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An SEO’s Guide to Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords


If I had a penny for every time a client asked our agency to focus only on the most searched, highest volume keywords in their industry I’d be a very rich woman by now. No one would complain about being #1 for a term like “best company,” but will it help you sell specific products or services? Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).

Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?


Over the course of the podcast, David wondered out loud why more marketers don’t consult keyword data when writing and editing content. Even the tech people are confounded by the sheer variety of data they need to integrate to take full advantage of keyword data in marketing activities. This should give you a sense of how many false positives Google gives you in the Keyword Planner.

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Professional (Seriously)


Making sure your site is as highly visible as possible in search and maximizing visits requires professional SEO help—whether that comes from inside your company, or from an expert SEO consultant or agency. First, ask other business owners and marketing leaders, in your network or your favorite LinkedIn group, for references. Total keyword phrases driving traffic.

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Keywords Matter, Keywords Don’t Matter – How To Make Sense of SEO Evolution


Some small business owners I’ve talked to just frown when I try to explain it to them. But keywords are an even better example. Are keywords dead? There are several articles about keywords being dead on pretty much every website that covers SEO. Most of those articles come to one of these conclusions: Keywords aren’t dead. Keywords are dead. Keyword Dos.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. Don’t just talk about your product or service. What are the business and.

Do Keywords Matter?


One area that is rapidly changing is the use of keywords. In 2011, Google started encrypting end user search data, effectively hiding that information from marketers and business owners. Couple that with their periodic search algorithm updates and you start to wonder if even pays to spend time trying to find the perfect long tail, low competition keywords for your marketing efforts.

4 Twitter Tools that Help You With Customer Service

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Twitter has fundamentally changed the way that customer service interactions take place. The increased role of social media within product marketing has however, now given buyers in the marketplace much more power to leverage over businesses, promoting consumers from being backseat drivers to co-pilots of their reputation. Customer Service Social Media Customer service social Twitte

4 Helpful Tools for Identifying the Right Keywords


The key to successful SEO is concentrating on long-tail keywords. Although these keywords get less traffic than more generic terms, they are associated with more qualified traffic and users that are most likely further down their path of intent. The good news is that choosing the right long-tail keywords for your website pages is actually a fairly simple process.

Lead Nurturing: How a social business strategy can help you move from selling to helping your prospects

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Tweet At MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 , I had the privilege of sitting in on a session with Todd Wilms, Head of Social Strategy, and Adriel Sanchez, VP, Demand Generation, both of SAP , as they discussed how they use a business model called “social business” to help their teams across the globe engage local audiences. So, what is social business exactly? Tip #1.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. Don’t just talk about your product or service. What are the business and.

The Five Best Infographic Creation Tools and Services


Here are four of the best such tools…plus services to call on if you have the budget and really want to make sure your infographics look original and great. Showcase reviews:  Online Marketing Institute, Small Business Trends, BuzzBlogger, Programming Graphics Resources & Reviews, RazorSocial, QuickSprout. 2) Infogram. ” —  Small Business Trends.

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The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google [Infographic]


Google has many different sources of revenue, but one of their most noticeable is the ads that appear next to search results for specific keywords. How much that keyword costs depends, in part, on how often people search for it -- the more people search for a certain keyword, the more expensive it is. SEO PPC Daily IGSS

A Keyword Primer: Finding and Using Keywords Effectively

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Keywords are important for every business online today. They help drive traffic to your business website and when chosen and used well, draw visitors who become customers. Keywords define a business, and represent the essence of the products and services that are offered. What Are Keywords? Keywords are also used in paid search advertising.

Your keywords suck and are outdated


Your corporate bio, what you do, your products and services were probably written back either when your company opened, when you ported your brochures to the web, or the last time you did a major revision. Another example is a service I offered which cleaned bad search engine results off of Google. Google Wants You To Use Keyword Metatags… No, Really (

Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data


This means marketers won''t even be able to get keyword data for searches conducted by users who aren''t even signed in. We also can''t help but think that, because Google is encrypting search activity for everything but ad clicks, this is a move to get more people using Google AdWords. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo continue to pass along keyword data. Why, Google.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. Don’t just talk about your product or service. What are the business and.

How to Do Keyword Research: A Beginner's Guide


While Google''s kept us on our toes with all those algorithm changes they keep rollin'' out , one thing has stayed pretty consistent for inbound marketers looking to optimize for search: keyword research. Well, needing to do keyword research has stayed the same. Step 1: Make a list of important topics based on what you know about your business. The same goes for keywords.

Metrics to Help You Track Brand, Demand, and Expand


Marketing agency nDash wrote a funny blog post noting how Benjamin Franklin used content to grow his personal and business brands: “Benjamin Franklin could be seen as one of the founding fathers of content marketing. His monthly magazine, annual Poor Richard’s Almanac and various other printings all served to establish him as an authority and help grow his printing press business.

B2B Marketing: 3 simple tips for creating PPC ads

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Copywriting in a confined space can feel more like an art, especially when you consider crafting social media PPC messaging for a highly targeted audience versus search engines ads, in which a keyword strategy impacts your message. Here are three basic tips for creating ads that you can use to help you communicate effectively with prospects. Tip #1. Highlight your value proposition.

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How To Develop Keyword Lists for Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns


Coming up with really good long-tail keywords for your SEO or pay-per-click campaigns can sometimes be daunting if you don’t understand how buyers use Google, what buying cycle they are in, and how your content or offers align with those search terms people use to look for what you do. Your organic keywords obtained from your analytics program. Google’s keyword research tool.

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Why Your Keyword Strategy Is Incomplete Without User Intent


Keyword research has long been heralded as a pillar of a proper SEO strategy. In fact, without proper keyword research, inbound marketing efforts can be misguided, budgets misspent, and strategies designed on a poor foundation. This isn''t just an indication of which keywords are being used; it''s also about how they’re tied to questions or queries in Google.

The best automagical Twitter following tools for your business


They call it the SocialOomph Follow-Back & Auto-DM service, though I never recommend doing any auto DMs on Twitter. Edit:  I just checked the Follow-Back & Auto-DM service and it’s semi-automatic and reach follow-back opportunity requires going through their “vet followers” tool. – Tweet Analytics Overview – track Tweet keyword volume over time.

21 Questions To Help You Define Your Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Insider

My mission was: To help businesses of every size to improve their marketing efforts through better stories that connect with people. To help brands scale their content marketing efforts so they can reach their customers in an affordable way by earning their attention instead of buying it. Content Marketing is still relatively new to many of us and we’re here to help.

What Should You Know About Keywords – The Long and Short of It

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As a small biz you’ve probably dabbled a bit in trying to get your business found on search engines. Under the broad umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes both paid search as well as organic search engine optimization , there’s a common strategy that involves focusing on what’s known as “Long Tail” Keywords. Does that sound complicated or tricky?

Five tools to help with your social media makeover

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The gym is a chance for me to think about what I’ve delivered that morning, plan out my day and dream about potential ideas for my business. This may be visits to your website where you get people spending time there, subscribing to your email list or buying your products or services. This is very much a B2B platform so if you are targeting the business community Slideshare is ideal.

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Top 10 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

As we explored in our recent book, Online Marketing for Professional Services , changes in the demographics of the professional services marketplace are leading to the adoption of new strategies for building reputations, networking, and generating leads. More and more of professional life is moving online – and the professional services world is no exception. Figure 1.

Marketing’s Battle: How Big Data and Marketing Technology Helps Win The Game

Crimson Marketing

One company that has shown how much impact insight-driven, proactive marketing can have is Rochester, NY-based Paychex; the leading payroll, HR, and retirement benefits outsourcing service for small businesses. The number of businesses with 20 to 49 employees – Paychex’s sweet spot – fell 13.5 Typically keyword bidding is based on the closest downstream event. percent.

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Long Tail Keywords: Win at SEO and Acquire More Qualified Leads

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And that means you need to know about long tail keywords. Find the right long tail keywords, and you’ll gain a serious advantage over your competitors. long tail keyword is any search phrase that has three or four words in it – or more. The essential value of a long tail keyword is this: It is much more specifically meaningful. The heads and tails of keywords.

A Cold, Hard Lead Conversion Case for Low-Volume Keywords


Not all keywords are created equal. As marketers, we're often conditioned to go after attainable high-volume keywords. More clicks = more business, right? We always knew that targeting some low-volume keywords was a sound strategy, but one surprising discovery backed it up with cold, hard evidence. Low lead conversion with a "typical" keyword strategy. Not always.

Top 10 Marketing Techniques for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

How can professional services firms raise their reputation and visibility in the marketplace? In fact, our research shows that when clients go to check out professional services providers, 80% use online sources of information compared to 55% using traditional references. So what are the top techniques for professional services firms today? Overviews of your service areas.

Best Keyword Research Tools


Effective online marketing starts with thorough keyword research. The right keywords help you attract more visitors, make more sales, and rank higher and appear more often in search engine results. But knowing the keywords your prospects use to find you online is more than just good SEO — it’s also good market research. Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

5 Tips to Help Make a Killer Marketing Video


Creating a video (or video series) to help market your product or service is a no-brainer. Read this post and take away five tips to create a great video to market your business. 1) Showcase Your Personality. Is your business partner more charismatic? If your product is physical, focus on showing them what your product does and how it can help. How to do it.

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Does That “Affordable SEO Package” Make Sense For Your Business?

KoMarketing Associates

A couple weeks back, a small business owner, that had found my information through my columns on Search Engine Land , emailed looking for guidance on how to make a decision on SEO services. “I am a small business in the mist of redesigning our website… I have not had time to research SEO to be at comfortable place. They were redesigning their website.

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Top 10 Strategies for Marketing Technology Services

Hinge Marketing

Or perhaps you’re the eternal skeptic, thinking marketing technology services and generating leads online only happens through herculean efforts? In our Online Marketing for Professional Services book, Hinge took an in-depth look at what professional services firms, including those marketing technology services, are doing to ensure a steady flow of leads. Not you?

3 Ways Marketing Automation Helps Higher Ed Marketers Succeed

Modern B2B Marketing

Their students are their buyers, just like they are buyers when they purchase other products or services. In other words, students are performing their searches by specific programs, degrees, career outcomes, and other keywords rather than by any given institution’s name. Like every institution, Fisher School of Business has enrollment numbers to hit every year.

The business benefit of setting your knowledge free

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

This is the story of how I became a “web missionary” and learned how setting your knowledge free is the key for building online businesses. They revealed their tricks of selling indie books online, from creating genre-specific book covers that targeted your audience, to hitting the right keywords within the Amazon marketplace. By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

33 Tweetable Tips That'll Help You Master LinkedIn [Infographic]


— Small Business Trends. 6) Skip the "How do you know this person" step. Organize business cards, LinkedIn info, and networking notes in one place. — Business Insider. 20) LinkedIn has found that 20 posts per month can help you reach 60% of your unique audience. Instead of hiring a recruiter, join LinkedIn''s Recruiter service. — Emmie Martin.

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3 Essential Marketing Skills that Drive Growth in Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

Marketing teams in professional services firms perform a multitude of tasks, but they are ultimately responsible for one thing: generating leads. Fortunately, recent research into the best-performing professional services firms offers some answers. Focusing your energy on ranking for just a couple of broad homepage keywords. It’s not always obvious. Marketing Skill #1: SEO.

Feel Like You're Fighting With Your Keywords? 7 Ways to Win


As the content manager at Half a Bubble Out, part of my job the past couple quarters has been to focus on improving our performance around 11 different keywords. However, we’ve been doing this keyword rotation long enough now that we got to a point where it felt like we were fighting the keywords. ” Totally made a 180 with the keyword. Write what you know.

Google Analytics 101: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know about the Powerful Website Analysis Tool

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Understanding your customers well enough to ensure you’re giving them what they want and need — that’s the key to success for any small business in any industry. Google Analytics is one powerful — and free — website analysis tool that can help you better understand your current and potential customers. Tools/Services Google AnalyticsConversions.