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There is no community on social media

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Speaking at the  Lithium Technologies  LiNC conference in San Francisco, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst  Nate Elliott  dropped a bomb on brand managers: you don’t build a community on social or have any meaningful customer relationships on Facebook: There’s no community there. There’s never been a meaningful community there. They’re not archived.

Online Communities are Not Virtual


Do you consider message boards, forums, virtual realities, and virtual communities to be a waste of time, populated by losers? Abraham PR respects online community; Abraham PR respects the online life. There is a general misunderstanding that online virtual communities are escapist. And community, in this case, is synonymous with family. And continues to do so.

Social Media Manager vs. Online Community Manager: Same or Different?

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One recent morning I saw a post in one of my LinkedIN groups asking "what is the difference between a social media manager and an online community manager?" Social media managers bring the guests (clients, prospects) to the table and community managers welcome them in!" Thank you for reading Building Online Communities for Business by Leader Networks.

Are anonymous communities most authentic?


And all will be well in the communitys garden. ”  Chauncey Gardiner , from Being There. I am a proponent of “real name” communities. I am also a proponent of safe communities — and real name accountability tends to civilize people’s behavior online in a big way. That said, are anonymous communities more authentic? . Maybe. Goaded?

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

excluding social media posts)? LEADERSHIP SOCIAL. digital editorial team consists of almost 20 community managers and designers producing content. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. 700 content marketers. goals—and concerns—lie. content.

Online communities aren’t all bullying bullies


Many Online Communities are Friendly. A few months I finally decided to give reddit a go as a user and not as a marketer.  I’m a convert — I love it. The post Online communities aren’t all bullying bullies appeared first on Biznology. Online Community Business fitness Google gym Online Communities Reddit social mediar/C25K. started W1D1 Sunday.

Don't Ask Community Managers To Be Strategists

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The enterprise community manager position is sometimes termed a "jack of all trades" role. Over the past few weeks I have participated in a suite of webinars and talks about online communities and their growing role in functional areas such as customer care. have listened to, and debated with, countless community management specialists about community management best practices.

Branded Customer Communities: What Consumers Expect

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Can branded customer communities drive more revenue than Facebook ads? Social networks are not the holy grail of customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. Online communities are. Building a community within one single platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn is not enough to build effective online communities for your customers. [.]. B2C marketing Community marketing Infographics Social media marketing branded customer communities GetSatisfaction online customer communitiesAsking the question is answering it.

What You Must Know About Community Management

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The term “community manager” no longer lives in the realm of buzzwords. As social media, online communities and even in-person events have become a regular part of the modern marketing mix, community managers have been getting hired up. (If you want proof, just look at the who’s who of brands that have added community managers assembled by Jeremiah Owyang.).

5 Things Every Good Community Manager Does

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Social media professional Sookie Shuen makes the case for community managers everywhere. Social media is an effective tool to engage your target audience, drive website traffic and, ultimately, boost sales. So why do so few companies employ a social media community manager? First, what are the benefits of having a community manager? Content creation.

Designing Metrics for Online Customer Communities

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But, while all good community leaders within an organization hold these core values close, when business stakeholders start asking for hard ROI metrics, most community teams get a little nervous about how to prove value and define success. Community managers send reports off to leadership with fingers crossed and a heavy heart because they know the data isn’t truly indicative.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

in new readers via search and social. return on social. And as a community has coalesced. SOCIAL Strategies, tools, and tips for spreading content through. the social web. sections of The Content Strategist: Brands, Media, Social, ROI, and Voices. You’ve heard the horror stories about organiza- tions that take months to approve simple social media.

By: Week 8: Online Communities, Communities of Practice | alh.meshari


[…] of the main reasons people succeed with social media marketing where others fail is that they think of those with whom they’re communicating not as pixels on a […

Building Employee Communities

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Community champions within an enterprise can be hard to find. We periodically spotlight online community leaders here, so I'm pleased to share a discussion with my friend and colleague Lauren Klein. Lauren is a community consultant with a specialty in building employee-to-employee communities. What are E2E communities and why are they important?

The Online Guide for Successful Social and Online Communities

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One of the main reasons people succeed with social media marketing where others fail is that they think of those with whom they’re communicating not as pixels on a screen but as real people with real needs, pains and interests and understanding the dynamics of online communities. People are “communal” by nature as they can

6 Core Principles to Tap the Power of Social Community Participation

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Gartner reports that many business and IT leaders fail at utilizing social media effectively because they do not understand mass collaboration. Many businesses use a “provide and pray” approach, expecting community participation to just happen. It’s just one of the reasons why communities fail. Research Social media marketing community participation Gartner mass collaboration social mediaWhat happens instead is that users have an initial interest and [.].

Community Managers, Unite!

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Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD)! As I sat down to write a blog post dedicated to celebrating community managers - this fantastic, rewarding and often misunderstood profession, I realized that there are few professions (and professionals) as impassioned as a Community Manager. Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

A Day In The Life Of A B2B Online Community Manager

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Somewhere, in the stillness of the night, an online community manager rolls over in bed, reaches for his iPad, and checks to see if anyone in his online community needs help, if there are messages that need attention and to make sure the site is running fine. This is commonplace for a B2B community manager. What Makes A B2B Community Manager So Special? Extreme behavior?

Four Characteristics of a Successful Brand Community

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Branded communities can be a wealthy source of customer advocacy and social proof - but how do marketers make them successful? Brand Credibility

5 Things Every Good Community Manager Does

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Social media professional Sookie Shuen makes the case for community managers everywhere. Social media is an effective tool to engage your target audience, drive website traffic and, ultimately, boost sales. So why do so few companies employ a social media community manager? First, what are the benefits of having a community manager? Content creation.

10 Volunteer Opportunities For Tech Professionals To Transform Their Communities


We’re events, social media and design; offices with ping pong tables, employee outings and happy hours. CoderDojo is a community of free, volunteer-led programming clubs for children and young adults. The program is supported by the tech community, public funding and individual donors and is therefore tuition-free for students. Year Up , National. How you can get Involved.

Avoid Online Customer Community Failure!

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This is especially true for online customer communities. The usual reasons offered for online customer community failure include: the members weren’t ready for online discussions; the software wasn’t what we expected; the subject matter experts didn’t produce enough content; the customers were too “traditional.” These deflections don’t address the root cause of your community’s failure. Not all communities are doomed. The case for online communities is based on an increase in customer satisfaction and customer retention, which lead to increased profits.

Case study: Finnair puts social media community to work

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By {grow} Community Member Ana Silva O’Reilly . The birth of a community. The airline’s “Quality Hunters” project had a blog ( and a Twitter account (@qualityhunters), and a vibrant social media community actually began to form around this key idea of improving air travel. return on the social media investment. certainly was.

Why Online Communities are Undervalued – and often Fail

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Online communities existed before we even heard about blogs. Since social technologies and platforms popped up, the number of possibilities to facilitate, nurture and engage online communities has exploded. Strangely enough, communities are not given the attention they deserve by businesses. Most of the time, you will find community engagement and management ideas when looking [.]. Community marketing Relationship marketing Alan Moore community management online communities Tomi Ahonen

30 Gifs To Inspire Any Social Media Community Manager

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Given the ubiquitousness of social media, it’s easy to forget that just five years ago it was barely a niche marketing tactic, let alone a profession. Being a social media manager today means forging ahead where there isn’t always a clear path. You’re nearly as excited to get that new social analytics tool as you are for your Christmas bonus. Mangiaforte.

10 Rules For Online Community Success

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As social is an emerging trend, many have put down their soapboxes to talk about online communities. Consequently, there is some good (and lots of just OK) advice "out there" on building online customer communities -- yielding a great deal of information to sort through and parse. Thank you for reading Building Online Communities for Business by Leader Networks.

Rules 89

Ten Questions: A B2B Online Community Readiness Checklist

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A wide range of B2B firms are considering the need for creating and operating their own online customer communities. In the B2B information technology sector, customer support, knowledge-sharing and product enhancement communities are common. For example, nearly two-thirds (65%) of 207 firms surveyed in 2010 by the research firm ITSMA said they participated in private online communities hosted by the companies which sell them computer hardware, software and related services. How does a B2B online community do this? Get that B2B online community launched, pronto.

The Market Research Nuggets Most Companies Ignore (at their peril): Comments In Online Communities

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A customer shares an insight within your company’s online community. Because the online community is large or understaffed, the customer suggestion falls through the cracks. community manager copies and pastes that message and emails it to everyone she can think of -- her boss, her boss’s boss, and others. These communities also happen to be among the most successful ones.

Do Social Contests Build Community?

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Yet, as the consumer journey becomes increasingly complex, the best strategies for building and sustaining community are becoming longer-term in nature. Do Social Contests Build Community? by Daniel Maloney - Maximize Social Business. Social Media Community Building At Tailwind, we often see that marketers are under intense pressure to generate results quickly. Getting organizational buy-in to support long-term investments can be a challenge. So, we often find ourselves in limbo between … Continue Reading.

Does Gamification Work On a Customer Community? [CHART]

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In July 2012 we added gamification into our own online community,  Topliners. As the community moderator and the one who made the purchase decision for the gamification module I fully expected it to help increase engagement on the community (or I wouldn’t have bought it!) Does Gamification Work On a Customer Community? If you’re there I hope you’ll stop me and say “hi.”.

Hey, Marketer! Get Your Hands Off My Community!

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Part 1 of 2. I’ve been a community manager for four years in two separate communities. And I’ve even been on the other side of community management for 12 years now as a member of Pearl Jam’s online message boards (as well as in their fan club – priority seats!). Community Management Isn’t Marketing. So, What Then is Community Management? That’s a mistake.

How to Ignore Annoying Strangers and Build an Online Community Your Way

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By Rosemary O’Neill, {grow} Community Member There are 20 months between the birthdates of my first child and my set of twins. When it comes to online community, there are strongly held opinions on all sides. They have no idea what type of community will work in your particular situation. You already have a community, whether you are participating in it or not.

Six Reasons Firms Build B2B Customer Communities

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The B2B online community may be the forgotten partner of the glitzy, headline and spotlight-grabbing B2C communities at the center of the social media revolution. In social media land, there is nothing more eye-catching than a community for a popular TV show, a cool consumer-facing site for coffee lovers or a sports team.

From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection

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This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar  series, this time on the topic of From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection. We discussed a ton of ideas on how to capture ROI in social media! Match your CRM data with social data to start building out a clearer picture of your audience and be more relevant to them.

How to Become a Great Online Community Manager [Infographic]


An increasing number of companies are leveraging communities to engage with their audience, increase visits to their websites, and generate leads or sales. By creating an online community, you're essentially creating a platform in which you can interact with your user base in a personal, meaningful way. However, setting up and running a community is not easy. And guess what?

Sometimes you don’t need community. Sometimes you just need a hamburger

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observed a talk recently where a leading social media speaker told the audience that people don’t want to buy something. You know, you just feel hungry and you want a juicy, grilled patty of meat. I don’t want to join a movement. I don’t need a community and I don’t want to be part of something bigger. I don’t need human connection through Twitter.

Online Community Beta Groups: Why and How

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Knowing this, I wonder why so many organizations launch their online communities without the assistance and involvement of a beta group? Beta groups serve a critical function during the initial phases of a new online community. They can also serve as community spokespersons, offering testimonials and generating peer referrals. b2b online community beta groupsteps.

The Online Community Content Map – Part One

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Creating meaningful content for an online community is a tricky business. Few online communities survive solely on member discussions. As I am fond of saying , people come for content but stay for community. However, if online community management shares too much content of marginal value, members can be overwhelmed and distracted. Online Community Content

Improving Customer Retention Using Online Customer Communities

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Online customer communities are great ways to boost customer retention and move from retention to customer loyalty or even advocacy. Community marketing Customer relationships Customer service Social media marketing advocacy customer loyalty customer retention Dachis Group Dion Hinchcliffe online customer communities SociousCustomer retention is one of those business issues that generally don’t get attention until a crisis occurs. That is, the customers actually begin to leave. At this point, executive focus turns almost exclusively to the [.].

A broken heart for the social media community

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My friend Trey Pennington , one of the most popular figures on the social web, committed suicide today. For the hundreds of people he touched in his community and the thousands of people around who are in shock and are in mourning today. have been trying to figure out how to deal with this tragedy.  I’ve been pushing it down, pushing it down.  I want it to go away. In a car.

Online community management is surrogacy


Hiring someone to both speak and respond as you on social media is not cheating. There’s still a core group of social media consultants who consider outsourcing your most personal social media properties as being somehow inauthentic. Why then, is it so controversial in Social Media. Honestly, all of the best community managers love what they do.

71 Top Online Customer Communities: The Big List

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Online customer communities are everywhere -- you just have to look for them -- sometimes in unlikely places. By way of definition, when we say "online customer communities," we mean an interactive, often gated, website that a company sets up for customers to collaborate on topics of mutual interest. world, but are not, by definition, online customer communities. I've tweeted and shared a lot of information about online customer communities. So without further ado, here's our initial list from the Customer Community Project -- seventy-one of our top picks -- so far.

The Humanness of Moderating Online Communities

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Effective community moderation often requires the ability to engage in (sometimes shameless) acts of human exchange. colleague sent me this video on YouTube recently as a funny - but Oh So Accurate - commentary about being a leader and I laughed very hard because it was especially reflective of the act of moderating a community! This is social media.