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Content Marketing Trends Taking Us into the Future

It's All About Revenue

Compelling video assets have become one of the the best ways for your brand to offer unexpected value and humanize the buying process. pieces of information before a customer makes a purchase. “I already have a YouTube channel!”, Edi to r’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Jennifer Pepper , the Content Marketing Manage r at Vidyard.

Klout overhauls its business model, but does it answer its critics?

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“Our goal is to lead the industry in matters of privacy protection.” Do Klout Perks drive purchases? ” This score may be able to forecast buying behaviors based on patterns in an influencer’s audience. But after several years of effort, Klout is still missing out on a real gold mine of online influence — blogs and YouTube videos. Privacy.

How to Design Content Remarketing Campaigns That Actually Work


But they may not fill out a form and become a lead right then and there. Recapturing audience attention to turn lookers into leads is an effective marketing tactic, and if you''re not doing it, you''re leaving money on the table. They could be checking their email, reading the news, watching a YouTube video … and there you are, with something new and awesome to show them.

What Marketers Everywhere Can Learn From P&G's 1,600-Person Layoff


Only a few of those people are in a position to buy your product." So he went from spending $750,000 a year on advertising to a greatly reduced $100,000 budget in 2012. Why would I spend my paid ad budget on a term that costs me $20 per click and drives unqualified traffic, when I can blog about a term that drives people who are ready to buy and get 120 inbound links along with it?