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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

It's All About Revenue

by Brian Kardon | Tweet this I was with a group of CMOs last week, all of whom were knee-deep in developing their marketing budgets for 2012. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process. And I know precisely what my Marketing team has to do to hit those targets. To explain, I created a sample marketing budget below. Conversion rates between stages. o Inquiry to MQL 10% ( Marketing Qualified Lead ). o MQL to SAL 20% ( Sales Accepted Lead ). o SAL to SQO 75% (Sales Qualified Opportunity).

SQO 62

Analyzing B2B Marketing: Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Digital Body Language

Consistent in every discussion I have with B2B marketing execs is the topic of analysis. We're all very familiar with the tactical metrics on each marketing type; open rates and click through rates on emails, landing page conversion rates, cost per click metrics, traffic statistics, and so on.