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Clever Conversion Tricks for Better Landing Pages


That’s what even a little improvement to your landing pages can do. Think about it: We pour so many resources into our landing pages. Months of content planning, strategy, and creation work. Those landing pages do a lot of work and create a lot of opportunities for you. Lead generation landing pages. Especially with landing pages.

How to Optimize My Landing Pages


My guess would be yes, but the real question is what are you doing with those visitors once they land on your homepage (or any page on your site for that matter)? You’ve spent all this time driving traffic to your website… so you don’t want to lose them on your landing page. What is a Landing Page? 5 Essential Items Every Landing Page Must Have.

How To Build Landing Pages That Convert


Landing pages are important for two reasons – they motivate people to click further into the sales funnel and they capture user data so you can connect with prospects and create qualified leads. Though anyone can create a landing page, not everyone can do it well. Landing pages are an indispensable part of an inbound marketing strategy. Less is more.

Landing Page Fundamentals, Part 3: Landing Page Optimization

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In Landing Page Fundamentals part 1, we covered the anatomy of a successful landing page and in part 2 we discussed how to boost conversions on your landing with great copy and compelling offers. We’ll now conclude this three-part series by showing you how to test and optimize your landing pages. You can test almost any element on a page.

7 Tips for a Successful PPC Landing Page

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Though it’s typical for marketers to invest more time and legwork in the mechanics of search (keywords, bid strategy, campaign structure), I’d argue that the majority of PPC campaigns are won or lost at the close: the landing page. The rewards from making even slight improvements to your PPC landing pages can be dramatic. Here are 7 tips that can make a difference: 1.

Focus Roundtable Recap: Optimizing Landing Page Conversion Rates


I recently hosted a fantastic roundtable discussion on on the topic of Increasing Landing Page Conversion Rates. I consult clients on proper conversion tactics as part of my lead generation services, and wanted to host this roundtable to raise awareness of the benefits of testing and optimizing landing pages for lead generation.

Tips For Landing Page Optimization [Infographic]


You know that landing pages are important for converting web visitors into leads, but are you doing everything you can to optimize your pages? Surprisingly, only 13% of marketers report their landing page optimization strategy is "very successful.". Click Here to View the Full Infographic

7 Conventional Landing Page Design Tactics You Should Still Test


When it comes to optimizing your landing pages, complacency and assumption are your worst enemies. Proven landing page techniques are commonly practiced for a reason, but what works for 90% of websites won’t automatically work for yours. The genius of A/B testing your landing pages is that it allows you get a little bit crazy without making a permanent error.

5 Landing Page A/B Tests (And Their Surprising Results)


When it comes to designing landing pages, there is a difficult balance to achieve between making data-driven decisions and using your intuition. Rather than making guesses or assumptions to fuel your landing page’s performance, your success is dependent on trial-and-error. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to landing page design. Landing Pages

8 Brilliant Landing Page Examples You Need to See


Learning how to put together an A+ landing page is tricky. There are so many elements that a top-notch landing page needs, and making those elements the "best" they can be often depends on what your landing page goals are. So we decided to compile a list of landing pages we love ourselves. 6) Contently. Landing Pages

Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Landing Pages and Website Infrastructure (Pt. 2)

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Now that you’ve spent some time learning the basic steps of SEO , let’s dive a little deeper and discuss the importance of landing pages and infrastructure on your website. . Landing pages. When it comes to landing pages, ask yourself: does the page make sense? . Look at everything before you create the page. Content.

3 Reasons You Need Dynamic Landing Pages


Here are three compelling reasons you need to stop and take a closer look at how dynamic pages could transform the way you manage and optimize paid: DOUBLE CONVERSION RATES. Personalize landing page headlines by Keyword, Geo, Industry, etc. via dynamic content. Scale multi-variate testing to easily swap offer, body content, and main graphic images. SIGN UP NOW!

7 steps to a better B2B landing page


Despite years of practice with digital campaigns, B2B marketers still have trouble getting their landing pages to work as hard as they could. You could say it’s the landing page is where your campaign pays off. Here is my seven-step checklist to ensure your landing pages adhere to B2B best practices: Connect the landing page directly to the outbound message.

How To Design A Profitable Landing Page

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A landing page (LP) is a page that should force visitor to a target action, whether it is purchase, inviting friends, or any other kind of activity. The post How To Design A Profitable Landing Page appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content MarketingTo do this, you need to consider […].

Landing Page Boot Camp: 19 Best Practices to Follow

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Consider these questions: Did you create a specific landing (destination) page for your campaign? What do people see and read when they land on a landing page of your website? Are there 700 words of copy to read on that page alone? Is the content relevant to their needs and demographics? 19 Landing Page Best Practices to Follow: Set a goal.

3 Elements For Building Better Landing Pages


“A great landing page can make the difference between a successful email marketing campaign and a wasted opportunity,” according to a recent post on building landing pages that convert by Litmus. Content of an email is hugely important for engaging buyers, but the landing page guides prospects through their journey. Why focus on the landing page?

These Landing Page Flaws Could Be Hurting Your Conversion Rates [Infographic]


It's an exchange of information: You offer people valuable content, and they offer you valuable information about themselves, like their name, email address, and company. When it comes to meeting your lead generation goals, landing pages are the strongest tools marketers have -- which is why it's so important to get them right.

6 Signs Your Landing Page Needs to Be Redesigned


So if your landing pages are performing well, it might be better to focus your efforts elsewhere. But how can you know for sure if your landing page are in good shape? Here are six signs that your landing page needs to be redesigned or optimized to get you as many high-quality leads as possible. 1) Your landing page conversion rate is low.

How to Write Ridiculously Persuasive Landing Page Content


And landing pages are prime real estate. Want to write persuasive landing page content? But social proof isn’t just about attaching the number of shares a page has gotten. If I haven’t subscribed already, this statistic alone is more persuasive than any other content on the page for getting me to do so. Landing Pages Conversion Rate Daily

13 Solutions to Your Most Common Landing Page Problems


On the surface, landing pages seem simple, right? They''re one page with one form. If you have all the elements of successful landing pages, you should be good to go. For a bare bones landing page, that is enough -- but you could lose out on valuable traffic, leads, and customers if you''re just shooting for bare bones. Landing Pages

Landing Page Techniques that Drive Higher Conversion

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At Search Mojo we’re always looking for new and creative ways to utilize the capabilities of marketing automation software to help drive higher conversion rates for our landing pages and for those of our clients. Conversion is often driven by the effectiveness of the landing page itself. Is the landing page designed with a clear call to action?

6 Costly Landing Page Mistakes That Are Easy to Fix


Confession: My Landing Pages Sucked. The truth be told, I didn’t even have a form on my landing page for the first 12 months. When I finally mustered the courage to ask people for their name and email address in exchange for a valuable piece of content, people accepted in droves. Mistake #4: Not Optimizing Landing Pages for Search.

How Much Copy Do I Need On My Landing Page?

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An effective landing page does two things, I would argue: 1) it validates the viewer’s decision to click on whatever ad it was that led him or her to the page in the first place, and 2) it closes the deal. Landing pages intended to serve as the back end for online ad campaigns typically require more copy because there’s still work to be done.

Landing Page Design: The Secret Sauce, Reducing the Anxiety Factor


When you’re preparing to build a landing page for a campaign, one of the first considerations is the content. Why do visitors buy from one landing page over another when the product or service is the same? When a landing page fails to convert, it’s often for the same reason sales commonly fail, a phenomenon known as sales friction. Not exactly.

Ten tips for a successful landing page

Connecting Element

Landing pages are a vital part of the customer journey – but their importance is often overlooked. Follow our tips to master the mechanics of the landing page and drive your customers towards conversion. The post Ten tips for a successful landing page appeared first on Connecting Element.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages to Better Address Human Behavior


A landing page''s layout, the fonts and colors used, image placement, form length, and other design factors can have an impact on how many people actually choose to fill out the form. Want to design a landing page that persuades people to convert? Only after considering these questions can we begin to think about optimizing our landing pages for conversion.

How to Identify and Fix Friction on Your Landing Pages


Often times this comes as a result of landing page friction -- a barrier that prevents your visitors from completing the action you'd like them to take. To help you get a better grasp on what landing page friction looks like, when it can be used to benefit your business, and how to resolve it when it's hurting your conversions, keep reading. But why? Social proof.

A Go-To Guide to Screwing Up Your Landing Pages


Landing pages are the core of the conversion process. But a high-converting landing page isn''t just a random form, a little description, and a kind-of-related image thrown together onto a web page -- you have to build each component thoughtfully and strategically. There are a lot of really awful landing pages out there. Landing Pages

Best Practices for Email and Landing Page Templates

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Emails and landing pages are the time-tested champions in the world of digital marketing. A slick email template that drives to a coordinated landing page with pithy copy and a compelling offer is a surefire way to capture that lead and eventually, make that sale. Here are few best practices that can improve your email and landing page templates: Create One Focal Point.

5 Ways You Can Add Social Proof to Your Landing Pages


So before we get into how to use social proof on your landing pages, let''s make sure we''re on the same page with what social proof is. When someone lands on your landing page, they don''t know whether your offer is any good -- which gives you the opportunity to sway them using quotes from customers, embedded tweets, and so on. Would you believe me?

The Best Converting Landing Pages for B2B

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Your landing page is your first impression. The best converting landing pages are all built on similar foundations. Driving traffic to your website is, of course, a priority, and building a landing page is a staple of online professional services marketing. Landing pages are not cookie cutter. Landing Page Basics. Text or Video.

8 Must-Have Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts


Conversion copywriters -- the people who write landing page content that converts readers and delivers sales -- are wonderful human beings. 8 Tips for Writing Great Landing Page Copy. HighriseHQ’s landing pages are great use cases of these customer testimonials. leads with benefits in their landing page, pictured below.

The Essential Landing Page Checklist: 16 Things You Need to Double Check


Whether you''re setting up a landing page for the first time or the billionth time, it''s easy to forget something. Though it''s just one page on your website, there are lots of moving parts you need to juggle. To make sure the ball doesn''t get dropped on their landing pages, people have lots of ways of coping. Landing Page Content. Images.

Bringing Landing Pages to Life With Animation


Animations are a great way to add an extra layer of personality and polish to your SnapApp content. In this week’s product blog post, we’ll show off a landing page experience we created using the new Animations tool and then detail some best practices for creating similar effects on your own. Go ahead and click the image below to view our demo page before getting started.

8 Quick Tips to Help Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate


Your business can always benefit from high converting landing pages. The purpose of your landing page is to capture leads and warm them up before sending them further down your sales funnel. Think of your landing page as a work of art. Every detail of your page should have a deeper purpose for being there other than a need to fill up space. Again.

Landing Page Fundamentals, Part 2: Creating Great Copy and Compelling Offers

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A landing page is one of the most important tools a company can use for its sales and marketing efforts. It’s also the first page a visitor sees once they engage with your marketing efforts. In Landing Page Fundamentals part 1, we covered the anatomy of a successful landing page. So how do you create landing pages that convert?

A Detailed Guide to Creating the Best Landing Page Images Ever


Landing Pages are the spice of life. In addition to writing a great headline and having a great offer, you'll need some great imagery to complete your landing page. Follow these tips to get the best landing page images and increase your conversions! Once you find the perfect photo for your landing page, it’s time to optimize it for the web.