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21 days of wiki adoption. Course Using Wiki. Enterprise Wiki. managing wiki growth. Twitter. using wiki in education. wiki adoption strategies. wiki pilot. Wiki tools. Wiki Uses. is underway here in Italy, and I presented “Cultivating wikis to change the enterprise and improve the bottom line&# this morning. About.

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20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog


More recently, numerous writers including Olivier Blanchard , Neil Glassman and Mark Schaefer have tried to make the case that social media ROI is real, can be measured, and must be measured. Yet a Bazaarvoice/CMO Club study showed that only 15% of CMOs could point to a “significant return&# from Facebook marketing efforts, while 9% report no ROI and 35% basically had no idea.

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Foolproof Formulas to Turn a Cluttered Twitter Stream Into Real Business


Here are a few tried and true examples to help you make the most of your interactions on Twitter. In the example below, Yale Appliances is helping a Twitter user decide between GE and Electrolux ranges. They found this prospective customer by setting up a Twitter search for broken ovens. Recipe for This Conversion O pportunity: Set up a Twitter search for a relevant keyword.

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One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


While there may well be 3,015,231,472 Internet users worldwide and over 150,000,000 blogs, almost 300,000,000 active Twitter users, and 1,230,000,000 active Facebook users, most of them are lurkers. More people I know in 2014 identify with being a follower of one or more blogs, podcasts, Twitter profiles, or YouTube channels than they do with creating content themselves. Right now.

78 (of the) Best Social Media Marketing Tips, Guides, Tools and Strategies of 2010 (So Far)


HOW TO: Create Custom Backgrounds for Twitter, YouTube, & MySpace by Mashable. 30 Tips: The Productivity Guide of Social Media by WebStudio 13. Andrew Ran Wong provides a valuable list of productivity tips for Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google and other social networks to help readers get more done in less time. Christina Warren tells b2b marketers how to use Twitter effectively, find their “social voice,&# efficiently monitor industry developments through social media, expand their influence and more in this excellent post. by Kuno Creative.

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Social Capital Byte: Institutionalizing Parity in B2B Relationships

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Presumably the marketing strategy (if it’s actually been explored at the front end) is to augment profile and enhance reputation (“ social capital “), with an objective to increase sales of products or services. Or in the case of not-for-profits, raise funds or attract volunteers, etc. “In most cases successful organizations do not have overt public visibility.

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Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010

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Should Investor Relations Teams Use Twitter? - Sign onto Twitter/StockTwits and start tweeting, right? Setting up a B2B blog or a Facebook or Twitter [.]. 10 B2B Social Media Case Studies and Examples - Social Media B2B , September 17, 2010 As we have learned by writing posts for this site, people are interested in examples of what other B2B companies large and small are doing with social media. This is an admirable goal, as prospects are looking for experts, not just products or solutions. What percentage of Fortune 100 companies are on Twitter?

How to Write a Social Media Policy


Even one offhanded remark about a coworker, customer, product or financial situation can damage a company’s reputation. Wikis. Twitter,, Jaiku, etc.). Never discuss specific customers, except when referring to published information (such as an approved case study or success story from Marketing). • Introduction and Definitions. Blogs. Add value.

Six degrees of separation in instant messaging | Emerging Technology Trends |

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This study has been led at Microsoft Research Redmond lab by Eric Horvitz and Jure Leskovec, who was an intern at the time. ’&# And obviously, this study covered only users of Microsoft messenging system. “We present a study of anonymized data capturing a month of high-level communication activities within the whole of the Microsoft Messenger instant-messaging system. The results of this study will be presented at WWW2008 , the 17th International World Wide Web Conference which will be held on April 20 to 25, 2008 in Beijing, China. Product Reviews.

Social Media Book Review : The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web by Tamar Weinberg

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From there the conversation turns to reviewing the standard blogging, Twitter , and social networking sites Facebook , MySpace and LinkedIn. There is a chapter that provides some unique content on using Q&A sites and wikis that is thrown in before the book concludes with chapters on social bookmarking, social news (think Digg), and photo/video/podcasting before the final and concluding chapter of the book. Tamar includes a plethora of case studies from companies like Graco and Home Depot here to drive home her point. 6) Tools of the Twitter Trade.

An interview with GE's Social Media Wizards

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I've continued to be impressed with their aggressive and progressive approach to using social media (click for case study) and asked SM Communicator Megan Parker for an interview. Here is a discussion with: Megan Parker - "The Enthusiast" and GE's Twitter-er. Just come to the site and decide if you want to get GE Reports via RSS, email, Twitter or YouTube.

5 Keys to Effective Knowledge Transfer for Nonprofits

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While celebrity endorsements have power in marketing, studies suggest that most people are more open to a transfer or exchange of knowledge with a respected peer. Case studies and best practices. You will also see occasional posts about Wild Apricot product but we strive to be unbiased and helpful and focus on broader issues of interest to member-based, charitable and community organizations - so they can use web technology more efficiently. case studies. Twitter. SEARCH. See for yourself how affordable and easy it is to use: - Take a tour!

An interview with GE's Social Media Wizards

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I’ve continued to be impressed with their aggressive and progressive approach to using social media (click for case study) and asked SM Communicator Megan Parker for an interview. Here is a discussion with: Megan Parker – “The Enthusiast&# and GE’s Twitter-er. She graciously agreed and included other team members in the process.

Top 60 B2B Marketing Posts and Hottest Topics November 2010

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Twitter for B2B Marketing - MI6 Marketing Agency , November 18, 2010 Author: Chris Herbert. Audience: Business Development Professionals, Marketing Managers, Channel Managers, Customer Service Professionals, Product Managers. Every Thursday night Jeremy Victor and a group of B2B marketers hold a B2B Twitter Chat session. There is now a Product and Services tab that lets you feature everything about your company and what you sell. All blogs, wikis, forums, and social networks hosted or sponsored by Oracle (e.g., com , wiki. There better be. PR Dept?

My Company is Blogging and Tweeting: So Now What Do We Do?

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The idea for the interview came from our own ambivalence at about social media – we started experimenting with blogging and using Twitter for business in late Q4, 2008 but I, like so many other B2B marketers I meet, wanted to get the “big picture” perspective on the B2B social media opportunity from one of the leading researchers in this area. Laura’s groundbreaking study, with G. First, at Forrester we’ve studied how B2B buyers participate socially and found that participation is much higher than U.S. Did they sell a lot of product? Is that right?

Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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However, many tech buyers visit vendor Web sites many times to learn about and compare products, yet few register or leave evidence of their activity. 4) Lead scoring — in a prior post , I make the case for quantitative scoring. 9) Collaboration — capabilities like wikis, sales-contributed content, voting and tagging. link] Posted by: Mike Volpe | August 27, 2008 at 12:45 AM Is anyone else bothered by the surreptitious nature of the DemandBase product? Visitors only get attracted to the products that will benefit them in any way. I’m sure I forgot a few.