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4 Ways to be a Better B2B Twitterer


Everyone wants to do it right, but b2b social media marketing in general is still so new, and rapidly evolving, that it can seem like the rules are being written and rewritten on the fly. Second, B2B's biggest social media screw-ups by Mark Schaefer demonstrates what can happen when companies are clueless about social media, including thought not limited to Twitter.


What's Next for B2B Social Media? FYIndOut Now


It's been obvious for some time that social media has an increasing role in b2b marketing , and that b2b companies will increasingly invest marketing dollars there as social media marketing practices become more standardized. Still, most of what's being done today, from creating a company Facebook page to using a social media email signature , is extremely tactical.

It Came from Facebook! The Social Media Marketing Challenge that Can't be Ignored


Several recent studies have put the challenge that social media presents to marketers into stark relief: social media is huge. While there are some social media brand success stories , such as Blendtec and Starbucks on the B2C side, and Sun and IBM in B2B, most companies still struggle with optimizing their social media strategy and implementing tactics and measurement.

Social Media Isn't Only for Virtual Events


Note: this is a guest post from Cece Salomon-Lee , social media relations expert and author of the PR Meets Marketing blog. Proponents state that social networking technology can help promote similar interactions in a virtual environment. The same goes for social media technology. In this case, social media isn't only for virtual events. Three factors for success Before you start using social media technology, first consider why these conferences were successful to begin with. Social Tagging Events and Promotions

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

Terms like native content, brand publishing, and owned media are set to evolve. to be tackled if brands want to compete with traditional media. excluding social media posts)? LEADERSHIP SOCIAL. people just for their media house. digital editorial team consists of almost 20 community managers and designers producing content. All rights reserved.

The Social Media Email Signature


growing number of Web 2.0-savvy executives, however, are breaking out of the old mold and creatively integrating social networking into their email sign-off. Social networking sites are simply an extension of those two functions, giving other people more information about yourself and additional ways to interact. and email address. signatures. Here are a few notable examples of Web 2.0

Best of 2009 (So Far): Social Media Marketing, Part 1


This year will feature expanded, finer-grain categories (such as separate best-ofs for Twitter- and Facebook-related posts) and some renamed categories ("social media marketing" will replace "social media optimization" which in turn replaced a varied basket of terms before it). Social media continues its rapid growth"—check. What The F**K is Social Media?

Best of 2008: Social Media Optimization, Part 1


Everybody uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but which niche social media sites are worth investigating? How can you maximize your results through social bookmarking sites like Digg? How does social media relate to SEO? Learn the answers to these questions and more here in some of the best blog posts on social media marketing and optimization of 2008.


Christopher Barger, GM's Social Media Rock Star


60% of those under the age of 21 belong to a (online) social network. Blogs now rival traditional media for reach. Social media has given every consumer the opportunity to reach millions of others with his or her opinion of a brand or product. Social media enables you, as a marketing or PR professional, to participate in the conversion—but no longer to control it.

PR 1

How to Use Social Media to Leverage the Power of Google


While Google and social media are two separate entities, they are closely intertwined. However, the most advantageous aspect to performing well in social media is that many people who frequent the sites are webmasters and blog owners. Many journalists cruise techy social media sites such as Digg and Reddit looking for interesting stories to cover and link too.

Using ALL the Tools of Social Media Optimization


The term "social media" encompasses several different types of sites, and it's important to use all of them properly in order to really be effective at social media optimization (SMO). So, here are some tips for using different types of social media sites for SMO. Discussion Forums These are a place to showcase your expertise in a non-promotional way.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

in new readers via search and social. return on social. And as a community has coalesced. Media is changing marketing (and vice. media content is a diverting activity that rarely resembles. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY14 At Contently, we talk a lot about “building a better media world,” which. media experiences. media business.

Best of 2008 (So Far) - Social Media Optimization, Part 2


Which social media sites are the most valuable? Read on to discover all of this and more in some of the best blog posts and articles on social media and Web 2.0 so far in 2008. Is Your Site Social Media Friendly? Who's In Your Audience or Community? What are the most popular Web 2.0 applications? How can you use StumbleUpon for SEO link building?

Five Ways to Give Back Through Social Media


In response, non-profits are getting more creative in using social media and other online tools to provide people with more ways to contribute than simply reaching for nearly-empty wallets. 1. AllAboutPets is essentially a social networking site for British pet owners. 5. Zanby Zanby is a group-oriented social networking site. plus larger schools and charities. 3.

Hear About PR & Social Media at the B4B Conference


Best of 2007: News Articles on Social Media Marketing


Social media (blogs, podcasts, forums) and social networking sites ( Digg , del.icio.us , StumbleUpon , Searchles , etc.) Social media and social networks are simply an online version of that table at the coffee shop. Here are several of the best news articles from last year on social media strategy and tactics for marketers.

Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Relationships That Lasts A Lifetime

Depth Of This Goodwill Social media, online activity, and the mobile. business-to-business (B2B) marketing tools, with social, mobile, and the steady move to. essential to market to and through your advocates, and not simply generate one-off testimonials, because: › social opens up a new world of advocacy opportunities. Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Customer. offerings.

How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan


hospitals, insurance companies and community banks, all of which buy very differently). With so little written on this topic (at least according to Google Blog Search ), one could easily conclude that marketing professionals must be born with knowledge of how to write a strategic marketing plan embedded in their genetic code. and new prospects. NOT "what do I need to sell to them?").

Two More Social Media Sites to Check Out


Here's another social media tagging site look into, as well as a new place to keep track of everything web-related that's important to you. First, Zanby is a new social media site. In this case, yes—Zanby combines features common to other social tagging sites (such as the ability to browse and create groups) with a powerful set of collaboration features, such as the ability to upload/share documents and photos, create lists, arrange events and start or contribute to message threads.

New Hub Site Focuses on B2B Marketing Intelligence


A new B2B marketing community site , B2B Marketing Zone officially launched today. Conceptually the site is a bit like Social Media Today and other targeted content portals, though it's the first (that I'm aware of at least) focused specifically on providing information for B2B marketers. Additional bloggers meeting the high standards for the community will be added over time.

Best of 2009 (So Far): Blogging for Business, Part 1


27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community by Community and Social Media Chris Brogan shares more than two dozen tips for attracting more blog traffic, divided into three categories: Starter Moves (e.g. share your posts using social media platforms, link to other blogs often). How can you attract more traffic to your blog? Generate more comments?

SEO Rant: The Insidious Nofollow Tag


Just like any other type of spam affects its community, comment spam affected the entire blogging community, so in early 2005 (Google and Blogger engineers) designed the attribute to address the problem and the nofollow attribute was born." The community can be used to solve the problem on social bookmarking sites. Buzz, Simpy—have now instituted dastardly nofollow tags.

Best of 2008: Random but Interesting, Part 2


Looking for some off-the-beaten-trail ideas for driving more site traffic? Getting more out of those expensive marketing conferences? Doing a better job of training employees and qualifying leads? Meeting the biggest challenges in b2b marketing head-on? Then you're in the right place! Networking, gaining knowledge and gathering material for blog content are just a few of his recommendations.

Best of 2008: Blogging for Business, Part 2


Ways To Optimize Your Blog and Capture More Repeat Visitors by ProBlogger Rich Page recommends practices like tracking your internal search results (to help determine what topics are most important to your readers), surveying your readers, and building an online community into your site in order to increase repeat visits. Networking takes time and effort. Ongoing effort!"


Best of 2008: Interactive PR, Part 1


The emergence of social media and user-generated content has radically changed the practice of PR. Brave New World of Media Pitching: LinkedIn by PR Meets Marketing PR 2.0 Words to Write By: SEO Tricks for Press Releases by Speak Media Blog PR strategist Jennifer A. Facebook Connects Your Brand Across the Social Web by PR 2.0 How To Pitch To Bloggers by Pick Me!

Best of 2008: SEO Link Building


Link Building - 11 More High PR Do-Follow Social Sites by JR’s Internet Marketing Strategies A follow-up to an earlier post here on Social Marketing - 65 + Social Bookmark and News Sites , this one offers additional valuable social sites for link building including Plime , Listible and Shoutwire , as well as guidance on how to maximize the link value of these sites.

Looking Back at 300: Top 10 Posts


Social Tagging Sites, Part 7: The Best , June 26, 2007 "Based on two months of testing across a half-dozen B2B websites and blogs, these Web 2.0 Also, I think, the first time on this blog I made the case that SEO is far from dead. #8: Web 2.0 version, now incorporating elements such as LinkedIn profiles, blog links, Twitter pages, Facebook, StumbleUpon, even Second Life IDs.

Best of 2007: Web 2.0 Sites


A number of new social networking, social search, social bookmarking, and other Web 2.0-related websites and tools either got their start or got traction in 2007. KickApps A hosted web-based platform that enables webmasters and site owners to create, deploy and manage a branded social media community on any website. Ning Marketing 2.0 The Marketing 2.0

Top Blog Posts in First Three Years of WMC


Best of 2007: Blog Posts on Social Media Marketing , January 18, 2008—A wrap-up of some of the best blog posts of 2007 on social networking and social media marketing strategies and tactics. 9. Social Tagging Sites, Part 1: Alexa Rankings , April 29, 2007—the Alexa rankings for 42 popular Web 2.0 tags: best blog posts on social media marketing, Web 2.0,


The Coming Consolidation in Social Networking


Social media sites are multiplying like rabbits. social tagging sites. Wikipedia lists more than 100 social networking sites , and Social Media Trader recently compiled an even more exhaustive list of 115 social news and bookmark sites rated by PageRank, number of inbound links and dollar value of each site.

4 Ways to Use Social Networking for B2B PR


As noted here previously, from both the B2B vendor perspective and buyer perspective , social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for B2B communication. Vendors are using social media to raise awareness and build market credibility, while B2B buyers are using these sites to seek out "the real story" on suppliers, products and services.

Web 2.0 Social Tagging Sites, Part 7: The Best


social bookmarking sites produced the best results, in terms of driving direct traffic and having active, engaged discussion communities. social tagging-driven traffic contributed by each site (e.g. social bookmarking sites. social tagging sites. Social Tagging Sites, Part 1: Alexa Rankings Web 2.0 Social Tagging Sites, Part 2: The Worst Web 2.0

How to Use Twitter for Business


I sat in last week on an excellent webcast presented by Chris Abraham of social PR firm Abraham Harrison and Anamitra Banerji , product manager at Twitter, on using Twitter for business. Ping.fm —update multiple social media accounts at once. Seesmic Desktop —**5 STARS**—manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single interface, share photos and video, and organize your social contacts into logical groups. Community-building takes time—it's a marathon, not a sprint. Social Tagging Chris highly recommends this tool. eastern. Twitter is not broadcast.

The New "Relations" in Interactive PR


The umbrella term of "public relations" (PR) has always covered a number of specialties: media relations (primarily), investor relations, analyst relations, community relations, even employee relations. The social networking of Web 2.0 Market relations is the practice of writing news releases (not press releases) that are targeted directly at your prospects rather than journalists (though media folks may pick up on these as well). Used properly, the social media tools of Web 2.0 Appeals to bloggers need to be direct, personal, relevant and transparent.

Web 2.0 and the Evolution of Marketing


social tagging and its impact on marketing practices. tools to drive customer community participation. Third, I got an email from Shawn Henry of the Britopian Marketing Blog , a highly engaging blog devoted to SEO, social media optimization and online marketing. Among Shawn's posts was a link to an interesting SEO'Brien piece on paid Digg-ing and the black market for the unscrupulous use of social tagging. tools and social tagging to effectively promote products and services without "brochure-speak." First, there was Use Web 2.0 Web Traffic. Web 2.0

There is no community on social media

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Speaking at the  Lithium Technologies  LiNC conference in San Francisco, Forrester Research vice president and principal analyst  Nate Elliott  dropped a bomb on brand managers: you don’t build a community on social or have any meaningful customer relationships on Facebook: There’s no community there. There’s never been a meaningful community there. They’re not archived.

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of?

15 Amazing ways social media is changing the world

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Ignore the hype that we’re all becoming more superficial and narcissistic because of our obsession with social media. Nine anthropologists  spent 15 months living in nine communities around the world , researching the role of social media in people’s everyday lives. Social media is not making us more individualistic. Here we go. 1.

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools


As social media marketing has become ubiquitous ( 88% of marketers say social media is important for their businesses), hundreds of new tools have developed just in the past few years: tools for social media management, monitoring, measurement, automation, identifying influencers, creating graphical content, and more. Image credit: Buddy Media.

Tools 106

30 B2B Social Media Tips for 2016

KoMarketing Associates

As social media has grown, so has the opportunity for businesses to reach customers and potential customers. In fact, according to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing Report , 66% of businesses now have a dedicated social media team. Social media isn’t something you just do. huge part of social media is understanding your audience. Sort of.

Online Communities are Not Virtual


Do you consider message boards, forums, virtual realities, and virtual communities to be a waste of time, populated by losers? If so, then you need to leave online advocacy, new media marketing, online brand promotion, online word of mouth marketing, online outreach, blogger relations, and brand ambassadorship to someone who has lived, loved, and connected to people in real ways online.

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats


B2B marketing budgets are shifting to digital and social. But spending on digital marketing programs is projected to rise three times as fast, and over the next five years, the share of budget dollars dedicated to social media marketing will more than double. Social media benefits are unclear. MediaPost ). 9 B2B Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts.

Stats 142

Is social media engagement still a thing?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Remember when social media was about engagement? Does it still have a place in the social media eco system? gShift’s Web Presence Analytics platform  provides agencies and brands with search, social and mobile content marketing data in one place. Our podcast is also broug ht to you by  Voices Heard Media. The post Is social media engagement still a thing?

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