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Best B2B Lead Posts in 2014: Lead generation, lead nurturing and content marketing

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This requires a customer-centric approach that involves staying relevant and informed on what the customer wants to learn and then being helpful and building trust through effective nurturing content. Topic #3 — Words, words, words: The almighty power of content. Here’s what we’ve learned in 2014 to make content marketing the best it can be. Put you customer first.

Inbound Marketing: How a B2B company used a content marketing strategy to improve customer experience

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Although the content is from Precor, notice that they are not selling product at this level. The content is simply establishing who the brand is in the mind of the future gym owner. As you analyze the content schedule, you can see a very clear funneling throughout the year, pointing each group toward a purchase. Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing [More from the blogs].

6 Ideas to Create More Relevant Lead Nurturing Emails

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Also, you can tell a lot based on the content people are engaging. Idea #4: Map content and message based on role or job function personas. What content do they need? Read more about effective content marketing here: Content Marketing: 4 stages to mapping your content strategy. Lead Nurturing: 5 tips for creating relevant content [More from the blogs].

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

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Lead nurturing is something that’s fairly easy to understand, but for many, it’s become a frustrating thing consistently execute for two reasons: Lack of content. No plan for consistency. I’ve found that many marketers get stuck on not having enough good and effective lead nurturing content. How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content ? lead nurturing program can leverage existing investments that you have made in other marketing efforts such as trade shows, webinars, direct mail, PR and other marketing collateral by repurposing the existing content.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

Lead Nurturing: What it is, and what it is not

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Offering content that promotes your company’s products and services and does not take into account your prospects’ interests or needs at their stage of buying. Sharing content that’s relevant and valuable, even if they never buy from you. 2. Sending a targeted email that includes content based on: Recipient’s industry and/or role in the company. Starting to get my point?

4 Steps to Lead Nurturing: Walking the buying path with your customers

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Salespeople often struggle with developing nurturing content without support. If you’re wondering what kinds of content helps progress leads further faster, ask your sales team. Start by asking your sales team questions like, “What’s the content you share with leads that helps them convert?” or “What’s the content you use to help take people to the next level?”.

31 Tips for Improving Sales and Marketing Lead Generation Alignment

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Share nurturing content. Learn what content is most helpful to progress customers. Tweet More often than not, there seems to be a disconnect between Marketing and Sales. Not having these two teams aligned can be a vital — and costly — mistake. How does your sales team perceive the leads Marketing produces? Be honest. They love them — couldn’t be happier! The say leads, what leads?

Lead Nurturing in 6 Simple Steps

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Find content – articles, blogs, white papers and the like – that addresses these issues. Pass this content by your sales team. Ask them whether their customers would value it.  As much as you can, repurpose content. Email prospects this relevant content, but whatever you do, don’t pitch. Lead Nurturing B2B buyer personas content marketing In fact, they have been.

Lead Nurturing: Unique tracks and impactful tests

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing [More from the blogs]. Lead nurturing via email series and content marketing [More from the blogs]. Lead Nurturing content marketing lead generation Think relevance. This is the essence of lead nurturing. Without relevance, lead nurturing becomes just another marketing campaign. Sowing + Nurturing = Reaping. So does the second.

Content Marketing: 4 stages to mapping your content strategy

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Effective content marketing starts with listening to customers to truly understand them, and then identifying the personas of your audience, according to Ninan Chacko, CEO, PR Newswire. In his keynote at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013, Ninan explained the five steps to effective content marketing. In it, you’ll also learn: How content has and will always impact media.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. contently.com By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Content Marketing: Why 7 IV. Content Marketing: When 12 V. Content Marketing: How 17 VI.

B2B Content Marketing: Find the bigger story

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet “Anybody here think you have nothing to create content around? ” Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute, has heard this issue from a lot from B2B marketers. Many do not think they have any content that is relevant or exciting enough to share to their audiences. Content Marketing: 3 tips for how to get started [More from the blogs].

Lead Generation via Influencers and Experts in 4 Steps

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing [Via Convince and Convert]. Tweet Proactively building relationships with influencers and industry experts and is a powerful way to generate leads and positive word of mouth (WOM). Most of us know this as influencer marketing , aka influence development. Testing and refining your messaging and value proposition. Remember, less is more.

Introduction to Lead Management

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Lead nurturing content marketing to help progress early stage leads from interest toward purchase intent. Tweet If Sales and Marketing were a manufacturing operation starting with raw materials — leads — and ending up with 5% to 20% in deliverable product — won sales — it would soon be shut down to determine what is wrong. Lack of lead management impacts lead conversion and ROI. Processes.

Email Marketing: 3 lead nurture paths you should automate

B2B Lead Generation Blog

As Keith explained, the product download is where the track begins, followed by responding to those product usages with emails offering helpful content. Automating a sales nurturing track is significantly different from a content nurturing track as it turns up the dial on complexity. Tweet Marketing automation can help you manage lead nurturing efforts in a complex marketplace.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. contently.com By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Conclusion 31 Table of Contents ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY3 In 2008, General Electric CMO Beth Comstock had just.

Building Your Strategic Lead Generation Portfolio

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while ago, I created a mind map of lead generation channels for my book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. I’ve updated it to include more content marketing and social media channels. Create a plan to add value every time you touch your future customers with relevant ideas, content and resources. Rather, they must leverage a portfolio of channels. hope you find it helpful.

The Domino Theory of B2B Content Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Let me illustrate the answer with a case study where I first learned about what I will refer to as the “domino theory” of content marketing. That’s a perfect metaphor for content marketing in B2B, not just within the buying cycle, but across the lifecycle of a customer. Too often, marketers think of content marketing as only text and graphics; white papers, e-books or infographics.

Lead nurturing via email series and content marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

However, the key channel for lead nurturing is email — particularly using email to send a series of relevant content pieces or offers to prospects as they move through the buying funnel. In previous B2B Lead Roundtable Blog posts, I’ve offered a group of MarketingSherpa case studies based around a particular content area. Background on the campaign. How the team refined the campaign.

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 3, featuring tips 11-15)

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Unless you do that, you don’t have a way to segment your lead accurately and send them the right content for where they are in the buying cycle. Tweet To kick off the new year I’m sharing 15 ideas on improving your lead management. As you’ll see this series isn’t just about getting more leads, but about generating better and higher quality of leads. Also, it should be the same person.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. contently.com By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Staffing Your Content Team 24 VI. Pros, Cons, and Costs of the Top 10 Content Distribution.

5 Ways to Deal with Change for Successful Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

We need to navigate toward creating more content, generating more leads and achieving more results. Even Red Bull Media House’s Advice for Successful Content Marketing [More from the blogs]. Tweet As marketers, we deal with a lot of change. The B2B marketing world is exploding with touch points, channels and marketing technology, just to name a few blasts of change.

Lead Nurturing: How a social business strategy can help you move from selling to helping your prospects

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Listening to those conversations on social media can give you incredible insights into the types of content that you can use to nurture those leads,” Adriel explained. So, what is social business exactly? While it would seem intuitive that social business is a social media best practice, that assumption could not be further from the truth. Sales leads as you know them are changing. Tip #1.

Lead Generation: 2 tips to transform your content marketing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Content marketing can be an effective tactic for lead generation as customers look to your brand as an authority in the marketplace delivering relevant information that is useful to their needs. Shelby explained that one of her first challenges in revamping Adobe’s content marketing was rooted in moving from “one-off” webinars to a strategy that focused on specific targeted verticals.

How the Halo Effect Drives Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Inbound Marketing: Tech brand increases online sales 271% with original content and influencer outreach [MarketingSherpa case study]. Tweet Building upon my post from last week , I was reminded of an important lesson I learned on influence that’s served me my whole life. ” He didn’t know it the time, but he explained how the halo effect  works. You might also like.

Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Relationships That Lasts A Lifetime

Citations@forrester.com or +1 866-367-7378 Forrester Research, inc., 60 acorn Park Drive, Cambridge, Ma 02140 USa +1 617-613-6000 | Fax: +1 617-613-5000 | forrester.com table of Contents The Digital Age Raises The Importance Of. Beyond quantity, advocate content and interactions are more valuable because buyers see them. What they love is exclusive access to content, events, and.

Social Media Marketing: Dell reveals how it turns thousands of brand detractors into fans

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Pinterest: Find out if your content is being repinned by going to “[link] company’s URL.” Tweet Five years ago, Dell had little presence on social media. That changed when the computer company realized 4,000 conversations about the brand were happening online every single day and the company was not present. You’ll find out what they’re talking about and how they’re saying it.

Stop Cold Calling and Start Lead Nurturing

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Find content — such as articles, blogs and whitepapers — that addresses these issues. Pass this content by your sales team, and ask them whether their customers would value it. As much as you can, repurpose content. Marketing automation technology can also help you know what content people are engaging with on your website, emails, webinars, etc., Give them educational content that helps them grow as an individual or a company. Cold Calling Cold calling content marketing Customer-centric marketing interruption marketing teleprospecting Just be useful.

A/B Testing: How adding a second CTA increased clickthrough 291%

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You can follow Selena Blue, Manager of Editorial Content, MECLABS Institute on Twitter at  @SelenaLBlue.  . Tweet How do you serve “ready to buy” customers and “just looking” prospects on the same page? You don’t want to alienate one group while speaking to the other. However, you still need to offer both sets of customers the next step they need no matter their level of interest. Control.

Email Marketing: 3 simple steps for building customer personas

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet Getting the right content to the right people continues to be a challenge in B2B marketing according to Byron O’Dell, Senior Director of Demand Management, IHS, who recently spoke at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014. Email Marketing content marketing customer targeting tactics lead generation Lead Nurturing personas sherpa webinar Step #1. Step #2. Intelligence Analysis.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Content. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. for Content Methodology IV. Components of a Content Methodology V. Create a Content Plan VI. Contents “ If you want to learn. content possible based. the content creation and. Competitive Content.

Lead Generation: Content among the most difficult tactics, but also quite effective

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Be the resource. I don’t agree that content marketing is one of the most difficult tactics, although I will agree that it is one of the most effective for lead generation. find email is less difficult and more effective with the right content. – Jim Naro, President, The Naro Group. Content is really difficult to do right. Compared to say, PPC, content is really difficult.

Lead Generation: 2 simple tips to determine cost per lead

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Not so much. I say this because when you factor the associative costs to create content, market and solicit to those leads, the true price is likely much higher. Tweet Getting to the heart of lead cost is not easy. There are a multitude of factors to consider. For example, should you factor in nurturing into the costs? Even then, how much? Tip #1. Tip #2. Does each lead cost only a penny?

Lead Generation: How using science increased teleprospecting sales handoffs 304%

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As an incentive, we also offered content addressing that motivation. Tweet I have a confession to make. There’s something I wish I would have known when I wrote my best-seller, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. So, I wanted to see if this heuristic could be applied to lead generation through teleprospecting. The heuristic just applies scientific principles to that testing process.

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 2, featuring tips 6-10)

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Filter content by role and by the stage of the buying process. Executives get too much undifferentiated content. What content have you shared that has helped the most with conversion? Then, you can deliver the content and help Sales find what its looking for at each stage of the lead nurturing process. As much as you can, repurpose content. ” 8.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Copyright © 2015 Contently. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Contents GOING LONG: HOW 5 B2B TECH BRANDS BUILT VALUABLE AUDIENCES THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY, LONGFORM CONTENT CONTENTLY3 Brands aren’t just publishing. Introduction 4 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Red Bull has long been the strongest example of this.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate

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It can be things like giving them extra relevant content they didn’t expect or, if they attended a webinar, giving them a follow-up executive summary or an extra white paper that’s relevant. Understand buyer motivation to help you share content that helps them convert. Create content geared toward lead progression, not lead capture. Invest as much in creating creative and content for lead progression as you do for lead capture. I’ve seen companies spend most of their budget getting people to raise their hands but not enough toward progression. Use your manners.

Email Marketing: 4 steps to relevancy 85% of B2B businesses probably aren’t taking

B2B Lead Generation Blog

But, I wonder how easily they can create highly relevant emails when only 15% reported they have dedicated resources to produce content for each stage of the buying process, as you can see in the below chart. Is this a content-focused or promotional email? If it’s content-focused, then what content do you have that’s going to help them ease their pain or achieve their goals?

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

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Post relevant content on groups and answer targeted questions. Start building your credibility in the group by sharing relevant content. Create your own LinkedIn group and share relevant content.  . Starting your own group gives you control over its content and reach. Social Media content marketing lead generation Lead Nurturing Tweet You need to rethink the way you use LinkedIn. But if you’re looking for an easy lead source, you won’t find it here. Here are some ways to make the most of LinkedIn for lead generation: 1. Focus on your headline and summary.

Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

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Crain’s Business Insurance is a trade publication that faced the challenge all publications are undergoing right now with declining advertising revenue, but at the same time, its industry customers began buying up-front research and content. The company had three databases: print subscribers, online registrants and the newly created marketing automation database – and integrated its content creation process into the marketing automation system. Tweet Marketing automation technology has become an indispensable tool in the complex sale marketer’s arsenal. Scalability. Results?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. B2B marketers are expected to use that data, in combination with new tools for content. relevant and carefully targeted) content. Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. content. B2B Marketing.

Lead Generation: How an insurance company reduced acquisition costs in purchased leads

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Best B2B Lead Posts in 2014: Lead generation, lead nurturing and content marketing [More from the blogs]. Tweet Generating leads organically can ease the qualifying process, throwing “bad” leads out that are simply not worth pursuing. Growing a list organically also allows marketers to know more about a prospect right from the get-go, passing more qualified leads on to Sales.

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