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“Curation” versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

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Content curation” is a powerful tool for marketing. But when does “curation” turn into copyright infringement? find that difficult to believe, but let’s assume that some people genuinely don’t understand curation, copyright, or fair use. In our litigious society, you MUST understand the difference between helpful curation and using content in a way that breaks the law.

5 B2B Brands That “Get” Storytelling

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Corporate storytelling is nothing new. As content marketing and brand journalism takes hold, better corporate storytelling examples have emerged, especially in B2B marketing where sales cycles are long and the need to engage an audience is pivotal. With that kind of partnership in place, they ensure great storytelling will live on their site. 3.

At Visionary Companies, Storytelling Runs Deep

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Those that had originally focused on licensed or curated content shifted in our direction and talked about content creation. We started this transformation by bringing a world-renowned storytelling expert, Robert McKee , to Boston, where he did a full-day seminar with our team on story craft. How would we teach our contributors and creatives to be great storytellers?

25 Killer Resources to Learn Storytelling


You know what the best thing about brand storytelling is? To help you get started, here are some of my favorite resources online: For best practices, check out 15 Storytelling Techniques for Writing a Better Brand Story. 1. Duarte is a graphic designer-turned-agency owner, who’s quickly become the leading expert on visual brand storytelling. Image source. Nancy Duarte.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Carla Johnson, Strategist, Speaker and Storyteller, Type A Communications B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 33 Manage the Customer Experience Leverage Technology to Manage the Overall Customer Experience Advanced B2B marketers will go beyond acquisition to include retention. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. know which half." website traffic, brand.

Data Storytelling 101: Helpful Tools for Gathering Ideas, Designing Content & More


And few things have the power to cut through this noise like data storytelling. Combining the visual appeal of images with the trust engendered by raw data, data storytelling is a force to be reckoned with. Marketers are using data storytelling to support every part of the buyer’s journey, from attraction and consideration to conversion and delight. Not a data analyst?

Kate will join Jeff Cutler to discuss content curation at this year’s BlogWorld LA

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Content Curation: New tools, new opportunities and new situations to consider. Whether you’re a blogger, a business or a journalist, curating content has become much easier in the past several years. This situation is hugely beneficial to those of us with any sort of content production need, and can make the process of storytelling much richer for our audiences.

Storytelling Essentials: 15 Lessons From 2013's INBOUND Bold Talks


Do you agree with''s Shane Snow that storytelling is the top business skill of the next 5 years , or will it take a bit more convincing to persuade you? Are you doing all you can now to hone your storytelling skills and acquire new ones? Such "effortless" storytelling contains crazy amounts of "behind the scenes" work. Storytelling is largely an act of curation.

Period Piece: How Feminist Brands Are Using Storytelling to Upend Age-Old Taboos


Blog stories are then curated in a weekly newsletter, “This Week in Feminism,” which, much like the MTA ads, is more about the experience than the product. The post Period Piece: How Feminist Brands Are Using Storytelling to Upend Age-Old Taboos appeared first on The Content Strategist. All they wanted to do was win. She had her period. But it’s not just major publishers.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Carla Johnson, Strategist, Speaker and Storyteller, Type A Communications B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 33 Manage the Customer Experience Leverage Technology to Manage the Overall Customer Experience Advanced B2B marketers will go beyond acquisition to include retention. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. know which half." website traffic, brand.

Content Curation and the New Curators

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Discussion on content curation at Edelman’s 2012 Academic Summit. Curators, and to some extent, Aggregators, are going to play a huge role in this. What’s Pulse’s model for curation? Burt: This is a way for anyone to curate stories from social media. What’s curation? Burt: Curation is what humans do, aggregation is what machines do. Dmitri: Aggregation is what we do for the user, and curation is what our users do within our platform. What does this look like in the curation space? Speakers. Moderator. Steve Rubel.

Content Marketing Spotlight Series: A Q&A With Robert Rose


Question: On your LinkedIn profile and elsewhere, you state that your passion is to help marketers become stellar storytellers. What is it that makes storytelling so critical to marketing today? No doubt, the word “Storytelling” is certainly being overused these days. That, for lack of a better word, is at the heart of storytelling--and I’m sticking with it as my focus. Content Curation Content Marketing leads Marketing content marketing institute B2C b2b Content Marketing Spotlight Series Storytelling native advertising Robert Rose Marketers marketing strategy

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Content Marketing Spotlight Series: A Q&A With C.C. Chapman


Chapman is a New England-based storyteller, explorer, and humanitarian. Question: There’s a lot of talk about “storytelling” in marketing today. Do you think all marketers need to be storytellers? Content Curation Content Marketing Marketing advertising social media Content Marketing Spotlight Series Storytelling traditional tactics C.C. Additionally, C.C.

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Content Marketing Spotlight Series: A Q&A With Joe Pulizzi


The marketing department of tomorrow looks very similar to a publishing department of today, so managing editors, storytellers, and producers are key to success. Content Curation Content Marketing Marketing content marketing institute Content marketers Content Marketing Spotlight Series joe pulizziBe sure to subscribe to our content marketing blog so you don’t miss future posts.

Content Marketing: Clearing Up the Confusion, Trends to Watch in 2013

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The moderator asked: “what are differences between brand journo, content marketing, contract publishing,” which drew this response, from the special guest Rob Bonn of British content marketing agency Seven : “not convinced distinctions between content marketing, brand journalism, transmedia storytelling et al are helpful.”. What to look for in content marketing in 2013. among others.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Carla Johnson, Strategist, Speaker and Storyteller, Type A Communications B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 33 Manage the Customer Experience Leverage Technology to Manage the Overall Customer Experience Advanced B2B marketers will go beyond acquisition to include retention. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. know which half." website traffic, brand.

Expert Q&A: Transform Marketing With A Revenue-Relevant Customer Experience Strategy

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Another effective content strategy at this stage is to curate content in a branded portal – IBM and American Express do this for their SME segment client base providing general business content not specific to their offerings but compelling for the clients. Marketing Efficiency advocacy B2B customer experience buy cycle Content Marketing marketing and sales process sales cycle Social Media storytelling thought leadership Social media and our digitally-driven on demand culture has drastically changed the way that buyers navigate their purchase process. But that isn’t so easy to do.

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10 Content Marketing Roles for the Next 10 Years

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This is your content ambassador, also known as an organization’s chief storyteller. starts to create and curate content , it is the CCO’s responsibility to make sure that the stories remain consistent and make sense to the audience(s). Half storyteller and half project manager, the managing editor executes the content plan on behalf of the CCO. Click To Tweet. Managing editor.

10 TED Talks to Watch to be a Better Marketer


Marketing, in its purest form, is also dedicated to storytelling and spreading innovative ideas. From social media to physics, these 10 TED Talks were curated by Act-On for marketers to provoke new ideas, increase efficiency and happiness in the workplace, and inspire leadership. 1. Alexis Ohanian: How to Make a Splash in Social Media. Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics: What’s In It for B2B Content Marketers?

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Here’s a look at a few: Storytelling Matters. As I’ve written about previously, good storytelling is essential in “hooking” the reader and having that individual consume your material. Social Media Today predicts “short attention span storytelling,” including VINE videos, Instagram photos, and motion GIFs, will take center stage in the year 2014. Content Curation Matters, Too.

Joost de Valk on content curation and content strategy


Conference Content and marketing optimization Interviews Storytelling Joost de Valk storytelling Joost de Valk is one of the world’s most respected blogging, SEO, WordPress and content strategy experts. Joost has written over 20 plugins for WordPress which, combined, have had more than 3 million downloads. Joost has been speaking at several of our conferences.

20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

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In 2016, I believe that content marketers will move beyond storytelling into story creation through experiences. Marketers will move away from grandiose storytelling that has a beginning, middle and end, and instead focus on short anecdotes to capitalize on the dwindling attention spans. Last week I ran my own content marketing prediction : A Correction In The Advertising Market.

Twitter Moments: A Powerful Twitter Marketing Tool, or a Snapchat Knockoff?

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For brands, the update provides a new-and-improved Twitter marketing and storytelling tool. Initially launched in 2015, Moments allowed Twitter’s team of curators to stitch together Tweets of images, GIFs, video, or commentary around a specific topic, such as a breaking news event. Moments provides a curation mechanism to bring order to the content chaos.

8 Great Marketing Infographics To Inspire Your 2012 Objectives

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So to help you, I have curated some of my favorite marketing infographics that touch on some of the most important issues in marketing today like online marketing, content strategy, inbound marketing, mobile marketing, blogging and storytelling. Quick Links: “ Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak ” - by  Lou Hoffman. “ The Modern Marketer ” by  Hubspot.

A Breakdown of the Top 5 Sessions for Content Marketing at INBOUND14

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One factor I noticed across the board was the focus on the ever-elusive future - the future of CRM, the future of B2B marketing the future of storytelling. Because they were focused on change - change in inbound marketing, change in storytelling techniques, change in work attitude. It’s less about grammer (although the grammar nazi in me is cringing) and more about storytelling.

The Future Of Digital Marketing

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Storytelling and the battle for customer attention. How Content marketers must be content curators and consumers themselves. And the best storyteller wins. think the best storytellers are amazing synthesizers of all the overwhelming information and content and stories available to us. In this interview I talk about: Content and data are the future of digital marketing.

Top Internet Marketing Strategy Links for the Week of January 6, 2014


Get Elastic eCommerce) Google, Car Companies to Bring Android to Cars (CIO) Pebble vs. Google Glass: Why The New May Triumph Over The Radical (ReadWrite) Why your brand should use social listening right now (eConsultancy) How Facebook news feed changes will affect your brand (eConsultancy) WHERE IS MARKETING AND WHERE IS IT HEADED? News & Notes

11 Ad Agencies You Need to Follow on Twitter


Their feed is a curated collection of their best client campaigns, accompanied by creative insights from their talented team. #5 Coca-Cola: It's Mine When making a SB ad remember this basic formula: "Big + simple." When this New York-based agency isn't spinning up creative ads for clients like Mountain Dew and HBO, they're curating a pretty impressive Twitter account. Handle : @RGA.

How 8 Agencies Are Building Their Brands on Snapchat


Since Snapchat's content isn't permanent past 24-hours , there's no need to carefully curate a particular aesthetic. In contrast to the agency's meticulously polished and curated Instagram presence , their Snapchat Stories feel like a backstage pass to the real action. But things have changed. But does any of that matter for agencies? Username: @marcelagency. Username: @giant_spoon.

The Content Marketing Bucket List

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Establish a content curation strategy. Train your employees on the art of storytelling. Content marketing is a hot topic of discussion in almost every marketing organization. But hey, change is hard. And many organizations are struggling to keep up with the new rules of the digital age. So here is the content marketing bucket list to help you prioritize where you should start. What

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Some Social Media Mistakes Are Fatal and Other Social Media News

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For those newcomers, every Friday we will curate five relevant and recent articles on one specific topic and present them here for your viewing pleasure. Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing. Do you want to use storytelling in your social media marketing? In this article you’ll discover five ways to use storytelling in your social media marketing.

31 Easy Ideas To Create Content Your Customers Want

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If we accept the Social Business imperative , you know we need to grow our army of storytellers in order gain a greater share of voice, to attract an audience of interested parties and ultimately to convert that traffic into quantifiable business. Curate the top slideshare presentations for each keyword group. And you don’t need to sacrifice quality. “). Photo Source.

5 Practical Content Marketing Tactics to Educate & Inform Your B2B Audience

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One way to grab (and hopefully) keep their attention is to compile and curate recent, relevant, and quality research – in other words, information that your target audience is likely seeking out to inform their buying strategies. If you’re anything like me, when you hear the words “Cinco de Mayo,” your mind immediately veers in the direction of a margarita. Compile & Highlight Research.

4 (More) Attributes of Your Next Content Marketing Star

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good storyteller doesn't just market. For example, they tap into the power of curated content from independent sources to complement their own created content. The best marketers use a content marketing mix of 65% created and 25% curated content. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Michael Gerard , CMO of Curata. He is responsible for Curata's marketing strategy and all related activities. Today's post is the second in a two-part series highlighting effective attributes of content marketers. You can read part one here. Content Marketing

Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers

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And it’s certainly NOT about making “viral videos.” It’s really a cultural shift away from the “campaign brain” and towards continuous content development, curation and distribution of content that results in conversations, community and ultimately conversion. Storytelling. I was recently interviewed by News 360 on Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers? Why Content Marketing?

10 People You Should Follow on Twitter if You’re in Marketing


Dyer’s Twitter account is a well curated mix of all things digital marketing. 7. As a senior marketer at Burrell Communications in Chicago, Street excels in his work around multicultural and multidimensional storytelling. Twitter’s official company mission is “to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.” Twitter Followers: 84.3k.

8 Elements of the Perfect Blog Post

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recently curated an article on the perfect blog post by Kevan Lee of Buffer. Studies have shown that storytelling increases time spent on the blog post and the popularity of the post. What does a perfect blog post look like? In this post I paint a picture and show and explain the eight elements of the perfect post, so it’s easy for bloggers to visualize. This surprised me!

11 Impressive B2C Campaigns That B2B Marketers Can Learn From


Spotify now curates Discover Weekly, a customized playlist filled with songs an individual user has yet to uncover. Visual storytelling has always been a key ingredient in the marketing success of TOMS. Unsure how your B2B brand could use storytelling to market your product? Time for another brainstorm session. Constructive thinking doesn't happen inside of a vacuum. 10) EDEKA.

How Wattpad Became the Hottest New Influencer Marketing Platform


Shortly after, the excitement over mobile storytelling spread to communities in the U.S. Additionally—this is particularly important—most of the stories on Wattpad are serialized, which promotes binging and lets fans, who can comment and reach out to the author directly, almost become part of the storytelling process. The business of storytelling. The origin story. The draw.

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013


Stating that “Brands need to become better storytellers and think and act like publishers,” Michael Brenner showcases his presentation detailing the impact the Web and email have had on traditional print media, and why this means brands need to tell their own stories by creating “content hubs” to earn traffic instead of buying it through advertising. by GO Marketing.

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