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It pays to provide Support with Social Media

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In a recent Forrester Report on “ Customer Experience Pays Off as Social Media reduces Obstacles for Real Change ” they have really nailed down the argument I have been making over the last year about why Support is the single best place to build your business case for Social Media. Share this on Linkedin. Why not be on the winning side of that equation. Tweet This! Digg this!

The Perfect Storm in Customer Service

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In my last post we discussed the 4 reasons why using Social Media pays to provide Support : Customers prefer a good customer experiences to low prices, helps aid in spreading WOM, makes customer less likely to defect and results in high profitability for the company. Share this on Linkedin. But the back side of those objectives is where the perfect storm lives! Tweet This! Digg this!


Social Customer Support delivers Strong ROI

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Not only that but a recent Forrester study showed that customers actually prefer a better customer experience compared to everyday low prices, and moreover great customer experiences drive positive word of mouth (WOM). Layering on social media tactics for support can also decrease your contact center costs. Share this on Linkedin. Related posts: It pays to provide Support with Social Media In a recent Forrester Report on “Customer Experience Pays Off. This is why they find it hard to see results that make for a strong ROI. Tweet This! Share this on Facebook.

Finding B2B Social Media Tools That Add Value – not Just Time

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Start with Forrester’s POST approach , and fold the tools in later. That is the question – in real estate public relations Did You Hear How to Harness the power of WOM to Drive Business Results? You or your colleague may be suffering from a significant case of Social Media Tool Exhaustion. And the more time you spend online, the more likely you are to suffer relapses. Thanks!

Top 40 Posts and Hot Topics of Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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Cost: Free trial, $50/month for Standard plan, $100 for Enterprise. Cost: Free. Here’s a great example of an effective infographic that illustrates social media behavior by age group, based on a Forrester Research study. Customers. - CK’s B2B Blog , June 8, 2010 I recently ran across a positively terrific article on WOM penned by McKinsey’s Jacques Bughin, Jonathan Doogan and Ole Jørgen Vetvik. Linkedin (112). LinkedIn by the Numbers [Infographic] , June 29, 2010. LinkedIn Improves Groups with Follows and Likes , June 22, 2010. Enjoy.