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An SEO’s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


If I had a penny for every time a client asked our agency to focus only on the most searched, highest volume keywords in their industry I’d be a very rich woman by now. No one would complain about being #1 for a term like “best company,” but will it help you sell specific products or services? Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Modifiers.

How To Develop Keyword Lists for Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


Coming up with really good long-tail keywords for your SEO or pay-per-click campaigns can sometimes be daunting if you don’t understand how buyers use Google, what buying cycle they are in, and how your content or offers align with those search terms people use to look for what you do. Your organic keywords obtained from your analytics program. Group Two: Tips.

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10 Tips on How to Write Better Pay Per Click Ad Copy


And while I love pay per click advertising, it can be like hoarding up a big pile of cash and setting it on fire. And many of you reading this know all about the pay per click basics. Carefully picked your keywords for optimal conversions (not just to nab tons of traffic). Grouped your keywords into tightly-related ad groups. Added negative keywords – both at the campaign and at the ad group level. If you’ve done all that, you’re well on your way to a profitable pay per click account. I hate wasting money. Relentlessly. Don’t.

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An SEO?s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


If I had a penny for every time a client asked our agency to focus only on the most searched, highest volume keywords in their industry I’d be a very rich woman by now. No one would complain about being #1 for a term like “best company,” but will it help you sell specific products or services? Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). Modifiers.

What Should You Know About Keywords – The Long and Short of It

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Under the broad umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes both paid search as well as organic search engine optimization , there’s a common strategy that involves focusing on what’s known as “Long Tail” Keywords. It doesn’t have to be and we’ll give you the scoop on “long tail” versus “short tail” keywords as well as some of the benefits.

Don’t Waste Your Dough! 5 Secrets to Maximizing Google AdWords

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Did you know that when managing your Google Adwords pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, it’s pretty easy to waste big bucks without even knowing it? Being as efficient as possible is key to getting the most bang for your PPC bucks, so we’ve spilled the beans in the 5 top areas to maximize that’ll get your dollars to deliver: Choosing the Right Keywords.

How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]


To help shed some light on the situation, the folks at WordStream released a detailed new study on AdWords industry metrics. The study reveals a ton of helpful industry-specific benchmarks for both search and display ads, including average clickthrough rate (CTR), average cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR), and average cost-per-action (CPA).

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20 of the Sharpest LinkedIn Tips for Irresistible B2B Marketing


There’s a lot to love about the network, and we’ve developed a comprehensive list of LinkedIn tips for your social media strategy. Fully optimize your company’s products and services page with visuals, and keyword-rich descriptions of what you have to offer. 3. However, these insights include information on follower demographics, to help you ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

8 Tips to Boost Health Insurance Enrollments with Online Advertising


To learn more about this study from AdGooroo, click here. We realize that not all health insurance companies have millions of dollars per year to invest in their digital advertising efforts. Just as importantly, brand keywords are your best converting keywords since many users have done their research and are ready to convert. turning 65)?

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8 Best Practices for Using Google AdWords


However, as we continue to create more content and become increasingly savvy as consumers of that content, there’s a lot of value that can come from taking a pay-per-click (PPC) approach to SEM. In a nutshell, Google AdWords works by surfacing your ad when users search for certain keywords. It helps to break it down in terms of strategy and execution. Marketing Insights.

How to Upgrade Your B2B Marketing Strategy with AdWords


Neatly Organize Your Keywords and Ad Groups. One of the most critical elements of your SEM campaigns is the organization of your keywords. Here are the best practices to create ad groups: 
 Group keywords with similar themes : For example, put all “software” keywords in one ad group, separate from “solutions” or “platform” keywords
. So please, just don’t do it.

Lessons Learned From Spending $25 Million Dollars On AdWords


Start with a large keyword list. If you have the budget, cast a wide net of keywords to collect as much data as possible. If you prefer a more gradual approach, start with 10 keywords you are confident apply to your business. From there, trickle in new keywords while paying close attention to what’s converting and what’s not. 2. Think of keywords in themes.

What Google’s New Algorithm Means For You

B2B Marketing Insider

will outline the announcements in simple terms and provide some tips for the B2B Marketer to ensure all your hard work pays off in the form of inbound traffic to your personal blog or company website. The change seeks to downplay those websites that used so-called “black hat&# techniques such as “content scraping&# or “keyword stuffing&# to game the Google system. These techniques caused the sites to show up higher in search engine results for targeted keywords that they would have organically based on their actual content. What Prompted the Changes?

7 Ways to Get More Value From Your PR Campaigns


Check out these seven helpful tips for becoming the ultimate PR completionist below. Fresh Web Explorer is a tool created by Moz that lists any recent pages that feature a keyword you input into the search bar. It works best using a variety of keywords. This function shows articles featuring a keyword from a selected time scale from outlets judged to be “newsworthy.”.

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26 Awesome Search Engine Marketing Guides


So how can search engine marketers maximize their click-through rate (CTR) and conversions from paid search? Which tools and reports are most helpful? Callout extensions are similar to sitelinks, but without the links,” then explains why advertisers may want to use them, how to get started, and tips & tricks. Image credit: by WordStream. John A.

4 Clever PPC Opportunities Ecommerce Marketers Won't Want to Miss


If you’re a PPC veteran, it’s tempting to devote all your time to the bigger picture and finding creative new ways to drive cheap, conversion-friendly clicks. All of these tips still allow you to be inbound-minded with your PPC spend -- finding fantastic opportunities to keep your business top of mind for consumers right when they''re looking for you. Long-Tail Keyword Expansion.

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Google Ups the Ante As the PPC Landscape Continues to Change


With the sidebar ads being removed, this may lead to more overall clicks. Lower Click Through Rate (CTR) for any ad below position 3 or 4. Higher overall Cost Per Clicks (CPC) given that the ads in lower positions with lower CPCs would either get removed from the page or fall below the organic listings. Well, it looks like Google is at it again! Relevant ad copy.

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The Complete Display Ads Overview For B2B Marketers


You’re paying for impressions and clicks on sites you don’t own. In this post we’ll describe some best practices with help from online marketing experts. Compared to search ads, display ads have lower cost-per-clicks (CPCs), but also lower click-through-rates (CTR) and lower conversion rates. Do you want to generate clicks from qualified buyers?

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Make the Most Out of Google Grants [SlideShare]


Raise awareness by choosing relevant keywords and creating unique ads to highlight your work. There are a few limitations to Google Grants including a $2.00 max cost per click (as of January 28th, 2013), and your ads will be shown below paying AdWords advertisers. To help you spend your Google Grants budget effectively, here are 10 tips that can keep you efficient.

How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


Generally, you can find your tagged site visitors on the network many times per day, several days per week, and across many different sites. On average, you''ll be able to connect with 84% of the people you tag, 10-18 times per month. But how does conversion rate vary based on the number of times people have seen your ad before clicking on it? About Ad Fatigue. Gender?

A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign


So in tandem with your SEO efforts , why not utilize the power of paid search to help drive more traffic to your website, and turn those Googlers into new leads and customers? First, Create a Killer Keyword List. Before you even jump into the AdWords interface, you need to be armed with a keyword list to help guide your efforts. Selecting Keywords Based on Geography.

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A Small Biz Guide to Digital Marketing Acronyms

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If you’ve ever heard or read an acronym and secretly wondered what it meant, you’re not alone: “I think you should update your CTA so your CTR increases, which will positively impact SEM, specifically PPC, which will give you a better ROI, plus help out your SEO as you market to both B2B and B2C markets.” This also is known as CPC or Cost Per Click.

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15 Effective Ways to Reduce Cost Per Acquisition


Cost per acquisition (CPA) refers to the amount of marketing or advertising money spent to convert or acquire leads who click on your site or respond to your call to action (CTA). To find out what your CPA is, use the formula: CPA = cost / conversions. By prioritizing the reduction of acquiring new customers, you’re able to control cost from the onset. Pause them.

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17 Questions On How To Build A Content Marketing Strategy [Q&A]

B2B Marketing Insider

Click the link above to our blog post summary of the most important stats, quotes, slides,  templates and also to download the presentation and the templates. So we are doing everything we can to help marketers just like you to navigate the change. We hope this helps. Commit to differentiating yourself by how helpful your content is going to be , not what your voice is.

Unicorn DNA: What All the Best AdWords Advertisers Have in Common


AdWords unicorns are fantastical, magical creatures, accounting for the top 1% of all ad clicks in the auction. Now that we know what a unicorn looks like, we can deconstruct it and see what these exceptional advertisers have in common, in order to produce unicorn ads of our own: 1) Unicorn Accounts Have High Quality Scores Across All Keywords. Do you believe in unicorns?

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What You Need to Know About Using Google AdWords Content Campaigns

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If you’re new to Search Engine Marketing and/or using Pay-Per-Click ads, you may not be familiar with Google’s Content Search Network also known as the Google Display Network. You pay for placement on these sites, on either a cost-per click (CPC) or cost-per impression (CPM) basis.” Have any tips to add to ours?

Seven Expert Search Engine Marketing Guides


SEM enables enterprises to rank for specific search terms immediately (including terms for which it would difficult to rank organically), target traffic to specific landing pages, test everything (keywords, bid levels, ad copy, landing page design), and precisely quantify ROI based on sales or leads generated. How can you improve quality scores to get a higher ad position at a lower cost?

Best AdWords Tips and Tactics of 2009, Part 1


How can you calculate the potential advertising value of AdWords before making a costly investment? The prolific and always helpful Ron Jones steps through the basics of setting up a search marketing campaign, from sorting keywords into ad groups to identifying negative keywords to use. Craig Danuloff clearly explains why the AdWords quality score is important, how it affects cost per click for SEM campaigns, and the factors that go into Google’s calculation of quality score. Setting up PPC Campaigns 101, Part 1 by Search Engine Watch.

3 More Tips for Optimizing SEM Campaigns


The previous post on this topic advised search engine marketers to bid on their own company name and branded terms, keep keyword lists clean and cross-pollinate SEO and SEM efforts. Here are three more tips for optimizing results from SEM programs such as Google AdWords. 1. In Google AdWords, click Tools in the Campaign Management tab, then go to Site and Category Exclusion.

Best of 2009 (So Far): AdWords Tips and Tactics, Part 1


Top 11 Money-Wasting AdWords Mistakes by The ubiquitous Jon Rognerud lists 11 common mistakes made by small companies and those new to AdWords, such as duplicating search ads on Google's content network (the ads need to be different due to the different context in which they are seen), using too many keywords, sending visitors to your home page, and not properly testing ads.

Best of 2009 (So Far): AdWords Tips and Tactics, Part 2


How can you calculate the potential advertising value of AdWords before making a costly investment? Setting up PPC Campaigns 101, Part 1 by Search Engine Watch The prolific and always helpful Ron Jones steps through the basics of setting up a search marketing campaign, from sorting keywords into ad groups to identifying negative keywords to use.

More of the Best Website Marketing Tools


Google AdWords: Keyword Tool Enter a search phrase, and this Google tool will display related keywords along with advertiser competition and search volume; average cost per click and ad position by bid amount; and global search volume trends over time. Larry Chase at WDFM recently published his "Top 10 Marketing Sites for 2006."

Hiring an SEO Firm? A Cautionary Tale


The manufacturer (let’s call them Client 1) hired my company to help them improve revenue performance through sales and marketing process development, sales channel improvement, and market focus. Client 1 had hired an SEO company (SEO1) and was being billed $1,600 per month with $600 for website management and SEO, $600 for PPC campaigns, and $400 to manage PPC campaigns.


4 Key Factors When Assessing Your Content Marketing ROI


Turn to the  Google AdWords Keyword Planner  tool to find the cost per click (CPC) for the primary keyword in each piece. . 4. Multiply your organic entrances by the CPC for each primary keyword in every piece of content. 5. Do you have any ROI tricks or tips that help fortify the value of your content marketing campaign? . Conclusion .

Affordable PPC Avenues for Marketing a Law Firm


Not only are the keywords in the legal industry extremely expensive but they are also extremely competitive as well. There are other avenues to turn to that can be even more effective and can help you stand apart in this competitive landscape. Another positive note: Facebook is cheap – with Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) as little as $1. each year, don’t fret. 

Growing your business in a world without Google


Here are a few handy tips to help you cope in such a scenario—and help you grow your business whether Google continues sending you lots of traffic or not. But don't discount blogging without considering how it might help your business. Historically, most businesses have paid for media in terms of cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). by Tim Peter.

How to Optimize Your PPC Campaign Under a Tight Budget


Below are 4 tips for optimizing your PPC campaign when facing a low budget. You definitely don’t want to cut back on the ad groups and keywords that have been performing well and converting at high rates. Instead, identify the keywords that haven’t been converting very well and the ad groups that haven’t been meeting your performance goals.


Best of 2008: Strategy and Branding, Part 1


PPC gets a higher percentage of budgets (not surprising, as it has a direct cost per click not applicable to natural search) but natural search clicks provide superior value. What are the real reasons many seemingly-promising business ideas fail? How can you increase customer loyalty? What do sales people need from marketing when launching a new product?