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7 Benefits of Using Lead Generation Software


In the same way that driving sales is hugely important, the manner in which you market your business also has a direct impact on your own success. This is where lead generation software can be invaluable. Besides the multiple benefits that the tool offers, it becomes even more efficient when it’s incorporated as part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Rebuilding a sales lead generation business after a crisis

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My sales lead generation firm Find New Customers was left behind. The business I had left behind, the sales lead generation company Find New Customers , was suffering from neglect. The sales pipeline was dry. The sales pipeline has filled nicely. ” Companies who lack brand recognition are ideal show sponsors. Great job.

Happy Birthday, sales lead generation company Find New Customers – belatedly

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Buffer On February 13, 2009, the sales lead generation company Find New Customers was born. Find New Customers, the demand generation company, is led by the award-winning marketer Jeff Ogden , who’s also the creator of the very popular and highly syndicated online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV. Email us – sales at

Social lead validation—the missing ingredient from most inbound LinkedIn marketing programs


All sales leads are not equal. I know this is something that most sales and marketing leaders understand and it’s why they put lead qualification and validation into most of their sales, marketing, and lead generation programs. They don’t want to waste time and money like the companies that Straight North recently evaluated. Like this post?

SCORE Demand Generation strategy from Find New Customers fixes the sales leads problem

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Buffer B2B Demand Generation strategy called SCORE uses Innovative Methodology to Improve Qualified Sales Opportunities, Increase Conversion Rates and Win More Sales. “When I interviewed b2b demand generation expert Brian Carroll, he shared data that indicated the top challenge for BtoB sellers today is the lack of qualified sales leads.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Every Company?

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Analyst David Raab reports that for companies under $5 Million in revenue, marketing automation penetration is a miserly 5 percent. Even at mid-size companies ($20 Million – $500 Million), the figure is only 10 percent. Which begs the question: is marketing automation right for every company? However, specific factors make certain companies better candidates than others.

The Critical Importance of Sales Lead Generation today

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Sales Lead Generation is a must. His post: Sales as we have known it is dead. This is why companies need to invest in sales lead generation today. This is why smart companies invest in sales lead generation programs including: Finely targeted accounts. Marketing automation software and CRM too. Lead management process. Lead Nurturing and scoring. If you want to make quote and have your business prosper, invest in sales lead generation and talk to Find New Customers.

How to Prioritize Sales Leads Part 1 – Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies

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B2B Lead Generation | How to Prioritize Leads | Part 1 of 3. As the President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers , I’m continually searching for great FREE content to help our clients and fans to improve revenue results. More quality sales opportunities leads to more sales which leads to higher revenue and market share.

Getting Demand Generation Right: 5 Things You Need to Change

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While the way B2B buyers buy has changed significantly, many marketing and sales departments are struggling to keep up. Here are 5 things that B2B Marketing and Sales teams need to do differently in order to meet the needs of today’s modern buyer: 1. And they need to remove the cultural mantle that says sales is marketing’s customer. Unfortunately, my friend is right.

Greatest Challenge Facing CMOs Today – Generating High-Quality Sales Leads

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“The vast majority of CMO’s in the study indicated that generating high quality leads is their top challenge. Certainly, marketing automation software helps and plays a key role. Marketing software is the engine that powers marketing, but you need fuel and a skilled driver. They are uniquely positioned to help your company solve this problem once and for all.

Realizing the Promise of Marketing Technology – ITSMA sales lead generation meeting in NYC

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Buffer I recently had the pleasure of attending the ITSMA lunch briefing in NYC, where they discussed the sales lead generation topic “Realizing the Promise of Marketing Technology.” Thanks to President Dave Munn for inviting Jeff Ogden of the sales lead generation company Find New Customer s to the event. Photo below.).

Top B2B Marketing Expert Looking for Companies with a Problem with Sales Leads

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Is your company struggling to create enough sales leads to keep sales funnels full? You need a good sales lead generation program to create quality sales leads. Jeff Ogden, author of The Definitive Guide to B2B Demand Generation – How to Find New Customers is looking for companies that exhibit this problem.

What Can I Learn By Using Marketing Automation Software?


Ideally, marketing automation software allows companies to track, analyze, and nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into brand advocates. Lead Quality. Most prospects visiting your company’s website and consuming your content have not yet entered a purchase-ready mentality. Buyer Journey.

Your company is struggling to create quality sales leads. What do you do?

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B2B Lead Generation | Uncovering the root cause of sales lead problems. By the same token, the Lead Generation Assessment Service is like working with a golf pro. We ask the questions and review what you have been doing to uncover the root causes of your B2B demand generation challenges. So instead of guessing and buying software (new clubs) or other actions, first bring in the professionals from Find New Customers to help you dig and uncover the root causes with the Lead Generation Assessment Service. What do you do?

Medium Sized companies struggle with B2B demand generation too

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B2B Lead Generation | Mid Sized Companies. That proves our superb knowledge of B2B lead generation. Last week Find New Customers reviewed results of a survey by Act-On Software , which found large companies (500 employees or more) struggling with B2B demand generation. Now we wish to examine mid-sized companies to see if the data differs.

Buying software is easy. Fixing lead generation is hard.

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B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. Unfortunately, there’s no “Wonder Herb&# in B2B lead generation and marketing either. What does your software purchase do toward fixing your company’s problems with generating quality sales leads? They are fine products from solid companies.).

Dear CEO: The Era of Accountability Starts in 2017


I just love the simplicity of it; not to mention that it absolutely captures what is wrong with marketing in many if not most companies today. While marketing technology and marketing automation software are not totally to blame, they have made it easier to get more poor quality leads to sales faster than ever before. Sales is mad. Lead Generation Sales Leads

A Conversation with Shawn Naggiar About Sales, Lead Generation, and Marketing Automation

Marketing Action

As Chief Revenue Officer of Act-On Software, Shawn Naggiar is responsible for everything related to creating, managing, and growing revenue at the company. He joined Act-On in early 2008 as employee #7, and was a key architect in creating the company’s go-to-market strategy. MT: Tell me a little more about how marketing automation helps with those leads.

Marketing Automation Software that Delivers the Most Data Wins!


James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint. Software programs that explain the most data, verified by the most evidence, are better than those that do not. CRM properly applied, in conjunction with marketing automation software, explains the most data on marketing performance and gives more evidence than any other combination of software. What this means is, those companies with the most marketing toys really do win!

Sales Lead Management Association Announces Winners of the 2011 “50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management” Election

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Jeff Ogden, President of the B2B demand generation company Find New Customers wishes to congratulate all the winners, and to say that we are honored to be included with so many B2B marketing experts. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association, announced the results of the voting for the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2011.

Buying software is easy. Fixing Lead Generation is hard.

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B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. If you want to make sales quota in 2012, get started today! Too many companies believe purchasing software fixes B2B lead generation. Fixing your B2B lead generation challenges is a lot like losing weight. ‘” That sounds like the sales pitch of software vendors, promising all that ROI the comes from their software. Unfortunately, there’s no “Wonder Herb” in B2B lead generation and marketing either.

The SCORE Program from Find New Customers fixes the sales lead problem once and for all

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New Demand Generation Program uses Innovative Methodology to Improve Qualified Lead Generation, Increase Conversion Rates and Make More Sales. Lack of qualified sales leads is the biggest problem affecting BtoB sellers today, according to research by MECLABS and others. In the past, companies purchased lists of so-called leads, deployed lead generation software, and hired inside salespeople – yet the problem remains. Sales simply does not have enough qualified opportunities to work.

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How to Prioritize Sales Leads Part 3 – Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies

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B2B Lead Generation | How to Prioritize Leads | Part 3 of 3. In our last post, we shared part 2 of Mac McConnell of Bluebird Strategies talking about lead scoring. More quality sales opportunities leads to more sales which leads to higher revenue and market share. In this final segment, he dives in deeper. You can watch Part 1 here.

All Real Salespeople Love Sales Leads (but there is a tiny caveat)


James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint. All real salespeople love sales leads and don’t ever believe anyone who tells you differently. The argument comes when salespeople define a lead. Until SalesForce came along and called every raw name in the database a lead, most of us thought—there are inquiries and there are leads. A genuine sales lead has qualifying information. And Marketing’s failure….


Four Steps to Convince CEOs that Demand Generation Should be a Marketing, Not a Sales, Function

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B2B Demand Generation | Why it belongs in Marketing – Not Sales. Our Lead Nurturing and Scoring Service goes up from $24,995 to $29,995 on September 1, so book today! David Green wrote an awesome post for the B2B Lead Generation Roundtable blog. If you are looking for lead generating ideas and better marketing strategies , we suggest you read this. __.

Hiring a person to head BtoB Demand Generation? Don’t just hire a person; Hire a process!

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Buffer When hiring a BtoB demand generation manager, don’t just hire a person. I see lots of listings on LinkedIn looking for BtoB demand generation managers. But these companies are missing THE critical element – the plan and process to be used. What’s the process that this new hire will use to craft a best practices btob demand generation program in your company? This is why the best sales lead generation companies (such as Find New Customers) have a documented demand generation like the SCORE demand generation program.

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The Current State of B2B demand generation

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B2B Lead Generation | Study Findings by Act-On Software. I was recently invited as a guest speaker for Act-On Software for a webinar entitled “Stop Marketing in the Dark.&# Most companies continue to market in the dark. Large companies with 500 employees or more should be somewhat sophisticated, but the data shows otherwise. Lead nurturing.

Blog Makeover Nets Sales Leads for Software Company

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How do you reinvent a company blog in a way that does more than simply provide a platform for thought leadership? That was the challenge faced by Navicure , a leading Internet-based medical claims clearinghouse in Atlanta that helps medical practices increase profitability. convert that search traffic to measurable sales leads. The results have been startling.

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Marketing Automation: Lessons from 4 case studies

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Tweet Marketing automation technology has become an indispensable tool in the complex sale marketer’s arsenal. Lead generation, lead nurturing and determining the time for the handoff to Sales would be extremely difficult without that technology. Add lead scoring and tracking through that final conversion to sale and the task is flat out impossible without automation. Case Study #1 – Marketing Automation: 200% increase in lead volume for software company after implementation. Scalability. Integration with the new CRM system.

10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation

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10 Things Your CEO Needs to Know Now about B2B Demand Generation. But to help you, you have to help me set proper expectations with your company’s leaders. This man badly needs the help of a marketing leader well versed in B2B demand generation, who can create a program to fill sales funnels with warm leads. B2B demand generation works the same way.

Why sales isn’t off the hook for generating referral leads


Marketers get it, too, and they’re ready to help sales teams generate more referrals and follow up on the great leads. Equally important, marketing has the tools to streamline the sales process so that every single client becomes part of your team’s referral network. Referral automation software delivers what marketing promises: qualified leads.

Harness it in YOUR business – the power of B2B demand generation

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B2B Demand Generation | Many need our free B2B lead generation content. Need to learn B2B lead nurturing? Download our totally free and no registration needed cheat sheet, 7 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing. I was speaking with a good friend at a content marketing company in Boston. They don’t even have marketing automation software.

3 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Sales Leads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Carol Fox If your sales leads aren’t receiving lead nurturing efforts from marketing to convert them quickly into business, they ultimately aren’t going to benefit your bottom line. Improving lead quality requires a commitment from sales and marketing to focus on both quality and quantity, not just one or the other. Commit to lead nurturing.

B2B Lead Generation | Where Are You Today?

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B2B Lead Generation | Where Are You Today? An SVP of Worldwide Marketing used this to describe where his 1/2 billion software company fit today in B2B Lead Generation. His point: They were primitive – no content marketing, no lead nurturing, no lead scoring, no marketing automation, etc. Where does your B2B company belong?

13 Tried-and-True Lead Generation Ideas (And the Numbers Behind Them)


Filling the top of your sales funnel with leads is tough -- especially when you're relying on traditional methods. So what if I told you that you could still reach your leads quota using methods that actually add value to your prospect's day? This utopia of lead generation is, in fact, a possibility. 13 Lead Generation Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy.

Is social media effective for B2B lead generation?

Sales Lead Insights

I’m probably biased, but I believe the primary objective of business-to-business marketing is driving sales of the company’s products and services. Of course branding and awareness are also roles that can be played effectively by B2B marketing, but from my point of view these are only supporting roles—secondary to the primary objective of helping drive sales. Yet many of these same companies eventually come to the realization that not every prospective customer is ready to buy now. Is social media effective for B2B lead generation? Not bad!

Are B2B Companies Finally “Getting” Content Marketing?

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B2B demand generation | Content Marketing. One software firm said “Our goal is to produce a massive amount of content.&# Or do many companies still live in the Dark Ages? We also invite you to purchase our $49 Demand Generation training program – delivered via email. Or take our $49 Demand Generation training course ? But most were lost.