[Companies, Sales] Top 3 Chinese Search Engines: What B2B Marketers Need to Know
    With 688 million Internet users and growing, China has become a compelling market for Western companies looking to expand globally. Despite the incredible potential, China is a unique market, and many companies lack the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in online marketing in China. year-over-year. Baidu has 54.3 percent.
    [Companies, Sales] How the Content Standard Moved from Expert to Leader on the Content Marketing Continuum
    Sure, we were growing an audience and passing off leads to our sales team that turned into actual bookings—qualities found as an Expert on the Continuum—but how long could we rely on a dissatisfied audience to fill the pipeline and become brand ambassadors for Skyword? I remember the feedback well. It hurt, because it was true.
    [Companies, Sales] Why Dollar Shave Club Is Unilever’s Instagram
    ” That’s what Michael Dubin really should’ve said in that famous launch video for Dollar Shave Club, the men’s grooming company he founded and just sold to Unilever for a billion dollars. It doesn’t take much digging to justify the media company label, either. “Dorco’s blades are f*cking great.”
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 3 Ways to Optimize Your Email Subject Lines
    for online sales) rather than simply as an interpersonal communication tool. gain, which is much less than consumer products, but is still a highly desirable outcome for B2B companies. Your customers (and your potential customers) are consistently bombarded by email. That is split between 34 sent and 88 received. Boring. It was.
  • JUNTA 42  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The 4th Reason for Content Marketing: A Profit Center
    In particular, while I talk about “ sales, savings, and sunshine ” as the three core reasons why enterprises engage in a content marketing approach, Robert talks about a model called “ subscribe, win, and grow.” We can address examples of each. Goal of sales or win. gave a presentation three weeks ago to a global manufacturing company.
  • PUREB2B  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 10 Examples of Awesome Landing Pages that Convert
    Testimonials and trust symbols round out the overall look and feel of the page and provide additional information about the company. 5.  With an impressive landing page, you can improve your content marketing conversion rates and directly increase your actual sales. Blog Content-Marketing Landing Page Lead-Generation Marketing Sales
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] A Tale of Three Sales Processes
    The challenges for sales and marketing operations pros never end. It’s different for every company. The key takeaway: Operations specialists have opened up a whole new world of possibilities that previously wasn’t available to sales teams because of their understanding of technology. Events LeanData Sales Operations
  • VIEWPOINT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How to Avoid Wasting 75% of Your Marketing Spend
    Most companies admit to generating only a 10-25% follow-up of their sales inquiries. Why it’s Important. “If your company is average, you are only following up 10-25% of the leads you give your salespeople which means you are wasting 75% of your lead generation budget!”. Sales Lead Management Association. Guest Blogs
  • CAPTORA  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Challenges To Inbound Campaign Analytics In B2B Environments – Search to Revenue™
    But what if: Your sales cycle takes months, and you have a direct sales force? How many MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) or SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) did we produce?). Some companies simply call them SQs to avoid the confusion of the L meaning “Lead,” when in fact many of the SQLs are contacts. Medium: CPC, email, etc.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] It's Not About The Release Anymore. PR is Now Social PR.
    These days that answer is: I help companies in the design and build industry connect with their targets through social media, content marketing, public relations and strategic partnerships. Brand ambassador relationships are about sales, and you increase sales when you connect with a person. was as easy as two letters: PR.
    [Companies, Sales] Are You Marketing to Gain or Pain?
    As a marketing or sales professional, you have a choice in how you message your company and its offerings, with […]. Marketing Content
    [Companies, Sales] How to Use Trigger Events for More and Better Leads
    CEB discovered that a typical for B2B customer is 57% into their purchase process before they directly engage a sales rep or talk to a supplier. Marketers often believe they solve the issue of clients being further in their purchase process by driving more early-stage leads to sales. Twitter for @company @product @people mentions.
    [Companies, Sales] Five Steps to Increased Brand Loyalty
    Sometimes, though, companies offer no real sense of reward to their new customers and may even ignore them with the exception of sending advertising to them every now and then. In his book The Marketing Imagination , Ted Levitt of the Harvard Business School discusses the importance of forming a strong relationship after the sales is made.
    [Companies, Sales] How to Get a B2B E-Commerce Implementation on the Right Track [Interview]
    In recognition of this B2B marketing challenge, Slatwall Commerce recently put together a comprehensive list of software requirements for a typical B2B company. Are there specific questions that industrial and manufacturing companies should ask internally, to determine if e-commerce is a good business decision? Start small and iterate.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] I’m an influencer, pay me more!
    Doing so, he and his employer, Zeno Group (an Edelman company) are defining the next generation of Customer Service, Marketing and PR. As Interim MD, she is responsible for the overall business results and sales activities in Canada. Lucky for me, a major focus of our time together was influencer marketing. Is it earned or paid media?
    [Companies, Sales] If You Want to Move from Content Marketing Strategy Novice to Expert, Let Go of Complexity
    And here was a new opportunity to help shape an industry, develop a new publication, and help determine how the company went to market. I was so excited to learn the ropes of publishing content, but little did I know that this would be a baptism by fire. It’s a scene that’s played out so many times in my marketing career.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 6 Overlooked Ways to Win More New Clients
    Just keep in mind that 73% of all B2B leads are not sales-ready. Every agency professional knows that sinking feeling -- you pursued what you thought was a warm lead for weeks, only to have them pass on your services. You don't understand where it all went wrong. Strategies for Winning More Clients. 1) Make sure they're worth it.
    [Companies, Sales] 5 Things You Can Do To Improve B2B Lead Generation
    B2B Lead generation is rapidly changing process for companies with the advent of MarTech. . ” In this session you’ll learn what you can do to improve the following: How to get sales and marketing collaborating with these questions. Lead Generation B2B marketing lead generation marketing strategy Sales webinar
  • FATHOM  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Marketing Maturity Curve: Why You’re Lower than You Think
    None of these conditions are ones that will allow for successful marketing, though.  As tactics converge and consumers expect cohesive experiences, the need to work across functions is real when it comes to growth of the entire company. Marketing is moving fast and it’s difficult to keep up. It’s been reimagined many ways. Blog Feed
  • BIZIBLE  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] AdWords Industry Benchmark Report Deep Dive: Software and SaaS
    The report includes unique data about the down-funnel impact AdWords is having for companies across six different industries. Today, we will take a closer look at the data for software and SaaS companies. Don’t work for a Software/SaaS company? What about a sales opportunity? AdWords’ Impact On The Funnel. adwords
    [Companies, Sales] Growth Strategy for Professional Services Firms
    There are five time-tested strategies for growing a company. Let’s say that today you offer regulatory compliance consulting services to commercial food packaging companies. After all, more potential buyers means more sales, right? Many companies prefer to be able to meet their service providers face to face. Yikes.
    [Companies, Sales] 3 Good Questions to Align Strategy, B2B Marketing, and Sales
    Have you intentionally linked your sales, b2b marketing, and strategy? . If not, you’re in good company. thought Frank had a practical approach to aligning sales and marketing. Brian: What inspired you to write about Aligning Strategy and Sales? know something about sales. Frank Cespedes. Question 1.
  • KAPOST  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How to Align Your Content Marketing Strategy and Plan
    Knowing that content is the bread and butter of marketing, many companies will want to jump into execution mode ASAP. Avoid unnecessary, back/forth revisions by ensuring that your content ideas represent perspectives from across your company. Down the line, these actions will translate into sales. Invest More Time in Planning.
    [Companies, Sales] Successful Sales Coaching Best Practices
    Sales is tough and ongoing sales development is a never ending process. In order for a company to succeed, it needs to have a well-developed, well-trained team — one that is able to authentically connect with customers and set more meetings, schedule more demos, and close with confidence. THAT would be wrongful thinking.
    [Companies, Sales] Data In. Data Out. The Secret to Data Driven Marketing
    If that's the case, your sales won't be improving anytime soon. If you have to ask for every piece of information your company has on someone, then odds are you don't actually have a plan. You've likely heard the old one-two punch from the digital marketer: "It's as easy as data in and data out.” Data in.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How Your SMB Company Can Adopt ABM Tactics
    We keep hearing that ABM is recommended for mid-sized companies and above, or rising brands with high lead volume. You just need to be laser-focused on accounts that matter to your company. So, here is a breakdown of how you can use account-based marketing, no matter what size your company is. We want to be just like them.
  • PUREB2B  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Importance of Offline Lead Generation
    On the surface, that seems to be that main sentiment among marketing and sales practitioners, but survey results reveal another layer: Marketing Sherpa released a study that says more than half of the marketers surveyed believed that there is an “…increase or no change in the importance of offline tactics.”.
    [Companies, Sales] Mi6 Agency’s Top Charts for July 2016
    This blog series is updated every week with charts that focus on: B2B sales and marketing, industrial technologies (no consumer stuff) and areas that we play in! Why Every Company is Re-imagining Itself Into a Tech Company. Two charts will be featured each week with some insights and thoughts from the author. Week of July 4th.
    [Companies, Sales] Is Word-of-Mouth Marketing Still Worth Your Time?
    Tourism company Lindblad Expeditions, for example, found that providing customers with complimentary photos and videos of their experiences helped them chronicle their journeys to remember and share later. The adage goes that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Word of Mouth’s Digital Evolution. Marketing Video Marketing
  • JUNTA 42  |  SATURDAY, JULY 23, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] This Week in Content Marketing: Compared to Advertising, Content Marketing Still Petite
    According to author Thomas Baekdal , Medium is the first platform that masters three key areas that are important to small companies. At the same time, you’re tasked with managing content that increases lead count, boosts sales or raises customer loyalty. iDigHardware: Allegion is a holding company that markets commercial lock systems.
    [Companies, Sales] [eBook] Account-Based Marketing
    Looking to give a boost your sales? This partnership resulted in our Account-Based Marketing Playbook to identify how to take a more targeted approach to your sales process. Sales Strategy Using Account-Based Marketing. All designed at getting an account-based marketing program started at your company. Henry Schuck.
  • CONTENTLY  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Cleveland’s Weird Tech Culture, and 5 Other Stories You Should Read
    Selected by Amanda Weatherhead, sales strategist. In the company’s first promotional video, founder Mike Dubin declared “stop paying for shave tech you don’t need,” and consumers have responded to that rallying cry. Since the 1950s, P&G has essentially doubled revenue decade over decade. Voices What We're Readin
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How to Use Visual Collaboration at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle
    How do you build a relationship with your customer online, and what should you do to make sure that you address each phase of the buying cycle in a way that provides value and encourages sales? Your goal for this phase is to raise awareness of your company’s solutions to their problems. Customers are savvy these days. Awareness.
    [Companies, Sales] 5 New B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies
    5 New B2B Sales and Marketing. The traditional B2B sales and marketing model is typically depicted in the shape. of a funnel; flow starts with marketing and then transitions to sales. New B2B sales and marketing strategies. are required. 5 New B2B Sales & Marketing Strategies. Strategies. Overground. 2. Pretty.
    [Companies, Sales] Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative
    to plan and produce effective content for their respective companies. just seeding a piece of fluff to appease our sales team? internal company communication. story of a large technology company (a fortune 100 company) that had 18 different. Engage your sales and/or support teams to get a pulse on. target.
    [Companies, Sales] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. normal point of sales/marketing contact.
    [Companies, Sales] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. normal point of sales/marketing contact.
    [Companies, Sales] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016
    through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. Align marketing with sales: as buyers complete more of their journey online and sales pros get involved only later in the process, close. Focus marketing and sales resources within chosen vertical. normal point of sales/marketing contact.
    [Companies, Sales] Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness
    fully formed media company. number of other companies like General Electric, Marriott, and Starbucks joined the club, competing. Full disclosure: GE and Marriott are Contently clients.) It may seem odd at first to liken companies known for. as media company.” challenge for any company, no matter its size or budget.
    [Companies, Sales] Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?
    companies will spend in the neighborhood of 50. identify them by their names and companies. companies are devoting to content marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola have succeeded with a. companies for audience attention. and interests instead of just telling them about the company’s. All rights reserved.
    [Companies, Sales] Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report
    company’s content across the enterprise. for their audience’s attention, including major publishers and media companies. Content serves as a powerful tool for sales. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. Sales staff are. The studio helps unify the company around a.
    [Companies, Sales] Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program
    companies around the globe: 1. before they went on sale? JOE CHERNOV, VP OF MARKETING, HUBSPOT: “HubSpot is not only a company, but it’s also the cata- lyst of a movement. subscribers, leads, sales and opportunities—but our pri- mary focus and editorial mission remains helping our. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II.
    [Companies, Sales] Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program
    person to tell the company’s story, even though he. CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building a small me- dia company within a large corporation. B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. as sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audi- ence engagement, thought leadership, and hiring. company?
  • BIZIBLE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How We Revamped Our LinkedIn Ad Strategy For Full-Funnel Marketing
    For us, this means nurturing prospects with content about how attribution solves problems like misalignment between marketing and sales, marketing reporting on engagement and activity rather than revenue, etc. At the same time, we also know who our sales team has engaged with either over the phone or through email. The Results.
    [Companies, Sales] Interactive Content Marketing Weekly Roundup: July 18-22
    Because they provide such valuable recommendations and insights to prospects, sales, and marketing. Michael has a few great suggestions to make ABM succeed long-term at your company. Did you miss what went on this week in interactive content? Don’t worry! It’s a win-win! Tune into the video for her take on your marketing. Facebook.
    [Companies, Sales] Why a Single View of Your Customer is Vital for Success
    Defining the Single Customer View Concept A single customer view is an accessible and consistent set of information about how a customer has interacted with your company, including what they have bought, their personal data, opinions and feedback. In the meantime, the number of devices and engagement channels march onward and upward.
  • KAPOST  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Content Marketing Strategy Tips: Build Your Competitive Positioning
    Remember that target customers will engage with your company through a series of touch points ( Think with Google refers to these interactions as “micro-moments”). You need to leverage your company’s unique growth-drivers to reach the right audiences. Here are 3 simple tips to help you reclaim your focus: 1.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] SnapWrap: Pokémon, Remote Workers, Social Media, and More!
    By not making it a priority to ask for, listen to, and implement customer feedback, companies are missing a huge opportunity to earn customer loyalty and improve their product or service. Then come buzzwords like “content marketing” and “SEO”, aiming to improve sales through informative blog posts and quick loading websites.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Rethink Marketing Automation – for the CASL-Compliant Marketer
    Creating a strong brand is essential to the discovery stage of the buyer’s journey, and for keeping a company top of mind for customers. You’ll be able to look at multi-touch attribution and how press releases contribute to a sale. Support your sales team. commercial electronic message (CEM) is an electronic communication (e.g.,
  • BRAINSHARK  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Salesforce AppMavericks Interview: 3 Takeaways from Brainshark CEO Greg Flynn
    No matter the size or industry, all companies struggle with the best ways to get employees trained while continuing to grow sales each quarter
    [Companies, Sales] Celebrating Christmas in July with Personalized Content
    Company names. Demand Creation , Marketing Agency , Marketing Campaigns , Marketing Planning , Marketing Technology , Reporting and Analytics , Sales and Marketing OperationsThis past winter, we helped Oracle deliver a number of helpful assets in an innovative way. The click-through rate (CTR) from the video to the assets was 25%.
  • BIZIBLE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Why a B2B Marketing Budget should be "Prove It to Use It" not "Use It or Lose It"
    Did the leads created by this channel continue to engage with the company? To connect marketing touchpoints to revenue, the data needs to be associated with lower-funnel activities -- which are conducted by the sales team, who uses a CRM. At the end of the quarter, marketing teams often scramble to spend the remainder of their budgets.
  • THE POINT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Top 10 Marketing Automation Mistakes
    It’s well documented that, of the companies who invest in marketing automation, many fail to achieve maximum return from that investment, or even utilize marketing automation technology to its full capacity. well-planned, well-designed lead scoring schema ensures that sales reps are spending time with the leads that most merit the investment.
  • 6SENSE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Day of the Fish: B2B ESP 2016 Recap
    Continuing the trend, Forrester principal analyst Laura Ramos discussed the six ways predictive gives sales and marketing teams an unfair advantage and displayed a photo of a goldfish jumping from one bowl to another. Companies don’t buy. Stop just making noise and vomiting on every channel. Instead, start building momentum. Latest
    [Companies, Sales] What are the building blocks of a lead generation strategy?
    Where most B2B companies are investing in content marketing , less than a quarter are satisfied with their return. Many factors contribute to this dissatisfaction, but the primary reason that I’ve run across in discussions with companies is that they’ve approached the situation backwards. How do you get people to engage?
  • ANNUITAS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Lessons Learned From a Startup
    Out of this void came the idea for a new company delivering chef-prepared, dietician-approved, ready-to-eat meals.        * Image via Pattyfarmer.com. You have mere seconds to capture someone’s attention (vs. a six-month sales cycle for a large enterprise purchase). But what did I know about the food delivery business?
    [Companies, Sales] Email Reactivation
    Are you looking at your sales figures this time of year and wondering where everyone went? It’s no secret the middle of the summer can be a slow, syrupy season for sales revenue. Think about where your customer is in the sales funnel. ” Prognosticators point to a burgeoning 143.8 Segmenting audiences. spent 2.8
    [Companies, Sales] Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Lead Scoring – The Fast Way to Convert Leads
    Lead scoring is an effective way to identify hot leads, so that you can send them over to your sales team. Companies that do this properly spend more time focusing on leads that are “ripe”, while “unripe” leads continue to be nurtured through other automations. Lead Scoring 101 – How It Works.
    [Companies, Sales] How most Social Media experts are wrong about LinkedIn
    Social media experts who are going for reach on LinkedIn and other social media platforms are taking the “social” out of “social media,” and those sales and marketing executives that follow his approach are just seeing social media as another advertising medium to gain more brand awareness. You see, it’s a wrong message to the wrong audience.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Why You Don’t Need a Pokémon GO Strategy
    B2B marketers always need to have one eye on creating awareness and brand identity, and the other eye on creating high-quality leads for their Sales teams. Bigger B2C companies have mainly used Pokémon GO in social, but to powerful effect like in this simple post from Amazon for an external battery.  . There, I said it. Too easy.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How to Say 'No' To Your Boss
    Unless your boss uses the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension , that is. During this conversation, frame your responses in a way that makes it clear you're thinking and concerned about the company's interests -- and choose your wording carefully. You and your boss share a higher purpose: to accomplish your team and company goals.
    [Companies, Sales] Is Content The Solution for Your Shrinking Sales Pipeline?
    economy and an ever-expanding arsenal of technologies to help both salespeople and marketers reach more prospects, many companies continue to struggle to grow sales. Control Over the Sales Process Has Shifted The sales game has changed, and many companies have failed to adapt. Despite a vibrant U.S.
  • BIZIBLE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The 9 Circles of B2B Marketing Hell
    B2B marketing and sales is a drawn out process that takes months, or longer, to convert leads to customers. For many companies, a good mix of both is the marketing sweet spot. But the key here is to do the research to see what’s is best for your company before jumping on board. Violence: Blaming Sales for Low Close Rates.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Marketing Power of Pokemon Go and Other New, Unsaturated Marketing Channels
    According to TechCrunch , a pizza place in Queens, New York saw a 75% increase in sales by paying $10 to lure a Pokemon Character to their location. Its follower base is also growing rapidly as the brand continues to share…” says SmartInsights about the company’s campaign. Make it a quarterly task in your company. So what?
    [Companies, Sales] Does Your B2B Marketer Plagiarize like Melania Trump?
    have a thirty-plus-year career in B2B marketing and sales, and I’ve consulted with hundreds of companies in the last twenty years. I’ve observed a lot of marketing and business situations and provided solutions that help my clients grow. It is not OK to copy other marketer’s stuff. think re-purposing is brilliant.
    [Companies, Sales] A Multi-Touch, Multi-Media, Multi-Cycle Strategy Multiplies Results
    The result of this process is what we call a disposition: our term for completing contact with a decision maker or company. To disposition 1,000 companies for this client, we would need to invest 9,820 touches and that effort would yield about 50 leads. Lead Nurturing Sales Training Lead QualificationWhat Is a Multi-Touch Cycle?
    [Companies, Sales] Introducing Analytics for PDFs (and More!)
    Much of it goes on this blog, but as any marketer worth their lead funnel knows, there’s a whole universe of downloadable content (like sales decks, PDFs, and case studies) that lives elsewhere. Announcements Company News analyticsBrands produce a lot of content, and Contently is no exception. What is it? ” (Thanks, guys!
  • KAPOST  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 4 Simple Secrets to Optimal Content Scheduling
    Every company that uses content to advertise has a different audience and different target groups. Good online marketing can turn the tides (and sales) for the better and even help you stand up to the big dogs , but only if done properly. It’s all about how you prepare and how far ahead you plan. Try posting in the morning first.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Key Takeaways from DGR’s Sales Enablement Tech Report
    Demand Gen Report has released a new report with findings on the effectiveness of sales enablement technology, and this is must-know information for marketers. Key Takeaways from the 2016 Sales Enablement Tech Report. Here are three major findings from the report: Sales Enablement Tools Make a Big Impact. Why does this happen?
  • ACT-ON  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 6 Success Factors for Adopting Marketing Automation
    Marketing automation is not rocket science, but it does take strategy, planning, and preparation to make it work well and meet your company’s expectations. Understand the best-fit companies for your product or service. The definition of “large” varies by business size, industry, and sales cycle. Congratulations!
  • 3D2B  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Secrets to Engaging Business Buyers on the Phone
    When you’re on the phone with a business prospect, you likely have a goal of creating a sales opportunity or making a sale. You probably get plenty of calls that deliver recorded sales spiels. Most people enjoy conversations, but as soon as the sales pitch winds up they shut down. 2. Introduce "Stop selling. Stop selling.
  • LATTICE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Fix your Funnel with Predictive Marketing and Sales
    And since Q4 is historically the biggest quarter for most sales teams, now is the time for companies to identify any issues with their revenue funnel, and determine ways to fix those problems so Q4 is a runaway success, not a flop. But what happens if there are multiple issues with a company’s revenue funnel?
    [Companies, Sales] The Newbie’s Guide to Predictive Marketing
    Well here’s a free tip if you decide to start your own predictive marketing program: Don’t just share the “Predictive Score” of someone who fits your profile; instead, share why that company got that score (aka which characteristics have they met). Marketing Planning , Marketing Technology , Sales and Marketing Operations
    [Companies, Sales] 6 Brand Value Strategies to Promote Your Firm
    Sales training. Well, everyone is also in sales. To sell the services of your company, employees must see the company’s brand as more than a mission statement mentioned during annual firm meetings. Most professional services firms experience a natural ebb and flow in their business cycle. Speaking engagements. Networking.
  • LEANDATA  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Ensuring Data Quality with Validation Rules
    And that philosophy has carried over to my job as a sales operations specialist. I’m always looking for ways to keep our Salesforce instance organized. You know, standard information like the person’s name, company, contact information and so on. That even applied to chores. Yeah, that’s a mouthful. And if a rep tries, this happens.
  • RADIUS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How To Improve your Content Marketing With Predictive Scoring
    Nowadays content marketers are generating too many inbound leads for sales. The high number of leads results in sales not knowing which leads to prioritize and a lot of wasted effort as sales reaches out to many leads that are not a good fit, and miss some great leads hidden among the high inbound volume. Well, not necessarily.
  • RADIUS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How To Improve your Content Marketing With Predictive Scoring
    Nowadays content marketers are generating too many inbound leads for sales. The high number of leads results in sales not knowing which leads to prioritize and a lot of wasted effort as sales reaches out to many leads that are not a good fit, and miss some great leads hidden among the high inbound volume. Well, not necessarily.
  • INFER  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The Moneyball CEO: Navigating Your Whitespace to Grow Revenue
    Stock multiples have come down, especially for many business-to-business SaaS companies that are not yet profitable. Predictive analytics is a great way for any B2B company to mine their business funnel for deals that can close quickly, and identify potential revenue they might be leaving on the table. Sales Development. Repeat.
  • ANNUITAS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] The (Almost) Lost Art of Listening in Demand Generation
    Whether that manifests as marketers listening for the sound bites that prove their messaging is on point or “happy ears” when sales is sure that the prospect is ready to buy despite signals to the contrary, improving our ability to listen is key to content strategy for a successful demand generation program. Marketers talk. A lot. Formats-.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Getting to the Heart of Customer Value and Sharing the Right Stories
    It’s something we often overlook in our ravenous hunt for case studies and ROI results, but these personal stories can be even more compelling — not only for your marketing and sales teams, but for your entire business. We even had one customer say that it would “break their heart” if their company ever stopped using our product.
    [Companies, Sales] B2B Lead Blog Starts a New chapter
    Over the next few months, I’ll launch my new company and while I work on my next book, a sequel to  Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. Back when I started this blog in 2003, I couldn’t find resources and practical ideas related to lead generation for complex sale. And new companies and careers are now built up around them.
    [Companies, Sales] New Chapter for the B2B Lead Blog
    Over the next few months, I’ll be starting a business and working on my next book, a sequel to  Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. Back when I started this blog in 2003, I couldn’t find any place where people were sharing ideas related to lead generation and the complex sale. You may have noticed the B2B Lead Blog has a new look.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Frost & Sullivan Honors Vidyard with Customer Value Leadership Award
    KITCHENER, Ontario – July 19, 2016 – Vidyard , the video intelligence platform for business, today announced that Frost & Sullivan awarded the company its 2016 North American Customer Value Leadership Award for the video analytics market. Vidyard also has demonstrated analytics knowledge that prove sales and marketing strategies’ ROI.”.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Don’t Bore People: 10 Ideas for B2B Newsletter Content
    Include a prompt to follow your company on that social media channel.). B2C companies do this all the time, but B2B companies tend to hold back, maybe because a photo contest feels too personal. These are especially good if you include customer-facing staff, like customer service or sales. Company news. Mushrooms?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 5 Costly Mistakes New Agency Owners Make
    You were sick of the lack of creativity in the work at your company, and the singular focus on margins and profits were draining your love for the industry. Now, you're responsible for everything, from the work to the happiness of clients to hiring to the state of your bill with the electric company. This is your future. Wrong.
  • MARKETRI  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Don’t Start a B2B Inbound Marketing Journey with marketing automation software
    You’ve probably heard about Inbound Marketing, a promising, digitally driven modern methodology that “pulls” leads into the sales funnel by attracting them with interesting and useful information. What aggressive, growth-minded company wouldn’t want to leverage modern marketing to gain qualified B2B buyers? You’re ready to take a sip!
  • THE ROI GUY  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Get a $120M revenue boost from partnering with customers on Value Selling & ROI / TCO? Splunk tells you how.
    The program has resulted in sales reps engaging more often and partnering with customers and prospects on value analysis and delivery, with: Over 1,500 business cases to prospects last year 730 business cases in this last quarter alone Influence on over $120M in annual new business wins each year. It was a no brainer to use these guys."
  • VOLACCI  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 8 Ways Drupal 8 Can Improve Your Website and Generate More Leads
    You can develop relevant content that improves SEO, drives users to your website, creates leads, and results in more sales. Customers are coming to expect streamlined, end-to-end, digital experiences and the companies who fail to provide this are increasingly at a competitive disadvantage. Drupal 8 is a marketer’s dream. Speed Matters.
  • CONTENTLY  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 5 Content Marketing Trends Sweeping Europe
    ” Adidas has said that it achieved record soccer-related sales amounting to 2 billion euros as a result of the campaign. Dutch brewing company Heineken, meanwhile, earned itself more than 6.5 Making products and services more accessible to widespread and valuable audiences is the ultimate goal for brands all over the world.
    [Companies, Sales] Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Lack Action?
    Whether you feed new posts to your company social pages automatically or you publish them manually, share the posts across all of your social platforms, as appropriate. post shared on your company page, then shared again from the individual profiles of each of your team members, has a much greater potential reach. And then you wait.
    [Companies, Sales] Breaking Down the Fundamentals of Account-Based Marketing
    It’s about getting all your resources— your program dollars AND your people (including your sales and marketing teams)—working together in a coordinated way to pursue and convert very specific accounts. To get this right, you need to work in close conjunction with sales. But what does this mean for you as a marketer? Develop Personas.
  • SNAPAPP  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] Using Interactive Content to Build a Scalable Account Based Marketing Program
    It’s the new hotness, and it’s easy to see why: ABM promises better results , closer sales-marketing alignment , and treasure troves of revenue (plus a system to attribute that revenue back to marketing – yessss!).  .  . ABM represents an effort on the part of marketing to accelerate pipeline and drive sales. Source: Bizible.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 12 of the Best 'Contact Us' Page Examples You'll Want to Copy
    For most companies, it's typically one of the most-visited site pages. Showcase the company's thought leadership, whether that's by including a list of recent blog posts or articles about the company in the press. If visitors choose to talk to sales, they'll see one form show up below the fold. Ready to get inspired?
    [Companies, Sales] How to turn social media connections into an actionable audience
    The case of the missing book sales. book recommendation from a heavily-followed Twitter account should lead to a huge spike in sales, right? In fact, in the days and weeks following Milano’s tweet, the book’s sales actually declined. Contact Mark  to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. Fowler.
  • ACT-ON  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies
    Any possible information contained in the company’s  existing contact data. Influencers, whether they’re journalists, analysts or bloggers, can drive sales. There’s nothing that can burst the bubble of getting a new client (or getting a new job) faster than the realization that your client has no real prospect list to work with.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] 7 Steps to Creating an Operating System for Your Agency
    For the first time in the history of the company, the owner can hand off the work he hates doing. vendor stops taking the company's orders because they're tired of not being paid on time. When meeting as a core team, it is important to create a list of key initiatives that will move the company toward the one- and three-year goals.
    [Companies, Sales] How to Become a Better Content Team Leader
    Marketing teams build reputations around thought leadership and influential best practices while also reducing overhead for their companies. However, as more companies shift into the content marketing sphere, teams must continuously review, optimize, and differentiate their strategies from other thought leaders in their space.
  • TONY ZAMBITO  |  SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] How Understanding The Goals And Intent Of Buyers Can Transform Marketing
    Leading to more effective online engagement, content design, and sales conversations. spoke recently with a CMO from a high tech company and here was his perspective on this: “We recently spent a lot of time on developing a buyer’s journey view of our customers.  Transformation by Yu Luck. Tasks Versus Goals. Transform Marketing.
  • JUNTA 42  |  SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2016
    [Companies, Sales] This Week in Content Marketing: Most Brands Failing at Customer Experience
    While the concept for the ad-free print publication came from company Cuisine Solutions, 95% of the content created for it was composed by creative agency HZDG’s content studio. Only 7% say their companies actually do accomplish that goal. We wrap up the show with a This Old Marketing example from Maui Electric. Sponsor (38:21).
    [Companies, Sales] The Human Element of Sales and Marketing
    This could teach us a lot about a human approach to sales and marketing. While most marketers and sales professionals may not think of themselves as change agents, they would be mistaken.  In fact, when we ask someone to invest in our product, we are asking them to embrace and champion change within their organization.
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