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Personalization and the bottom end of the scale

Digital Body Language

This insight into the individual can be based on their digital body language , but it can also be based on their interaction with your software if you happen to be a software company. I'm a big fan of increasing relevance through carefully personalized content. As an example of this, the screenshot is from an email of this type that I received.

The Foundation for Great Marketing is Great Data

Digital Body Language

The overall database size should be growing in a healthy manner, although growth rates can vary depending on the growth rate of your company and your industry. Again, this is an area to ask tough questions in if you are looking at making an investment in lead management software as it makes a significant difference to your success. Data is key to all your marketing efforts.

Evaluating Marketing Automation - System Performance and Usability

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Here is a simple test that you can ask any of the marketing automation software vendors you are interested in evaluating to try during your demo with them. Each one has basic information you would expect; name, address, company, email address. Evaluating the various claims in the marketing automation space is an interesting challenge. It can be daunting to tell truth from fiction.

Marketing Automation Reliability

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In selecting marketing automation software, there are considerations that go well beyond features and functionality. Engineering with Eloqua talks about what he would look at if investigating a marketing automation or demand generation software investment. For anyone considering an investment in marketing automation software , Abe's short video is well worth watching.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. customer/stakeholder goals of my company, and what do I need to make. company sales rep, it becomes even more vital that both groups understand the buying process from. There will be more companies developing SLAs between sales and.

Kadient: Search Rebranding Leads to Greater Insights

Digital Body Language

Kadient noticed this when a rebranding of their company gave them a reason to have another look at how buyers discover them, and how they looked for solutions to problems that Kadient was able to solve. Here's the case study from Digital Body Language : Kadient: Search Rebranding Leads to Greater Insights Kadient is a leading vendor of sales-knowledge, RFP, and proposal-generation software, using a free trial strategy that enables buyers to better experience the product’s value and positively compare Kadient to other possible solutions.


Terracotta: Lead Scoring A Buyer’s Journey in Open Source

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I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Jeff while writing Digital Body Language , and hopefully you'll enjoy this case study as much: Terracotta: Lead Scoring A Buyer’s Journey in Open Source As a leading open-source software company, Terracotta has a challenge that most marketers would gladly choose to manage: too many leads. Those leads were generated from interest in a very strong, full-featured, open-source version of its software – but which were ideal prospects to target for commercial service offerings? The buyers are in control, we all realize that.

Sybase: Process And Analysis Ecosystem

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Enjoy: Sybase: Process And Analysis Ecosystem As a billion-dollar enterprise software company, Sybase has a broad and complex sales and marketing ecosystem. You would expect that Sybase, as a provider of some great analysis products, would have a good sense of how to analyze their marketing. They do, but under the hood, their great analytics is built upon a very well thought out approach to all aspects of the sales and marketing process. This case study is from Digital Body Language. The third main focus, coverage optimization, was again done as a bi-weekly exercise.

Voxify: Rejuvenating Dead Leads through Nurturing

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At one point, more than 3,000 leads sat idle – leads that could potentially buy Voxify’s software. The breadth of Voxify’s target markets, combined with the range of possible solutions, meant the company employed a broad matrix of messaging to ensure relevance with the prospect. The campaign created 1,500 responses and enabled more than 400 companies to re-engage with the sales force. The merits of lead nurturing are hard to underestimate. More often than not, this is due to mismatches between buyer timing and the handoff to your sales team.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. customer/stakeholder goals of my company, and what do I need to make. company sales rep, it becomes even more vital that both groups understand the buying process from. There will be more companies developing SLAs between sales and.

National Instruments: Exchange of Value for Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language

Enjoy the case study: National Instruments: Exchange of Value for Digital Body Language National Instruments is a worldwide leader in software and hardware for scientists and engineers, with a very broad set of products and solutions serving nearly all industries and project types. The company’s marketing strategy fully revolves around its Web site. I wrote about equitable exchange of information in a previous post, and it is a concept I believe in strongly. Those products carry price tags anywhere between $100 and several million dollars. was appropriate.

Kadient: Blogging About Internal Processes Connects With Buyers

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The effort resulted in traffic to the Kadient site and an increase in credibility for their products and company. Here's the case study from Digital Body Language: Kadient: Blogging About Internal Processes Connects With Buyers Kadient’s move into Software as a Service (SaaS) brought with it a fundamental shift in their marketing to connect more deeply with their buyer and user audience. Transparency is a great approach to marketing, even when you might think that the internal workings of your organization might not be of any interest to your audience.

Interesting Times in The Demand Generation Space

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I would be lying to call it an interesting read; detailed descriptions of our process controls, policies, and operations as a software company. This is an audit that larger organizations (especially public companies) are seeking, whereas smaller organizations often do not have the same requirements. So, we're at an interesting cross-roads as an industry, because although I have bucketed each of these needs by size of company, both groups benefit from each other's investment. But, it did get me thinking about the ongoing evolution of the Demand Generation space.

Rating the Crowd-Sourced Marketing Software Review Sites

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This begged for a deeper look at the review sites to understand how they differ which, if any, could replace the work of professional reviewers (like me) and software guides (like my VEST report). Every site except TrustRadius covered a broad range of business software from accounting to human resources to supply chain as well as CRM and marketing. But they also differ in other ways.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. customer/stakeholder goals of my company, and what do I need to make. company sales rep, it becomes even more vital that both groups understand the buying process from. There will be more companies developing SLAs between sales and.

Marketing Performance Benchmarks for Software/SaaS Companies


What channels are software/SaaS marketers turning to in order to generate business? Today, for marketers at Software/SaaS companies, we compiled some key statistics from both reports, creating a one-stop shop of critical insights for two important digital marketing channels. This is especially true for companies that are using ABM strategies. Different Strengths.

Why ad agencies need to become software companies

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Software as the backbone. There are many companies that have competed in this manner for years in a little industry called the software business. In essence, advertising and marketing agencies need to become software companies but the difference is, I’m not sure they see this as their core business. Buying companies that have software specialities.

B2B Marketing Automation Software for Fast Growing Companies


Today, let’s talk about what you may need in terms of B2B marketing automation software for your fast-growing company to achieve its 2017 marketing goals. For the fast-growing company looking to take that next step in conquering the world, the script is familiar. With this new worldview, what Forrester calls the Age of the Customer, you’re going to need more than just email, CRM and marketing automation software. Can you show me examples of how companies and industries like mine use your product? We want to help. This is where marketing automation helps.

Content Marketing: How This Software Company Achieved More with Less

B2B Marketing Traction

Learn why and how a software company doubled organic traffic to their website and increased leads with less content marketing. There are lessons to be learned about why and how this company was successful. SuperOffice is the company in the case study. It targets small to medium businesses in Europe and is a CRM company with 12,000 customers. Some Rights Reserved.

How Software Usage Intelligence Drives Revenue and Leads

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Today, marketers are beginning to see the same value in software usage intelligence. Software Intelligence Produces Similar Results. Product marketers and product managers can use software intelligence to better understand feature usage and adoption, enabling them to make data-driven decisions on their product roadmap. How to Make the Most of Software Usage Intelligence.

Lead Generation Software


Many agencies, firms and CRM solution providers already understand the importance of partnering with a MA Company. The question now shifts from, if you should partner with a company, to who you should partner with. The post Lead Generation Software appeared first on Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email Marketing | Salesfusion. [one_half valign="middle"]. one_half].

AdWords Industry Benchmark Report Deep Dive: Software and SaaS


The report includes unique data about the down-funnel impact AdWords is having for companies across six different industries. Today, we will take a closer look at the data for software and SaaS companies. Don’t work for a Software/SaaS company? Last week we released the 2016 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report. AdWords’ Impact On The Funnel. Year-Over-Year Trends.

Will Ad-Blocking Software Destroy Mobile Advertising?


One of the most popular desktop ad-blocking softwares on the market, AdBlock Plus enjoys a robust (and growing) user base of over 50 million monthly active users. All of this got me wondering about the state of mobile ad blocking software. For good or for ill, the Google ban sent Adblock Plus into a kind of mobile app wilderness for a couple of years, that is until the project reemerged in the form of an open source mobile browser for Android back in May of this year (the Adblock Plus software was originally created by Wladimir Palant in 2006 as an open source project.

7 Benefits of Using Lead Generation Software


This is where lead generation software can be invaluable. Besides the multiple benefits that the tool offers, it becomes even more efficient when it’s incorporated as part of your company’s marketing strategy. Online lead generation With lead generation software you will able to determine the identity of your unknown website visitors.

Lead Nurturing for Software Trials


This week someone asked me about lead nurturing for people who signed up for a 30-day product trial (for a SaaS/Cloud software product). Feel free to try sending company overviews or analyst whitepapers, but in most cases you’ll see sub-par clickthrough rates. They signed up. What now? This was in response to an article on trial conversion optimization that I wrote over a year ago.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Every Company?

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Analyst David Raab reports that for companies under $5 Million in revenue, marketing automation penetration is a miserly 5 percent. Even at mid-size companies ($20 Million – $500 Million), the figure is only 10 percent. Which begs the question: is marketing automation right for every company? However, specific factors make certain companies better candidates than others.

What Is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?


Keep on reading, folks, and we'll explain exactly what CRM software is and how to figure out whether you actually need one. And if you decide your business could use a CRM system of its own, get HubSpot's free CRM software here. What Is CRM Software? Today, most CRMs are in the cloud, making it easy for your company to install and maintain your system. but 20?

Social software adoption: Riding the hype curve


There is a lot of hype and skepticism around the actual ability for social software to deliver real, sustainable business value, which makes social software no different than every other new kind of software that comes down the pike. The third perspective is often overlooked: where each individual user of the platform is toward their own familiarity with social software.

Demand Generation Benchmarks & Trends: Software Marketer Edition


Below, we dove into several demand gen benchmarks from one industry in particular: software. 1) In terms of monthly visitors, leads, and sales opportunities generated, software companies aren't radically different from other industries. The charts below feature a comparison between software companies and respondents from all industries. Read on to learn more. (If

Step Away from the Email Software and No-One Gets Hurt

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In both technology (see companies like , ToutApp , and others) and application, sales enablement is a hot topic in martech circles. But I also think it’s because companies look at BDR campaigns as just, well: emails. The post Step Away from the Email Software and No-One Gets Hurt appeared first on The Point. Is automation always a good thing, however?

Marketing isn’t alone — HR software landscape with 547 products


My friends, the above is an infographic of 547 human resource (HR) software products across 17 categories. First, the overlap between marketing and HR is more important than ever — marketing, like software development, is a profession of acquiring, empowering, and inspiring talent. No reasonable software market should look like this, I’ve been assured by many serious people.

Running marketing like lean software development


The following article is a guest post by Monica Georgieff , marketing manager at Kanbanize , a company that provides Kanban software for lean management, describing her experience adopting this lean management method with her marketing team. You might be asking yourself — what do software development and marketing have in common? However, I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself.

Hacking Marketing: Rethinking Marketing Management in a Software World


What can marketers learn from software developers to harness — rather than struggle against — the dynamics of a digital world? My goal was to help marketers at all levels — even those with no technical background or inclination — adapt marketing management to the wild and wonderful whirlwind of a world now dominated by software. Software has eaten the world — and marketing too.

Why online software documentation is a necessity in businesses


Furthermore, we have tools and software that enable collaboration, even if we are several countries away from our co-workers. One of the widely used tools nowadays is online software documentation, and if you are in charge of online business, it is an absolute necessity. One of the main reasons to use online software documentation is better data management. Increased security.

Atri Chatterjee, Act-On Software CMO: The Top Challenges Facing Integrated Demand Generation Marketers and How to Overcome Them [Podcast]

Crimson Marketing

As a marketer, you have to start looking at how is your campaign going to work across those different channels,” says Atri Chatterjee, CMO of leading automation company Act-On Software. Marketing, Atri says, is the one organization within a company that has purview over the entire business lifecycle of a customer. Atri is responsible for all things marketing at the company.

Why SaaS Software Companies Fail with Free Trial Approaches


Our search online to find a SaaS software solution that will make our life, workplace, shopping or anything we hope to do – better. We are told that this technology software is the EASIEST on the market. Five days pass, I have completely forgotten about this software. The post Why SaaS Software Companies Fail with Free Trial Approaches appeared first on Fathom.

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Five Videos Every Company Needs


What comes to mind when you think about companies using video? Many companies also use video to sell. But video can do even more for your company. Here are five videos every company needs in 2016. People clearly love to learn online: Whether it’s online college or professional development courses, leisure activities or B2B software, video is your answer for education.

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Which Marketing Software Applications Matter to B2B Marketers?

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Software for email marketing, customer relationship management, and web analytics can improve overall results by reducing manual processes, improving productivity, and providing much-needed insight into what works – and what doesn’t. Here’s what they found out about the kinds of software marketers are using to develop leads, and why some solutions are more valuable than others.

Gaining an edge over competitors with a knowledge base


A knowledge base is a tool that every company should rely on, as it easily improves customer support, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and workflow within a company. Types of knowledge base software solutions. Before deciding to implement a knowledge base for your company, it is necessary to understand what options are currently available. Like this post?