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Cartoon: Who is creating content for your company?

Digital Body Language

First posted this morning on It's All About Revenue : Tags: Social media Content Today's my first attempt at cartooning (okay, not really, all the hard work was done by gifted cartoonist Brady Bonus ). hope you enjoy it!

Marketing Dashboard: Passive Discovery

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One of the main ways in which people discover your message , of course, is coming across your messages "passively", through ads, content, and social media sharing. However, great content that allows an organization to earn passive discovery is often much less trackable. Effort this is invested in creating and promoting great content results in a slow and steady growth in awareness.

Evaluating Marketing Automation - 10 Questions To Ask

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Do we have the right content? Do we have the content in place to guide buying criteria over time as we nurture? 4) How will our marketing automation data and CRM data integrate seamlessly? The market for marketing automation software is doing very well these days. While many of the discussions can focus on software and feature/function comparisons, this is only one element of success.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Expect from Marketing Automation

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Create interesting and relevant content. Many marketers fail to consider the amount of educational content necessary to address their buyers’ concerns. While a marketing automation system will deliver the content, you’ll still need to develop a content strategy and create engaging communications. Define buyer personas. Engage with others through social media.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

Buyer Roles, Buying Stages, and Perception Challenges

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We looked earlier at the evaluation of existing content assets that can be done at each stage of the buying process, and for each buyer role involved. similar exercise needs to be done to assess where the need for content is greatest. Tags: leaky funnel Discovery Buying Process Validation Buyer Roles Education Content Awareness

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Lead Scoring: Eight Critical Questions to Consider

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For example, if you are looking at the title to find an executive responsible for content strategy, you may give 10 points for "VP", "Content", "Digital", "Media" or "Production". However, would you want to give 50 points for a "VP of Digital Content and Media Production". Much of the conversation around how best to set up lead scoring tends to focus around the aspects of the buyer's digital body language that are most interesting. What whitepaper, excerpt, or download they last looked at, and what this means in terms of their propensity to purchase. who to nurture further?

Four Reasons for an Information Concierge

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The Need for an Information Concierge I believe though, that there are four reasons that the information concierge role is necessary, and will continue to grow, even as search engines continue to improve: Clarity: As buyers look for deeper and deeper content, the clarity with which they must craft their search query increases. So why not search? What department are they part of?

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Event Marketing and the Information Concierge Concept

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Rather than share the usual “promotional” content that we all see at these events, BKV took a different approach. They are looking for insights, ideas, and great content. I was down at IMS in Atlanta recently, spending time with a lot of very interesting and creative marketers. One of the techniques that caught my eye this time came from Jamie Turner and the team at BKV Digital.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2B on content creation and distribution. Additionally, 77% of marketers say content is core to business success. on content development initiatives. content.

Four Interesting Trends from Dreamforce

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marketing analysis CRM Integration data management ContentLast week I had the pleasure of wandering the floor at Dreamforce, ’s annual conference. As the SaaS conference of the year, it’s a great time to get a pulse on how everyone is thinking about the next few years. With that possibility, revenue analytics jumps to the forefront as an extremely hot area.

Marketing Dashboard: Active Discovery

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If a term is performing poorly, either an investment in search engine marketing against that term, or a focus on content around that term may improve your chances of being actively discovered by buyers seeking information on that term Deeper Searches As looked at earlier, however, the way in which buyers seek information is changing. Of course, overall trends are also very much of interest.

Is Foursquare Relevant for B2B Marketers?

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Whereas I’m far from a power user, I have unlocked a few badges (sadly, one of my first was the “Jetsetter” badge that is given for checking in at 5 airports), and I’m in strong contention for the Mayorship of Eloqua. Recently, I’ve been playing around with foursquare to get a better understanding of it, and think about how it might have a significant impact on B2B marketers.

5 things to do to get ready for coming communication shift

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Not only will this ensure a discipline of search-friendly practices, but it will guide your company culture towards one that thrives on the continuous creation of great content. 5) Watch the Search Majors : As Google deepens its investment in display advertising , and Bing makes similar moves, their ability to target “discovered” conversations will continually increase.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Content Marketing: Why 7 IV. Content Marketing: When 12 V. Content Marketing: How 17 VI.

The Next Transition in Communication

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Filtering through this noise is a daunting challenge, and whereas most social media can be filtered by keywords or brand names, this still tends to result in an overwhelming volume of content. 5. Over time, the way in which communication happens has gone through some very interesting transitions. One-to-One The oldest form of communication is the one-to-one model.

Marketing Dashboards

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As content is provided to the sales team to use in their communications, a dashboard should be set up to provide insight into which content assets are being used, and which members of the sales team are most active. Especially in B2B marketing, the length of the buying process leads to challenges in defining metrics that make sense for a marketing dashboard.

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What is B2B Marketing?

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This leads to a need in B2B marketing for a significant amount of content. Mapping marketing content to the buying cycle is key in ensuring you have the right assets available for each of the buyers involved. This active management of the top of the marketing funnel leads to unique challenges for B2B marketers, as there is a need for rich thought leadership content of interest to prospects at the top of the marketing funnel in order to effectively nurture leads until they are ready to consider a purchase. What exactly defines Business to Business (B2B) Marketing?

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Interview with David Meerman Scott

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As part of that transition, we need to focus on creating a steady flow of rich, interesting, shareable content. See below for our conversation (if this does not load, please click here to see the full conversation with David Meerman Scott ): Interview with David Meerman Scott Towards the end of the conversation, DM Scott also spoke about how to balance freely shared content with the need for a flow of qualified leads for our sales teams. I had a chance to chat with David Meerman Scott recently on a wide variety of topics.

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Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Conclusion 31 Table of Contents ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY3 In 2008, General Electric CMO Beth Comstock had just.

The Medium is the Message: B2B Marketing, Social Media, and Conversation Context

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The medium in which a message is delivered has as much of an effect as the content delivered in that medium. The medium in which a message is delivered is as important to consider as the content of the message itself. Content of conversations cannot be understood separate from the context of the medium in which they are held. It is the same in social media.

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The Goals of Lead Nurturing

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The need to maintain your audience’s permission to stay in contact with them is the key driver of why high quality, valuable, non-salesy content is crucial to your nurture strategy. However, that content can also guide thought processes and decision criteria. Depending on the buying process challenge you face, you can use this content marketing opportunity to educate buyers on what is possible, or on key buying criteria they may not have considered. One of the most common ways to use a marketing automation system is for lead nurturing.

6 Ways For Marketing to Help with Social Media

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Most are organized more around "lightning strike" rather than "flywheel" investment patterns, and often marketing teams do not contain the real subject matter experts needed as content creators for great social media efforts. The content on each post is very likely long-tail or niche oriented, so the traffic volumes for each one will not be large, but the relevance will be very high.

4 Quick Steps to Understand Search Discoverability

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Find the first piece of content from your web properties, and record the rank. For each of your 10 main phrases, how many people are finding your content each month. At a raw traffic level alone, this can provide a lot of insight into the success of your efforts to get content ranked on the search engines. We are not all natural search experts, nor should we be.

Content Strategy for Marketing

Content. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. content is critical. Learn how developing a content strategy can help you reach. Whitepaper The Value of Content to Marketing. Content Strategy: Taking Your Content to the Next Level. Content Maturity Checklist. Content to. Your content.

Calculating the True Cost of an Email Campaign

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Irrelevant messaging, poorly targeted content, and thinly disguised sales pitches will quickly drive your audience away. Since the advent of email marketing in the mid-1990s, companies have embraced the misconception that email is virtually “free” as a marketing medium. To understand true cost, you need to first understand your marketing database a little better.

The Sales Team as a Content Testing Crucible

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Marketing teams generally work hard to provide not just content and messaging that is available online, but also content and messaging that can be used directly by sales teams as they guide buyers through the buying process. Tags: marketing analysis sales enablement sales and marketing alignment Content


The Content Gap - Lead Nurturing and Content Creation

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The best, if not only, way to do this is with great content that adds value, is thought-provoking, and captures the attention of the prospective buyer based on where he or she is in her buying process. Typically, buyers progress through stages of a buying process from Awareness, to Discovery, to Validation, and have unique content needs at each stage.

LinkedIn as Facebook for the Business World

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(note, this post was cross-posted on It's All About Revenue last week) I've long been a bit skeptical about the use of Facebook for sharing business content. However, for content like whitepapers, it just does not work. I'm currently running an experiment to see if B2B content is "likeable" on Facebook , and while I have not compiled the data yet, the answers are looking bleak.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Staffing Your Content Team 24 VI. Pros, Cons, and Costs of the Top 10 Content Distribution.

Discoverable Messages and Direct Marketing

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Direct Marketing and the Challenge of Attention On the other end of the spectrum, with the exponential growth in all forms of direct communications, especially online forms such as email, the challenge is no longer the delivery of the content. The more well targeted a message is in either approach, and the more relevant the content, the better a message is "discovered".

6 things the iPad means for B2B Marketers

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Tags: Mobile sales enablement lead management Content

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Dynamics of Influencers

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Whereas historically, there may have been a few analysts worth focusing on, and a similar number of publications, there are now many, many more blogs, lifestreams, content sites, and magazines (let’s call them all "publications" just to keep things simple). These are often the subject matter experts who truly understand the content that is relevant to the topic at hand.

Mapping the Buying Process - A Framework

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One of the recurring themes in this discussion has been the concept of thinking in terms of a buying process not a selling process. Many times when I speak about this topic publicly, there is general agreement in the audience, but the question of how to map a buying process often comes up. Every organization, and every industry, deals with a slightly different set of buying challenges.

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Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Content. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV. Components of a Content Methodology V. Create a Content Plan VI. Contents “ If you want to learn. content possible based. the content creation and. Competitive Content.

The Evolution of Social Influence

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If the key influencers in your topic area see a piece of content or a viewpoint as being relevant and correct, it will become discoverable to those who are interested in that topic area within a much broader network. Increasingly, social media sites are investing in ways to list, rank, and categorize participants. Twitter’s new list feature is the most recent incarnation of this.