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How to Define Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing and Selling

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Look for commonalities, in role/title, problems they wanted to solve, industry, company size, etc. Interview companies that did not buy or that bought from a competitor. What are buyer personas? Buyer personas are the model example of an "ideal customer". How to define a buyer persona. There is no one set way to create a buyer persona. Why they ultimately chose your solution?

Does your company's Web presence differentiate your company from the competition?

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An interesting question and one that has significant impact on your company''s ability to grow. Most BtoB companies have a website and have made an effort to attract prospective customers to their site. When a prospective customer finds your company through search engines they generally are evaluating several companies and their solutions.

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Blogging for Business - It's Role In Attracting Target Buyers

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When target customers are ready to buy, do they consider your company? reasonable resolution to this question is critical for BtoB companies who serve a defined target market. Most companies do not have a good handle on the answer because they don''t know what they don''t know. The first step in solving this quandary is to think customer and not your company.

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Sharing - B2B vs. B2C

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Figuring out how and when your company should share on social media can be as difficult as figuring out what to share. study by Compendium also showed significant differences in what works with social sharing between B2B and B2C companies. From Compendium, here's an infographic on what works for social sharing. View Original Article

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

person to tell the company’s story, even though he. CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building a small me- dia company within a large corporation. B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. It’s also worth noting that companies that. company? mistake brands often make is only considering companies in their in- dustry as potential competition.

Using Apple's Marketing Techniques

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Apple is really a design company that re-frames existing technology. What makes Apple so special? A big part of it is how they market their products. Below are some of their methods that you can borrow to create your own loyal market, eager for your every offering. Apple puts their customers first User experience is Apple's top goal. How to use it: Write for your audience.

HubSpot Reveals New Tools to Accelerate Sales

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Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.”. As inbound marketing gains popularity and companies become more successful at attracting prospects and generating leads, there is a growing need to get better at selling and servicing leads. Recording optional.). Click to Tweet!

Content Marketing Checklist

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This can be accomplished with a web hosting company with a strong security track record, or with a monitoring service. Sonia Simone on CopyBlogger defines content marketing as communicating with potential customers in a way that A) an audience actually enjoys paying attention to, and B) demonstrates to that audience that you would be a good person to do business with. But defining content marketing is easier than executing a content marketing campaign. CopyBlogger has a 10-step checklist for a successful content marketing program. Don't build your business there. View Original Article

VIDEO: Making Your Brand Stand Out with Social Media

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In this video from, Shira Lazar, host of YouTube''s What''s Trending , advises that companies be authentic and speak directly to their core demographics when extending their brands to social media. View Original Article

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

returned to the company after a 28-month stint leading. back the curtain on the groundbreaking work hap- pening inside a company Thomas Edison founded 130. with a better example of a brand building a more effec- tive content roadmap than GE. “It’s been a big change in our company—we’ve tried to. the powerful force that pushed the company forward. All rights reserved.

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Strategy

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Social media has become more and more important to organizations, yet many small to mid-sized companies are still lagging behind when it comes to the development and implementation of their social media strategies. From Social Media Explorer, here''s an infographic with an eight step approach to social media strategy. View Original Article

VIDEO: Social Media's Multiplier Effect

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From, here's a video with entrepreneur and author Gary Vaynerchuk in which he explains how customers broadcasting their experiences on social media can amplify the impact of your company's interactions. View Original Article

How to Define Your Funnel Stages & MQLs

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Your definition of a marketing qualified lead will be specific to your company, but it must encompass two elements. Defining Your Company’s MQLs. The last stage is to arrive at a definite description of MQLs that fits your company’s needs by considering the following: The behavioral history of recent customers such as the average number of actions they take before becoming a customer.

SEO Tips for Small Budgets

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Find a Product - For most, this will be your company or your area of expertise. From, an excellent step-by-step guide for getting started with search engine optimization while keeping initial costs down. Keyword Tools - Google has a host of free keyword tools. Domain Registration and Web Hosting - Many choices here, but you should be able to get both for an annual cost of around $80. Link Research Tools - Again, many free tools exist that will do the job as well as enterprise level paid services. Link Tracking - $20/month is reasonable. Rank Checking Tools - Free ones exist.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

fully formed media company. number of other companies like General Electric, Marriott, and Starbucks joined the club, competing. Full disclosure: GE and Marriott are Contently clients.) It may seem odd at first to liken companies known for. as media company.” challenge for any company, no matter its size or budget. of content marketing technology companies have.

Why Implementing a Good Content Strategy is Good for Business

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content strategy does several things to ensure that you are positioning your company and yourself for success. Think of a content strategy like a map to your destination or goal. Without it you end up on a back country road in the middle of nowhere, where no one can hear you! Well, that is the last thing you want to happen when it comes to your business. First, it establishes your commitment to providing your users with fresh content. In addition, you will notice more consistency in the message as well as the tone of the message. However, don’t rely on sharing alone.

How to Set Up a Google + Business Page

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You’ll be able to classify your page from a number of options that include “Local Business or Place,” “Product or Brand,” “Company, Institution or Organization,” “Arts, Entertainment or Sports,” or “Other.” Once you make your selection, you’ll want to fill in all the basic information, such as your company name, your company’s website URL, and your company’s industry.

3 Ways Google + Changes Search Marketing

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It means that having a Google + business page provides your company with a win-win situation! These are huge benefits, so be sure to set up a Google + business page for your company if you haven’t already The benefits of having a Google + business page are huge. This is because your marketing efforts on Google + can directly influence your search ranking on Google.

What is Google + and Why it Matters

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Google + provides companies with a huge amount of ways to increase brand awareness and loyalty. For example, if you run a pet food company, then an article about cats isn’t going to be relevant to all of your followers since many of your followers probably have different pets. Google + is often considered Google’s answer to the social media giant, Facebook.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

companies will spend in the neighborhood of 50. identify them by their names and companies. companies are devoting to content marketing. Companies like Coca-Cola have succeeded with a. companies for audience attention. and interests instead of just telling them about the company’s. These companies need to talk with. Copyright © 2015 Contently. in it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Global Social Media Insights - 2012

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From Burson-Marsteller on, here's an infographic of findings from a 2012 study on how companies have adapted to social media. Engagement is becoming second nature to companies. Multiple accounts on these platforms allow companies to target audiences by geography, topic or service. Companies are adapting rapidly to new platforms. Top 5 Findings. People are talking about the Fortune Global 100 a lot. Video content creation is on the rise. View Original Article

What Users Want from a Mobile Website

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52% of users say they're less likely to engage with a company after a bad mobile experience. 48% of users regard a poorly optimized site as an indication that the company doesn't care about their business. 48% of users want to access a company's social networks. To assist small businesses with the daunting task of making a mobile optimized website, Google conducted a study called "What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today." From the Hubspot Blog, here are 20 statistics from the study. Smartphone Users and the Mobile Browsing Experience. 69% of users want bigger buttons.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Effective Internet Marketing

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According to Shebang Online Marketing Group, in 2012, some of the the most effective internet marketing returns were seen from companies that focused on content creation, social media, blogging, SEO, website and landing pages, email and mobile marketing. Here's an infographic that details the prevailing trends for effective online marketing. View Original Article


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As defined by Google, black hat search engine optimization tactics are “unethical, overly aggressive marketing efforts where a company tries to manipulate search engine results in an unfair way.” ” From, here's a horror movie themed infographic that shows why black hat tactics are bad for business. View Original Article

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

company’s content across the enterprise. for their audience’s attention, including major publishers and media companies. suppliers, and can help facilitate corporate communications and build company culture. This virtuous circle is only possible when the company works to build a culture of. The studio helps unify the company around a. for the company’s newsroom.

INFOGRAPHIC: Using Social Media for Customer Service

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As a result, 80% of companies have plans to use social media for customer service. Forty seven percent of social media users "actively seek" customer service through social media. From ClickSoftware, here's an infographic that shows the growing importance of social media in customer service. View Original Article

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media Strategy

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Social marketing requires a company to shift from broadcasting an anonymous, singular brand voice to engaging directly with customers as individuals. Establishing a social media presence for a brand can be difficult. Kevin Dugan offers some tips on how to avoid the "“seven deadly sins” of social media: Envy Trying to mimic the social media programs of other brands isn't beneficial. Brands must understand what makes them unique and use social media to demonstrate that differentiation. Sloth Earn fans by creating engaging content and promotions. Don't just talk about yourself.

INFOGRAPHIC: "Liking" Brands on Facebook

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The survey led to the conclusion that brand pages on Facebook are more important than companies' websites. Lab42 surveyed 1000 social media users about how they felt about "Liking" a brand on Facebook. From Lab42 and the Hubspot Blog, here's an infographic about how brand pages on Facebook are perceived by social media users. View Original Article

Statistics That Indicate the Future of Marketing

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75% of B2B companies do not measure or quantify social media engagement. 61% of marketing companies plan to increase their email marketing efforts in the next year. A 50% increase in the adoption of marketing automation technology is expected by 2015. 47% of marketing companies plan to increase mobile application efforts in the next year. Marketing is undergoing a powerful transformation, largely driven by the popularity of social media and smartphones. Social Media and Social Lead Nurturing Stats. 84% of B2B marketers use some form of social media. View Original Article

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Collaborate with industry influencers: marketers must creatively build advocacy and content amplification outside the company as well. customer/stakeholder goals of my company, and what do I need to make. company sales rep, it becomes even more vital that both groups understand the buying process from. There will be more companies developing SLAs between sales and.

Online Marketing Trends for 2013

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Local companies have never before had so many affordable tools available to understand how to improve local search results, engage with customers and measure their success. Online marketing in 2012 was dominated by mobile, big brands and Google updates. has a list of ten online marketing trends to look for in 2013. "A surge in second screen value." Mobile screens represent value to marketers. To realize that value, mobile offerings need to move beyond easy of use and searchability and offer new information and resources. The evolution of attribution modeling."

Marketing Resolutions for 2013

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Companies that blog 6-8 times per month generate over twice as many leads as companies that blog just twice a month. Become an active contributor to social media by posting articles to your company’s social channels. - An active and helpful social presence can grow your reach and help promote your best content. Dissect a company you admire to understand why their marketing works. The Hubspot blog has 16 ideas for worthwhile marketing goals for the coming year. Blog at least twice a week. Produce a video in the first quarter of 2013 and post it on YouTube.

A Calculator of the Value of Social Media Followers

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Answer six questions and see what each Like or follower is worth to your company. According to Hubspot, marketers should be measuring social media marketing campaigns to determine what is making money and what isn’t. In order to generate a positive ROI with social media, Hubspot has created and refined a metric they call Value of a Like (VOAL). Here's the formula: L (Total Likes) Likes on a Facebook page or number of Twitter followers. UpM (Unlikes-per-Month) Unlikes and unfollows. CR (Conversion Rate) Average conversion rate of your website, from visit to sale or visit to lead.

Building a YouTube Marketing Strategy

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Orabrush, a company that makes a breath-freshening tongue cleaner of the same name, had limited success with marketing through retailers, infomercials and other outlets. The company's YouTube page is now their inbound marketing hub, and represents 80% of their marketing. From Adam Sutton at MarketingSherpa comes a look at how Orabrush created a successful marketing strategy built around their YouTube page. Orabrush created a landing page around an independent YouTube video titled "How to tell if you have bad breath." This tripled their conversion rate. 271,000+ Facebook fans.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

companies around the globe: 1. JOE CHERNOV, VP OF MARKETING, HUBSPOT: “HubSpot is not only a company, but it’s also the cata- lyst of a movement. work at a small company without a lot of bureaucracy. company or in one of those industries, you might be. though a lot of their stories report on the company’s. the company has in place, the editorial team has the.

Blog Metrics to Track

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Intra-company links Do you have links to other relevant areas of your site? Media links How many media companies and bloggers link into your blog as a source of information? Blogs are still the heart of social media and content marketing. Blogs supply much of the content that drives social media conversations. Given their importance, blog metrics are needed to assess your success relative to your marketing objectives. From Content Marketing Institute, 21 blog metrics: Count visits and unique visitors Where do they come from and where do they go on your site? Where do they click?

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