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13 Customer Loyalty Best Practices for B2B Companies


Marketers are often laser-focused on one thing: Get new customers. It ends up being such a focus that any other part of the customer lifecycle gets second-shrift. This can cause a bit of tension, as most of us know keeping customers is nearly as important as getting them in the first place. And then there’s the quotes and statistics about the benefits of customer loyalty , aka customer retention. They usually go something like this: “ Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”.

New Forrester Research: B2B Should Use B2C Customer Loyalty Principles

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For years, B2B marketers have largely viewed B2C loyalty tactics as irrelevant in their space. Plus, customer retention has long been seen as the responsibility of those in sales, service, and support. But B2B marketers are under growing pressure to interact—and deepen relationships—with customers at every stage of the lifecycle, since retaining a customer is more valuable than acquiring a new one. That’s why B2B marketers can’t afford to overlook the opportunity to learn from their B2C counterparts, who are experts at driving customer loyalty.

Achieving Omnichannel Customer Loyalty: Tips and Infographic


It’s as a I wrote in my previous post about customer empowerment. And the reasons are obvious: the multi-channel and multi-device behavior of customers. However, often we tend to focus on just the promotional dimension and forget the omnichannel customer loyalty side of things. And this is certainly the case from a customer loyalty perspective.

New Developments in B2B Loyalty Marketing


Business customers tend to be fewer and more valuable—meaning you can’t afford to lose even one.  But how do you keep your customers active and buying from you, versus the competition?  Let’s look at the traditional approaches to retention marketing in B2B, plus some new developments in loyalty marketing being adopted by B2B marketers today, including social media and gamification. .

A Refreshing Look at Customer Loyalty

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Alas, no detectives, bodies, forensics or car chases here, but all is not lost; this is a cracking good read about customer loyalty and it’s one marketers should pay attention to. . Here, Dixon has a look at why, despite decades of study, investment and public humiliation, we still can’t seem to get customer loyalty right. It turns out, it has to do with effort.

5 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Customer Service

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What new things are you doing to make your customers happy? Take some time now to drive value for your customers, and benefit from it all year long. Know your customers. Think about your contact management system (if you have one), your e-commerce service, or even your email marketing company. Get quick access to your loyal customers. Surprise them.

Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty: Necessity is the Mother of Retention


My to-do list is clear, and all I have left to do is write a blog post about customer retention. Do they know I’m writing a blog post on customer loyalty? One thing is obvious, the Starbucks marketing team knows a thing or two about customer retention. Would you like to create a retention campaign that will make your customers think you’re a mind reader?

7 Ecommerce Segmentation Hacks for Profitable Customer Loyalty


While you won’t have those same face-to-face interactions in the online world, you know more about your customers than you think! With the right ecommerce and marketing platforms you have access to advanced customer segmentation that most merchants do not take advantage of. You will undoubtedly have your “Power Customers.” You want these profitable customers to feel valued.

Don't Have a Customer Loyalty Program? Here's Why They're Valuable [Infographic]


The first time a new customer buys something from you, it's an exciting moment. But keeping them as a happy customer -- and turning them into an advocate for your brand -- takes more than just great service on that first sale. What are you going to do to get that customer to keep buying from you in the future? Inbound Marketing Daily IGSS

Five Steps to Increased Brand Loyalty

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One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is retaining customers. Once Once customers have purchased your product, they need to be approached differently because they do not need to be sold on the product anymore. You build brand loyalty. The key to brand loyalty is to build an emotional attachment to your brand. Connect with your customers regularly.

How customer experience supports brand loyalty through relationships


We’ve all heard and read a lot about customer experience recently and how the study of and practice of CE Marketing has become an area of specialization and innovation. But with customer experience through the interaction between manufacturer and buyer, those who can act as the bridge and facilitator of that experience appear to still have the power to sway hearts and minds.

Retention that Drives Revenue: 5 Tips for Customer Loyalty Programs

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Customer loyalty programs are a great way to boost sales and revenue. But they can be even more valuable when it comes to increasing the satisfaction and ensuring the retention of your high-value customers. According to Forrester Research , loyalty programs today are doing much more than driving more purchases and bigger profits. The Loyal Customer is Great for Your ROI.

An Example of Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service and Increase Brand Loyalty & Reputation


Many businesses really miss the boat when it comes to providing content and value that their customers want. Here is an example of a salesperson providing great customer service using Twitter by providing personalized offers that his customers actually want. Now this is customer service. Anyway, I forget all about @NordstromDave. What do you think?

Inside SAP’s Customer Loyalty program

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In her role as Customer Experience Director for enterprise software giant SAP’s Customer Office EMEA, Mette is responsible for a customer loyalty program that leaves most other programs far behind in terms of maturity and sophistication. He was service-minded and cool-headed until the problem was successfully resolved and we were thankfully re-united with our child. In short, he epitomized the idea of a great customer experience.”. There is a shift from moments to journeys and loyalty matters more than ever. So word-of-mouth is of major impact.

4 Twitter Tools that Help You With Customer Service

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Twitter has fundamentally changed the way that customer service interactions take place. As a business owner, you might find yourself in a negative customer-tweet situation at some point. Although daunting, with the correct monitoring tools, you can stop the criticism and respond to your customers in a timely manner. Twinitor. TweetDeck. Wondering how it works ?

7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value


According to Inc. , it costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one -- and on average those current customers of yours spend 67% more than a new one. So, what are you doing to keep your customers coming back to your business? If you’re like 65% of marketers, your company has implemented a loyalty program. Companies lose money on time and effort, and customers get no more value from the businesses to which they are "loyal.". This is the most common loyalty program methodology.

Customer Experience Simplified

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However, as much as we overcomplicate things, there is no overstating the importance of providing the best customer experience possible each time, every time and across all channels. According to Gartner, 89% of all businesses will compete on customer experience this year. Another 89% believe customer experience will be their main differentiator by 2017. Customer Experience

Contact center priorities: the dawn of a new age in customer engagement


Paul Scott is Senior Director, Customer Experience Consulting, at Dimension Data. Contact center Customer engagement Customer experience Customer loyalty Customer service Interviews customer analytics Customer Contact Expo Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Ian Jacbos Kate Legget Paul Scott self-service

Jeanne Bliss: how to build your customer-driven growth engine


In 2006 Jeanne Bliss published “Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action“ Since then she has been helping leadership teams and CCOs (Chief Customer Officers) to find their united voice and become customer leaders.

5 Surprising Studies on What People Consider "Good" Customer Service


In theory, the “tricks” to delivering awesome customer service are pretty straightforward: Empathy. But in practice, delighting customers isn''t so straightforward -- what actually works doesn’t always reflect what most of us would assume. There are quite a few counterintuitive truths that can make or break how your customers feel about your service. Appreciation.

Using Customer and Peer Reviews to Generate Revenue and Loyalty


For many years now, several companies have provided their customers and community members the opportunity to post customer reviews on their web sites or blogs, from long before the term ‘social media’ was even used. Customer reviews, often referred to as peer reviews in a social media context, offer various opportunities to businesses to improve [.]. Blog Content marketing Customer service Social media marketing cross-channel customer experience customer feedback customer reviews customer service peer reviews word-of-mouth

What’s Next in Staffing Customer Experience?

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Every year, we have to incorporate new terminology into our customer service lexicon. How will these new concepts alter your customer service mindset - and your customer experience (CX) strategy - in 2016? Let's take a look at three CX trends: Customer Experience Trend 1: Mobile first moves to the forefront. Today's customers are more savvy.

Beanstalk Data Adds Service to the Marketing Automation Recipe

Customer Experience Matrix

It can also combine the scoring rules with custom database queries to further refine how they trigger system activities. The campaigns can run once, repeat automatically at user-specified intervals, or be triggered by standard events or custom SQL queries. It can synchronize data with other systems using batch imports and exports or via Web services. Agency services are extra.

Customer Loyalty, Your Brand and Revenue – The Perfect Storm

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Now more than ever your customers matter. Since today’s buyers rely on the recommendations of other buyers to decide what product or service to purchase, your customer’s recommendation of your brand means more than it ever did before. If, after a purchase, you start slamming new customers with more solicitations to buy more, you risk irritating your customer.

SAS by the Sip: SAS Viya Offers Open APIs to Individual Services in the Cloud

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This provided a steady income stream and focused attention on customer satisfaction to ensure renewals. In recent years, much of the software industry has adopted a subscription model under the label of “Software as a Service” (SaaS). SAS’s growth and financial performance have been just fine despite the new competition, thanks to technical leadership in its core analytical products and pry-it-from-my-cold-dead-hands loyalty of its core customers. For marketers in particular, SAS also announced Customer Intelligence 360, a SaaS version of its primary marketing suite.

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How the Net Promoter Score Helps You Benchmark Customer Loyalty [INFOGRAPHIC]


Just how loyal are your customers? Think about this: A Harvard Business Review study found that 48% of customers who had negative experiences with a company told 10 or more people. So if you don't have a clue about how satisfied your customers are with your products or services, you might want to consider putting a system in place to figure out just that. referrals !

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Collaboration: 7 Free Research Reports for Shared Knowledge

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You can’t be competitive in marketing today without an eye for sales and customer experience best practices. You can’t be an effective seller if you don’t have a few marketing and customer service skills up your sleeve. Marketing, meet sales; sales, meet customer service; customer service, meet marketing – you all need to know each other.

Measuring the Pay-Off for Customer Loyalty


Let me take a minute to inundate you some commonly accepted facts about the impact of customer loyalty or the lack of it on an organization. 98% of the dissatisfied customers never complain, they just leave and 75% of the reasons these customer’s leave has nothing to with the product? Sixty seven percent of customers switch from one company to another because they didn’t feel appreciated? 85% of dissatisfied customers tell nine people about their poor experience and 13% tell 20 people; while a satisfied customer tells just five people? Measure.

Lessons from Financial Services: Cross-Sell to Your Customers Without Pushing Them Away

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Millennials are hailed as the most brand loyal generation, and this loyalty frequently stems from interactions that are highly relevant and targeted. ” While a healthy customer base indicates that there is a clear need for your product or service, failing to build on your knowledge of these existing customers and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities can stunt your revenue growth.

Three Reasons Customer Experience Management Fails

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Customer problem rates are up five points in just over two years and this has much to do with terrible Customer Experience Management (CEM). When we can figure out how to build an emotional bond between our brand and our customer’s brain, the wallet, friends, will surely follow. Here’s a great post from Harvard Business Review summarizing what really does build loyalty.

Content marketing as a stellar customer service tool


True, content marketing is an important part of inbound marketing, but did you know that content marketing is also a stellar tool for customer service? Think Think about the basic purposes of content marketing: besides conversions, content marketing is good for building trust, building relationships, and educating your customers. Educating customers. Building trust.

The End of Valued Customers

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should also thank you for the unsolicited copy of your annual report – my, that’s a bruiser! I am always happy to provide insights about your services but I think we can start reducing the number of automated requests for feedback, and the subsequent note from your service team reminding me to rate them a ten. Sincerely, Your Under-valued customer. Could you look into that?

5 Easy (and Affordable) Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

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Showing customer appreciation is more important than ever, as customers have more ways to browse and shop than ever before. In-store, online, review sites, and friend recommendations all factor into a customer’s buying decision. Show customers you really appreciate their business! Pick one of these unusual holidays and write a note to your special customers.

Matthew Dixon: why and how to become a low effort organization


Matthew Dixon is Group Leader, Financial Services and Customer Contact Practices at CEB. Customer experience Customer loyalty Customer service Matt Dixon

Content marketing as a stellar customer service tool


True, content marketing is an important part of inbound marketing, but did you know that content marketing is also a stellar tool for customer service? Think Think about the basic purposes of content marketing: besides conversions, content marketing is good for building trust, building relationships, and educating your customers. Educating customers. Building trust.

How to Put the Customer First in Lead Generation

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Tweet Putting customers first in lead generation. As marketers, we have more ways to observe our customers behavior and can leverage tools like marketing automation, Web analytics and CRM systems to help us manage all this complexity. That missing piece is customer empathy. To build that empathy, I recommend: Push the acronyms aside and actually talk to your customer.

The Role of MarTech in Customer Service — The New Marketing


This guest post is based on Jay’s new book, Hug Your Haters — illuminating customer service as the new marketing and the role that a new generation of marketing technology plays in its success. Customer service is the new marketing. The Optimal Customer Service Scenario: Self-Service. Customers love this. Terrific food for thought.

4 Emails Your Service-Based Business Should Send

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Whether you’re a fitness coach, a dentist, run a plumbing company or a computer repair business, as a service-based business, your email marketing needs and desired outcomes may not exactly fit that of a retailer. We’re here to help our service-based clients with a little email inspiration. Contests. Send an email that promotes a social media contest. Videos. Newsletters.

Leverage Loyalty Fundamentals

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They don’t think about connecting their brand to their customers. But this state of mind ignores the key psychological factor that underlies loyalty. Personal customized service pays off whether it’s a free drink, a bonus dessert, an amuse bouche or just a bit of public schmoozing with the chef. loyal restaurant customer will spend $10,000 over five years if they eat out once a week and spend $40.    So if that’s the average lifetime value of a fan, it’s well worth managing the customer relationship.  Unfortunately they’re not.

Turn Customers into Advocates

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That’s why a glowing review of your product or service from a customer to one of  their  friends can be more effective than any marketing campaign—or serves as a great complement to one. But how do you turn lukewarm customers into raving fans, who will sing the praises of your business offerings to anyone within earshot? Addressing (or ignoring) negative comments.