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The 21 Best Content Curation Tools


Content curation offers a way to repackage and repurpose the work of others to serve the needs of your brand’s audience. Curation can take a variety of forms: Weekly “best of” compilations (example: V3*Broadsuite blog ). Permium version includes automated content curation. Sample review: “Add and curate content from any public webpage. 1) Storify.

5 Things Spotify Can Teach You about Content Curation


When it comes to killer content curation and user engagement, Spotify is a role model. In fact, they’re doing such a good job with music that there are five big lessons Spotify can teach anyone trying to curate engaging content: Lesson #1: Add Unique Value. Spotify doesn’t just provide a music streaming service—it curates playlists and allows customers to curate their own.

People Curation


I just finished reading a great post by Ville Kilkku titled: Klout, Triberr,, and the future of content curation. It made me realize that people curation should be a lot of what we are really talking about here. He takes us through a few different models of content curation. Individual content curator tools – example

Five big problems with content curation

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I recently attended a conference where a major financial institution proudly displayed its new automated content curation system. I mean, why spend the time and money to create original content when you can curate unlimited content from the web and present it as your own customer portal? Why is this company uniquely qualified to curate this content? An intoxicating idea.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Trends for 2016 Edited by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer 25 Thought Leaders Weigh In 0 Executive Summary B2B marketing practices are in the midst of profound change, driven by three powerful trends: • Changing expectations of buyers: as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials move into and up within the ranks of B2B enterprises, buying. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

11 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs


For the uninitiated, content curation is finding information relevant to your audience from a variety of sources and sharing it strategically through your communication channels. The need for great content curators has never been more urgent. A successful content curator is no different than a successful wedding DJ. Using Social Media for Content Curation. 1) Pocket.

The 30 Best Content Curation Resources for Marketers and Business Pros

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I use email alerts from RSS feeds, Twitter lists and a few key websites I visit every day to make sure I can stay on top of the latest trends and news in business and marketing. So here, I have curated my own list of the top sites of business and marketing information – some of which are great examples of content curation themselves. Inc Magazine (@ Inc ). Photo Source.

Six thought-provoking and profound marketing trends

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Each year, Mary Meeker compiles a wide-ranging report on the top Internet trends on behalf of venture capitalist firm KPCB. That’s why Tom Webster and I distilled the report into the profound marketing trends that will have the biggest impact on you. Be sure to check out his amazing newsletter The Full Monty , the best weekly curation of digital news.

3 Important Sales Trends & Predictions for 2015

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Here are three trends I see in the sales world, paired with predictions on where those trends will take us. TREND #1: Content Fatigue / Focus. In terms of the social activity of sales reps, it’s worth noting that being good and thoughtful curators of content allows individual reps to help advance their organization’s content marketing goals. This situation can’t sustain.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Trends for 2016 Edited by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer 25 Thought Leaders Weigh In 0 Executive Summary B2B marketing practices are in the midst of profound change, driven by three powerful trends: • Changing expectations of buyers: as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials move into and up within the ranks of B2B enterprises, buying. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

Five Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

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HANDPICKED RELATED CONTENT: The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017. Trend 1: Buying influencers. Trend 2: Content marketing as defensive mechanism. The campaign trended on Twitter and was picked up by all the major news outlets. Trend 3: Backlash against social platforms. Trend 4: Email renaissance. The answer can be found in trend No. On Dec.

15 Key Facts about Content Curation


For many content marketers, curation is something of a silver bullet. The average B2B marketer is using 12 different content marketing tactics , and a curation strategy can boost the volume of information shared without dramatically increasing the workload. We’ve compiled some of the most fascinating stats and facts on the state of content curation: 1. Curation Is Social.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

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Welcome back to another installment of The Friday Five, your weekly curated content roundup of five articles related to one specific topic. Top 10 mobile marketing trends for 2016. Five Mobile Marketing Trends for Emerging Markets in 2016. While 2016 begins, it is time to outline the trends to look for this year. This week's topic: Mobile Marketing. Mobile Marketin

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The Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends of 2016

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Been a few weeks, but it's Friday Five time - a curated collection of five recent articles on one topic. Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016. With mobile devices an ever-present fixture of modern life, keeping up on mobile marketing trends is more important than ever. This go round it's all about mobile marketing. Read the full story on Business2Community.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Trends for 2016 Edited by Tom Pick and Tony Karrer 25 Thought Leaders Weigh In 0 Executive Summary B2B marketing practices are in the midst of profound change, driven by three powerful trends: • Changing expectations of buyers: as Baby Boomers retire and Millennials move into and up within the ranks of B2B enterprises, buying. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

How to Select Shareable Curated Content


One option is to curate carefully selected content from third parties that will interest your audience. Often, the links will fall under the same theme, like “Paleo recipes” or “design trends”. Siege Media has created an infographic that outlines the finer points of curating roundup posts. What is your approach to curated content? Let’s take a look. Use a plural keyword.

How to Make B2B Content Curation a Win-Win [Podcast]


This is a great listen for anyone interested in B2B content marketing trends and guidance for 2016. I discuss how content curation has helped B2B companies I’ve worked with generate business results, as well as some of the personal value I’ve received from content aggregation and blogging, such as connecting with expert WordPress designers like Alice Elliott (a.k.a.

10 Marketing Trends That Should Influence Your Content Strategy

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As a B2B content marketer, staying on top of the latest news and trends that impact my clients and the B2B marketing space as a whole has become a daily part of my life and a critical factor in allowing me to do my job effectively. And at a more micro level, staying on top of the latest trends that could impact content marketing is no small task in itself. That’s pretty low.

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Association Curation


What surprised me though was that the article does not bring up the opportunities for curation and aggregation by trade associations and professional societies. This is what I start with in Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources. Curation – how do you select the best content. Association Curation Examples. Curation

4 Education Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017


Here are some of 2017 education marketing trends that will help you to stay ahead of the curve. You can curate them into longer "Stories." The 2017 trends are all about diving into the most current ways and formats for engaging with prospects. Education marketing trendsVideo Goes Big and Goes Live. The powerhouse engagement stats for video content keep growing.

The Top Five Crowdsourcing Mega-trends

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Ever since then, I have been looking for an opportunity to bring more information on this trend to {grow}. 1) Curated Crowds. Sites like Genius Rocket have begun shifting to a curated crowd model. LogoTournament has been silently curating their crowd since the early days. Imagine needing a new logo for your business. Macrotasks -. Crowdfunding -. Crowd Contests -.

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7 Quick Ways to Curate Industry Content for Your Blog


But for marketers to pull back, assess current industry events, and provide a unique, helpful, practical take, it requires a certain amount of content curation. That curation sometimes turns into content on its own, or it simply helps inform marketers so they can create content that''s up to date (cutting edge, even). Click “Add” to add feed to your curated dashboard.

Curation: Add Value and Pass It Along

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Among all the topics that seem to rile journalists and publishers these days, perhaps the most contentious is curation. How can you distinguish between good curation and bad curation? Though he dislikes the term curation , he approves of the activity as it was originally practiced. The contrast between these two attempts at curation suggests to me a test that any writer should apply before blogging about another person’s story: Are you are genuinely engaged with it? The act of finding great content and linking to it, he says, is a fine idea.

How a Knowledge Discovery Program Elevates Your Content Curation


The problem; however, is that curating that content takes a lot of time — and if you’re manually searching the web for new ideas, it’s likely that you’re missing some impactful gems. Knowing that you need to curate relevant content from a number of sources is one thing, but identifying the most relevant content on an ongoing basis is a whole other beast. Keep up on current trends.

9 Trends That Will Upset Your Marketing in 2013

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As the former Managing Editor of DemandGen Report, Amanda covered the latest technology, trends and development in the marketing automation technology space, as well as the sales and marketing strategies central to demand generation. We showed three trends that shaped marketing in 2012. Here are 9 trends with critical effects that will likely upset your marketing in 2013: 1.

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2016 Cross Channel Marketing Trends

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It's time once again for The Friday Five , our weekly curated roundup of five stories on one topic. Top 10 Omni-Channel retail trends for 2016. This week it's omni-channel, multi-channel and cross-channel marketing. Retail is in the middle of a high-stakes poker game that started a few years ago. Read the full story on Internet Retailer. Read the full story on Inc.

Curation a Key Theme in B2B Blogging Trends in 2011


The new white paper – B2B Blogging Trends in 2011 has been released. Certainly one of the big trends is curation. Clearly one of the ways to address this is discussed in Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation. B2B Bloggers can rely on curation, aggregation and filtering as a technique to produce quality content in an on-going basis. That’s why Yann Ropars tells us that: 2011 is often cited as the year of ‘curation’. Take a look at the white paper for more on B2B Blogging and Curation. Curation

5 B2B Marketing Thought Leaders Share 2015 Trends and Predictions

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What marketing trends are you implementing in the New Year? Last week, we spoke with 5 B2B sales thought leaders who shared their 2014 trends and 2015 predictions. Their curated insights pointed towards the future of inside sales and sales development: sales tools, data, sales process improvements, sales enablement technologies, target account marketing and selling, and more.

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A Simple Guide to Navigating Trending Content


With things moving at such a fast pace, trends can disappear before we even have time to craft a meaningful message in response to them. In fact, there are a ton of awesome tools and tricks of the trade out there that are designed to help brands make the most out of popular content and trends. A Simple Guide to Navigating Trending Content. Discovering Trending Content.

5 Ways to Engage Readers Through Curated Content

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Curated content – content written by other people, which you then organize and share – is a great way to show off your subject matter expertise. “Best of” lists, trend highlights, and news round-ups can all be completely curated, but still appeal to your readership. Here are five ways to curate content that drives engagement: 1. Think multi-platform.

The Native Advertising Trend: Hot or Hoax?

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Let’s take a reality check of this big trend. She’s the creator of CurateXpress , a content curation tool. By Neicole Crepeau, Contributing {grow} Columnist. Native advertising. It’s all the buzz. Marketers are enthralled with it, and studies suggest spending on native advertising will increase significantly in 2013. Why all the excitement? The opportunity for bloggers.

How to Advance from Licensed and Curated Content to an Original Content Strategy

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Many marketers today find themselves stuck in a cycle that relies on licensed and curated content. With licensed and curated content at the helm, your brand might find itself spending increasingly more money to advertise content while your competitors’ reach seems to grow naturally. But here’s the thing. That’s not sustainable, and you know it. Audit and Build.

[Podcast]Why Should I Curate Content?


Volacci Marketing Expert Leigh Carver answers the question, "Why Should I Curate Content?" This is the second in a three-part series describing the " what ", "why" and "how" of curated content. Are you considering adding curated content to your marketing strategy? Transcript: Maybe you''ve heard about content curation, but you don''t know what the big deal is.

25 Experts Share Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2017


Content marketers who keep track of the current trends will have an advantage when it comes to planning for the future. So, to find out what to expect from content marketing in the future, we reached out to 25 experts and asked them this question: What are your top 3 content marketing trends for 2017 and beyond? In content marketing, more and better seem to be two divergent trends.

2005 Called, It Wants Its Marketing Trends Back

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What’s helpful and what’s just hype can often be hard to discern, especially for marketing trends. I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, but if any of the tactics below seem new to you, you may need to sit down, enjoy your “Hollaback Girl” ring tone for a second, and then answer your flip phone, because 2005 is calling, and it wants its marketing trends back…. CMO Insights Trending

9 Internet Trends Charts You Need To See

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I have covered Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends charts for a couple of years, starting in 2010 when she talked about the commercial impact of the developing world getting on the internet. The takeaway: as content becomes a commodity, the value is moving from those who create content to those who curate and aggregate it. Chart 1. $20 20 Billion Dollar Opportunity in Mobile Advertising.

14 Experts Predict 2013 Social Media Trends for Small Business

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Wendy Marx @Wendy Marx – President – Marx Communications-“In 2013, for B2B small businesses it will be more use of content marketing, especially content curation, as a way of engaging customers. What trends in social media do you see taking shape in the coming year? Small Business Social Business Social Media TrendsSo, I decided to go with 14 predictions instead.

Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key

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Rohit positioned that, as more corporations and individuals create content, the role of the content curator is needed. As we fast forward to 2011, content curation techniques are now a key part of content marketing itself. Actually, its always been an important part, but we are just now defining it as content curation. Heres what they found. Bookmark the permalink. Highlight.

Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current


Unfortunately, the ability to follow trends and stay ahead of the curve is still agonizingly difficult. Consult with an expert and let them curate music for you! It’s the job of a music supervisor to stay current with the latest trends in music. Think of what’s trending on Soundcloud as being six months ahead of pop radio. The post Tracking Video Music Trends: How to Stay Current appeared first on Vidyard. Blog Video Marketing TrendsFinding captivating, relevant and creative new music for your video is challenging. We get the struggle. Next Big Sound.