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A Primer on Website Visitor ID and Smart Form Technology for Lead Generation


Here are some screen shots of the kinds of information you can track from various platforms: This is VisitorTrack , a program developed by netFactor Corporation.  Plus you can research trigger events with Google. The issue here is improving conversion rates while capturing intelligence.  By limiting form fields, conversions increase.  Here’s ReachForce. 

Capture Website Visitors To Know Who Has Been Visiting - They Might Be Qualified Leads

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There are a few very useful applications which not only allow you to track the volume of visitors and their content viewing patterns but also go a step further to help you identify which company those visitors came from which effectively capture potential leads from a simple visit and not necessarily a form fill. Netfactor’s Visitor Track – Web Leads Technology  is one forerunner in this field and helps capture visitors to your company website and also translate which company they are from. See how it works with our Free Trial program. Do You Know Them?

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

delicious b2bmarketing

Recently, I’ve heard from companies like Bulldog Solutions, InsideView, Jigsaw, netFactor, Reachforce, PointClear, Genius, Leads360, among others. Tools that analyze who’s clicking – and help B2B marketers make heads or tails out of Google’s analytics – are bleeding over into the lead management space. 4) Online portals – I know, this is a broad category. But I’m thinking about firms like, TechTarget, Buyerzone, and a ton of others who syndicate content, host catalogs, attract eyeballs, and offer to “sell” these leads. Here’s the problem. Lots of stuff, huh?