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3 Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know

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Therefore, marketing and sales campaigns which provide the prospect with honest content where the buyer can educate themselves is vital. Your sales team’s prospecting activities (emails, phone calls) should leverage this content and assist in identifying the issues and required capabilities. Three Magic Questions a Sales Manager Must Know. Why now? Why with us? Why do anything?

Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

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You created great content (for everyone involved). Todd Schnick is a writer, media and content strategist, and business talk radio host and producer. Trade Shows Can Work-new idea ! The blog below is Todd’s.  I hope you enjoy!  Shame. But if your trade show strategy is built on walk-up traffic, you are better off saving your money. Your efforts will fail. Really? Yes really. Simple.

Hire High Performance Sales Teams # 2

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Steady —Usually amiable, supportive and relaxed, steady individuals appear contented, even laid back. Hiring High Performance Sales Teams. Follow this formula to hire sales superstars. Second installment of a two-part article on sales recruiting). “ If you can find good people, they can always change the product/service. Arthur Rock, Harvard Business Review, 1987. Define the Ideal Profile.

4 Measures to Find Out if Your Prospecting is Effective

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So, you start using social media and work on creating a following by sharing content. You start creating all sorts of downloadable content – eBooks, white papers, checklists and Infographics. 4 Measures To Find Out If Your Prospecting is Effective. By Sean Burke. CEO, KiteDesk. Finding prospects and nurturing them into leads is an integral part of any sales cycle. How many attended?

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

Selling Above and Below the Line

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Have each of your salespeople read one chapter a week and discuss the content during your weekly sales meeting.). Selling Above and Below the Line. You need this book! This week’s blog is another book review and it’s a terrific read. The book is titled: Selling Above and Below the Line by Skip Miller, published by AMACOM. Understanding the ATL Energy. Sharpen Your Business Acumen. Books

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Important Grammar in Business Presentations

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No matter how strong the content being presented, if it’s littered with grammatical or spelling errors, it will come off as amateurish and unprofessional. Put some space between your first and second drafts — preferably a good night’s sleep. A new day gives you a truly fresh perspective on not only grammar and spelling, but content. Hope you enjoy! They’re judging you. Always Revise.

Sales Management: Taking Smart Risks

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also liked the fact that each chapter included “Summary Notes’, they were a great addition to re-capture the contents. His 13 endorsements should speak to the quality of the content: published by McGraw Hill: Taking Smart Risks by Doug Sundheim. Sales  Management: Taking Smart Risks. How Sharp Leaders WIN When Stakes are High. Blog:  . Books

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Programs to Increase Your Professionalism

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This session will: • Review the importance of forecasting tools, their design, how effective sales managers use them to ensure monthly revenues are attained and appropriate content. . Programs to Increase Your Professionalism. This is one of 10 Sales Management Training programs from Top Sales Management: read below. Learn to build predictable revenue. REGISTER: [link]. 3f4qb8v9ge.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Content Marketing: Why 7 IV. Content Marketing: When 12 V. Content Marketing: How 17 VI.

Managing A Sales Manager

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The purpose of this document is to describe in the simplistic terms possible the specific deliverable content for both parties to review and discuss the 60 day plans of the sales and marketing organization. Managing a Sales Manager  . Acumen Management Group  . Discipline, Accountability and Control. Sales Management Reporting  . Date: _                              For Month Ending:  __ .

Your 2012 Sales Plan

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Topics:          Table of Contents for the Section.   Your 2012 Sales Plan. It’s a little late to begin planning your 2012 Sales Plan, but in a conversation last week with a reader of this blog, I realized there maybe others who have not formalized their 2012 plan.  I have included below the various “categories” you should consider in building a plan. facing in 2012? •          What assumptions are you making about the market in 2012? •          What assumptions did you make about your. offerings in 2011? Still true? •          What assumptions did you make about your company.

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Sales Mgmt: Do your team know how to prospect?

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Sales Managers:  Does Your Team Know How to Prospect? It seems that every client I have worked with over the past 14 years has had a challenge in creating enough leads driven through their sales teams. Does that sound familiar? Last week I was fortunate to read: The Sales Winner’s Handbook by Wendy Weiss, “The Queen of Cold Calling”.  Introductory Appointment Setting Scripts. Books

Life Enrichment: what does it mean?

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Expanding Ones Contentment. Life Enrichment: what does it mean? Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “Life Enrichment is Yours?” I received a variety of comments regarding the topic, one however was quite interesting. The primary basis for my keynote program is a title I have discussed before: Gourmet Living, building a menu for your life. All good comments.

HowTo Deliver a TED Talk

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Content ; in this section he provides the structure of the talk: examples. You will learn how they built their content and created their top performing programs-seeing actual speaker worksheets and outlines was a very important element in connecting the dots. How to Deliver a TED Talk. Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations. Choosing an Idea. Organizing Your Talk. Books

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Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Conclusion 31 Table of Contents ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY3 In 2008, General Electric CMO Beth Comstock had just.

A Missed Week, but alot to cover…on Sales Leadership

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Compelling Content-how to write effectively. A Missed Week-But A lot to Cover. For the first time since I started my blog-I missed a week!  It has been a busy time, last week I flew into Toronto on Sunday to speak at the weeklong Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference/WPC and after delayed flights, lost luggage and a jammed week of meetings, programs and events; I simply couldn’t get to it.  I apologize to my many frequent readers. Each of the members spoke about: The components of a Marketing Plan. List Management Strategy. Partner Marketing Execution. Over 250 people participated. .

Guest Post: Managing Salespeople: Compensation Survey!

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She is a web content writer for Media, Inc. Guest Posts  for Your Sales Management Guru. Ken: We have two posts today, first How to Manage  Manipulative Sales Employees and a BONUS Sales Compensation Survey to help you plan. How to Manage Manipulative Sales Employees. Employees come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. There is rarely smooth sailing in sales. Plan Ahead.

Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning?

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The content of the webcast was based upon our ESTEEM Formula, a format we use to work our clients through a process to build their business plans. Are You Ready for 2015 Business Planning ? Last week I did a web cast for a vendor that was designed for their channel resellers. The program was an effort by the vendor to increase the professionalism and productivity of their partners.  link].

The Perfect Close

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James writing style along with his content makes his book contemporary and a complete book to take an average performer to the next level. The Perfect Close. -A book review-. The quality of new sales related books coming out is amazing and The Perfect Close by James Muir is another high quality book to add to your library. You can find it on Amazon. Do you have a Plan?-A Books

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Staffing Your Content Team 24 VI. Pros, Cons, and Costs of the Top 10 Content Distribution.

Slammed!!! The first time sales manager

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There are four Sections in the book and 57 chapters, be prepared for a ton of content and idea’s that have faced me over the 20+ years of sales leadership challenges. Slammed!!! Obviously I had participated in various sales training programs and I had a few perceptions of what a sales manager should do, but obviously I was scrambling and at the same time trying achieve sales objectives.

Putting for Par’s: Are you practicing properly?

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For some reason they could not find 2 hours over six weeks to read 15 pages of content.  Sales Leadership: Are you practicing properly? Putting for Par’s. happen to be in Florida this weekend, taking a few days off to visit relatives, play golf and enjoy the weather.  We played 36 holes the past two days, my first real golf of the season so before we came down from Knoxville I went to the driving range at home and hit two buckets of balls to attempt to regain some form of respectability. What are you doing to increase your professional skill levels?

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Corporate Entrepreneurship: Good for Small & Large Business

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While the book is aimed at corporate America, as I read through the content I easily saw the importance of the book for small business.  found the content straight forward, easy to read, with great examples from organizations like Apple. Corporate Entrepreneurship : Good for both small and large business. Over twenty years ago I was working for a small business in Minneapolis, during that period of time I had an idea for a business that was related but not directly aligned with the small business’s main focus-selling software and computers to small business.

Sales Leadership: Work Out Time

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Here’s what they have to say:  “ Great content, energetic delivery, high value”. Your Sales Leadership Workout. May 9 & 10, 2012. Atlanta, GA.   A Proven Regimen for Getting. Your Sales Organization in Shape   . Build a proactive approach to sales management that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team. . Learn how top performing sales leaders muscle up their teams to pump up predictable revenues.  Informative, educational, spot-on”. Information and tools you can put to use immediately”. Outstanding, just what I needed”. Inspiring”. Intense ”. 1125 Sanctuary Pkwy.,

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Content. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV. Components of a Content Methodology V. Create a Content Plan VI. Contents “ If you want to learn. content possible based. the content creation and. Competitive Content.

Sales Leadership Workout! Dec 8th

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Here’s what they have to say about the event: “Great Content, Energetic Deliver, High Value.”     “Outstanding, just what I needed.”. Is your organization and your sales team suffering from:  Puny Revenues?  Weak Results?   It’s Time for a Sales Leadership Workout!   A 1.5 Day Regimen for Getting. Your Sales Organization in Shape for 2011. Build a proactive approach to Sales Management 2.0 that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team.  Learn how other top performing sales leaders have muscled up their teams to pump up predictable revenues. value). value). 117 Depot St.

Know Your Competition-Sales Management

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This ensures the content is what you want and that the salesperson has done the proper research. Strategic sales managers know they must be creative when it comes to developing a sales strategy. With fewer opportunities in most pipelines these days, salesforce management is increasingly focused on executing brilliantly on each and every sales opportunity.  . One component in sales team training is to perform a semiannual competitive assessment. Here’s Certainly, this number can vary. Two, copies of their Web site should be in their presentation. Move up and move ahead! 3f4qb8v9ge.

Planning Your Sales Training

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The important aspect to remember is for the sales managers to “Inspect what you expect”… meaning prior to your salesperson’s training event you must review their content and knowledge.  Planning Your Sales Training.  In my soon to be published book on Sales Management, one topic I discuss in great detail is salesperson development and training. Besides recruiting effectively, training and development are the next most important aspects of the sales leader’s job. like to recommend that members of your sales team become the sales trainers. link].

Sales Puny? Need a Workout?

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Here’s what they have to say about the event:   “Great Content, Energetic Deliver, High Value.”     “Outstanding, just what I needed.” Is your organization and your sales team suffering from: Puny Revenues?  Weak Results?   It Maybe Time for a Sales Leadership Workout!   A  one &  1/2 Day Regimen for Getting  Your Sales Organization in Shape   . Build a proactive approach to Sales Management 2.0 that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team.  Learn how other top performing sales leaders have muscled up their teams to pump up predictable revenues. value). value).

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Copyright © 2015 Contently. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Contents GOING LONG: HOW 5 B2B TECH BRANDS BUILT VALUABLE AUDIENCES THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY, LONGFORM CONTENT CONTENTLY3 Brands aren’t just publishing. Introduction 4 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Red Bull has long been the strongest example of this.

Changes in Sales & Sales Mgmt? What do you think?

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Sales management must recognize this and ensure their sales process mapping and training includes content on 2.0 Changes in Selling or Sales management? Living in the Southeast where football is a lifestyle, the radio sports talk shows and the newspapers sports pages are covered with discussions regarding the changing PAC 10, Big 12 and even Nebraska going to the Big 10 and the potential impact on the SEC. The changes that could occur impact TV, basketball and all non-revenue sports and as expected-there are opinions on all three sides of each issue. experience. Sales 2.0”

Sales Leadership, Marketing and Social Media

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Topic Hubs are sites that aggregates content from a variety of sources, organizes that content around keywords in the topic domain, and supports both manual and social curation of that content. The goals of the B2B Marketing Zone are: Collect High Quality Content -. Help Surface Content that Might Not be Found –. Sales Leadership, Marketing  and Social Media . As sales leaders we must all seek to understand new approaches, current technologies and how marketing and sales execution  must work in conjunction to exceed our revenue goals. Using social media? 

When Plagiarism is NOT Flattering

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His subject matter is important to us all, I know, I have actually attended a conference and heard other speakers using my content and PPT slides that resemble mine.  When Plagiarism Is NOT Flattering. The following blog is from a friend of my from TOP Sales Experts, a group of International consultants in Sales and Sales Management.  The internet can be so easy to simply &# copy&#   and use others expertise.   Ken Thoreson.  . would like to introduce you to Michael J. Roman – Michael who? Exactly. You can read more here. Roman. All rights reserved. Roman.

Sales and Social Media-3 Keys

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He’s also the award-winning writer of the Webbiquity blog , which focuses on B2B lead generation and Web presence optimization — the fusion of SEO, search marketing, social media, content marketing and interactive PR. . Three Key Social Media Tactics for Sales. Social media may have even more value in sales than in marketing, as marketers still generally deal with prospects in groups, while sales professionals deal with them as individuals—which is where the social media rubber really hits the road. Stay current on what your company is doing with social media. Use LinkedIn.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. B2B marketers are expected to use that data, in combination with new tools for content. relevant and carefully targeted) content. Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. content. B2B Marketing.

Selling is Emotional

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For our part, with many of our consulting clients, prior to going on-site to evaluate their organization, we review their brochures, Web site and standard proposal content. In most cases, the content is boring or stagnant. As sales leaders, your sales training program must review your team’s content, messaging and verbal descriptions to find the “so what&# statements. During this past weekend, I attended the National Speakers Association conference in Nashville. So where does this fit with you as a salesperson (or sales leader or executive)? Nothing. 3f4qb8v9ge.

From Mealy to Meaty: How to Create Better Content


Many of us content marketers have been operating under a faulty premise. Every year, we’ve made it a priority to create more and more content. Even this year, 76% of B2B content marketers say they will create more content. But does more content result in better content? We could get more strategic about curating some content. So what to do?  .

What is structured content?


Structured content is the most important trend in digital marketing that you’ve probably never heard of. Of all the stories and advice in our book Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing , the one that has attracted the most questions from my colleagues is the section on structured content. All that did was change the shape of the content.

7 Content Marketing Mistakes Costing You Time and Money


Content marketing is getting harder. Ironically, it’s because of the content itself. There’s just a crazy amount of content available right now. Here’s what the increase looks like year over year: That rate of content publishing – sometimes called content “velocity” – isn’t going to stop. Because it appears the more content we publish, the less engagement we get.

Cost 117

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. 700 content marketers. CONTENTLY STUDY: HOW MUCH OF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE? Content marketing is having a moment. billion dollars on content marketing this year, and that number is growing fast. Our content measurement survey from. 68% 16.7%