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P-Cube Rising: Procurement is Cool Again

B2B Marketing Unplugged

With the end of solution selling, Corporate Executive Board suggests that the P-Cube is back in the game and “actively trying to disintermediate the customer-supplier relationship” at the same time that it is rapidly professionalizing.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: IDC: Economic Buyers, Digital Overload.

Tom Pisello

IDC’s most resent customer experience survey of over 200 key IT decision makers reveals that Frugalnomics is indeed in full effect. Most organizations continue to spend much more on branding and relationship management versus value-based sales and marketing initiatives.

Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010

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Social CRM: social media and communities in customer relationship management and marketing - Conversionation , September 9, 2010 Let me start this post with a quote from “Using your customers’ desired actions to increase your sales”, a paper Gerry McGovern and Kristin Zhivago published earlier this year. You think you know what is important to customers. For centuries, publishers had an uneasy, co-dependent relationship with advertisers. Disintermediation (3).

Have Digital Marketing and Social Media Killed the Industrial.

Industrial Marketing Today

Complex industrial sales require many face-to-face meetings with several stakeholders within the customer’s organization. The salesperson may have to spend a lot of time re-educating the customer and correcting misunderstandings Customers are prisoners of their own experiences (we all are).