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Share Presentations - remove sensitive information and use SlideShare to easily share your expertise. Build a Knowledge Base - create a more content driven FAQ section. Live Blog a Seminar/Conference/Event - publish updates on key findings, important data and research. Make Your Content Available in Audio Format - turn your blog posts into a podcast. Host a Meetup in Your Area - increase your client base by meeting decision makers face to face and understanding their needs. Ten years ago, that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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conference. knowledge management. podcast. Presentation. sharing knowledge. Web-based spreadsheet. is underway here in Italy, and I presented “Cultivating wikis to change the enterprise and improve the bottom line&# this morning. Luis’ main Twitter account is @elsua ; the summary is on his conference specific account @elsuacon ).

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Techlearning > > 21st Century Skills: Will Our Students Be Prepared? > October 15, 2003

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TL Podcasts -->. They need to know how to use their knowledge and skills-by thinking critically, applying knowledge to new situations, analyzing information, comprehending new ideas, communicating, collaborating, solving problems, and making decisions.". 21st Century Context: Experiences that are relevant to students lives, connected with the world beyond the classroom, and based on authentic projects are central to the sort of education the Partnership for 21st Century Skills defines as the appropriate context for learning in the information age. Databases -->.

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About Us What We Do Spotlight Case Studies Contact Us Team Experience Public Relations Social Media Consulting Digital Content Production Health Care Communication News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events News & Updates Marketing Edge Blog & Podcast Events Dear Provident Partners, I have a problem. Subscribe to our podcast « “Don’t Touch That Dial!&# Excellent line up all three days, and there’s also a two-day conference package. What should I do? Maruggi is a frequent speaker and conducts workshop sessions on new media.

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Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management Community Home Blogs Groups Wiki. elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog by Luis Suarez (KM Specialist, IBM) Blog Main / Archive / Invite Peers / Connect to this blog. When I am away, on holidays, on conference events, off sick, whatever. Trip to Varese to Present at International Enterprise 2.0 Information Technology.

Understanding the Consumer Engagement Cycle With Jason Keath of @SocialFresh [@InboundNow #26]


When that happens, they are probably better off to go to some type of conference, start reading blogs, start educating themselves a little bit about the industry, before jumping in and hiring someone to do something that they are not really sure about. I think more people need to spend more time trying to do it themselves, educating themselves, going to conferences, reading blogs.