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Exciting new tools for B2B prospecting


Early examples of this exciting new trend in prospecting were Jigsaw, a business-card swapping tool that allowed sales people to trade contacts, and ZoomInfo, which scrapes corporate websites for information about business people and merges the information into a vast pool of data for analysis and lead generation campaigns.  Are they growing?  Near an airport?  Unionized?  Minority owned? 

Increase the Efficiency of Prospecting with New B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Sales Tools

It's All About Revenue

The evolution of the buying process that has created a shift of control to the consumer has forever changed the way sales and marketing approach and engage their prospects. To mend this challenge of sales and marketing alignment, sales people need real time data on their buyers and easy, anytime access to relevant content that can be seamlessly sent to prospects. Product News

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6 Email Prospecting Tools Every Inside Sales Rep Should Be Using

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

As an inside sales rep, your call plans most likely include effective email prospecting strategies. You’re inundated daily by messages from clients, prospects, marketing, and more. For many inside sales reps, email is one of the most powerful prospecting tools. Streak - A CRM in Your Inbox. One tool that can help boost your email efficiency is offered by NetProspex.

Increase the Efficiency of Prospecting with B2B Cross-Channel Marketing Sales Tools

It's All About Revenue

The evolution of the buying process that has created a shift of control to the consumer has forever changed the way sales and marketing approach and engage their prospects. Not only do B2B salespeople struggle to tailor the customer journey to prospect needs, but they also can spend up to 30% of their time looking for the right content to serve their customers. Product News

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Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller A common question I hear from marketers is “I already have a CRM system (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Many CRM systems have a module for marketing. Architecture of Marketing Automation versus CRM. Features and Capabilities of Marketing Automation versus CRM. Common features of a CRM system.

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How to Use B2B Social Media for More Efficient Lead Qualification

Social Media B2B

By tapping into social intelligence, the modern and savvy sales professionals can access more personalized prospect information, in less time. Through social selling techniques, sales teams tap highly relevant information to quickly qualify and rank inbound leads, driving a more efficient sales cycle, thanks to real-time business information. However, social media proliferates such information as prospects’ share valuable insight through their social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Social Media: Selling’s Stethoscope. Results.

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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. CROWE HORWATH : the public accounting firm used 48 pieces of content in 4 different topic areas, this campaign targeted C-level prospects in financial institutions with $1 billion or more in assets across the buying cycle.

Is Social Media the New Cold Call?

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Most companies have already discovered that their customers are spending their time online in some social network like LinkedIn, Twitter or forum. Alternatives to Cold Calling. I’m not trying to dig up the debate on cold calling , using the phone to talk to prospects will be a constant staple in the sales profession. Prospecting Sales 2.0 What’s holding sales people back?

The State of Marketing Technology in Asia

It's All About Revenue

David is a strong advocate for the business value that marketing and communications add at every level of the sales funnel, from building brand awareness, to engaging customers, to driving sales, to CRM. They also increasingly use the marketing technologies and platforms that can automate many of their processes, and engage customers and prospects efficiently and effectively at scale. or other CRM systems should be integrated with outbound messaging. Marketing Efficiency Follow David on Twitter @ketchum. So what does awesome look like?

Save Your Company from Sales Data Overload.

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Reps need a 360 degree view into their prospects that incorporates recent business events, social conversations and social relationships. Sales reps need to be able to make sense out of this ubiquitous and sometimes conflicting mountain of data and turn it into actionable insights to engage the prospect. Social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn (as well as the entire blogosophere) are target-rich environments to find new opportunities and leads, and engage with prospects in a powerful and effectively intelligent new way. So what is holding companies back? Sales 2.0

Lead Liaison Debuts Integrations Marketplace

Lead Liaison

It’s important to have a company’s CRM, the central hub for contacts, accounts, and opportunities, and marketing automation suite communicate with each other. Powerful integrations also include Base , Insightly , Microsoft Dynamics , ConnectWise , Zoho CRM , and more! Lead Liaison offers the ability to post to platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with the push of one button. And don’t we all want more ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient?” – Jen Worsham, Director of Marketing. Lead Liaison integrates with over 400 3rd-party applications.

Top tools to keep your contacts in order. in theory


LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an island. LinkedIn’s being a dick. It’s cut off its API from being used by all the other CRM platforms — dickish — and have tried to kill their CSV export tool — dick! mean, LinkedIn is ground zero for sales, for selling, for hiring, and for getting hired. It’s like a lawn in the Spring. Scrubly. Brewster.

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5 Cool Things We Heard & Saw at Convergence (+5 Superlatives)

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Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM | @jeffmarcoux. Reference : #3 – B2B Salespeople Need More Thank LinkedIn To Be Successful. Barbara Giamanco is a top LinkedIn user, and gives a lot of credit to the platform. With recent partnerships and feature announcements, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now providing these insights within CRM.

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7 Stages of B2B Marketing Sophistication [Which Level Are You?]


Marketing automation has exceptional power to increase content marketing efficiency and generate nurture campaigns. As soon as a company begins to add paid media to their channel mix (AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Display Network, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc), they’re able to target prospects more effectively through these platforms. B2B marketing is no easy task.

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3 Sales Tools That Are Changing the Way Salespeople Do Business

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Russ Heddleston , CEO of DocSend. At the same time, the tools that salespeople rely on have evolved and have changed how salespeople gain insight into leads, interact with customers and prospects, and organize their efforts. Lightweight CRM. Sales Prospecting Tools You Can''t Live Without.

Programmatic Ad Buying: What Does It Mean for B2B Marketers?

The Point

Both leverage the power of Big Data, and both offer the ability to dramatically change the way that B2B marketers target, segment, and engage with prospective buyers. A few weeks ago in this space I talked to Brian Kardon of Lattice Engines about the predictive category, and now I thought it time to explore programmatic. Let’s start with a definition. contextual targeting.

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CMOs: Stop Believing These Digital Marketing Myths

Crimson Marketing

Marketing tools make your life more efficient and automated. Today, platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn allow marketers to target ads and collect prospect data which have turned social into a more bottom-of-the-funnel direct response channel. “For Social can be an efficient channel for just about any industry. SEO Can Be Set It And Forget It. ” 3. ” 4. Social

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The Most Untapped Leverage Point For B2B Growth


To reach those prospects, they need contact information: verified email addresses, at a minimum. When several site visits are required to get complete data on a prospect, proper segmentation is put on hold, and you run the risk of intentionally incorrect form fills from those who dislike providing their contact info. Bonus: your competitors are probably oblivious to its power.


The Free Growth Tools I Recommend For Modern Businesses to Grow & Scale


The foundation of a strong growth stack starts with the following: A CRM system that serves as the foundation for all the other growth tools you're using, which is where all of your customer data is stored. Free CRM. 1) HubSpot CRM. In all honesty, it's impossible to grow and scale your business without a CRM. And if you use HubSpot's free CRM , you can start a

Why Your Company Should Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency


Inbound reflects a shift from campaign-based, interruption marketing to consistently measurable, closed-loop marketing initiatives that attract interested prospects and customers with a view to creating lasting relationships. The inbound combination of relevant content and online engagement creates a solid foundation for sales and marketing efficiency, effectiveness, and growth. SEO makes it easier for prospects to find a company’s website and associated online content by maximizing its ranking in search engines, where most customers initiate the buying cycle.

Help! I Need a Marketing Automation Vendor with Social Media Savvy

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If you’re a progressive marketer who integrates social with lead nurture, you should focus on automation vendors who can accommodate your combination of social media- and CRM-driven engagement styles. Act-On Software Social prospecting: monitor Twitter and manage 1:1 conversations directly from the user interface (UI). Where Do I Start? dynamics. Monitor with CoreMetrics Social.

Hey Marketing: An Inquiry Is Not A Lead

B2B Marketing Insider

And sales reps are typically not trained as call center telephone sales reps who know how to dial for dollars efficiently. This maximizes the efficiency of the sales team so they are closing new business and not chasing unqualified prospects. That’s why content marketing is so important to generating cost efficient leads. And 36% are never followed up on.

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How Paid Media Performance Improves with Predictive Marketing and 1st Party Data

Modern B2B Marketing

Predictive marketing technology has the ability to drive huge improvements in marketing—by utilizing data to drive more efficiency and allowing for uniquely personal engagement. Within your marketing automation system and/or CRM, you have a wealth of data collected on the people that you market to. Predictive: Not new, but very hot. Or do you plan to? Digital Marketing b2b Consumer

Avoid these 10 Marketing Automation Rookie Mistakes

It's All About Revenue

Marketing automation includes (in no particular order) lead management, social media, CRM, closed-loop reporting, content marketing, contact washing, landing pages, query strings, advanced multi-channel campaigns — you get the idea. CRM Integration. Follow Alp on LinkedIn and Twitter @alpmimar. Clearly, a lot of marketers are going to be very new to this. Lead Scoring.

A High-Level B2B Marketing Budget Breakdown

Modern B2B Marketing

For instance, if your broad goal is awareness or branding, you might want to invest in a campaign that differentiates your brand from your competitors and offers value to your prospects so they come to associate your brand with value. Facebook, LinkedIn, Target) offer excellent targeting options. You might use a variety of metrics to determine your ROI (e.g. Paid Advertising: 20-30%.

The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 2 - The How


These include: Lead and demand generation: How are we attracting and engaging the target audience in building a consistent flow of prospective buyers? Data quality: How clean and current is our database of prospective buyers and customers? Marketing and sales technology: Are our systems integrated and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our lead-to-revenue process?

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The 3 P’s of B2B Lead Generation: People, Process, Platforms


Marketers write content, plan the message strategy, media strategy, search engine strategy, social media, direct marketing, demand generation, and inbound marketing.  We know the benefits of content marketing and lead nurturing to encourage prospects and leads to engage with sales people.  At the end of the day, people will still buy from people. How boring.  Quality people. . Process.

The 3 P’s of B2B Lead Generation: People, Process, Platforms


Marketers write content, plan the message strategy, media strategy, search engine strategy, social media, direct marketing, demand generation, and inbound marketing.  We know the benefits of content marketing and lead nurturing to encourage prospects and leads to engage with sales people.  At the end of the day, people will still buy from people. How boring.  Quality people. . Process.

Infer Partners with Terminus to Introduce Predictive Ad Targeting that Drives Advertising ROI through Top-of-the-Funnel Engagement


The company’s platform builds profiles that can encompass both scores and external signals, such as the prospect’s intent or whether their company offers a freemium product. That’s why we developed an open architecture that intelligently feeds our insights into your stack to make CRM, marketing automation and adtech systems all infinitely smarter.”. Find Infer on LinkedIn.

Enabling B2B Social Selling with Social CRM

Social Media B2B

These days any conversation about CRM probably leads to the mentioning of social CRM. Throughout the past two years, there has been much healthy debate about what social CRM is, how it’s being deployed throughout the enterprise and what makes CRM a social thing. Indeed, this will be a major topic as the CRM Evolution Conference kicks off today in New York City. Social CRM actually means a lot of things to a lot of people: community management, customer support through social channels, and social sales and marketing – benefiting both B2C and B2B companies.

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5 Disruptive Social Selling Technologies

Marketing Action

Last week, on LinkedIn, I did a review of five social selling technologies that I would recommend. feel that each of these technologies make sales teams more efficient and create ROI over time. I’ve had the pleasure of getting my hands on a majority of the social selling technologies in the space, and can honestly say that these are the ones to watch out for! Benefits It Offers.

Fast Forward: Video Content Goes Interactive and Personal

Modern B2B Marketing

They’ll weave the viewer’s name, company logo, or LinkedIn picture seamlessly into the video content to draw the viewer into the story and create a unique and memorable experience. When was the last time you asked your sales team what kinds of videos would help them improve sales effectiveness or efficiency? Whoa, wait a minute, WHAT?! From lean-back to lean-forward.

New directions for B2B data-driven marketing


It’s a platform for communications, for selling, for just about every element of the marketing arsenal, and it’s is forcing marketers to think more carefully about customer and prospect data. But it is adept at watching and taking up the new ideas from consumer marketers that apply to business buying, observes David Myron, editorial director at CRM magazine.

The Unseen Problem with Inbound Leads and How to Fix It


There’s also less control over the quality of inbound prospects, but we’ll touch on that later. David Greschler, CEO of real-time content engagement platform PaperShare, relates: “You need to break out and discover new prospects who may be interested in your product but haven’t had the opportunity to learn about it. Inbound Limit #3: You’re Not Getting the Right Prospects.

Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


Web Design – Rather than just passively receiving information from old-fashioned, static websites, today’s prospects and customers want to participate in the learning process, so companies have responded by creating dynamic, interactive content on their sites to help visitors educate themselves, share feedback, make choices, and opt in for further communication. Others are using all of them.

The Language of Account-Based Marketing


An account can be a current customer, a prospect, a partner or even a competitor. Buyer’s Journey: The path that a prospective customer travels during the sales lifecycle. Cadence: The strategy of directing a measured stream of messaging and relevant content toward a prospect in hopes of furthering a business relationship – hopefully in a way that is relatively non-intrusive. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): A database that businesses use to maintain relationships with customers and prospects. Red-hot trend. Mainstream strategy.

Marketing’s Perfect Storm: Copywriting, Optimization & Technology

B2B Marketing Traction

You need to know which are the most frequently-used when your target prospects search for your products or services. There’s a perfect storm brewing in successful marketing campaigns these days, and there are three key components: great copywriting, optimization, and use of technology. Marketing Copywriting. Content Optimization. This is both science and art. Marketing Technology.

Sales Best Practices include Marketing-Sales Alignment


formalized value proposition that is compelling to prospects. Confidence in CRM data. No matter how you look at it, the best sales organizations rely on marketing to generate leads that are valuable, and those leads are converted because the content marketing develops contributes to the solving of your prospects business challenges.  We’re in this together! I was reading with interest recently the results of a study from sales organization Miller Heiman called Sales Strategies for Thriving in a Post-Recession Economy, a 2011 Best Practices Study.  Qualified opportunities.

How to Crowdsource Your Blog Content: Tips for Finding and Collaborating with Your Crowd


If so, you might look through your CRM to get a sense of customers’ expressed opinions, and ask the enthusiastic ones to expound on the benefits of your products and services. You might find that your influencers engage a lot with commenters on their LinkedIn blog posts, or that your customers are highly interactive on social media with brands similar to yours. How do you keep up?

MindMatrix: A Unique Marketing Automation Platform for SMB


In addition to tools to ensure marketing sends only qualified leads to sales, we   have established some unique tools for salespeople to be able to communicate with each prospect during the sales process.  A sales rep can get access to marketing approved collateral and messaging to be able to have meaningful 1-1 dialogues and deeper engagement during the sales process. Once a proposal is completed, a sales rep can send by email, and then track whether or not the prospect opened the email and/or clicked on the proposal.  In fact, our system will track the complete digital footprint. 

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