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Wikipedia and the wiki utopia, revisited


If Wikipedia can be as good as Britannica, we could replace all our outdated corporate knowledge repositories with wikis. The wisdom of crowds would run its magic, and we’d have high quality and up-to-date content we can rely upon. Six years later, we can safely say that the predicted wiki utopia never materialized. wiki WikipediaImage by Octavio Rojas via Flickr.

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Grow Your Wiki

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21 days of wiki adoption. Course Using Wiki. Enterprise Wiki. managing wiki growth. user generated content. using wiki in education. Web Content 2007. wiki adoption strategies. wiki pilot. Wiki tools. Wiki Uses. Showing the example of how to work agendas through a wiki vs. email! Subscribe to Grow Your Wiki.

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TruthForce! | How Wiki Software is Changing Communication

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Home » How Wiki Software is Changing Communication. How Wiki Software is Changing Communication. As discussed in the article below, self-organized and collaborative networks--especially fueled by the advent of wiki-software for instance--are changing the ways we work and communicate with some even predicting an impact on the nature and practice of democracy. A. A. A.

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Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Lead nurturing is something that’s fairly easy to understand, but for many, it’s become a frustrating thing consistently execute for two reasons: Lack of content. No plan for consistency. I’ve found that many marketers get stuck on not having enough good and effective lead nurturing content. How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content ? lead nurturing program can leverage existing investments that you have made in other marketing efforts such as trade shows, webinars, direct mail, PR and other marketing collateral by repurposing the existing content.

How Social Media Updating Affects The Brain

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This copyrighted content was originally published on Maximize Social Business and may not be republished on any other website or in any other format without explicit permission from the publisher. Social Media Psychology Facebook Google Habituation marketing strategy Reticular Formation social marketing Social Media Marketing Twitter Wiki markup There are many strategies out there today that could be deemed successful while others are definitely worth walking away from. The fact of the matter is, some of these strategies can change over time.

Should You Hire a Journalist for Your Content Marketing Team?

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In his recent book, Epic Content Marketing , Joe Pulizzi remarks that many of us marketers and our organizations are becoming – or have already become – publishers. Our business model is different from traditional publishers, but the goal of building an audience that likes and trusts our content is the same in many respects. Would you hire a reporter for your content marketing team? .

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17 Brilliant Sources of Content Hiding Right Under Your Nose


Creating content is a pain in the puppy. That's coming from someone whose entire job is to create content. But if you're a multi-tasking marketer -- creating email campaigns, building landing pages, managing a staff, tweaking your PPC budget, designing calls-to-action -- content creation has likely been elevated from a royal pain to a practical impossibility. So here you go.

6 Content Challenges Facing Enterprise Marketers (Plus Some Helpful Solutions)


Marcus Sheridan, founder of The Sales Lion and someone who built a million-dollar business (during the economic crisis, no less), once said that "great content is the best sales tool in the world.". If this is true, then content really must be king. More simply, content turns brands into thought leaders. Producing enough content (53%). Producing Content That Engages.

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Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki

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Personal KM; KM Business Case; KM, culture and compromise; KM Books Wiki. Use email, threaded discussions, blogs, and wikis to share what you know and think, ask questions and solicit help, and build credibility and a good reputation. KM Books Wiki created by Matt Moore. This is a wiki page for annotating and discussing your favorite books related to Knowledge Management. The contents of this KM blog are my personal comments and do not reflect the official views of Hewlett-Packard Company.]. Content RSS. -->. HP Communities. » Contact HP. Links.

How to Identify Content Topics That Hit Home With Your Readers


When you're writing content as frequently as most inbound marketers do, you're bound to stumble over a few duds. He's using HubSpot to show the keywords most commonly searched to find his content -- and if you don't have HubSpot, Google Analytics will also show some keyword information. At HubSpot, we have an internal wiki page where staff can suggest topics for the blog.

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The Content Creator's Master List of Commonly Troublesome Words


Any online content creator knows: Writing for the web is no easy feat. We've published a brand new Internet Marketing Written Style Guide , meant for helping the modern-day marketer and online content creator figure out just how to write for the web. wiki: Lowercase. Plural: wikis. As a result, we often run into questions like, "Do I capitalize this? Plural: apps. store.

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Website Content Must Address What’s Keeping Engineers up at Night

Industrial Marketing Today

Does your website content address those issues? The content on your industrial site may be missing the mark completely if it doesn’t speak directly to engineers’ pain points. If you are in the process of redesigning your industrial website, pause for a moment and think about the site content first. Just like the proverbial chicken or the egg conundrum, the recurring question in redesigning websites is – what comes first, site content or site design? Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”. Site content for specific needs.

13 Types of Product Content Sales Needs to Close More Deals


As inbound marketers, we create a lo- hot of content. But when you think about all the different types of content a marketer creates, that which helps to attract website traffic and convert visitors into leads tends to get the most attention. We bucket these two types of content together because they usually fall under the responsibility of a company's product marketer(s) to create.

Social business, the forest and the garden: Your intranet is not the Internet


If page-rank search, blogs, wikis, social networks and microblogging work so well out there, they should just thrive in the workplace too, but we now know for a fact that they often don’t. You may no longer remember this, but back in 2006, wikis were all the rage. Photo credit: Wikipedia. The last 20 years have witnessed many success stories over the net: sites such as Yahoo!,

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How to Find the Perfect GIF: 10 Must-Try Websites


Serving as snackable -- and often laughable -- bits of visual content, GIFs help us accurately convey our thoughts and feelings when we're limited to virtual communication. There are a few ways to browse Imgflip content, as detailed on the website : Hot/Latest images on the homepage. Video Content Marketing Daily TOFU10 Sites for Finding the Perfect GIF. 1) GIPHY. Reaction GIF.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


Once, everyone in radio produced radio, now radio is passive; once, everyone in television produced TV, now TV is passive; once, everyone on the Internet produced content, now it’s turning. More people I know in 2014 identify with being a follower of one or more blogs, podcasts, Twitter profiles, or YouTube channels than they do with creating content themselves. Right now.

Social Media ROI – You’re looking in the wrong place

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Employees already enjoy using fun applications like social networks and wikis and the power of these tools in the external environment to unleash creativity, collaboration, and productivity is proven.  A new report from McKinsey validates this premise and places an actual number value on the potential savings of using similar tools internally. Wikis. Co-created content. Tweet.

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The intranet social garden and quantum mechanics


In essence: the Internet is humongous, with billions of users; its content is measured in exabytes ; participants are free agents and often anonymous or strangers; the platform is an immense forest, a fertile ground for infinite experimentation. How can a social platform based on blogs, wikis, discussion forums and status updates succeed under those conditions? Social Media Marketin

Content Curation in B2B Marketing

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November 7, 2010 Content Curation in B2B Marketing Posted by: Lee Odden of Online Marketing Blog on 06/29/10 1 Comment : Linking Blogs : Add to : Many of the B2B companies that publish corporate blogs have long realized the value of publishing useful content in the form of white papers, case studies, webinars, newsletters and other types of educational content.

5 Critical Roles that Need SEO Skills


White hat SEO is about growing a loyal audience by building useful content for them. Learning your audience and providing the content they’re looking for when they search is job one for Internet marketers. The gist of the story is to build a wiki resource for related teams within IBM (PR, social business, and related web teams). Content Strategists. Product Owners.

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Nofollow Tags: What They Are and Why They Matter


Content spam was prevalent. That’s content that exists only to give context for advertising, or a link. This is found in comments on forums, blogs, wikis, and online guest books; usually the comment exists only for some link to be embedded in. User-generated content on your site is the first place where spammers look to infiltrate your site and control links. Summary.

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines

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Skip to main content. Blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds and social media. In the spring of 2005, IBMers used a wiki to create a set of guidelines for all IBMers who wanted to blog. Whether or not an IBMer chooses to create or participate in a blog, wiki, online social network or any other form of online publishing or discussion is his or her own decision. The rapidly growing phenomenon of user-generated web content—blogging, social web-applications and networking—are emerging important arenas for that kind of engagement and learning.

What to make of the new Oracle.

Acquiring Minds

How well will the hard-hitting and competitive print ads from Oracle make the transition to the world of online media and user-generated content? Forums & Wikis - both websites offer robust forums and Wikis - Again a tie. media wikis You may have caught Kate Maddox of BtoB Online covering the recent Business Marketing Association conference. According to Kate, the candor of Judith Sim, VP-CMO of Oracle, during her keynote at the BMA conference was quite surprising. Judith stated that Oracle has increased its return on marketing despite declining budgets. media.

New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

Customer Experience Matrix

The features within these functions are unusually sophisticated for a micro-business system: email includes dynamic content and a/b tests; Web pages also support a/b testing; Web forms allow progressive profiling; email and Web responses can automatically trigger a follow-up action. It creates email templates with personalization and embedded links but no dynamic content.

The Innovative Educator: 5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network

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technology) and EduBlogger World (for education bloggers) and I launched a social network called iTeach/iLearn (enhancing instruction with tech across the content areas). Find Great Resources on My Wiki Follow me on Twitter. This blog has a companion social network , wiki , and Twitter feed designed to support and reinforce its contents. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Personal knowledge management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Contents. Personal Content Management - taxonomy processes and desktop search tools that enable employees to organize, subscribe to, publish and find information that resides on their own desktops. Personal wiki. Semantic Wiki. Weblogs (with RSS) and wikis are emerging as important elements of some organizational bottom-up PKM systems. All these tools are self-organizing and self-managing tools, introduced ad hoc by self-forming groups within an organization to facilitate knowledge sharing and personal content management. Contents. January 2007).

You’re doing a terrible job with search and social


He has been building is content empire for maybe over a decade. He built his content empire like London was built: hut by hut until it was a crash of streets and chaos. Well, late last year he hired a former managing editor from a major city newspaper full-time in order to completely “rewrite” everything in his content empire. Google hates abandoned content.

A Decade of Homepages: An Inside Look at Our Website Redesign Strategy


Now that I think about it, I’ve probably spent more time redesigning my website than I’ve spent actually creating blog content for it or promoting it. However, to glean even more insight into why we chose certain redesigns, I simply turned to our company''s wiki. Confession: To date, I’ve probably redesigned my personal website approximately abajillion times.

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Marketing Edge

Marketing Edge

About Us What We Do Spotlight Case Studies Contact Us Team Experience Public Relations Social Media Consulting Digital Content Production Health Care Communication News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events Dear Provident Partners, I have a problem. Paul Dunay , on the panel about how to integrate social media into your marketing mix, focused on wikis and has some keys to look for. I’m paraphrasing here; Paul, clarify in comments if you need to. What should I do? That takes time.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2010


Web presence optimization (WPO)—using tactics like SEO, PPC, online PR, social media, content marketing and reputation management in a coordinated fashion to maximize your online visibility and business results—is the core theme of this blog. making it as simply as possible for visitors to share your site content across multiple social networks), and social analytics. Whatever.

Wikipedia Management for Dummies


Wiki Markup Language 101.   ==Category Heading==. The shifting sands – no matter what you do, the Wikipedians have as much ownership of your own content as you do. “Why should I?,” ” you ask, “I can do everything my client wants with my own sites, through social media like Facebook and Twitter , and through SEO.” ” No you can’t. Don’t do it.

Why You Need a Style Guide (and How to Make One)


Your copyeditors should keep a copy of the guide nearby and open, and check all content against it. Today, you can create these documents and store them on shared sites like your company’s intranet or wiki page. Style – do you have it? I don’t mean in the fashion sense, though I’m interested in that, too. But specifically, does your organization have a style guide? And do you use it? Ages ago, when I worked in magazine publishing, one of my very first tasks was to create a style guide for the publication. Why do this to myself? See what I mean? Why you need it.

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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Lesson #6 Master Wikis. Take for example, their WetPaint wiki for marketing students looking for career guidance. Like Marshall recently mentioned in his post Wikis Are Now Serious Business , Wikis are not just for internal use, but can be used for many things.things like teaching, for example. ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk. Last100. About.

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Content Relevance Boosts B2B Vendor Success

Content Marketing for BI

They interviewed over 100 information technology buyers about their content preferences from vendors. IDG noted there has been a 60% increase in content assets over the past five years. The rush is on to get in the content game and offer information prospective and current customers will find valuable and that will ultimately drive sales.

The Importance of Creating Marketing Resources to Improve Writing Quality

Content Standard

As brands transform their organizations into storytellers , inevitably, marketers and brand leaders will ask employees to write stories who aren’t experienced writers, who don’t usually create content for the company. Consistent and quality storytelling is part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. Content Marketing Strategy Enterprise Marketing

Content Relevance Boosts B2B Vendor Success

Content Marketing for BI

They interviewed over 100 information technology buyers about their content preferences from vendors. IDG noted there has been a 60% increase in content assets over the past five years. The rush is on to get in the content game and offer information prospective and current customers will find valuable and that will ultimately drive sales.

10 Clever Website Error Messages From Creative Companies


Well, back in 2009 Google created Google Wave to combine email, instant messaging, wikis, web chat, social networking, and project management. As a content-based business, it makes sense they'd have a great 404 page! They want to make sure users are engaged and entertained, even when they can't provide their usual content. your website will totally still go down. Tumblr.

The 12 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Conference


Goal = Write high quality content. This is the person who attends a conference specifically for blog (or other content) fodder. This person might even write up a wiki page or create a presentation to show your team when they return. 9) The Thought Leader. Should you be networking to make connections with smart people? So which type of conference attendee are you? Just kidding.


Buzz Marketing for Technology

The failure to use graphics effectively to emphasize a point or tell a story in a clear and appealing way is prevalent in most PowerPoint presentations, as well as in content delivered via blogs and wikis. Figure 2 shows the difference between a standard, drab wiki page without graphics and a lively, engaging one with graphics. Figure 2: Wiki Pages With and Without Graphics. Tom Brigham is a consultant for Rexi Media , a company that improves presenters’ delivery skills, whether they present content online, face-to-face, or via on-demand presentations

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18 Tips for Planning a Flawless New Product Launch


If you’re launching a new product that enters your company into a new space -- potentially a space where your company doesn’t have a ton of authority -- start creating content about that space pre-launch. You’ll want to seed this content for SEO purposes and to establish your company as experts in the market. Post these to your internal wiki or as a public blog post. Launch.