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The ‘Less Is More’ Content Strategy


What is the ideal frequency for publishing content? In my view is there is no ideal frequency as it depends upon your site, audience and objectives. However, you can adopt different content strategies from high frequency publishing through to Jay Baer ‘s advice that you should only publish when you have something worthwhile to say. Referenceable content.

Sometimes More Is Better – Hubspot Research Shows Impact Of Volume On Reach And Conversion

B2B Marketing Insider

If an amazing piece of content falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, it does not make an impact. But how often should you publish new content for your business? How many pieces of content do you need to publish to meet your traffic and lead gen goals? But if you’re looking for more solid proof, we can look to the annual study by Hubspot on article volume and frequency. Based on blogging data of their 13,500+ customers , Hubspot found that companies who published more than 16 blog posts every month got almost 3.5x Content Marketing

17 (of the) Best Email Marketing Guides of 2011


81% of marketers are now using social media to expand the reach of their email content, as businesses that combine their email and social media efforts see faster list growth and higher click-through rates than those using email alone. What are the most effective tactics for growing a relevant opt-in subscriber list? ” 6 Tactics to Determine B2B Email Frequency by Mass Transit.

What Does A Content Marketing Plan Look Like?

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Whether you are new to content marketing or not, developing a successful content marketing strategy can be very challenging and time-consuming. How do you know if the content you’re producing will reach your target audience and generate more leads or sales for your business? This simple guide can help you overcome the most common problems in content marketing plans and get to a successful and continuous process to deliver successful and rewarding content marketing plans. What Does An Effective Content Marketing Plan Look Like? Content Marketing

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Why You Need to Stop Neglecting Your Old Content


As an inbound marketer, you work hard to keep your content engine going. You rinse and repeat, pumping valuable time and resources into new content creation to keep your blog fed and your offers fresh. But have you ever noticed how fast that new content becomes "old" content? I recently analyzed the performance of our blog content, and do you know what I found?

10 Ways to Create Great Inbound Content for Your Association


Content can be a great way for your association to engage with constituents. What’s the best approach to creating nonprofit content? By setting goals, getting your team involved, and grounding your writing in a pre-established strategy, you can turn your blog, website and other content channels into a place you get engage with and inform potential customers. But where to begin?

Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010


And that leads to questions, like: What are the best ways to attract more (relevant) followers? Based on research, Courtney Wiley reveals what type of content to tweet, when to tweet it, and the ideal frequency of tweeting to use in order to grow a Twitter following. Active interacting with others, engaging in conversations, and linking to valuable content.&#. Digg this!

The ABCs of Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms


You probably know what content marketing is by now, but do you know all those little nitty gritty terms you need to know to be fluent in content marketing speak? We''ve listed the ABCs of content marketing below to help you map out your content strategy and ensure you''re ticking all of the right boxes to be more successful with your campaigns this year. Dynamic Content.

In Case of Emergency: How to Create & Launch a Content Marketing Campaign in 5 Hours


And a spur-of-the-moment, quick-turnaround-required content push -- while not ideal -- is a situation you ultimately might end up facing. And we need you, [your name], to create and promote some new content pronto so we can generate those leads!". Step 1: Assess and Create Your Content (1 Hour). Which of your buyer personas are you trying to target with this content?

10 Ways to Mix Up Your Visual Content on Social Media


Visual content is the most powerful tool your brand can use to engage your fans on social media. It allows you to express ideas quickly and effectively, which is a valuable tactic to set your brand apart from the vast amount of written content published online every day. So which kinds of visual content works best on social media? 5) Use visual content to link to your blog.

8 Ways to Improve Your Online Content Marketing


It’s 2016, and the digital tsunami rages on, drenching us all in a virtual deluge of online content and forcing companies of all sizes and industry segments to contribute to the endless content flow or be mercilessly drowned out by the competition. In the midst of such a content cataract, the question on everyone’s mind is numbingly simple but profoundly important: how do I improve my online content marketing? To survive and thrive in the digital age, we all know that brands need to develop personalized online content that connects with their customer base.

The Complete Guide to Updating and Republishing Outdated Blog Content


Unfortunately, your marketing content is no exception. Over time, what once was an accurate, fresh piece of content becomes, well. Luckily, just like it''s easy enough to change your address, go shopping for stylish new clothes, get a brand new haircut, or buy new music, it''s also pretty easy to update your content. Updating Old Content? not so much. Why Bother? Right?

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How Authoritative Is Your Content? 7 Tools to Help You Find Out


But not in the content marketing world. Standing out in the elbow-to-elbow class of content marketing practitioners requires more of a competitive spirit than most of are willing to admit. Perhaps the one saving grace of the content game is that armed with the right tools, you can see how you and your company measure up. Content Analysis Tools. ” Lovely sentiments.

Do You Qualify?: The Leads Test You Must Pass


Exclusive Bonus Content: Download Here our Checklist of 7 Cold Email Practices You Should Avoid. Exclusive Bonus Content: Download Here our Checklist of 7 Cold Email Practices You Should Avoid. The marketing team is responsible for creating content relevant to the company buying persona in order to generate leads in the right demographics. What is a qualified lead?

5 Tools to Battle Social Media Content Overload


When Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced last year that we will be sharing twice the amount of content from just 12 months ago, there were some very interesting responses. Finding the right filters to optimize both sharing and consuming content is one of the most important ways of dealing with this information overload. Connect with HubSpot Summify. Buffer. SocialBro. Twylah.

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5 Small Tweaks to Help You Generate More Leads


97% of marketers see the opportunity that content marketing presents, according to a recent survey from HubSpot and Smart Insights. Considering this statistic, it's likely that you already have your hands full with writing quality content to attract new traffic and leads. For tips on how to get more leads out your content assets, keep reading. We've been there.

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How Often Should You Post on Facebook? [New Benchmark Data]


But that doesn't mean we can't glean some valuable insights on how post frequency affects clickthrough rate. This frequency discussion becomes all the more important when you look at the current state of competition on the News Feed. When your followers log in to Facebook, they're getting hit with a ton of content. How Does Posting Frequency Affect Clicks Per Post?

Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions


Looking for insight to guide her own headline strategy, Shoor used a script to analyze over 100 blog posts to determine what type of content works best. In content marketing, relevance is a function of specificity," urges Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners. BuzzSumo is a helpful tool for marketers looking to uncover what type of content performs best for any given topic.

How to Conduct Competitive Analysis to Step Up Your Content Strategy


If you're looking to compete on inbound marketing techniques , you can actually find out quite a lot about your competitors by performing competitive content analysis. Yes, performing competitive content analysis takes significant upfront time, but doing so will help you set a realistic content strategy that will allow you to compete, and eventually overtake, your competitors online.

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How to Map Lead Nurturing Content to Each Stage in the Sales Cycle


The best lead nurturing campaigns begin with content mapping, a process in which you decide what content is most appropriate for a person to receive at a given time. But while a little bit of psychic ability would certainly help, there's actually a structure you can follow to map your content very accurately for your lead nurturing campaigns -- after which you can simply make tweaks on your messaging, email sending frequency , and calls-to-action based on feedback, open rates, click-through rates, and other email marketing metrics. How Content Mapping Works.

What Makes Top Company Blogs So Successful? [New Data]


Developing a great blog with great content that attracts lots of readers and subscribers requires you to be consistent, resourceful, and creative on a daily basis. The key is nailing down the right strategy for publishing, optimizing, and promoting content so you can grow you blog into something spectacular. Here, we've divided it into three parts: social media, search, and content.

How to Turn Your Blog Subscribers Into Valuable Business Leads


With so much emphasis on quality content these days (and rightfully so!), But let me tell you -- building a successful business blog isn''t just about creating content. For example, if you offer email frequency options (e.g. You can also encourage your subscribers to follow you in social media for additional content updates -- a great way to increase your social reach.

Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


Content is everywhere these days. For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. After all, how do you make sense of all “noise” with the constant deluge of new content? Marketo.

Top Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading


Content is everywhere these days. For marketers, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that blogs are the second most used tactic for content marketing (behind social media content). Source : B2B Content Marketing – 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends Report. After all, how do you make sense of all “noise” with the constant deluge of new content? Marketo.

The 5 "Must Haves" To Ignite A Lead Generation Blog

The Forward Observer

To generate leads, a business blog needs to have remarkable content that prospective customers will love and share on social media. And that kind of content is crucial for generating inbound links to your site that can dramatically improve your search engine rankings. Consistency And Frequency. These five things will help you set the blogging world on fire. Wendy Piersall.

10 Reasons Brands Fail to Convert Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

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According to HubSpot, ninety three percent of adults on the Internet are on Facebook, yet only 1% of a brand’s Facebook fans will ever make their way to the company’s main website. Unless the new friend has great content to go back to, there’s not much of a reason to go directly to their page very often, if at all. Test: Copy length and content; image quality and subject matter.

The Social Media Manager's Guide to Staying Organized


Between managing social promotion goals from different departments, staying up-to-date on social mentions and trends, and posting relevant and engaging content on a regular basis, being a social media manager can sometimes feel like herding cats. 1) Keep an updated content calendar. HubSpot customers: Learn how to use the bulk scheduling tool here.) "I Social Media

Competitive Marketing Analysis: 14 Ways to Monitor and Beat Your Competitors


While you’ll likely never know the exact contents of your competitor’s business plan, you can compile as much intelligence possible about how they do business through competitive marketing analysis. Advertising and Campaign Themes: What topics, trends, and concepts are they actively targeting in content marketing ? Are there opportunities to share content or landing pages?


4 Techniques to Optimize Your Nonprofit Newsletter


Organizations use this content piece to educate supporters about their latest achievements and projects, keep donors engaged over time, and lead them to deeper levels of support. 1) Establish the Right Frequency. The key is to send consistent, relevant content often enough to stay top of mind without annoying readers. 2) Focus on Subject Lines. Brevity is also key.

Quality vs. Quantity: A 6-Month Analysis of the Age-Old Blogging Debate


Should you create more content of a lower quality or less content of a higher quality? In an ideal world, the answer would always be less content of a higher quality. To grow a blog, you need to consistently publish content that your readers enjoy reading. That being said, they are willing to consume a higher amount of content than the initial tweet from Rand suggested.

The Top 10 Stats from 2016 that Show the Importance of Email Marketing

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And I think of videos, whose power to transport has rendered the medium invaluable for a solid content strategy. Even in 2016, where spur-of-the-moment, blink-and-it’s-gone content reigns ever supreme, you need email. As with any good content strategy, email’s efficacy lies in its ability to prove a sender knows and respects their audience. to $0.07 in Q2.”

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How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data]


To help answer this question, we pulled some blogging data from HubSpot''s 13,500+ customers. But when we look at the 11+ frequency, the results increase quickly: B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0 - 1 times per month. Want to learn more about how you can boost your blogging frequency? "Blog early, blog often.".

7 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Social Media Account [Infographic]


Every social network is different, so your posting frequency strategy should reflect the norm of the network you’re on. 4) Mentions of Relevant Users. The whole point of being on social media is to talk with other people, so when you’re sharing other people’s content, be sure to give their username a proper shout-out. 1) Your Logo as Your Avatar. Social Medi

How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner's Guide


You have enough on your plate -- do you really need to be figuring out yet another way to create targeted content? As you'll see, there are two types of campaigns that you can create: Sponsored Content, which is used to "attract new followers to your company or showcase page" and "drives engagement with company-specific content.". It might seem a little bit intimidating. Value.

How to Use Welcome Emails to Delight Your New Blog Subscribers


Chances are, you''ve worked hard to get them to subscribe -- you''ve written valuable content that makes them want to come back for more, you''re blogging regularly, and you''ve encouraged them to subscribe. Furthermore, they set expectations with your subscribers by clarifying the types of content they''ll start getting emailed about and how frequently they''ll get those emails.

9 Quick Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


By tinkering with your blog post frequency and keeping an eye on your key metrics (unique visits, leads generated, etc.), Every week (or month), you know that you’ll be producing X posts, and coming up with content to fill those slots becomes another part of the routine. So, you still need to actually create that content (i.e., Section 1: Calls-to-Action. or higher !

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Are Facebook Clicks Totally and Utterly Meaningless?


According to Todd Wasserman's recap on Mashable and a blog on Facebook Studio that recaps the talk, marketers are focusing too much on clicks to measure the effectiveness of their Facebook campaigns, and not enough on two far more critical metrics -- reach, and frequency. I kind of see what he's getting at with the focus on reach and frequency. Clicks don't matter. Wait, what? Hmmm.

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