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Sales Enablement 101: Treat Salespeople Like Customers

Savvy B2B Marketing

Salespeople don't like to look stupid, and they don't have time to waste. I've always fundamentally believed that your salesperson is your first and most important customer. As such, when I think about enabling sales, I think about employing many of the same strategies used to engage customers. The development of target personas. Nurturing Sales. And more.

Vroooom! 3 Ways Consumer Marketers Can Accelerate Growth in a Multi-Channel World

Modern B2B Marketing

This is reflective of the challenge for marketing luxury consumer products across the board, where customers are now on multiple channels such as social, web, mobile, and email. Consumer marketers now need to be wherever their customers are, not just in-store. Engage in Linked Multi-Channel Marketing. Instead, these prospects often touch multiple channels before they engage.

Six B2B Marketing Tools to Put on Your Wish List


At 6sense we believe 2016 is going to be the year of customer-centric, data-driven marketing. Triblio defines your campaign-audience segments by persona or account, and you can choose to personalize by any of the following: Acquisition, upsell or retention accounts. Persona or visitor behavior. BrightFunnel is the pioneer in revenue attribution and forecasting for B2B marketers through multi-touch attribution and intelligent forecasting. You can use it to: Compare marketing channel performance (single vs. multi-touch). TrackMaven. Triblio.

The State of Demand Generation

The Effective Marketer

The Customer Buying Cycle Framework. The biggest complaint from marketers is that they can’t keep up with content creation needs (multi-touch programs, social media, nurturing programs, thought leadership, etc.). Then, use internal factors (solutions delta, domain knowledge, messaging, sales readiness, and database) to select the best segment for you to go after.

How Video Marketing Killed the Viral Star…

CMO Essentials

In the aptly titled report (if I do say so myself) Getting More than “Going Viral…” Sophistication in Video Marketing , the findings show that the top marketing initiative pursued by 85% of video marketers is lead generation / customer acquisition. From a marketing standpoint, think of viral videos like the arms of a T-Rex – they’re not gone, but they’re pretty much useless.

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B2B Marketing Automation: Crawl, Walk, Run, Win

Sales Lead Insights

Step 1: Develop Personas and Related Content. Think about your customers’ motivations, expectations and goals. Step 1: Build Multi-Touch Campaigns. Prospects require anywhere from three to 15 touches over an extended time period to nurture them from initial interest to conversion. Build a multi-touch campaign with one or more touches per buying-cycle step.

Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 1

Marketing Action

Acquisition cost : In email marketing, the cost to generate one lead, newsletter subscriber, or customer in an individual email campaign; typically, the total campaign expense divided by the number of leads, subscribers or customers it produced.( Uses: Paid, earned, and owned media; sales, customer success, training, marketing campaigns, web pages, microsites, as offers, and more.


4 Simple Rules for Creating Interactive Content


Create or refine your buyer personas to illuminate the pain points of your audience, allowing your marketing team to understand how they can speak to a specific need. million in sales pipeline during their 4-month lead generation campaign, and could even design separate nurture tracks that spoke to segmented groups. 3. Here’s a SnapApp secret for you — it doesn’t. Know Your Audience.

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Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


Jeff Ogden , Director of Marketing, Aplicor & President, Find New Customers. Methods to the madness: Everybody has methodologies, Sales has SPIN, Customer Centric, etc. Social networks like Facebook and Linkedin will start to face customer defections as their networks get bogged down with marketing spam. In the coming year they will increasingly turn to centralized marketing automation systems to manage customer data consistently in order to nurture the right kind of leads in a consistent and coordinated way across communications channels. predictions. and Web 3.0

Why Automated Email Engagement Should Be Part Of Your Sales Team


Reps select relevant email sequences based upon the buyer persona and user history of the lead or leads. Should a rep want to make last-minute customizations to the scenario, he or she is able to alter every aspect of the delivery. We’re all creatures of habit, but when it comes to certain marketing practices, we’re better at leaving the old behind and taking up with the new.

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