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8 Rookie Mistakes You Might Be Making With Buyer Personas


Creating buyer personas is an essential part of building a successful inbound marketing strategy. Buyer personas help you better understand your current and potential customers, what their pain points are, what information they need, and how you can position your offering to meet their needs. 1) Too many personas. Creating too many personas can be really tempting.

5 Ways to Create Added Value for Customers

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Added value is an important tactic that can be used by small businesses to acquire and retain customers , increase brand awareness, and differentiate one’s place in the marketplace. Always consider your customers’ perspective. The art of creating added value starts with the ability to see your business through the eyes of your customers. All rights reserved.

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Building an Epic Buyer Persona Profile: a Totally Comprehensive Guide


To stand out amidst the noise in an era where 91% of marketers are creating custom content, it’s critical to invest in relevant information. While your inbound strategy should revolve around creating content people love , it’s even more important to generate marketing that the right people love. What the Heck is a Buyer Persona? How to Create a Buyer Persona Profile.

Unlock the Power of B2B Personas By Freeing Them from PDF Purgatory

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Personas are the way that B2B marketers have identified their buyers for years. It is now time to think differently about your personas. Katie Martell is the co-founder and CMO of Cintell , a customer intelligence platform that enables companies to better understand their buyers. I had the chance to ask her some questions about the state of B2B buyer personas.

From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies


Most marketers and agencies have more ideas than budgets, so we’re going to explore seven strategies to build a great prospect list that take a varied approach: four strategies require time, and three strategies require money. All seven list-building strategies require the same foundational elements: A clear understanding of your client’s buyer personas.

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How to Make the Customer the Hero of Your Story


but most brands overlook the interests of customers when they focus on themselves. The harsh reality is that your customers don’t care about your company or products - they only care about how you’ll meet their needs. If you want your customers to buy your products or services, your marketing should revolve around your customer and their challenges. make a purchase.

The Customer Experience Success Triangle: A CEO’s Perspective on Why Companies Need to Invest in Customer Experience


In the past, customer-centric programs haven’t appeared to directly yield profits so CEOs passed on them in favor of other, more immediate solutions. This resulted in management professing a fleeting commitment to customer programs, but never making them a core strategy. Related: Great B2B Customer Experience Require Customer-Centric Marketing. Product. ” .

5 Tips for Creating Customer-Centric Content


Creating customer-centric content day after day is doable in a bare bones kind of way, but does your content have a clear purpose? Does it offer a fresh and engaging perspective that’s relevant to your customers? Does it define the customer journey clearly in order to increase engagement? You’re on your way to creating awesome customer-centric content. The added bonus?

Customer Centric Selling: The #1 B2B Sales and Marketing Trend in 2017


“The purpose of any business is to create and keep a customer”— Theodore Levitt. Customer-Centric Businesses Will Win. Customer centricity started in the 60s with direct marketing. Since then, the omnipresence of the Internet has increased opportunities for companies and customers to interact. Customers became more connected and empowered and their expectations rose.

How to Apply Lifecycle Marketing for Your Agency Clients


So what’s the best way to make sure you’re delivering stellar results for each of your customers? Here’s how: Develop a Strategy for Every Account in Five Areas. To make sure you’re providing top-tier service to every one of your clients, it’s essential to create five main strategies for each account. Buyer Personas. Messaging/Positioning Strategy. Attract.

Why Marketing Doesn’t End at the Sale – Customer Obsessed Lifecycle Marketing

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But most marketers know that it’s more cost effective to renew business with an existing customer than to acquire a new lead. Yet in the face of purchased lists and pressure to generate large lead volumes, the core concept of nurturing existing customers for continued revenue can get lost in the commotion. So how do you keep customers engaged beyond the purchase?

7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value


it costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one -- and on average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one. So, what are you doing to keep your customers coming back to your business? According to the 2011 Colloquy Customer Loyalty Census , of the $48 billion worth of perceived value in reward points and miles distributed by American businesses annually, one-third goes unredeemed by consumers. How do you convey enough additional value in your programs to keep your customers coming back?

Paul Alfieri, Turn’s SVP Marketing: How to Build an “Audience First” Product Marketing Strategy Around Big Data [Podcast]

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There is a lot of pressure on CMOs these days to have a big data strategy. Big data isn’t in itself the strategy,” says Paul Alfieri, Senior VP of Marketing at marketing software company Turn, “Big data is the enabler for a much richer, more personalized (product marketing) strategy.” Paul Alfieri is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Turn, a marketing software company.

Top Internet strategy, marketing and technology links for the week of March 30, 2013


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Is Inbound Marketing Holding Your Business Back?


Act-On defines it as “activities that are designed to attract the attention of customers and prospects with the purpose of giving them a reason to come to you.”. Inbound is an effective marketing tactic, but it’s not a replacement for a complete, balanced marketing strategy. This sets you up to acquire a lot of customers who don’t fit your ideal customer profile.

Six Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

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You can blow a lot of money and time if you don’t stick to a plan tailored to your customer’s unique content needs. What’s needed is a well-thought-out process for creating and distributing the kind of content that will deliver the goods: customer satisfaction, leading to conversions and revenue. Develop customer personas. Create content your customers want.

How to Attract New Customers – i?marketing (Part 2)

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marketing user conference included six rapid-fire sessions on best practices for each stage of the customer lifecycle: Attract, Capture, Nurture, Convert, Report, and Expand. Personas. Begin by scripting a thorough outline of your ideal customer. Once you know who your customer is, there are three important factors for attracting those customers. Content.

You talking to me? 6 Tips for Channeling Voice of Customer to Boost Content and Social Media Marketing Efforts

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In previous posts I have talked about the importance of producing content that grabs the attention of your customers and prospects and engages them or inspires action. How do you speak in the language of the customer, connect with their concerns and choose topics that are of greatest interest? Customer service and contact centers can provide rich sources of info.

The Difference between Content Marketing and Marketing Content


Play on words aside, there’s a big difference between using content across the buyer’s journey to deliver a consistent customer experience (marketing content), and using content to specifically support top-of-funnel marketing activities (content marketing). Marketing content is every asset your organization creates to attract, educate, convince, convert, and retain a customer.

Understanding Buyer’s Goal Orientation Key to Understanding Why Buyers Buy

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Distinguishing a set of motivations, needs, and wants from a buyer’s goal orientation can make a significant difference in not only innovation but in aligning customer strategy with buyer goals.    All can offer helpful information and insight into how to better meet the needs of customers. Image via Wikipedia. The concept of goals has been around for centuries.  Humans

Responding to the Buyers Purchase Path


A few weeks ago I was leading a workshop on Lead Nurturing, which included the concept of buyer personas and defining the buying path for each individual persona. Don’t you need to define one buyer’s journey for the persona and just align the content to that?” You can’t just have one buyer’s journey that applies to all the unique personas that you have defined. Decision.

3 Steps To Email Marketing That Nurtures Leads And Closes Sales

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According to McKinsey , email marketing is 40 times as effective at customer acquisition than social media. Email drives increased website visitors, helps convert website visitors into leads, helps nurture leads into customers and, perhaps most importantly, helps deepen your relationship with customers. Think about your buyer persona. Are they a customer?

33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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So it took some moxy to launch a content marketing strategy online. LOGICALL : A company that focuses on inbound and outbound customer management solutions, uses content assets such as emails, microsite and ebook, Logicalis developed a thought leadership effort that supported sales teams by enabling custom messaging based on the prospects interaction with the campaign. million.

B2B Marketing Predictions – 3 Actions To Achieve Your Goals in 2011

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I will comment on each one below but for the time-starved blog scanner, here is a summary: “Customer experience” might be the marketing buzzword of the year? Every company should look to address the opportunities to become more efficient through a more engaging content marketing strategy, cheaper inbound leads and effective nurturing through marketing automation. Strategy

Prophets of Profit: 25 ABM Experts Give 2017 Predictions & Advice


To say account based strategies were prominent in 2016 is an understatement. Their study showed that B2B marketers experienced a 171% lift in their average annual contract value (ACV) when implementing ABM strategies. It’s still the wild west of account based strategies, and there’s no doubt that we’ll look back one day and laugh at the things we tried. Jill Rowley. Jon Miller.

3 Ways To Research Companies For Personalized Video Sales Outreach


Co-founder of the award-winning sales training firm Vorsight, Steve Richard coined this phrase, which refers a highly focused three-tiered research strategy. Each tool depends on the buyer persona you sell to. Owler is a third-party aggregate of the financials and CEO satisfaction. If you want to get noticed by your prospects today, your outreach must be highly personalized.

B2B vs. B2C: How Content Marketing Changes by Target Audience


A company trying to reach decision-makers at another company requires a different mindset and strategy. Interestingly, though, some research suggests that B2B buyers will, as a whole, engage more strongly with certain types of messages, while B2C customers will respond more positively to campaigns that target different benefits. Developing buyer personas is helpful to this process.

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3 Steps To Email Marketing That Nurtures Leads And Closes Sales

The Forward Observer

According to McKinsey , email marketing is 40 times as effective at customer acquisition than social media. Email drives increased website visitors, helps convert website visitors into leads, helps nurture leads into customers and, perhaps most importantly, helps deepen your relationship with customers. Think about your buyer persona. Are they a customer?

20 Ideas from Power Users to Power Up Your B2B Marketing Automation

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Let’s get started: Marketing Strategy. Without strategy, people, and process, Marketo is just another email tool. Score your customers for better upsell and service performance. Tailor your lead nurturing by persona. Unify your data around the customer. Author: Zak Pines We’re at an exciting point in the evolution of marketing automation. Data Quality.

5 Common Traits Of The Best Content Marketing Companies

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That’s because clients increasingly expect to work with writers who have their own well-respected professional persona or brand. At NewsCred, our 500+ custom-content writers are established influencers in their fields, many working for decades in a particular industry before they began writing about it. Any content firm you enlist needs to help you tackle those challenges head on.”.

7 Tips For Social Media Optimization

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But, SMO is no longer limited to marketing and brand building for organizations, but has grown to encompass many different departments within the organization such as Human Resources, Client/Customer Satisfaction, product development, Business Development and Sales. So what can you do to make sure your website and social media strategies are having the best impact on your business? Most HR suite of services have realized this notion and optimized their own offerings to include social media in the recruiting strategy.

Get Found: How to Incorporate SEO into Your Editorial Calendar

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To be successful with content marketing, you need to start with strategy. Your content strategy broadly defines the subjects related to your offering that you’ll address to meet your potential clients’ information needs. Once you’ve honed your strategy, you need the tactical steps to make it happen. That’s the job of the editorial calendar.

How to Build a Growth-Minded Design Process at Your Agency


What client doesn’t enjoy faster delivery, higher user satisfaction, and lower financial risk? Be sure that your design team has a fluent understanding of your customer personas, and that empathy for the customer is the center of their creative process. When their requests are refused, job satisfaction suffers. Did the project exceed budget? Marketing Agency

Dispatch from CMW: Recapping Day One


We’re about to get a whole lot of pressure to quit and go back to traditional marketing methods as we fall into the Trough — but the marketers who love content, who care about building real relationships with our buyers and customers, and who want to build stuff that matters, will stick through it and come out stronger. Content Strategy = Business Outcomes + Customer Satisfaction.

Sights and Sounds of SXSW: Transformational Marketing and The Era of Engagement

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This session focused on how Kaiser Permanente Colorado, with help from their agency, Intelligent Demand, transformed their marketing and revenue generation strategy. Created buyer personas and journeys. It can give you incredible insight into your customers’ likes and dislikes. Customer Support. Satisfaction : Social Reputation. East 6 th St. Big topic! Sales.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


APIs facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems. It’s important for marketers to understand what APIs can do to factor them in to their marketing strategies. Business blogging retains all the attributes of "regular" blogging, but adds a tasty layer of marketing strategy on top. 10) Buyer Persona. 26) Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

5 principles of Information Architecture & why it matters to marketing

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A well-structured site or app can be a real differentiator for your customers, especially with eCommerce or where you have a large number of products. Decreased customer satisfaction, decreased sales and customers seeking out a competitor are three likely outcomes. Do you know your different user personas? If so, does their persona affect their goals?