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8 Steps To A More Effective B2B Content Marketing Program

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That number swells to 93% if we only classify content marketing as “creation and distribution” and not a more formal business discipline, as detailed in CMI’s 2015 B2B Content Marketing Report. In order to succeed, you not only need to be better at your craft; you need to be smarter at it as well. There is no escaping it. But guess what? Step 1: Write It Down.

The Candy Crush Effect: How Apps for Boredom Monetized Mobile Addiction


People will work very hard to relieve boredom,” writes Maggie Koerth-Baker for Scientific American -- which is why, she says, we indulge in impulsive behavior, like binge-eating or other unhealthy activities, in order to alleviate it. We begin to need more of it in order to be satisfied. “I’m so bored.”. How many times a week do you utter that phrase? Gaming: 33%. Why We Get Bored.

A Keyword Primer: Finding and Using Keywords Effectively

Marketing Action – Keyword Definition ; This offers four definitions; the fourth is the term’s use in digital technology: “(A) word used to classify or organize digital content, or to facilitate an online search for information.”. Broad match: Your ad may display if a search term contains your keyword terms in any order (or words similar to your keyword). Using keywords effectively.

How to Effectively Segment Your Database for Lead Nurturing

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At Marketo, we use 9 different types of variables to segment our database in order to resonate with our audience. We would classify you as either a Small Business (0-300 people), Mid-Market (301-1,500), or Enterprise (1,500+). To be effective at segmentation, we classify our segmentation variables as either “Priority 1” or “default.” These 9 types are just the beginning.

Matrix of 31 Marketing Funnel Metrics [Infographic]


These are helpful when optimizing web pages for TOFU conversion rates, and they provide a general understanding of the health and effectiveness of a website. BOFU metrics can also compare lower-funnel results with higher-funnel activities in order to inform on which TOFU and MOFU strategies ultimately generated opportunities, customers, and revenue. click to enlarge).

Funnel 119

4 Ways to Battle the Content Marketing Paradox

It's All About Revenue

Instead, audiences want a way to easily share information that’s directly applicable to them, so make sure that you’re breaking your research into easily sharable pieces in order to ensure that your stats rise above the content clutter. Allowing customers to discover answers for themselves is much more effective than any sales pitch. Content Marketing

Account-Based Everything: Is it Time for a New Territory Analyst Manager Role?


This resulted in a nicely ordered list of accounts. You’re likely familiar with the stats on how salespeople spend their time: 35% of time spent could be classified as sales activities while 65% could be classified as non-selling activities. It wasn’t until after my own special brand of analysis, that I would begin full-on selling. The plan comes first, and then the attack.

How to Create the Three Parts for Any Sales Funnel


The good news is that once set up and tested, an effective sales funnel can last a considerable time. Others use ads with effective landing pages that generate leads and jumpstart sales. Any option you can chose will still need special ingredients usually found in effective sales funnels. An effective funnel requires offering visitors a solid call to action.

Matching the Offer with Buyer Mindset: The Website Dilemma


Classifying Your Website Pages and Offerings by Buying Cycle Stages. You know that to collect leads effectively on the site you should have at least one offer per page and several on the home page. You begin by listing your website pages and your offers in separate columns and then classifying each page and offer by the appropriate stage in the buying cycle. You get the drift.

Just Released: ABM Vendor Guide Gives Detailed Comparison of 40 ABM Vendors

Customer Experience Matrix

You, Dear Reader and Potential Buyer at the Bargain Price of $495 Which You Can Order Here , will be the final judge of that. What made this tricky is that different vendors provide different combinations of functions, so I couldn’t just classify the vendors themselves. The final step was the trickiest because this was where I was actually classifying vendors. Either approach can be effective. Format: PDF File Price: $495 Order From: I won’t whine-brag about the amount of work involved but rest assured it was substantial.* Awesome!

5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z


The executive wanted to make sure his brand would appeal to teenagers, not only with an eye toward future sales, but also in order to attract top young talent. ” These digital natives—generally classified as consumers born between 1998 and 2008—now represent 22 percent of the U.S. “How do I talk to Gen Z?” Gutterman’s response? Be real. B2C Brands Gen Z

How to Set Your Outsourced Lead Generation Program Up for Success (pt 3)


You effectively accelerate revenue by identifying better opportunities and by working them early in the cycle rather than responding to RFP’s won by a more agile competitor. In order to maximize the success of your program, marketing and sales must first establish a shared lead definition. Part III: Expectations for ongoing success: marketing and sales accountability. Guess what?

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools


Manage TweetChat rooms using hashtags, with buffering, ability to block users, share favorite tweets from the conversation, re-order tweets, and publish chats. Sample review: “Effectively navigating through spam and fake accounts can take away from successfully networking on Twitter. Sample review: “Advanced Twitter Search is an…effective feature of Twitter.

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New eBook: Pay-Per-Click for B2B Lead Generation; The Ultimate Guide to Paid Search


Are these B2B companies e-commerce or online catalogs, where a lead can be classified as a “request-a-quote” or are they complex products, meaning that multiple touch points via media and content have to occur before the prospect becomes a lead? This is the only eBook of its kind that attempts to focus on the strategies and process to manage paid search for B2B firms with complex products, or those firms whose prospects need multiple touches and lead nurturing throughout the funnel in order to become a valid sales opportunity. Writing Effective Ads that Generate Leads.

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From Strings to Things: A Quick Primer on Semantic Search


A simple yet profound phrase, Cogito Ergo Sum reflects the distinguishing characteristic elevating human evolution beyond mere animal instinct to higher-order self-awareness: the ability to understand that we actually exist. They existed because it was a pain to type the entire query out in full, and there was no effective technology for voice recognition, touch screens, etc.

Why You Can’t Afford to Gamble with Your Marketing Strategy

Modern B2B Marketing

You can barely even classify it as a gamble—it’s just stupid. The disparate data that you collect from thousands of different sources won’t magically shuffle itself up into a nice orderly package, nor is your marketing automation platform supposed to figure it out for you, although it will help you glean insights from the data. Don’t “Let It Ride” with Lists.

Learn How to Maximize Lead Generation

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What activities are falsely classified as lead generation and how does this impact marketing? It is still extremely effective, when used properly. The revenue value of a lead, meaning the average order size of a closed lead. Anyone with a blog can call themselves a thought leader – but how do you find the real deal? If you’re lucky, you meet Ruth P. Budget? Technique? Ruth P.

Digital Darwinism: Where Do You Stand?


Imagine the conversations in board meetings around the globe – as the C-Suite and their Directors strive to affect the change management needed to compete more effectively. Let’s dig into the first two stages of Altimeter’s Six Stages of Digital Transformation, as I suspect that many of our clients – especially non-tech, SMB clients – would be classified in the first two stages.

SMB 45

The Value of Culture Shock in Your Multicultural Marketing Strategy

Content Standard

As a traveler and citizen of the world, it’s your responsibility to be self-aware and observant when visiting other countries in order to learn cultural norms. Hall offers a spectrum for classifying different cultures according to their communication styles. Your Preferred Communication Method Isn’t Always the Most Effective. What’s offensive? Key Takeaways.

Adometry Combines Attribution with Optimization

Customer Experience Matrix

The system also classifies each conversion as attributable, multi-touch, and multi-channel, depending on whether it was linked to at least one message (attributable), to multiple messages (multi-touch) and to messages in multiple channels (multi-channel). This encourages marketers to look beyond any single measure, such as cost per order, that tells only a small part of the business story.

What Marketers Can Learn from a Rogue Underground (Barely Legal) Restaurant

Savvy B2B Marketing

Those who are lucky (or fast) enough to make the list receive super secret directions on how to get to the event, which includes some sort of scavenger hunt culminating with a barely legal dining experience that has to be classified as a private party in order to get past the health department. There is this “restaurant” in Canada. No-shows are blacklisted. Absolutely.

What’s the Difference Between an Experience and a Customer Experience?

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While the web offers unlimited possibilities to delight and entertain audiences, marketers are caught up in customer experience design, and they don’t yet understand the emotional effect of these experiences. When I started working on this survey and story, I had a theory of how people would classify “experiences” vs. “customer experiences.” Experience.

What’s the Difference Between an Experience and a Customer Experience?

Content Standard

While the web offers unlimited possibilities to delight and entertain audiences, marketers are caught up in customer experience design, and they don’t yet understand the emotional effect of these experiences. When I started working on this survey and story, I had a theory of how people would classify “experiences” vs. “customer experiences.” Experience.

How to Know When You Need A Content Marketing Platform


Only 25% of Executives classify their content plan as "Structured". Check out these stellar stats compiled by Contently: 43 percent of B2C marketers with a documented strategy considered themselves effective, vs. 33 percent of those without. 36 percent of B2B companies with a documented content marketing strategy considered themselves very effective, 3x more than those without a documented strategy. Can You Make Content Marketing Effective With Your Current Resources? Maybe you’ve mulled over the topic at a few business meetings. You're far from alone. Ready to go?

Defining Lead Status: A Simple Yet Necessary Element of B2B Sales & Marketing Alignment


In a post published a year ago, titled “ 6 Reports, Alerts & Strategies for Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity “, I talked a lot about the need for sales and marketing to align in order to increase the efficiency of prospecting efforts. Below is a list of common lead statuses that need to be defined (and agreed upon) by both sales and marketing in order to most effectively communicate with your prospects: Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – This is the classification of a “soft” lead. They will be added to Salesforce as a lead in general ownership.

MQL 18

Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

Vertical Response

” After you’ve added your website as a property, you need to set up the tracking code in order for Google to begin collecting data on your website. Google Analytics needs some help from you in order to know what site to track and how to collect data. They’re every bit as important as the customers you deal with face-to-face. How do you get to know them? Conversions.

[Ebook] Wake Up Your Sleepy Subscribers with Reactivation Campaigns

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According to Return Path, a marketer typically has a list of customers or subscribers with as many as 25-50% of these people classified as “inactive”. Reactivation campaigns are a cost-effective way to determine who still wants to hear from you, who doesn’t want to hear from you ( for email deliverability , an unsubscribe is better than being marked as spam), and clean out your email lists.

How Accountable Are You To Your Company's Success?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

When someone is 'above the line', they tend to analyze a situation and determine what " they " need to do in order to either solve or execute on the task put in front of them. I'd have to admit that on a few occasions my reaction would have been classified as below the line. Whether it was the down economy, an ineffective sales rep or an unresponsive vertical, I had placed blame on something else when I should have immediately thought about what I could have done differently first to effect a positive change. So, where is your head at? Are you holding yourself accountable?

Snapchat is Growing Up


Snapchat is stripped down social media and is all about living in the moment and sharing authentic experiences.Their photo effects aren’t made to give a “professional” look to your images, like on Instagram. You’ll need to provide an email address and birthdate for your company (make it over 18 so you don’t end up classified as a child). The Scoop on Snapchat. Period. Period.

15 Business Books Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Read


Whether you’re doing the dog and pony show for funding, seeking to effectively communicate with your team, or looking to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you’re going to need to learn to make and give stellar presentations. This self-described playbook serves as a how-to for overseeing effective team collaboration. Not sure where to start your research?

Taxonomy in Content Curation


Classifying each link based on tens if not hundreds of categories becomes a huge burden. The system certainly needs to be able to automatically classify into the taxonomy (at least at a starting point). We rely on various semantic search approaches in order to provide an initial classification of all content that comes in. Re-engineering the taxonomy is a huge task. Curatio

Want to Grow Your SaaS Company? Track These 12 Marketing Metrics


N ot only do they help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, but they also help diagnose risk and identify opportunities to accelerate growth. When I say “qualified leads,” I’m generally speaking about leads that I’d classify as living in the middle of the funnel -- commonly product demos or free trials. How do I know? 12 SaaS Marketing Metrics That Matter. 2) Leads.

Are you CIO Worthy?

The ROI Guy

So, how can you make sure you are viewed as strategic, or can migrate your relationship quickly from tactical to strategic in order to earn their precious time and attention, maintain and grow CIO opportunities? Enhanced case studies with video / audio can be more effective, providing evidence of success in the customers own voice / image. Gartner says CIOs are spending too much time with vendors - laying down gauntlet to vendor sales to add more value, or get lost. of total IT time is spent on vendor management and procurement. Your time is very expensive. Time is squandered.”

How to Run a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

Hinge Marketing

The campaign process involves classifying prospective customers and qualifying their probability to buy in advance of making a sales call. These components are necessary in order to maximize the number of qualified leads that you receive. In order to better define your objective you may want to ask yourself the following questions: Who is your target audience? Lead Generation

My Business Website: Content for Customers… or SEO?

Writing on the Web

Similarly formatted content can easily be classified as duplicate content and you risk being penalized or ignored by the search engines. Search engines determine the quality of each page in order to provide the best possible results for the searcher. Remember your mission and endeavor to effectively communicate it through the content on each page. There’s no exact number.

How to Nail Down the Perfect Website Navigation


How should I order my navigation items? Order matters in website navigation. Often referred to as the primacy and recency effects , they speak to the phenomena that words presented either first or last in a list tend to pull more heavily on the attention span of viewers. This only works, however, if a visitor can easily classify themselves. What should be included in it?

Geodemographics: Using Location-Based Segments for Targeted Marketing

Marketing Action

They’re also used to create segments of prospects in order to target them more effectively. During his research documenting working-class life, Booth developed the idea of “classifying neighborhoods” to create a social index based on 1891 census data. What does your address say about you? Who, What, Where… and Why. Demographic: Who are they? Behavioral: What do they do?