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How Services Firms Grow with Online Marketing (Guest Post)


A note from Janice: Professional services for activities such as infrastructure assessments, deployment planning, and outsourced IT operations are a significant revenue stream for many technology companies. There is one exception, however: both average and high growth firms focus equally on sending company newsletters, a popular tool that has been around for quite some time.

Four Tips to Guarantee Freelancer Websites Deliver Great Results (Guest Post)


A note from Janice: I know that not every technology company has the budget to hire a freelance technical copywriter with my depth of subject knowledge, writing skill, and marketing savvy. For these companies, the freelance marketplace sites can be a good way to find writers for less-demanding content projects. company’s identity (no sense in alerting the competition that you lack in-house. AdWords expertise), you might mention that you are a company “similar to” the. But using these sites can be overwhelming and nonproductive if not approached carefully. In the.

Justifying the Cost of an Experienced Freelance Writer


Interact with customers and subject experts, including high-level executives, in a way that maintains a positive perception of your company and the marcom department. "How long have you been freelancing?" is a question I rarely hear when I am discussing my copywriting services with a potential client. But it's a question you will want to ask any freelance copywriter you hire. The reason? writer who is experienced in running a business and managing projects as a freelancer can save you time, money, and headaches through more effective project activity and relationships. Value Area.

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Content Marketing Insights for Technology Companies


As a possible reason for this rating, the report concludes that the content produced by tech companies is not matched to the different information needs of buyers at different stages of their decision cycle. Has your company made this analysis? Yet the report shows that marketers give middling ratings for the effectiveness of much of this content. Content Marketing Sales Materials

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

person to tell the company’s story, even though he. CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building a small me- dia company within a large corporation. B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. It’s also worth noting that companies that. company? mistake brands often make is only considering companies in their in- dustry as potential competition.

Are You Abandoning Your Leads after a Webinar?


assumed the companies would send a link to the webinar recording and the slides or other material so I could see what I had missed. After the second webinar ended, I watched my email and waited, and waited.Until the next day when the recording link message came from one company. As for the other company, its message wasn''t sent until two days later. The lesson from this story?

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10 Signals That Your Project Needs a Professional Copywriter


In an ideal world, you would use a professional writer for every marketing or public relations document produced by your company. The project is important for generating sales, attracting publicity, educating analysts and investors, or producing other results for your company. You notice typos, grammar errors, and other writing problems in earlier materials produced by the company.

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White Papers: Refresh or Write Fresh?


Promotes a major product or service that will continue to be sold by your company. The media company UBM Tech found in a survey that 63 percent of IT buyers will only consider information useful if it''s less than 18 months old.* Your marketing department may produce dozens of new white papers each year, but how often do you refresh an existing one? Was written more than a year ago.

Why You Still Need PDFs for Content Marketing


Last month I was on the website of a major technology company, looking for basic information about a product. Is this company trying to push prospects away (unlikely) or is it simply caught up in the trend-du-jour of web interfaces and content presentation that view a downloadable PDF document as belonging in the dark ages? Not exactly what I was looking for.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

returned to the company after a 28-month stint leading. back the curtain on the groundbreaking work hap- pening inside a company Thomas Edison founded 130. with a better example of a brand building a more effec- tive content roadmap than GE. “It’s been a big change in our company—we’ve tried to. the powerful force that pushed the company forward. All rights reserved.

Murphy's Laws of High Tech Copywriting


Your company president will suddenly become an expert copywriter, but only when the brochure is already at the printer or posted on the website. document that you think will appeal only to a very limited audience will turn out to be the most requested material ever produced by your company. Your technical guru will reject as "too salesy" a headline that your marketing VP loves.

Do You Want a Case Study or Just Feedback?


It may be harder for the writer to get the big-picture, business-focused story during the interview if the questions continually prompt a customer to discuss details of the product implementation or your company's support activity. A prime customer has just agreed to participate in a case study for your product--great news! that add depth and interest to the case study.

What To Do With a "Not Quite Ready" Technology Case Study


One of your company's sales reps e-mails you in breathless excitement: "We just signed a contract with XYZ company and they are willing to say great things about us. Of course, it's not everyday that a customer actually volunteers to give a positive testimonial about your product or company. Can we get the writer to do a case study?". Have you encountered this situation?

Recruiting Customer References on your Website


Run a Google search on the phrase "customer reference programs" and you'll easily find links to information from many technology companies. Do you know of a high-tech company that has been successful in recruiting customers for its reference program through such a web page? An online form for expressing interest in becoming a reference customer. Case Studies

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

fully formed media company. number of other companies like General Electric, Marriott, and Starbucks joined the club, competing. Full disclosure: GE and Marriott are Contently clients.) It may seem odd at first to liken companies known for. as media company.” challenge for any company, no matter its size or budget. of content marketing technology companies have.

Case Studies: Does Your Team Know What Makes a Good Success Story?


One of your sales reps sends a breathless e-mail: "XYZ company just signed a contract. And in doing so, you may place your company in an awkward position if the customer is unwilling, is contacted too early, or doesn't have the hoped-for positive experience with your product. Example answers: It's a well known company, the customer is in a target industry or market segment or has an interesting product application. If so, can we name the company or must they remain anonymous? In both cases, what input do you receive?

White Papers: Too Much Fat, Not Enough Meat


Many documents begin with a history review, basic definitions, personal reflections, or company positioning statements. Basic information about your company isn't the place to drone on about your company's mission, historical achievements, information about individual products, commitment to providing outstanding customer support, blah, blah, blah. It's easy to overload technology white papers with content that is irrelevant and poorly structured for the reader's interest. According to an Eccolo Media survey of IT buyers, ". Avoid throat-clearing text. Narrative text.

Do You Need a Specialty Copywriter?


instead, I recommend that clients find a writer whose focuses on this kind of work. Y our company has a particular market focus. It's easy to understand that not every freelance writer is a good match for every marketing project. Yet, how can you recognize when you need a specialty writer and identify what kind of writer to seek? These ideas can help your search. You need a writer with specific technical or subject knowledge. Teaching a generalist writer about your products, customers, and applications probably isn't a good use of time--for yourself or your subject experts.

Tell Your Own Stories


Does your company produce a product that it uses internally? Some of the largest technology companies are certainly users of their own products. Intel: IT@Intel Microsoft:  Microsoft IT Showcase What materials and techniques have you used to share your company's product experience with customers and prospects?  . If so, have you written your own case study?

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

companies will spend in the neighborhood of 50. identify them by their names and companies. companies are devoting to content marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola have succeeded with a. companies for audience attention. and interests instead of just telling them about the company’s. These companies need to talk with. Copyright © 2015 Contently. in it.

WriteSpark: Best Blog Posts about Content Marketing


This month's list focuses on my best posts and recommended resources for content marketing as it applies to technology products, services, and companies. If you are involved in producing any type of technical sales or promotional materials, you'll find these posts helpful: What does the content tell you? Decision makers like details. Content tips for e-books. Content Marketing

Roundup: Social Media Policies from Technology Companies


In the spirit of openness that is encouraged by social media, many high-tech companies have posted their policies for employee blogging and social media use as public web pages.  Although they vary in depth and formality, each of these companies' guidelines offer insights for creating your own social media participation policies. Some examples: Cisco's Internet Postings Policy.

Is Your Topic Worthy of a White Paper?


For topics that don't meet these criteria, other types of marketing materials may be a good choice: An article on the company website or submitted to online or print publications that covers the relevant technology, industry, or customer base. But of course, not every topic is suitable.or even best presented in a white paper format. blog post for even shorter topics. .

What's Wrong with Saying You're the Best?


You know that your company has hired very skilled and knowledgeable employees who will do their best to support your customers and make your product fulfill their needs. You know that your product and company is truly the best choice for customers. Have you noticed that the largest technology companies rarely (if ever) use superlatives and absolutes in their marketing language?

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

company’s content across the enterprise. for their audience’s attention, including major publishers and media companies. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. This virtuous circle is only possible when the company works to build a culture of. The studio helps unify the company around a. for the company’s newsroom.

The Value of Qualitative Results in a Case Study


There are times when you have what seems to be an ideal case study: a happy, willing, and talkative customer; a prestigious company name; a story for an application or industry that you want to target. What to do? Instead of turning down a willing customer, you can focus the case study on qualitative results and value.

How a Freelance Writer Can Help Solve Marcom Project Issues


For example, the writer can: Bring a fresh set of eyes and insights from working with other companies to project plans and outlines. As a marketing communications manager, you probably spend much of your workday trying to resolve common issues that arise in your projects such as: Endless debates over the project plan or document outline.

Justifying the Cost of a Professional Copy Writer


High-visibility projects that position your company, such as case studies that showcase your success to prospects and support loyalty from current customers. A new year typically means a long list of new marketing communications and public relations projects. You know you'll need the services of a professional copywriter for some of these projects, yet how can you justify the expense?

The Value of LTRs with Freelance Copywriters


Insights into your company’s culture helps the writer work appropriately and effectively with your subject experts and customers. For example, a technical copywriter who has not previously written a video script, but who knows your products and company, may be a better choice than an experienced but generalist scriptwriter who lacks the technology knowledge.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. customer/stakeholder goals of my company, and what do I need to make. company sales rep, it becomes even more vital that both groups understand the buying process from. There will be more companies developing SLAs between sales and.

WriteSpark: Best Blog Posts about Case Studies


In this blog, I frequently write about case studies, white papers, and content marketing for technical products and technology companies. And, you'll want to read these excellent books and share them with your team: Bill Lee's The Hidden Wealth of Customers , a thoughtful guide for justifying a full-fledged customer reference program to your company executives. Over the next few months, I'll list what I consider to be my very best posts on these topics, along with a few "must have" books and other resources to further your knowledge. What to do with a "not quite ready" case study.

Is It "Use It or Lose It" Time For Your Marketing Budget?


Identify small, quick-return marcom projects, for example, a series of blog posts or Web articles with the bylines of your company's topic experts. . The end of a calendar year is often the time to review marketing budgets. And for many marcom managers, it may be time to use any remaining funds so they aren't taking away during the next budgeting cycle. Refresh existing documents.

Insist on the Right Copywriter


But in a large agency that is handling many complex projects for your company, combining these roles simply will not produce the best work. If your primary source of outside help for marketing communications and public relations projects is a marketing or advertising agency, you have probably worked with whichever copywriter the agency assigns to your account. Not at all.

Are you still selling after the customer has been sold?


But this valuable information is buried under flyers, a cover letter, another copy of the product brochure, perhaps even sales materials for other products or companies. Yes, it is fine to use part of a white paper to showcase the expertise of your company or the credentials of the paper's author. the work she had already been hired to do. Consider another scenario.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

companies around the globe: 1. JOE CHERNOV, VP OF MARKETING, HUBSPOT: “HubSpot is not only a company, but it’s also the cata- lyst of a movement. work at a small company without a lot of bureaucracy. company or in one of those industries, you might be. though a lot of their stories report on the company’s. the company has in place, the editorial team has the.

How to Tell When You Have a Good Freelance Copywriter


These questions can help you gauge service professionalism: Do you feel like you need to participate in all phone calls and be copied on all emails between the freelance writer and your colleagues and customers because you fear embarrassment to you or your company? Consider the factors below. Quality of the work. The "gets it" factor. Service professionalism. Adaptability. Independence.