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5 Ways to Personalize Emails and Enhance Open Rates

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Sophisticated email marketing programs — fueled by marketing automation — enable relevant communication when used with behavioral triggers. Email is a great tool for marketers to serve up relevant content at the time when a buyer is engaged and likely to respond. But emails can’t support any of these marketing efforts without relevance.

[Chart] How Dynamic Content Drives More Visits

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by Egan Cheung | Tweet this A few weeks ago, we looked at how the right type of personalization in your email subject line can lift open rates by up to 10%. Personalization usually means sticking in some piece of static information you know about the lead you are nurturing, like “Open Me, I know you are a CEO!&#. Sign up here. Share email. Facebook. LinkedIn. StumbleUpon.

3 Ways Interactive Content Can Boost Email Performance

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by contributor | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp , a marketing platform used by companies to create interactive content to generate leads and drive revenue across the web, mobile, social and email. Considering using interactive content in your next email campaign to: 1. In addition, your call to action is already the call to action.

Let’s Celebrate the 2017 Markie Awards Finalists!

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They created visibility into which accounts have the greatest propensity to buy and have implemented Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to target the right individuals and accounts to deliver personally relevant and well-timed messaging. conversion rate from sales appointments to purchase and 251 closed/won deals. times while there was a 68% decline in unsubscribe rates. Cisco.

10 Quick Competitive Advantages for Modern Marketing

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Along with everything you have to do yourself, manage within your team, and measure across your department, there are also plenty of trends and developments within your market that you need to constantly keep track of just to stay relevant. When in doubt on what content goes where, let your buyer’s questions plot it out. It’s tough. people involved in a B2B buying decision. vs. 6.9%).

How Lenovo Kept Things Simple, and Won a Markie


Read on to see how Michael developed an “always on” marketing platform, his opinion on video as a content type , and his tips for marketers trying to justify investments in marketing technology. The core idea of “always on” marketing is still about delivering content, but it’s about doing it in a data-driven way that leads the customer along the funnel, when it works best for them.

How to Use Nurture Programs to Arm Your Sales Teams with Smart Data

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by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Lead nurture programs offer marketers the opportunity to distinguish a plethora of data points — from what content is being viewed, and key answers to progressive profiling question — to comments pages, and sidebar calls-to-action, and so much more. Competitive content review - Is there white space we can take advantage of? Where did your team start?

Are Your Prospects Scared to Talk to Strangers? [CHART]

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Each outgoing email can be signed with personalized sender information such as social profiles, phone numbers, addresses and other relevant contact details. This seemed reasonable to us – one would expect that people are more likely to read through and engage with content that they believe was curated for them by somebody. versus 7.2% respectively.

Intermediate Techniques to Build a Better Email Marketing Campaign

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You’ve got the basics of email marketing down, sending well-targeted content according to a thoughtful calendar. Early-stage leads, for example, may be interested in an offer for your new pieces of premium content. This lead nurturing strategy is the beating heart of a content marketing campaign, and calls-to-action through email are one of the primary vehicles for this nurture.

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The Danger of Email Marketing Benchmarks « The Effective Marketer

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Studies from multiple email marketing service providers show different numbers when it comes to delivery rates, bounce rates, open rates, clickthrough rates, and more. Our open rates average 30%. If I were to look at benchmark data from MailChimp we are doing way better than their published rate of 18% for companies in the software industry.

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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The lead management automation market, about which I blogged previously , continues to attract new players at a rapid rate. I would put the lead management automation crop here: Eloqua, Loopfuse, Manticore Technologies, Market2Lead, Marketo, and Vtrenz. I would also put another group — one more focused on helping marketing align with, support, and enable sales: firms like BrightMarket, einsof, Longwood Software, and with their Saleforce Content offering, to name a few. 9) Collaboration — capabilities like wikis, sales-contributed content, voting and tagging.