmartBug Media's founder and CEO Ryan Malone to get the inside scoop on how they approached Conversant Bio's blogging strategy and what they did to impact lead flow so dramatically. The Strategy Shift. It was a strategy that allowed us [at SmartBug Media] to move really quickly on those niches," Malone explained. "By Take Conversant Bio , for example.

5 Strategies to Help Teams Thrive after a Merger


While this sounds stressful, it actually provides a tremendous opportunity for marketers to take the reigns and create a world-class customer experience. Here are five ways marketing can take hold of the customer journey and drive the business forward post-M&A. Take the time to outline the required fields for every asset, including theme, channel, persona, buying stage, and team.

How to Craft a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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In recent months, I’ve covered content marketing development and content marketing objectives , both of which are critical parts of an overarching content strategy. Let’s take a look at some ways to help get you started with a successful content marketing strategy: Dig into What Your Competitors Are Doing. So what does this mean if you’re just getting started with your content strategy? You would have also (again, hopefully) developed buyer personas so that you know who your target audience is (i.e., You’ll need to tweak your strategy accordingly.


10 Customized LinkedIn Communication Tactics That Will Increase Response


If you aren’t using LinkedIn as part of your social media marketing strategy, you are missing out. Let your profile reflect who you are or your company’s persona. Customize your URL – On LinkedIn you have to option to customize your URL; make sure you do it. Are you getting the most out of your LinkedIn account? Your Profile. 1.Tune up your profile.

How to Develop a Website Redesign Strategy That Guarantees Results [+ Free Template]


Whether you’re working with an agency or redesigning your site in house, our guide will help you strategize your website redesign, and the accompanying tracking worksheet will enable you to track your progress as you move beyond strategy and into each stage of your redesign. We've identified seven steps of website redesign: strategy, plan, design, build, optimize, launch, and analyze.

How to Repair Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy in a Post-Panda World


Unfortunately, search engines are far from stagnant, and algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin have the power to wreak havoc on your ecommerce site’s rankings, unless you have an SEO strategy that’s equally adaptable. Here''s what you need to know to adjust your ecommerce SEO strategy for the post-Panda world. Canonical Tags and Unfriendly URL Structure. Content.

Why Brand Consistency Matters to B2B Companies (+ 1 Brand SEO Hack)


This term is a catch-all for the culture, messaging and other advertising, positioning, processes, and (even more squishy) the relationship with the customer that gets developed over the years, and that is passed on to future generations ( and customers ). And did you note the customer up there? It is all for naught if you don’t even understand your customer (hint: personas ).

Are you ready for the mega-shift from social media to private media?

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This update allows the creation of a unique Messenger URL that will allow for greater discovery of users and businesses within the private sphere. Using our deep learning and custom network engine, Affinio is able to analyze these connections to develop a social fingerprint for each user. The company founder insists it is “not a social network.” The rise of private media.

How Content Impacts the Buying Journey: ABM vs. Demand Gen


In contrast, account-based marketing is all about an outbound strategy of going after specific accounts you want to close. So, does the value of content diminish as teams move to an account-based marketing strategy? Because of this, content becomes just as, if not more, valuable within an ABM strategy. Transitioning from Demand Generation to ABM: Content Strategy.

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10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid


Social media is an integral component of any successful digital marketing strategy. With 74 percent of adults using social networking sites , the opportunity to increase your site’s online exposure to new customers cannot be ignored. Instead of wasting money on paid fans, spend more time on creating your strategy and increasing your fan base organically. Guest post by Gary Dek.

Ready, Aim, Fire: The 3 Steps For Powerful B2B Website Optimization

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Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Successfully optimizing your B2B website to attract and convert visitors (and close sales) requires a deep understanding of your buyer personas, the website experience they need, and the right on-page SEO. There are 3 primary aspects of B2B website optimization : 1) buyer personas , 2) user experience , 3) and on-page SEO.

How to Get More Leads From Social Media


Our social media strategies have also evolved a lot, too. Note the complete description and the shortened URL. Offer lead magnets for specific customer personas. What’s your impression of how hard it is to generate leads on social media? My impression used to be that social media lead generation is unusually hard—much harder than content marketing. But in a recent survey of marketers from Ascend2 , content marketing actually surpassed social media in terms of difficulty. Effectiveness vs. Difficulty for Lead Generation. It’s becoming pronounced, too. That’s progress.

34 Compelling Content Marketing Stats and Facts


Brands that use shortened URLs with a “vanity domain” experience an average increased click volume of 25% compared to long URLs or generic URL shorteners. 1 goal for their content marketing strategies; 94% put sales in their top five content marketing goals. 85% of corporate marketers are using buyer personas for content marketing and messaging.

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How To Report On Content Marketing [Part 4 of 5]


Content marketing has established itself as a central feature of most B2B marketing strategies. B2B marketing is all about effectively moving prospects through the customer funnel. Then, create a filter: Landing Page contains “blog” or however your site structures its blog article URLs. LANDING PAGE -> FORM URL REPORT. Then, drop the Form URL field as a sub-grouping.

B2B Marketers Guide To End Of Year Planning


All jokes aside, the most important elements of a B2B marketing strategy is knowing where to find potential customers, how to reach those potential customers to fill the funnel, and how to compete to close those customers. Marketers can improve their strategies with end of year planning. Does your targeted content engage the right personas? Conclusion.

4 Ways to Reach Your Target Audience Using Social


Social media is not a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy , and it requires constant vigilance to maintain. We may write (and think and speak) in 140 characters or less, but ask any social media manager and they will tell you executing a good strategy goes beyond penning a few witty tweets. Are you looking to target current customers or new prospects? Marketing Strategy

What Does a Content Marketer Do? Answered by a Content Marketer

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This means developing a strategy that fits within the budget, aligns with your organization’s business model, and targets key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s a good idea to collaborate with departments outside of marketing (like sales and customer service) to learn more about what it truly is that the buyers are looking to consume from a content perspective. One way to ensure you’re always creating content for the target audience is by developing buyer personas. A sound content marketing strategy will follow a strict editorial calendar. Researching. Interviewing.

A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages


Having more than one buyer persona is a balancing act. If they''re very different, you may feel like you''re constantly in danger of not giving one enough attention, or confusing your personas with untargeted content. They allow a company to promote specific products or market to a specific buyer persona. But those pages aren''t all connected or centralized around Gap Inc.

12 Critical Building Blocks to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign


While I don’t know what the marketers responsible for your favorite digital campaign actually did, I can say with almost 100% certainty that they spent a large amount of time researching their market, analyzing different pieces of data and building out detailed strategies that helped them blow you away through flawless execution. 1) Personas. 6) Funnel Analysis & Offer Strategy.

B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


A B2B Video Marketing Strategy Overview. Video is now the sixth most popular content marketing tactic, as 70% of B2B marketers use some form of online video with their overall strategies. NuSpark Marketing has helped a number of B2B firms execute visually creative video strategies. Test offers with lead capture strategy. A multi-media strategy works best.

A Practical Guide to Planning a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign


Whether you''re planning your marketing strategy as a whole or developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, a little structure can help to reduce a daunting task to a manageable one. Whether you''re creating a marketing strategy for your entire company or developing a campaign for a particular product launch, defining your audience is the most fundamental step.

Why Website Optimization Trumps Search Engine Optimization

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When optimizing your website, yes, you need to follow search engine optimization best practices, but more importantly, you should think about user experience, lead conversions, and acquiring customers. That''s why the cornerstone of successful website optimization is focusing on your buyer persona. For website optimization, buyer personas help you to. Here’s how to do it.

Outbound Marketing the Inbound Way


Although embracing inbound marketing methodology is a no-brainer for many companies trying to achieve long-term goals, it is not a strategy that prospers overnight. It takes time, expertise, and focus to create an inbound strategy that will setup your company for sustainable success. If your company has not yet created a buyer persona, pull out a white board and get to it.

12 Marketing-Takeways from the B2B Marketing Manifesto

Fearless Competitor

Doug Kessler, an American living over there, recently participated in a webinar with Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners and John Sweeney of DemandGen in which he shared lessons learned from marketing that content. Now that the project is finished, Doug was able to share 12 key marketing-takeaways: Target just one persona. This is why Find New Customers also writes for, PostclickMarketingBlog, CustomerCollective, blogs for Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, etc.). Create trackable tagged URL’s. B2B Demand Generation | 12 Marketing Take-Aways.

5 Steps to Amplify Your Paid Social Campaigns

Modern B2B Marketing

As marketers are increasingly spending more on social platforms, it’s more important than ever to have the right strategy in place, track all of your paid social campaigns , and gain insights into what’s working and what’s not. This comes in handy when you don’t want to advertise a product or service to a customer who’s already purchased it or to your competitors.


How to Answer 11 Common Marketing Questions Using Analytics


In order to successfully track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you'll need to start by setting goals for how many visits, contacts, and customers you want to generate. You can even get more specific and set goals for how many visits, contacts, and customers you want generated from different aspects of the campaign such as social media, email marketing, or your blog.

11 Lesser-Known LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using


Consider the ideal person your profile would speak to, consider your buyer personas , and -- if your profile were side by side with another -- which words would make you stand out. One way to customize your LinkedIn profile is by acquiring your unique URL. Plus, a customized address is much easier to remember and use when directing people to your LinkedIn profile.

5 Keys To Creating A B2B Blog That Builds Traffic And Generates Leads

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And the most important part of creating educational content is to research and understand your buyer persona. The more you understand your buyer persona and the journey they follow in researching and buying a solution like the one your company provides, the better your content will be. Social sharing can also help you get more customers. Which option would you choose?

How One Company’s Investment in Blogging & SEO Increased Traffic By Over 2,500% in One Year


Looking to bring in more leads and customers to their website, the folks at Marco teamed up with HubSpot Partner Leighton Interactive to explore the possibilities of inbound marketing. Setting Up a Blog Strategy. So to build out Marco's blog , the folks at Leighton helped Marco do the following: Research and create buyer personas. Implementing the Blog Strategy.

Key SaaS Metrics for Accelerating Growth


At the C-level, every executive, especially the CEO, continually evaluates how the business is doing on key fronts like sales, customer success, product, etc. First, evaluate your strategy and your go-to-market model. Are your new customers coming from freemium products? Executives love metrics, especially in the technology/Internet space. Trials? Demos? Why does this matter?

How to Validate Your Blog Post Topics: A 3-Step Process


2) Create a topic cluster based on your persona research. BuzzSumo : BuzzSumo analyzes how many times a URL has been shared via social media or linked to by another domain. Take positive and constructive feedback from readers to inform your strategy. For HubSpot customers, HubSpot Content Strategy will help guide you through the process of creating a topic cluster.

SEO 101: The 5 Parts of Your Site You Should Keyword Optimize


By having a well-optimized site, you''ll start to see results like an improved quality of visitor, higher conversion rates, and in the end -- more closed customers. This article is appropriate for anyone just getting started with SEO, or adjusting their keyword strategy. It''s a good idea to include keywords in your URL if they accurately describe the page contents. Duh, right?)

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Google+

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your social fingerprint is filed and matched to your online persona. Hangouts on Air are public by default, meaning anyone has access to the URL, can view them. While this doesn’t guarantee you getting star billing on the search engine results page (SERP), if you have been a loyal customer and played by the rules, it gives you a head start advantage. I say no, no, no.

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