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Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

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In the end, you knew if you had briefings with Yankee Group, Gartner, Forrester, Jupiter and Meta Group, you had your bases covered. Find out how to make landing pages work harder and increase conversion rates. Forecast (14). Six Steps for Marketing Forecasting Done Right , April 28, 2010. Best of B2B Marketing. April 2010. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing.  The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Power has gradually shifted over the past couple of decades from manufacturers (e.g. like numbers.

Five 2015 B2B Demand Generation and Content Marketing Resolutions


This approach leads to higher conversion rates. Lastly is Conversion content that can be used by sales. Ensuring that specific content is created to Engage, Nurture and Convert along the buyers purchase path (currently only 28.3% of organizations do this consistently)  not only allows for a better conversation with the buyer, but when mapped to the buying process, enables the buyer to self-select the content they want and signifies where they are in the buying process. rated themselves as highly skilled. The real question however, is what is next?

Spring has Sprung, and So Should New Sales and Marketing Practices

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If you are in sales and marketing, there is another forecast that is just as promising, especially if you recognize the pending fertile business opportunity and prepare accordingly. It is not often we see so many thought leaders and pundits confluence around such significant observations: • At Forrester , sales enablement analyst Scott Santucci indicates that “We are in the middle of a major transformation in the B2B sales model, driven by customer’s enterprise-wide strategic procurement initiatives to buy only what they need at the lowest possible price”.

Why Marketers Should Really Care About TOTAL Velocity, Not Just Sales Velocity


The idea is that a faster velocity (shorter sales cycle) means there is more momentum, which should translate to a higher win rate. In addition to helping marketers understand their impact on momentum, a more comprehensive measurement -- total velocity -- enables better forecasting and marketing optimization. Most practically, it helps with forecasting. Sales Velocity.

Listen to Your Customers! Mobile Is Not a Medium for Blast Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Aden Forrest Marketers can no longer afford to ignore the power of mobile marketing. Cisco forecasts our mobile traffic will increase by more than 40% per year, with each of us downloading 6.3GB of data per month by 2019. With that being said, marketers have realized that online conversations with clients and prospects are becoming increasingly important. and U.K.,

7 Ways To Kick Start B2B Sales Teams

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More collaboration also leads to improved revenue forecasting because sales can get a more complete picture of prospects yet to enter the sales funnel during forecasted periods. arena, there are new and better ways to fine-tune the entire sales process from lead generation through sales conversion.  Sales 2.0

Whitelisting Tips for Email Marketers: How to Get on the Safe Senders List

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When your audience doesn’t receive your emails, it’s bad for business, because your conversion rates will suffer. Plus, nearly 60% of US consumers own smartphones, and Forrester forecasts that smartphone adoption will reach nearly 2 billion users around the globe by the end of 2015. Here are whitelisting tips to help you make it happen. Become a Safe Sender. Apple Mail.

Mail 28

The Sales Game Has Changed: Here's How to Adapt


This is a guest post written by Dave Kurlan , a top rated speaker, best selling author, and sales development thought leader. His top-rated business blog, Understanding the Sales Force , is read by thousands of sales and marketing leaders. The sales profession has come a long way -- and I'll venture to say that much of the changes have occurred as recently as the last 5 years.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Programs

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For example, instead of waiting to see the actual results of a tradeshow, this approach looks at what impact the tradeshow had at the top of the revenue cycle, and embellishes that view by estimating the tradeshow’s long-term impact based on historical conversion metrics. Why Measuring Marketing Programs is Hard. It’s easy to ask the question, “ What kind of results do my programs deliver ?” 

CMOs: Wield Powers of Influence to Gain a Seat at the Executive Table


The study goes on to say those sales teams that “exceed expectations” in understanding their customer’s buying process can expect their win rate to improve by 38%. According to Aberdeen , 40% of the sales-forecasted pipeline among Best-in-Class companies is generated by marketing, compared with 22% among Industry Average firms and 13% within Laggard companies.

64 B2B Marketing Tools and Resources

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Relevant and optimized landing pages generate higher conversion rates, meaning you get more leads whenever someone clicks your ads or emails. Practical Tips to Raise your Landing Page Conversions (MarketingSherpa on-demand webinar). Trends, Forecasts, Benchmarks — Key Metrics from IDC's CMO Advisory Practice (IDC on-demand webinar). Tactics To Boost B2B Marketing Results (podcast with Laura Ramos, Forrester Research). Many of these are authored by the team at Marketo, but certainly not all of them. Seven Lead Nurturing Tools and Resources. white paper).

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Email campaigns should be the start of the conversation - Follow the Lead , November 10, 2010 Wither email marketing? Lead to Revenue Management with Andre Pino of Forrester Research - Modern B2B Marketing , November 10, 2010 I recently had a chance to sit down with Andre Pino, principal analyst for Forrester Research, to discuss lead to revenue management , a solution for overcoming the sales and marketing process gap. Conversion Rate (27). Really great content around B2B Marketing again this month.  There better be. Why not use it? Facebook Insights. blogs.