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Best SEO Link Building Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)


Nine Tools for Your Link-Building Toolkit by ClickZ. In this brief but useful post, Jessica Nielsen explains five ways, such as crafting a relevant “professional headline,&# to use LinkedIn to improve your company site’s Pagerank. Another piece from Garret French, this one outlining his recommended link building plan, starting with linkable asset identification: “common linkable assets include webinars, job listing pages, PDFs, blogs, forums, subject matter experts, deals, news, a community participant, contests, podcasts, and free tools.&#. Digg this!

Best SEO Link Building Guides, Techniques and Tools of 2010


Noting that “link exchange is dead, ad banners are no longer all about gaining referral traffic, and buying links is more dangerous than ever before,&# Scott McLay offers an outstanding guide to link building strategies, considerations, methods and tools. Pointing out that “The link architecture/structure of a website is extremely important for the SEO because it affects the search engine crawling, the indexation and the PageRank distribution. Best SEO Link Building Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far). Digg this! How much is a link worth? Tweet This!

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Company Blog

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“A blog has the flexibility to produce content easily, syndicate that content through any medium using RSS, and convert that audience into customers.&# If you can’t keep generating content, then don’t start,&# explains Karr. Your goals should drive your content. And a knack for condensing your content into a “Top 5″ list. Analysis?

Best of 2008 (So Far) - Cool Web Tools, Part 2


Here are more of the most useful business, social media and web marketing tools of 2008. Included here are some interesting new tools for getting more out of search, reflecting your personality on Twitter, collaborating with teammates online, writing blog posts more efficiently, accessing your home or office desktop PC from the road, and more. It's free and very simple to set up.


Best of 2009: SEO Tips, Part 1


How can you get the most of out of Google’s free webmaster tools to improve rankings? What other tools are worth checking out for keywords, linking and website analysis? The brilliant—and entertaining—David Harry provides an exhaustive list of the primary and secondary factors affecting search engine rank, from link-related factors (link text, relevance, PageRank) and header data through trust-related factors (domain history, outbound links) and “dampening factors&# (poor coding, duplicate content and URL issues). Digg this! Blogging helps.

High Points on the Social Media Landscape


Describing it through the four C's—content, context, connections and conversation—was one approach. Another is to look at the different types of websites and tools that comprise the social media landscape. Site Alexa Rank (March 2009) Compete Traffic (February 2009) Compete 1-Year Traffic Change Google Pagerank Facebook 5 73,787,766 +159.0% Site Alexa Rank (March 2009) Compete Traffic (February 2009) Compete 1-Year Traffic Change Google Pagerank Digg 243 33,433,760 +51.2 8 LinkedIn 14 11,246,726 +137.4% 8 Plaxo 1,440 2,629,043 +144.7% 7 What did I miss?

Best of 2007: Blog Posts on Social Media Marketing


7 Reasons Why Niche Social Media Outlets are Better Than Digg by AjaxNinja After noting that "Digg has an immense amount of traffic and getting landed on the front page will send a tsunami of new readers to your blog or website, but getting onto the front page is incredibly difficult. This early success with social media can have long-lasting effects on search engine rankings as well."

The Role of SEO in PR

PR Meets Marketing

Simply put, it's a measurement that seeks to determine the value of that page based on content and the number of inbound links to that page. Google PageRank uses a scale of 1-10 to rank pages. I've now started using tools like Wordtracker , Google Adwords Keyword Tool and more to determine what key phrases/keywords are more strategic for what I'm writing. .

Book Review: Website Optimization


For example, though I've used many keyword tools and even written about some of the best keyword research tools here and here , I somehow managed to overlook Wordtracker's free keyword suggestion tool , which uses data from Dogpile and Metacrawler to estimate search volume across all search engines. Buzz , Digg and "A Or at least almost any business.

Best of 2008: SEO Link Building


His deck actually covers the organic search marketinging basics—keywords, content and links. His tips include using news monitoring tools to react to new developments quickly; taking a stand on a controversial issue within your industry; and creating linkworthy content (glossaries, reviews, advice, tools, assets, news, etc.). That works sometimes.). Jeff Quipp.