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LoopFuse Offers No-Frills Demand Generation

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The process to set up multi-step campaigns (which the vendor calls “lead flows”) is now quite straightforward. Users first create the lead flow and link it to recipient and suppression lists that will determine who enters the flow. For example, the retrial node might check every hour to see whether someone has responded to a previous email. Esthetics aside, however, the actual capabilities of the lead flows are still somewhat limited. The vendor plans to add the second of these, removing a lead from a flow, in its next major release, due around next April.)

Getting More Out of Each Click with "Post-Click Marketing"


The challenge, then, is to maximize marketing productivity-to get more leads out of the same number of clicks. lead automation management vendors. They aren't so much "lead generation" as they are "lead extraction" services. The bottom line is, with pressure to generate more leads with flat budgets, these services are likely to get increased interest.