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Do You Have the New InsideView Activity Stream?

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We started rolling out a new addition to the InsideView product. It’s only going to be visible to some of our new and existing customers across the free and paid licenses. The activity streams are optimized for social selling actions by allowing you to share these updates directly to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and email. Do you have the new Activity Stream?

InsideView Launches First Ever Social Selling University

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InsideView Launches Social Selling University to Provide Comprehensive Education for Sales Professionals, Driving Sales Productivity Through Social MediaWorld’s Top Sales Experts, Social Media Pundits Unite for Launch of First-of-Its-Kind Education Initiative Today Social Selling University officially launches as the first program to educate sales professionals on how to leverage social media technologies and methodologies to increase [.]. Sales Intelligence Social Media Tips Social Selling B2B b2b sales CRM customer 2.0 Prospecting Sales 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

LinkedIn is Facebook With a Tie

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I ran across an interesting quote as I was working on the InsideView guide for Social Selling with LinkedIn. The thought that LinkedIn is Facebook with a Tie is a great differentiators between the two [.]. Social Media Tips Social Selling Technology B2B b2b sales customer 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing linkedin Sales Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence sales productivity Social CRM social intelligence social selling twitterAs soon as I heard it, an image popped into my head and I went to Photoshop to create it.

InsideView Helps Xactly Corporation Cement Market Leadership

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InsideView, the social selling and sales intelligence leader, is proud to share the sales success story of customer Xactly Corporation , the leader in on-demand sales performance management. With InsideView, Xactly has dramatically increased its qualified lead volume and conversion rates, as well as improved its overall sales win rate by ten percent. Sales 2.0

The 25 Best #SaaS and #Sales Blog Posts of 2012

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Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page: Tips for Bringing in Leads | Silverpop Blog – [link]. How do you get engagement right when using social for customer service? Marketing Dashboard and InsideView | – [link]. Keeping Up with Personal Relationships to Win Deals with Customer Effective: [link]. Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers | Silverpop Blog – [link].

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Why Cold Calling is the Bottom of the Barrel

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customer 2.0 insideview jigsaw linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle oracle crm on demand Sales sales productivity social intelligence social media social selling twitter Web 2.0Regardless of what level in a sales group you fall into, cold calling is a cloud hovering over your head. If you’re the VP of Sales, you’re getting these calls several times a week. If you are the Account Manager then you have a set number of calls to make or a list of companies [.]. Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0

Save Your Company from Sales Data Overload.

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The preponderance of business and social data on customers poses both an opportunity and a challenge for today’s sales professionals. Given changing customer behaviors and demands, engaging today’s socially-savvy customerCustomer 2.0 – requires a lot more than a grasp of the basic facts and figures about their companies. Social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn (as well as the entire blogosophere) are target-rich environments to find new opportunities and leads, and engage with prospects in a powerful and effectively intelligent new way. Sales 2.0

InsideView More Than Doubles Revenue in Record-Breaking Year

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InsideView today announced that it finished 2010 on a record-breaking note, growing revenue more than 135 percent. During 2010, InsideView announced multiple record quarters, more than 50 new partners, multiple industry accolades, and the launch of social selling capabilities. In March 2010, InsideView also closed a Series B Round of funding for $11.5 customer 2.0 million. Sales [.]. Notifications Sales 2.0 Social CRM Technology B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

Customers Want Your Sales Efforts to Go Digital

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Your customers are moving. Your customers hardly have time to talk on the phone, check email and meet with vendors. socialprise Sales marketing insideview Enterprise 2.0 CRM twitter facebook linkedin Sales Data customer 2.0Maybe not physically but their mental focus is, and has been changing for a while. As a sales person you have to adapt or die to the changing environment ahead of you. Sure they make [.]. Prospecting Sales 2.0


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Many of our customers and students of the Social Selling University have asked what they should do once they decide that their sales team should leverage social media more during their sales prospecting. Many people on your team probably already use LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, etc. Take stock of how you’re currently connecting with and listening to customers, and see what seems to be working. Where are you successfully engaging and building relationships with prospects and customers? We have created a 5 step process that. EVALUATE WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Sales 2.0

Gamification of the Sales Process

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At a recent event I heard Xactly discuss how their customers base compensation and commissions on a series of behaviors that lean more ‘reward’ to the sales person if they do things such as close a deal early in the month or if they sales can close a deal within a specific time frame. customer 2.0 What is Gamification? 65% of Xbox gamers are male. Gamification for Sales.

How are successful salespeople leveraging social media for selling? Part 2of3

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“Based on the 12 ways sales people leverage the internet it is clear that B2B sales teams spend a lot of time researching prospects and customers on the web and social networks. On the B2B side of the house, LinkedIn is the networking tool in the US with some 130 million members of the 100 million-plus community. Save the list, and LinkedIn dynamically updates and alerts you weekly to the new people matching your criteria who have joined the network. “Leveraging twitter for sales is very effective. Miles Austin. Marge Bieler. Dave Brock. Barbara Giamanco.

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10 tips for Driving Sales Productivity: Tip #2

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Provide access to sales intelligence directly at the “point of need” Last week I kicked off a multi-post blog series on the top sales productivity tips I have assembled based on my ongoing conversations with dozens of InsideView customers. customer 2.0 facebook insideview linkedin Sales Sales Data sales productivity sCRM social media social selling twitterMy first tip was about the significant efficiencies that can be realized from consolidating disparate sales [.]. Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM Technology B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0

Key Things to Avoid for Companies Using Social Media

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This post originally appeared on the Group, where InsideView regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology for sales organizations. twitter facebook linkedin B2B customer 2.0 Companies of all sizes are beginning to see the benefits of being a part of the social media landscape. The top 100 companies in the US have all made a big push into [.]. Web 2.0 Inbound Marketing social selling search engine optimization b2b sales

Adding a Little More Perk to Your SugarCRM with Sales Intelligence

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SugarCon ’11, SugarCRM’s fifth annual user & customer conference, brings together SugarCRM users, developers, partners and experts from around the world. InsideView has the good fortune to have multiple sessions at SugarCon 2011 where we will have the opportunity to cover a great deal of content. Your customers have changed. customer 2.0 Room: Ballroom.

The Age of the Buyer – How do you prepare?

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In it, under the customer’s name section, the restaurant employee who rang up the order used the racial slur “lady chinky eyes” to describe her. Cho posted the photo to her Twitter page, where it was quickly retweeted by hundreds of people. In the last few years, social networks have tipped the balance of power to the customer. customer 2.0

15 Powerful Social Media Questions for B2B Sales

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The InsideView Company Buzz feature provides sellers with rich social media insights and information they need to deliver the right message at the right time and to the right person at the companies they are targeting. In the last few years, social networks have tipped the balance of power to the customer. 70% of businesses ignore complaints on Twitter. Do your homework.

CRM+ When Regular CRM is No Longer Enough

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Beyond Data: InsideView Brings Intelligence to Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations. said Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView. For example, it’s a no-brainer to have current contact information on a prospect, but what about a holistic view of how you’re connected through former reference customers? Adds Intelligence to the Social Enterprise with Launch of CRM+.

The Death of Cold Calling – Ending the Debate

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Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, typically via telephone, who were not expecting such an interaction. Ken Rouge wrote in Predictive Sales Intelligence Will Redefine CRM and the Sales Process that “ InsideView proves that the value of social media increases exponentially when it can be applied directly to the sales/buying cycle.

How are successful salespeople leveraging social media for selling? – Creating Value

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Cultivate your own personal brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. The first thing anyone does before meeting with someone is to check their LinkedIn profile. Successful social salespeople carefully and thoroughly complete their LinkedIn profile, including a picture. All their social bios (Twitter, etc.) “Many sales managers dont think Twitter is a place for sales people. Learning how to listen and track people on Twitter will be a goldmine of information in some cases for salespeople.” Miles Austin. Marge Bieler. Austin).

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4 Steps on How Focusing on People, Not Contacts Will Increase Your Revenue

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Ditch the scripts and start digging around LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to add some personality behind your initial emails and phone calls. Your customers are talking online, asking questions about your business – develop a strategy within your team to make a united, cohesive effort to seek out and lend a helping hand. “ After implementing InsideView, we’ve gone from dialing for dollars to targeted social selling. Through a platform such as InsideView, sales teams have the ability to receive alerts to connect with people after a major event (a.k.a.

How to Use Trigger Events for More and Better Leads

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CEB discovered that a typical for B2B customer is 57% into their purchase process before they directly engage a sales rep or talk to a supplier. In my all of my experience working with complex sales, I’ve not seen a customer buy without some trigger event driving their motivation. Do you know the key trigger events for your clients and customers? Think about it. .

Why Traditional Lead Qualification Filters Are No Longer Enough

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To someone whose LinkedIn profile and Twitter followers count as job qualifications, an old-fashioned cold call is an abomination. You can learn a lot more about a company from its Facebook page than you can from its physical address, and an executive’s LinkedIn profile will reveal significantly more information about that executive than his or her email address and phone number will.

B2B Finally Embraces Social Media

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B2B Finally Embraces Social Media It seems like for so long, B2B companies struggled with the social media concept–how to get the attention of their customers through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social avenues. But just give it time and most have found their social “voice.” Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads.

Power Opinions - Experts Select Top Three Social Media Tools


Fourteen responders listed twenty total social media tools: I was surprised that only nine listed LinkedIn (though Jonathan Farrington listed it on the top, middle and bottom of his list of three—I only counted it once). I was more surprised that only six of the alum mentioned Twitter. My social media tools are Triberr, Buffer and HootSuite.” ( Michael Brenner, SAP — interesting that neither LinkedIn or Twitter made his list ). My list: LinkedIn, Blogs, Google. The question was: What are the top three social media tools (ranked in order) and why? Thanks alum

Is Social Media the New Cold Call?

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Most companies have already discovered that their customers are spending their time online in some social network like LinkedIn, Twitter or forum. Customers are asking questions and getting recommendations for products and services from their friends, peers and field experts. Sales Intelligence Social Selling B2B cold calling customer 2.0 Prospecting Sales 2.0

Infer Partners with Terminus to Introduce Predictive Ad Targeting that Drives Advertising ROI through Top-of-the-Funnel Engagement


a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced a Predictive Ad Targeting Platform that helps businesses target their highest-potential accounts and fuel deeper engagement. Founded in 2010, Infer delivers a predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers. Follow Infer on Twitter @InferInc.

Infer Releases Profile Management Platform to General Availability; Adds Net-New Profile Builder


a leading predictive sales and marketing platform that helps companies win more customers, today announced new predictive demand generation capabilities that help businesses grow up-market by targeting high-quality profiles of net-new prospects. Since its beta launch four months ago, dozens of customers have built over 2,750 profile combinations on the platform. Infer Inc. ,

Find Executives on Twitter

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InsideView for sales already shows you the social networks that your contacts are associated with but being proactive and searching for them is a different story. customer 2.0 facebook insideview linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite Sales sales productivity Salesforce Social CRM social intelligence social media social selling twitter Web 2.0One of the more popular features of our application is being able to search of contacts based on social media platforms. This is more important than just gathering basic [.]. Sales 2.0

Announcement: InsideView’s Sales Intelligence to Come Preloaded in SugarCRM

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SugarCRM Users To Have Seamless Access to InsideView for Social Selling. InsideView, the social selling and sales intelligence leader, and SugarCRM , the world’s fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, announced today that InsideView’s powerful sales intelligence solution will come preinstalled in all editions of SugarCRM. customer 2.0

You Can Grow Your Business with Social Media. Learn How Here.

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Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers and host of Mad Marketing TV is delivering the lunchtime keynote address. Check out the new SCORE demand generation program from Find New Customers too. You have a LinkedIn account. You even have a Twitter account. Selling Through Social Media to Close More Leads InsideView. 9:45 am to 10:45 am – LinkedIn for B2B Carrie Craig.

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5 Steps for Selling to B2B Customer 2.0

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We introduced you recently to Customer 2.0 , the savvy, vocal and socially engaged buyer who favors online communications to discuss products, trends and personal issues with both peers and businesses–across multiple social channels. Sales teams and professionals are experiencing a new era of customer engagement – one with abundant visibility into the professional and personal lives of their prospects. The inevitability of Customer 2.0 Here are five simple steps you can put into place now, for near and long-term success in selling to Customer 2.0. And you’d be right.


Top Blogging Statistics: 45 Reasons to Blog


5) 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. Tweet (Source: InsideView ). Tweet (Source: InsideView ). 23) 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site. Tweet (Source: TMG Custom Media ). Wondering if you need to set up a blog ? Blogging. Tweet (Source: NM Incite ).

Amazing Account Based Marketing Tactics for Your Entire Funnel


“But those quality leads are going to go through that model and become customers, hopefully become advocates, and buy more. It’s an entire customer lifecycle model that we are using in our efforts.”. For Top 20 accounts, they’re going to see customized with our personalization technology. Some of them may be customers already, some of them may not.

6 Essentials Steps to Increase Lead Conversion

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To optimize the research process, InsideView automatically enriches leads with accurate data in your CRM. These insights allow you to understand your customer’s business and determine whether the lead is truly qualified. Seek opportunities to increase renewals or upsell to your current customers through referrals. Are you looking to increase your lead conversion rates?

How to Create Gravity-Defying Social Marketing with Marketing Automation in 8 Simple Steps

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social marketing can help you build and maintain lasting, personalized relationships with your customers. If your social marketing is fully integrated with your marketing automation, you can also use it to develop relationships with early-stage prospects, gather data, nurture leads, and turn customers into advocates. Segment and trigger based on downloaded content. Use social sign-on.

How to Create Gravity-Defying Social Marketing with Marketing Automation in 8 Simple Steps

Modern B2B Marketing

social marketing can help you build and maintain lasting, personalized relationships with your customers. If your social marketing is fully integrated with your marketing automation, you can also use it to develop relationships with early-stage prospects, gather data, nurture leads, and turn customers into advocates. Segment and trigger based on downloaded content. Use social sign-on.