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Five steps to high-performing B2B promotional campaigns

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Find out how to plan, manage and optimise B2B marketing campaigns for success with our new content series: The CMO's definitive guide to high-performing promotional campaigns. CMO's definitive guide b2b promotional campaigns

The Results Of 3 B2B Account-Based Marketing Campaigns: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Marketing Leaders Pipeline & Revenue Growth Sales Professionals ABM abm best practices abm ca abm campaign ideas abm customer advocacy abm ebook abm metrics abm results account based marketing account-based marketing campaign examples b2b ABM b2b account based marketing b2bmarketingzone combining abm and advocacy Developing your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy while keeping your brand advocates in mind will ensure your next ABM campaign is a success. Account-based marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest marketing trends right now—and with good reason.

Real Magnet Offers Complex Campaigns Withouth the Flow Charts

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But its flagship feature is letting marketers create sophisticated, multi-step campaigns by answering handful of questions in a template. This piques my interest because I’ve long argued that the chief roadblock to wider use of marketing automation is the difficulty of setting up campaigns, and have offered Artificial Intelligence as the solution.

5 Tips for Successful Survey Campaigns

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Today, we seem to be approaching a similar tipping point for survey campaigns. What are the keys to a successful survey campaign? First, let’s explore why else survey campaigns have become so popular: • Survey data can provide valuable insight into important market trends or customer needs. How to make your survey campaign stand out? Annual Trends Report”). And so on.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

inbound lead generation with more targeted, proactive campaigns. But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals. activities, such as campaign effectiveness. For example, no longer will marketers schedule an email campaign. B2B Marketing. know which half."

Automated Marketing Campaigns: An Immodest Proposal

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I wrote last June about replacing traditional multi-step campaigns with a system that tracks customers through journey stages and executes short sequences of actions, called “plays”, at each stage. The goal was to approach the perfect campaign design of “do the right thing, wait, and do the right thing again”. The problem with multi-step campaigns is the number of options to test.

Your 6 Step Guide to Creating a Holiday Marketing Campaign


The holiday season is just around the corner, and (if you haven’t already) it’s time to start thinking about what you and your marketing team will be doing to celebrate. T’is the season of giving, and the most effective holiday marketing campaigns are crafted in this generous spirit. Whatever you choose to gift wrap as part of your holiday marketing campaign, it’s not a good idea to leave planning and execution to the last minute — much like ticking items off of your holiday shopping list. Step 1: Determine Your Campaign Goals and Audience. Goals should be very specific.

Optimove Optibot Automates Campaign Optimization

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It assigns customers to states (which it calls microsegments) and sends different marketing campaigns to people in each state. What’s new about Optibot is that defining microsegments and picking the best campaign actions per segment have now been automated. I finally caught up with Optimove for a briefing on the Optibot technology they introduced last September. For a bit of background, Optimove is a Journey Orchestration Engine that focuses on customer retention. See my original Optimove review from three years ago (!) for a more detailed explanation.

Winning B2B Email Campaign Keeps it Simple

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To me, this is a campaign that works. What you don’t see in this email are many of the things that commonly bog down B2B campaigns, to their detriment, notably a tedious introductory paragraph designed to grab the reader and “set up” the business case for why he/she wants the offer. The post Winning B2B Email Campaign Keeps it Simple appeared first on The Point. Unlock?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

inbound lead generation with more targeted, proactive campaigns. But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals. activities, such as campaign effectiveness. For example, no longer will marketers schedule an email campaign. B2B Marketing. know which half."

How To Plan, Execute & Measure a Direct Mail Campaign


In the closing months of 2016, we wanted to run a campaign that would impact sales opportunities and help our sales team have a great Q4. We decided on a direct mail campaign. Although it’s easy to overlook offline campaigns because they’re notoriously hard to track , omnichannel attribution simplifies the process. Direct mail can set your company apart. Planning. Execution.

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The Best Digital Campaigns of 2012

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The best digital campaigns of 2012 from Gregory Pouy. I am so very happy to provide you with some exciting and exclusive content from my friend Gregory Pouy, one of the most noted marketing bloggers in France. Gregory has compiled his annual list of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2012. Greg has also done a great job identifying a key take away for each campaign.

Tools I use to amplify social campaigns


The post Tools I use to amplify social campaigns appeared first on Biznology. I am surprised how much of a one-man band I have become through social media thanks to a little help from my friends. Here are the top social media applications I use in order to help lead my clients and my own brand through all the background noise and into the spotlight. Engagement! That is where SOCi comes in.

Infographic: 29 Tips to Improve B2B Email Campaign Performance

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An email campaign that fails to perform up to expectations could be failing on any number of fronts. Or the campaign could be suffering from a myriad of issues relating to design, copy structure, and deliverability. Without systematic testing, sometimes it’s tough to know precisely what causes one campaign to succeed and another to fail miserably.

How to Measure Campaign Effectiveness


You’re a marketer who just spent the past several months planning and executing a campaign. In short, you lived and breathed this campaign every day you entered the office and now it’s over. Do you know how your campaign did? Far too often we dedicate hours upon hours to planning and executing campaigns never to measure whether or not our efforts paid off.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

inbound lead generation with more targeted, proactive campaigns. But marketers will have to do a better job of setting measurable business-oriented goals up front, then running campaigns and measuring results against those goals. activities, such as campaign effectiveness. For example, no longer will marketers schedule an email campaign. B2B Marketing. know which half."

The World’s Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

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BEST DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS 2011 by gregory pouy. Earlier this year the Paris-based marketer rocked our world with his free eBook on eCommerce , and now he has been kind enough to let me share with the {grow} community his latest work — an exhilarating take on the best digital marketing campaigns of 2011. View more presentations from Gregory Pouy.

4 B2B Marketing Tips for Running Successful PPC Campaigns

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Author: Divya Dutt When I joined Marketo three years ago, I had previous experience running paid search campaigns at a B2C company. However, I quickly realized that pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for typical B2B products are very different from those for B2C. In this blog, I’ll share these insights with you so you can ramp up your PPC campaigns. Create Precise Ad Groups.

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We Tried Launching A Full B2B Marketing Campaign From Start To Finish In 1 Day – Here’s What Happened

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What would you do if you only had 24 hours to create a complex B2B marketing campaign that involved your entire team? It was that thought that lead our VP of Marketing, Jim Williams , to wonder what the Influitive marketing team could accomplish if we dropped everything and focused on launching an intensive, multi-touch campaign in one day. Was this B2B marketing campaign worth it?

6 Examples of Lead Nurturing Campaigns

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Setting up a lead nurturing campaign in your marketing automation platform is usually about contacting prospects early in their journey and building a relationship with them as they come closer to purchase. Nurture means to care for, and a good nurture campaign can show that you care about prospects. Sharing relevant, educational content is the heart of this campaign.

Three Top Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Campaign Performance

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Find out how to use these 3 indispensable tools to successfully deliver better marketing campaigns and results. Are you making the most of marketing technology?

6 Best Practices For More Effective Direct Mail Campaigns


The data is clear – engaging your customers where they want to be engaged in multiple formats improves response rates and the effectiveness of campaigns across every channel. However, when you think of the channels being used in campaigns you may think of the popular ones like email, social, and a few other digital ones. Total campaign budget. But what about direct mail? 

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How big should your campaign budget be?


At the ClickZ Live  2014 conference in New York, Michelle Killebrew presented an interesting case study of an IBM campaign called Rethink Business.  It got me thinking (or, should I say, rethinking?) about campaign budgeting.  My question is: how do you set a budget for a multi-touch, multi-target B2B digital campaign like the one Michelle was describing?  Percentage of sales.

How To Run An Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

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There are lots of ways to do a texting campaign right and lots of ways to do it wrong, too. Clients’ histories with your business are the building blocks of a great SMS marketing campaign. Relying on timely email reminders can be a mistake : customers have overflowing email inboxes and email campaigns show less than 30% open rates. That’s where exclusivity comes in.

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Brand assimilation in link campaigns: building client trust


Brand assimilation is essential to the success of a link building campaign, particularly when you’re working with an enterprise-level client. The ability to effectively adopt an enterprise brand’s voice will help you establish client trust earlier, build campaign momentum faster, and pay major dividends down the road. Brand assimilation is essential to the success of a link campaign.

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How To Create A Successful B2B Marketing Campaign Budget

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Launching a B2B marketing campaign for the very first time or for a new market can be hard. The post How To Create A Successful B2B Marketing Campaign Budget appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. You likely don’t have any past data to refer to, which makes it difficult to determine the right budget to allocate to a specific marketing activity or channel. The […].

Benefits of promotional products advertising campaigns


If you have not run a campaign using branded products, then you might be interested to know that according to surveys of promotional product recipients, they really do work to increase branding, favorable sentiment, and sales. In this article, we will feature statistics from an informative infographic all about promotional product advertising campaigns. Summary. Like this post?

Emotions and B2B Campaigns


What makes us perceive these campaigns as more successful and creative Why is it that consumer goods seem to gain traction with such ease on social media?

The Top 4 Nurture Campaigns You Need to Start Doing


The post The Top 4 Nurture Campaigns You Need to Start Doing appeared first on Salesfusion. Email Marketing Marketing Automation B2B Marketing

How Email Marketing Campaigns are Like the U.S. Elections


Campaign Landscape: Similar to the email ecosystem where ISPs and corporate domains “control” the incoming mail flow (read: email policies as applied by receiving servers), each state can determine their own election criteria and dates for primaries resulting in possible different outcomes (mail folder placement) for each jurisdiction and campaign. What does the coming U.S. The U.S.

The Greatest Prospecting Campaign I’ve Ever Run


No … this isn’t a Quentin Tarantino movie (though that sounds kind of awesome), this is the story behind the greatest prospecting campaign I’ve ever run. Let’s get to the meat of why you’re here: to read about why my prospecting campaign at Dyn was the best I’ve ever run. The post The Greatest Prospecting Campaign I’ve Ever Run appeared first on Vidyard. And so it began.

Launching your social campaign with guns blazing!


When it comes to campaigns like this, I get the explicit OK for me to leverage my own personal social networks — that’s why I work so hard on developing my 79 Klout — because the only online influencer I can 100% rely on is me. and several more… This is a very powerful tool and I happily avail it to worthy campaigns. Twitter : @chrisabraham : 51.5k followers.

B2B Marketing: Moving Beyond Campaigns

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Is your B2B marketing activity still built around a series of campaigns? Should they wait until you roll our your compliance campaign? The current SaaS focus in your marketing campaign doesn’t matter, you need to bring information on your traditional on-premise solution to the fore. 3. The old campaign construct simply can’t deliver that today. Q1: Security.

Bad Copy is Your Campaign’s Weakest Link

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Bad copy is your campaign’s weakest link. It matters not one iota how automated, predictive, or account-based your campaign is if all that technology is delivering a message that (sorry – need to be honest here) stinks. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less critical to the success of your campaigns. The post Bad Copy is Your Campaign’s Weakest Link appeared first on The Point.

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4 Simple Ideas to Personalize Your Email Campaigns Today

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Those of us who craft email campaigns are always searching for ways to personalize our messages. How do we balance the need for personalized campaigns (which we know consumers want) with achievable and reliable results (which our businesses need)? Our advice: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. And we know it can deliver results. Email Marketing

Tips for Testing and Measuring Marketing Campaigns to Improve Results


Instead, you must find ways to ensure that your marketing campaigns are actually effective, and learn which tactics work best when targeting the specific businesses you’re trying to lure. Use Social Media to Test Campaigns. Due to the rapid changes of the digital world, you must constantly test your marketing campaigns to see what’s still working and what is no longer effective.

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Trying GroupHigh for Blogger Outreach Campaigns


Then I found an offshore team that worked when — and only when — I needed them and offered me an affordable solution in enough of a timely manner that I could easily work it into the campaign plan. How to Organize Blogger Contests, Campaigns or Meets ( I am hereby making the jump from humans to robots for all my blogger research. In Tricky.

18 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns


Every holiday season, it's like the floodgates burst open: All of a sudden, there are holiday marketing campaigns everywhere. While these campaigns can sometimes seem out of control, many brands out there actually do their holiday marketing very, very well. They create campaigns that delight customers. Great holiday marketing campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes.

Marketing Campaigns Might Only Be Mostly Dead

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Advertising luminaries such as Eric Wheeler at Ad Age and Bill Lee in the Harvard Business Review have long declared that campaigns are dead. While some campaigns are dead (see the 2016 Iowa Caucus), the idea that structured marketing campaigns are dead is being a bit over-hyped, particularly by social media gurus. As campaigners, we have so much to deal with.

How B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn Marketing Ad Campaigns [Interview]

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Additionally, 70 percent have invested in LinkedIn marketing ad campaigns for demand generation purposes. At the same time, the platform is developing and adding features, which has affected how B2B marketers are able to do things like target ads to specific audiences, target different parts of the funnel, as well as measure campaign performance. About Jordan Con.