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Why Your Contact Page is Terrible

B2B Marketing Unplugged

This week, it’s time to pick on everyone’s least favourite page, Contact Us. After all, nobody likes the Contact Us page. Someone might actually, you know, contact us. We like it when new business contacts us but not any new business – only the kind we are going to like having as clients. Usually these are emailed to a box called “Marketing” or “Contact”. Be nice.

Cold Case: Finding the Right Contact in Inside Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Having the know-how to find the right contact could be one of the most underrated functions of the prospecting process. Here are some tips for finding the right contact in inside sales: Craft a Referral Email. Use the Help of Administrative Assistants. Ask who they would recommend that you contact. This ability separates someone who is average and someone who excels.

Using Customer Contact Data to Tell Better Marketing Stories


You already have everything you need – your customer contact data – waiting in your CRM. How To Use Contact Data For Marketing. Contact data is magic; or, rather, it feels like magic because it’s critically important, highly useful information that you didn’t have to do anything to get. When product sheets and face-to-face meetings closed deals. Then, sort.

You Need to Remove ‘Contact Us’ from Your Page


");}); You Need to Remove ‘Contact Us’ from Your Page. There are many benefits to using a web form to capture contact information. After all, the point of having a web site is to get customers to contact you to buy your product or offering. You would expect the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of your page is performing very well. Chances are it is not. An Experiment.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. normal point of sales/marketing contact. Broaden your points of contact. Technology will help marketers.

Tips to Re-Engage and Get Those Cold Contacts Warm Again [New Guide]

It's All About Revenue

by Jonathan Riemer | Tweet this While it’s always a good practice to clean out your database from time to time, you can bet there are always some valuable contacts hidden amongst the stale. Here are some of the hottest ways to Get Those Cold Contacts Warm Again : Thaw Cold Leads: Get Those Cold Contacts Warm Again! Helpful insight = happy and empowered customers. 2.

12 of the Best 'Contact Us' Page Examples You'll Want to Copy


But what about a website's 'Contact Us' page? Far too many website designers put contact pages near the bottom of their priority list in terms of copywriting and design. Think about how many contact pages you've stumbled upon that look like they were built in the 1990s, even if the rest of the website is beautiful and updated. So, what do great 'Contact Us' pages look like?

4 Steps to Re-Engage Stale Contacts

It's All About Revenue

So, you are starting the year with a huge database of contacts. Is having this huge database really going to help you achieve your targets of increasing engagement and marketing’s impact on revenue? It is no secret that not all contacts in your database are equal. So here are 4 steps you can follow to re-engage your stale contacts: 1. That is the question. Measure.

4 Essential Emails You Should Send to Engage New Contacts

Vertical Response

Getting new email contacts is exciting. New contacts can turn into loyal subscribers or frequent customers down the road. To get you on the right track, here are four emails we recommend sending to your new contacts to help maximize your chances for a long-term relationship – outline these on your sign up page so your newest subscribers know what to expect: 1.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. normal point of sales/marketing contact. Broaden your points of contact. Technology will help marketers.

The Top 10 Contact Management Considerations for CPA Firms


It seems that the daunting task of managing contacts and CRM systems has followed me throughout my career, despite my tireless efforts to avoid it! In my first job out of college, I was tasked with helping to set up a customizable contact management system, along with importing tons of information and keeping it up to date. How are contacts currently being managed?

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How Constant Contact Walks the Content Marketing Walk

Content Marketing Today

We've long been impressed with Constant Contact. Their impressive growth stems directly from their ability to help their customers grow. When we first wrote about Constant Contact, they were doing a great job with their eNewsletter which provided customers with lots of useful tips on successful email marketing. Action-oriented Website Transforms Visitors into Buyers.

Lead Testing: 90% of successful lead follow-up occurred within 28 days of first contact

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Of course, it is very important to capture attendees’ contact information and product interests at that point of high interest, and then act on that interest before it fades. if following up on trade show contact information would translate into leads, when calling should cease, and. Capture important information – Obviously, contact information is important.

Are Your Sales Suffering Because You've Picked The Worst Times To Contact Prospects?


In the digital age, more and more communication takes place via email and text messaging, but a person-to-person conversation is still the most engaging way to contact a prospect and convert him into a customer. If your sales are down, perhaps you should reconsider your timing and preparation for making contacts. Why Cold Calling Still Works. Cold Call Timing. Peak Interest Timing.

Top tools to keep your contacts in order. in theory


I’m always struggling with my contacts.  I think I have too many now. 23,515 on my Google Apps account and an infinity of bloated contacts that are doubling, tripling, and quadruplicating our of control. It’s Recommend as long as you don’t mind spamming all your business contacts. Google Apps for Business Contact Manager. Scrubly.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. normal point of sales/marketing contact. Broaden your points of contact. Technology will help marketers.

[Walkthrough] How to Create a Trackable Contact Us Button on Facebook

Haley Marketing

The following walkthrough is intended to help you measure Facebook conversions, and is a step by step guide on enabling your page’s call to action button with a trackable URL that will display in Google Analytics. From the drop down list of available options select Contact Us. We want to help! If you want help with this initiative, contact our team for additional assistance!

LinkedIn Launches New Contacts Tool to Make Relationship Management Easier


Today, LinkedIn launched ''LinkedIn Contacts,'' a new tool to make it easy for users to build and maintain important relationships -- available on both and a new iPhone app. About LinkedIn Contacts. While LinkedIn Contacts is not yet available to users, LinkedIn indicates it will begin sending invitations to a limited number of members in the U.S.

How Event Technology Helps B2B Marketers Increase Customer Engagement [Interview]

KoMarketing Associates

Salespeople are commonly sent to events with no technology to help them keep track of conversations or let them know which of their contacts are there.”. B2B marketers should make events a key focus for 2016, but they need to make sure they have the right technology to help them use events to accelerate the pipeline.”. HOW CRITICAL IS EVENT MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY TO MARKETERS?

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Website Call to Action; Alternatives to “Contact Us” for lead generation


But, most likely than not, you built it with the hope that it would serve as a silent sales person that would help generate leads and grow your business. Some examples are: Contact form filled out. Contact Us. Here are some ideas for CTA’s to help you stand out from the crowd. Instead of Contact Us. What is Conversion Optimization? Phone call completed.

Constant Contact Colocates with Small Business Customers

Paul Gillin

Three companies that do an outstanding job of advocating for the small business customer are American Express (with its Open Forum small business community and annual Small Business Saturday promotion, among other things), Intuit and Constant Contact , the Massachusetts-based e-mail marketing company. Less than 10% promotes Constant Contact products. This press release has more.

New Feature: Improved Contact Search for Email Lists

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Locating an address or contact in your email lists is a key part of managing your lists. Enter the email address or person’s name and hit Search ; the contact will come up in a flash. Now that managing your email list is even easier, check out how to keep on growing your lists with our helpful guide. Product Updates contact search All rights reserved.

6 Must-Have Types of Customer Help Content

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Helpful content is, of course, an important part of marketing your business. Customer help content may be something you’ve thought about, and maybe even created some. But it’s also likely the task of creating help content gets pushed down the to-do list when more pressing things come up. And, help content can lighten the load on your customer support team.

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How Speech Analytics Can Improve the Contact Center Experience


If you’ve ever called a customer service department for help, you’ve probably heard the message: “Your call may be recorded for quality assurance.” ” Perhaps you’ve wondered, what happens to those call recordings? Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania wanted to learn why its customers were calling. ” Marketing Strategy

Are You Good at Finding the Appropriate Sales Contact?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In sales, having the ability to find the right contact is one of the more underrated functions of the prospecting process; one that separates someone who is average from someone who excels. Follow the trail – When you do get someone live on the phone and they turn out to be the incorrect contact, still use them as a resource to find the right person. Ask who they would recommend that you contact. Even using a simple Google search by typing in the Company Name and the ideal Job Title(s) has yielded some of the most appropriate contacts.

5 Email Campaign Ideas to Help Increase Conversion Rates [Infographic]


Check out the infographic below from Eliv8 for five email drip campaign ideas that'll help you increase engagement and sales. And read this post for even more ideas for automated email workflows you can set up to engage and activate the different contacts in your database.). Why is e mail is the most powerful channel for lead nurturing? Share with us in the comments.

Little Secrets to Contact Forms That Convert [Quick Tip]


When requiring a contact form to download the goodies you’re offering, you have to think first of the users that will face this form on the other side of the screen. Still, every bit of information you gather helps you tailor future content, the services you offer, and even the products you sell to meet their needs. In fact, think of your contact forms as dates.

How to Grow Your Email Contacts Organically

Hinge Marketing

But before you can reap the full benefits of email marketing, you need a list of contacts to actually email, and not any old list will do. With a metaphorical swipe of your credit card, you magically have 10,000 shiny new contacts. Your firm might purchase email lists because it’s routine or due to uncertainty of how to get contacts otherwise. Stop purchasing email lists.

7 Helpful Resources Every Email Marketer Should Bookmark


To help you make sense of all the email marketing information out there, we've put together this list of websites that you should bookmark. While some of the sites are geared toward providing email marketing stats and best practices, others offer helpful tools for making your job (and life) easier. Email has seemingly been on the brink of extinction for about a decade now.

Nurture Your Contacts with the Right Touch

Sales Lead Dynamics

Your contacts are like plants. Nurture your contacts well and good things can happen. Help them find more business. Start by prioritizing your contacts. Go through your database and review each contact to determine the appropriate level (A, B, C). How helpful could he/she be for your business? You can categorize a contact in ACT! Meet with them.

Contactually is a flawed secret weapon


Contactually relentlessly stalks my inbox every day, helping me, in turn, to stalk my current and former clients and to queue up prospects for the future. love buckets and the import/export and the Merge Contacts tools are very powerful indeed. While online influencer marketing  is my  raison d’être, business development is my new jam. Nothing’s perfect. Like this post?

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Help. I’m enslaved by my smartphone.

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Creates new contacts for me based on mail and phone calls. Oh, and yes, I can contact people from my phone as well, but if you know me you know that it’s usually through text. The post Help. I’m enslaved by my smartphone. appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. By Brooke B. Wakes me up (HA! If I actually sleep). Brooke B.

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How Do Your Contact Engagement Initiatives Stack Up? [CHART]

It's All About Revenue

by Joel Rothman | Tweet this To make the most of every contact interaction, it’s critical for marketers to consider how activities transpire across the entire funnel. Contact activity is an important metric in terms of Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation and conversion. Then, we analyzed which of those contacts opened or clicked through an email.

6 Critical steps to help fight for your online privacy

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Google also offers sophisticated options for security and privacy, from enabling 2-step verification on your gmail account to setting up “circles” for your contacts. This helps to reduce the chance that your residential address will appear publicly on directory sites like Whitepages, Superpages, AnyWho, etc. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Used Klout before? hl=en.

Why Your B2B Buyer Personas Are Not Helping to Increase Lead Conversions


Because sometimes the only way to help clients understand what they do and don’t know is to show them. Are there any websites in your industry that buyers find particularly helpful? B2B Buyer Personas that Help Increase Conversions. To create B2B buyer personas that give you the competitive edge, contact us now. Or, at least, that’s the theory. But here’s what happens.

LeadLiaison Helps Marketing Automation Users Break the Content Bottleneck

Customer Experience Matrix

In particular, LeadLiaison helps marketers create content, a critical bottleneck that is not addressed by most marketing automation systems. LeadLiaison is adding a marketing content map that will help planning by showing the inventory of available content by buyer type of purchase stage. You may have noticed that there are many B2B marketing automation systems available.

Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


Instead of having a resume-based LinkedIn profile that communicates no business value to prospects whatsoever or having a LinkedIn profiles that’s filled with commodity messaging to attract general audiences, we focused Single Point of Contact ’s VP of Business Development’s profile on the accounts that he wants to target. You see, it’s a wrong message to the wrong audience.

Hushly Helps Marketers Connect With Anonymous Web Site Visitors

Customer Experience Matrix

They can even contact competitive vendors with the same protection. When this blog last left Geoff Rego in 2010 , he had just sold the assets of pioneering B2B marketing automation vendor Market2Lead to Oracle. Since then, he’s been gnawing at the bone of anonymous business leads, suspecting that there’s some way to gain value from people who are interested in a product but haven’t identified themselves to vendors. Rego has shown me a couple of approaches over the past few years, none of which quite worked out. Members can block messages from a vendor if they wish.

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11 Helpful Tips for Becoming a Better Networker [Infographic]


Of course, it’s important to close a conversation by getting the person's contact information, but treating networking with a “gotta catch ’em all” attitude is a mistake. Networking isn’t about franticly gathering business cards and phone numbers as fast as you can and then hitting up your new “contacts” for favors. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog.

Want to Target Recent Visitors to your Job Board AND the Contacts in Your ATS?

Haley Marketing

While one of your audiences will be people who are recent visitors to your website, another segment of your Re-Recruiting audience is contacts in your ATS. We Are Here to Help. We can help you determine if Re-Recruiting (or another Facebook strategy) is the right fit for your business goals and challenges. Maybe it was a set of golf clubs or a sparkling pair of earrings.