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Connecting the customer experience


Enabling great customer experiences and optimizing processes and interactions across all touchpoints in a consistent and human, customer-centric way leads to marketing and business success. The customer experience is the sum of all contact moments (touches) the connected customer […]. Integrated marketing customer experience single customer view

Psychology and marketing: respecting and failing the customer


As organizations focus more on customer service, the customer experience and, well, anything that’s customer-related, there’s also an increasing attention for the psychological dimension of business (workers) and customers.

Content marketing: a customer-centric manifesto


It is part of a bigger picture, aiming to create business value by creating customer value. It takes a customer-centric and integrated approach to succeed in content marketing. Creating business value through creating customer value using content marketing – and putting […]. Content marketing Customer experience Integrated marketing

Digital transformation, the customer experience and marketing


Although digital transformation is about much more than customer-facing functions, it’s clear that in many transformation projects, the customer experience is a key driver and catalyst. In more IT-oriented projects, the same goes for the user experience and user adoption. Actual usage and adoption in fact is essential to make such projects succeed. Knowing the […

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

organizing content for customer facing meetings. For someone who needs to find a relevant asset to present to a prospect or customer, this. We love to hear how customers. networks can show customized, tailored ads to viewers based. your customers, be able to measure the. Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. and value. post-production.

Customer experience and beyond: customer journey mapping


The key to creating business value is focusing on customer value. Truly understanding the needs and preferences of customers, as well as their behavior during the buying journey, is essential for your business strategy. Customers buy products and services but also experiences and emotions. The buying decision is connected, highly individual and highly emotional, even […

Gartner: the Growing Role of the Social Customer Experience


Providing great customer experiences and optimizing touchpoints in a consistent way equals successful marketing. We are shifting to a more customer-centric marketing view. Furthermore, the economic downturn , has woken up many marketers and makes them increasingly focus on optimization and thus the customer. It’s as simple as that. The result of doing so is ROI. Guess why?

Digital transformation and the CMO: an innovative CIO partnership


In a previous blog post on the changes in (digital) marketing budget allocation, I mentioned how the CMO and other managers and executives will have to learn more about technology and the social and digital tools their customers and employees increasingly use. Digital business Digital transformation Integrated marketing CIO CMO customer experience digital transformation

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Social CRM and Return on Marketing: Customer Life Cycle Value


No customer-centric business process should be isolated. Every business should be working on integrating all data platforms, silos, marketing channels and businesses processes right now in order to have a single customer view and 360 degrees social CRM approach. Getting the customer and data basics right. Do you know the value of the customer life cycle? Integrated.

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Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

for customer service. Customer service teams are the experts on customer pain points. president of global creative and content marketing. “It’s customer-first thinking. A lot. Business Goal Content Objectives KPIs Customer. customers Customer service • Number of service issues resolved using. become customers. Content. Methodology: A Best.

Five Customer Empowerment Tips: the Days of Intuition are Over


You don’t really need studies to notice customer empowerment. Customer – and consumer – empowerment is directly related to the end of marketing as we have practiced it. Despite channel fragmentation and changing consumer behavior, we have more ways than ever to offer relevant customer experiences across all touchpoints. The power of the customer isn’t new, it’s just stronger.

Social Business: Four Real-Life Truths about Collaboration


Everyone is your customer and it’s crucial to understand what all stakeholders (internal and external) want YOU to know. Access to content, knowledge and information is also a crucial part of the possibility to speed up processes and keep up with rapidly changing customer and market realities. Some facts and data. Social business is all about people, integration (the silos, remember?)

Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing


Hey, did anyone look at customer service? Social sharing, inbound traffic, branding, the customer experience,… Same thing in content marketing: it’s about storytelling. You need manuals to support customers. But you also need good content to turn visitors into customers. added a list of some below (impossible to be exhaustive). Guess not. Why this confusion?

Defining Social Business: a Call for Clarity and Collaboration


Today, by combining social networking tools—internally and externally—with sophisticated analytic capabilities, companies are transforming their business processes, building stronger relationships among their employees, customers and business partners and making better decisions, faster. It’s mainly about customers, listening and employees. Business is business. Social is social.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

percent of American pay TV custom- ers overall, including the 25–34 demographic. as sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audi- ence engagement, thought leadership, and hiring. CUSTOMER RETENTION & LOYALTY The “always-on sales funnel” is a mod- ern marketing cliché for a reason. customer. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. Why This Guide 6 III. Instead, most.

2015: people-centric wishes, predictions and top lists


Content marketing Customer experience Customer service Digital transformation content marketing customer experience customer journey Doug Kessler Forrester Kate Leggett New Year 2015 It’s also a time to look forward and think about the future, the unknown, […].

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Brian Solis on Digital Darwinism and Customer-Centricity


Blog Connected marketing Customer-centricity Interview Social media marketing Brian Solis customer-centricity Digital Darwinism new consumerism The End of Business As UsualAs you probably know, Brian Solis published a new book a while back, called ‘The End of Business as Usual’. Since it’s an ideal time to catch up with my reading before going underground for the end of the year, I asked Brian some questions that are related to the ideas he develops in it.  [.].

The Cross-Channel Customer Experience Must and How to Achieve It


If you occasionally read my posts here or elsewhere, you probably know by now that a consistent and valuable user experience, a multichannel approach with a strong dose of social and customer-centricity are my favorite themes. Actually, I don’t like the word customer-centric too much, I prefer the term ‘people-centric’. Why is the customer experience so important?

The Big Content Marketing Fail: How Much Content Do You Need?


So, if you care about your budget and your customers read this. And it always killed me to see that businesses and large organizations often spent millions to build heavy websites with the latest state-of-the-art technology while forgetting to take into account what – prospective – customers were looking for and what they wanted to read or find on those websites. Hurray. Do the test.

Content Strategy for Marketing

Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. company’s people and your users [customers]. customers or users. Custom Content Council OF MARKETERS80% CONTENT INVESTMENTS BY B2B + B2C COMPANIES. customer experience? as customer concerns, and opportunities, such as tweeting a.

Social Business Failure Is a Choice: Speaking a Common Language


In practice, today collaboration and customer-facing processes (with marketing and CRM leading the pack) are prominent, which is already a limitation of what it can be. Gamification, the reversal of processes whereby the “customer” takes center stage, sharing and networking principles and crowd-sourcing are a few of these phenomena. We are warned. Reality check: that’s a myth.

Content marketing: addressing customer pain points and questions


How addressing customer questions and pain points is a winning content marketing approach. One of the most direct and effective ways of using content marketing is catering to the questions, pain points and needs of (potential) customers. It’s a very obvious and well-known fact. It’s also relatively achievable, with some guidance and the necessary resources […

Digitalization and the human element in technological change


One of the key reasons technology implementations, digital transformation efforts, IT projects, customer service or experience optimization plans and digital business projects fail is the lack of attention for the essential human component. It’s a phenomenon we see in virtually all areas of business.

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Achieving Omnichannel Customer Loyalty: Tips and Infographic


It’s as a I wrote in my previous post about customer empowerment. And the reasons are obvious: the multi-channel and multi-device behavior of customers. However, often we tend to focus on just the promotional dimension and forget the omnichannel customer loyalty side of things. And this is certainly the case from a customer loyalty perspective.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

And instead of relying on disruptive banner ads, brands are start- ing to get smart about targeting customers with original content. their most important marketing goal, lifetime customer value and. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. content.

Optimize: a Holistic View of Content and Marketing Optimization


In an interview, Lee outlines some key takeaways of his book, that is yet another appeal for a more customer-centric and holistic (digital) marketing approach. The consumer is one Marketing optimization encompasses every interaction/channel the individual consumer prefers, whereby the customer experience is the total of all touchpoints. That’s optimization.

Five Cultural Reasons Marketers Fail to Keep Up with Consumers


The alienation between organizations and consumers Different reasons stand in the way of solving the continuing disconnect – social media or not – between organizations and customers /consumers. Businesses  that can’t let go of this self-centred approach cannot  be customer-centric optimization organizations. 2. However, most companies do not involve the customer at all.

Content Marketing: What Content People Share And Why They Do It


It has a lot to do with the increasing attention for the informative needs of the customer in a two-way world where he/she searches the content that he/she needs at that time. Online presentations, customer cases, referrals and testimonials and the gazillion of other content formats and elements? Blog Content marketing Chadwick Martin Bailey Chief Content Officer content marketing content sharing customer-centric iModerate Research TechnologiesWhy do people share content? Content is an enormously broad concept that we use every day without really defining it. Thus context.

The First Two P’s of Broken Marketing


We are disconnected from our customers and other departments. However, I’m a marketer and that’s what concerns me most: what do marketers need in order to reconnect with customers and are not looked upon as liars and, within the organization, as excess luggage? Your customer is in control. What processes do you have to serve your customers in a consistent way?

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

customers to reimagine GE on the cutting edge, which. they end up becoming customers of Moz, that’s great, too, but that’s a side benefit. list that could include: its own investment trends data, data and queries gathered at its customer call center, the expertise of its financial advisors and other internal. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently.

Altimeter Report: the Convergence of Paid, Owned and Earned Media


In marketing these media and channels all have their place, depending on your goals and customers, in a smart mix that revolves around the different touchpoints and stages in the customer life cycle. Customer-centric marketers know the only approach that works is an integrated one that of course is about a dynamic customer journey. Just two considerations.

The Rise of Digital Influence: From Persuasion and Passion to Action


You should also look beyond existing influencers: your job is to provide great customer experiences. Many marketers tend to focus on ‘the big influencers’ and forget their existing brand advocates and the untapped potential of – potentially – passionate influencers, such as their own employees and their happiest customers. Furthermore, look at influencers as customers.

Is Touchpoint Marketing the Only Marketing Left?


Obviously, content deserves the proper focus since it serves both business and – prospective – customer goals, across all touchpoints, channels and stages in the customer life cycle. The so-called ‘empowered’ customer is what makes marketing work. What matters most is the context, both from a business perspective as from the customer intent viewpoint. It has always been.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer or Stop Doing Business


In a recent study by MarketTools 34% of executives surveyed stated that they were aware of customers using social media to comment on or complain about their company and/or its products. It seems some executives realize that the voice of the customer is channel-agnostic and consumers use [.]. Blog Connected marketing Customer engagement Customer relationships Customer service Research Social media marketing customer experience customer feedback social media sentiment analysis voice of the customerThat’s about one-third of respondents.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

platforms, and customer relationship management. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. But brands.

Context Marketing in Context: Beyond Inbound and Content


Unfortunately, we often forget that the essence never changes: it’s about goals, customers, touchpoints and context. The multiple contextual dimensions of an integrated and customer-centric marketing view are so essential you will read more and more about context marketing in coming months. One of the ways we try to attract new customers is by using content (marketing).