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Direct mail examples: personal letters, dimensional mailers, books, post cards, newsletters, press releases, white papers, event invitations, research reports, case studies, success stories and third-party articles. Email examples: links to by-lined articles, blog posts, links to third party articles, case studies, press releases, white papers, e-newsletters, event invitations, archived event links, research reports, blogs, success stories, video, podcasts, third-party articles and website content. How do you build your library of relevant lead nurturing content ?

13 Types of Product Content Sales Needs to Close More Deals


Product marketers typically create that more bottom-of-the-funnel content that caters to prospects who are closer to the purchase stage in the buying cycle. well, education. 4) Customer Success Stories/Case Studies. Case studies that highlight the success of your current customers are an extremely powerful product marketing tool. That changes today.

6 Content Challenges Facing Enterprise Marketers (Plus Some Helpful Solutions)


Lack of budget (43%) and buy-in (38%). Prospects who are only in the beginning stages of their research are probably not ready to receive a "buy now" offer from you. These are the top areas where enterprises often struggle in the area of integration: Brand experience -- How companies effectively portray themselves across channels, partners, experiences, and buying cycles.

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Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts for September 2010

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Mobile Marketing: Resources To Get Your Marketing Aligned With Your Mobile Audiences. - CK’s B2B Blog , September 20, 2010 Last week I had the honor of presenting on both social media and mobile media at Optimization Summits in Dallas and I wanted to take this post to share the mobile marketing presentation I created for the event. 10 B2B Social Media Case Studies and Examples - Social Media B2B , September 17, 2010 As we have learned by writing posts for this site, people are interested in examples of what other B2B companies large and small are doing with social media.