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Paul Conley: Has the Content Marketing Dream Become a Nightmare?

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In the trade magazine business, not generally known for early adoption of new-media developments, Paul Conley is something of an anomaly. As early as 1996, not long after the birth of the World Wide Web, he founded a business-to-business internet news service. Paul Conley. He is, as he puts it, “hypersensitive to how new technology opens up opportunities in old worlds.” He

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Adam Tinworth: Journalism in a Period of Continuous Change

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His insights there are based on a combination of his ongoing and enthusiastic experimentation with new-media platforms and his practical experience as an editor and blog evangelist for the UK branch of Reed Business Information (RBI). It was bound to transform every information business—and journalism is an information business—utterly. Adam Tinworth. But it is. Yes and no.

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Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley

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taught business writing to college students last semester and my number one rule was ALWAYS remember who your audience is. Maureen Alley: Never tweet what you wouldn't say in person. In preparation for my talk in an ASBPE webinar on ethic s next week, I’ve been speaking with B2B editors about how they use social media. It’s very fluid. also manage RD+B ’s Facebook page. Great question.

Editorial Quality Vs. Revenue: A False Dichotomy

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On its blog earlier this month, the American Society of Business Publication Editors published an anonymous and despairing note from one of its members. ” The trade magazine business of yore was built on inefficiencies, wherein it was difficult if not impossible for businesses to reach out to their customers on a large scale. In it, the magazine editor described a frustrating planning meeting with his counterparts in advertising sales. To the editor, this was a clear case of sales priorities trumping editorial quality. But that’s not fair. It beats me.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

effective in measuring business results. only if the external publications are relevant to your business. content to business results. identified budget (34 percent), the inability to measure business. It will keep them busy for a while, but that’s. business content. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Marketing is Effective? Introduction 4 II.

Do B2B Editors Get Twitter?

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As with other business-to-business content creators these days, there are few trade press editors who don’t have—and at least occasionally use—a Twitter account. From among the 15 magazines produced, I looked for any senior-level editors who tweeted at least once every business day on average, or 22 tweets per month. Even 10 tweets a day may be a challenge for many busy editors, but the closer you can come to that number, the better. But how many use Twitter not just for promotion, but for its most valuable benefit, social engagement? Curatorial. Conversational.

Why Publishers Need Early Adopters, Annoying or Not

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But they might just save your business. Yesterday, B2B editor and blogger Maureen Alley wrote a provocative post declaring that early adopters are annoying. I’m not sure she means it. Alley herself, after all, stands out among young B2B journalists for being well ahead of her peers in adopting the tools and ethos of social media. If anything, the B2B industry needs to encourage early adopters, not bemoan them. Trade publishing has declined for plenty of other reasons as well, but resistance to new technologies and modes of communication has been a critical factor.

It’s Time to Embrace Editorial as a Profit Center

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Too many executives accept this distinction as the smart way to protect their business. It’s time for them to throw their reluctance aside and, as the key profit generators, get more involved in the business of publishing. Early this week, Steve Yelvington made a comment on Twitter that reminded me of something I’ve been mulling over for some time. Our newsrooms (or whatever we choose to call them) should be engines of success,” he said , “not cost centers.”. He’s right, but I prefer stronger phrasing. Sales is a profit center , editorial is a cost center.

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Curation: Add Value and Pass It Along

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But recently, he says, it has come to mean something less good: Over the past three or so years, the term media curation has evolved in its meaning to being less-and-less an act of help and service and more and more a term that’s used to add lipstick to a pig of a business model that is based on something like the following: “go re-write stuff you find elsewhere that’s about whatever is trending on Google and bury a link to them somewhere towards the end of the story so we can claim it’s not merely re-writing their story.”. How can you distinguish between good curation and bad curation?

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

concrete business goals: — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Content Road- map — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Content Execu- tion — Ultimate Content Strategist Playbook: Growing Your. Content Marketing: When Figuring out if content marketing is right for your business. with deciding on what business goals. broader business goals. All rights reserved. brands.

“Content Is Power”: Q & A with Mark W. Schaefer

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Of course there are many uses and strategies for the social web, but at least with the businesses I work with, that is the biggest piece of advice I can give them. Journalism is my first love but I was increasingly interested in business. So both fields are absolutely in the content creation business these days. Mark W. Schaefer. For me, a journalist, this came as a jolt.

Are You Highly Digital? Try This Test

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In a Harvard Business Review blog post discussed last week by Mark Schaefer , authors Jeffrey Rayport and Tuck Rickards asserted that most big companies are too far behind the digital curve. It does business enabled by digital channels. By their standards, only nine of the Fortune 500 corporations are highly digital. That’s no surprise. Its leadership has deep digital experience.

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The Skeuomorphic Byline: How Journatic Screwed Up by Looking Backward

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Reading Mathew Ingram’s take today  on the controversy over content provider Journatic’s use of fake bylines in its stories for newspapers, I realized that the problem is more complex than it seems. The real issue was not that the company used fake bylines on its stories, but that it used bylines at all. Instead of looking forward, it looked backward. No related posts.

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Should Journalism Schools Rethink Magazines? (Or Even Journalism Itself?)

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The problem with magazine programs isn’t so much that magazine publishing is an increasingly bad business (though it is). In reflecting on the uproar over the potential for conflicts of interest involving Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch , blogger and journalism professor Jeff Jarvis recently concluded that  “we need to question—not reject, but reconsider—every assumption: what journalism is, who does it, how they add value, how they build and maintain trust, their business models. I am coming to wonder whether we should even reconsider the word journalism.”.

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. could fuel better business results. business results, just 10 percent of respondents. content metrics and business results. BUSINESS RESULTS? 5% 25% 22% VERY. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. What paid.

5 Things I Learned from Self-Publishing

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As Seth Godin says of non-fiction book publishing , it’s an organized hobby, not a business: “The return on equity and return on time for authors and for publishers is horrendous. If nothing else, self-publishing is a learning experience. You learn not just about the process, but yourself. Don’t count on making money. For me the process was great fun, and well worth the time and effort.

Jesse Noyes: Brand Journalist or Brand Reporter?

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But with a background at the Boston Herald and the Boston Business Journal , Noyes clearly is—or was—a journalist. For me, the goal of the journalist (traditionally defined) is to provide the public with the facts and context they need to make informed decisions—political, business, consumer and personal decisions—without regard for what “sells”. Jesse Noyes. Say “I”

Lewis DVorkin: Content Marketing or Advertorial?

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It is, rather, “a brand-building platform for journalists and expert voices.” In his model, the publisher does not differentiate and ordain content, but simply hosts it without prejudice: For FORBES, everything we do cascades from a belief that there are five vital constituencies in the media business, each with a different agenda. True enough. But is transparency an adequate defense?

A Boring But Mandatory Redesign Announcement

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Though its default design is overly busy for my taste, its many options allow CSS wizards to  transform it dramatically.  In my years as a magazine editor, one of the most irksome tasks was writing an editorial announcing a redesign of the publication. Sadly, there’s nothing fresh or original about saying your redesign is fresh and original. The old look. couldn’t use that! No related posts.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

they compete both against their business competitors and all content creators that vie. returns on business-related goals. have on myriad aspects of the business and driving the goals of specific divisions (e.g., business goals, such as “cost savings, risk. Business Goal Content Objectives KPIs Customer. to the larger business. Content. Methodology: A Best.

Social Media and the Perils of Monetization

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For B2B professionals, mixing social media and business requires a delicate balance of giving and selling, sharing and monetizing. Too much giving and you’re out of business; too much selling and you’re out of friends. I was reminded of how tricky this balance can be last Friday when I logged onto my RSS reader. As Schaefer noted last year, the more the emphasis is on business, the harder it is to maintain the social nature of social media. Are profits and social media compatible? Does making money from a friendship make it less social? But clicking through is optional.

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What Killed Borders? A Loss of Passion

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What killed Borders wasn’t some irresistible economic or cultural force, but the loss of an essential resource businesses need to survive in times of change: passion. As long as people have the passion for books and the reading experience that I encountered in that Borders manager, the book business may evolve, but it will not fail. The announcement this week that Borders Group will liquidate its remaining bookstores  by the end of the summer puts an end to my hopes for its unlikely revival. But though I’m sad to see it go, I don’t worry about the future of books or reading.

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There Are Two Sides to Every Editorial Wall

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In an article today on MediaShift, Dorian Benkoil makes a good case for why reporters and editors should be more involved in the business side of publishing. And not only that—their refusal to sully their hands in the business side is contributing to the decline of the entire industry: “For too long, reporters and editors have been unaware, even hostile to the business sides of their organizations. ” As I’ve suggested before , the purpose of the editorial wall isn’t just to keep the business side out of editorial. Ethics Journalism

Six Tips for Effective Editorial Advisory Boards

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Even when editorial board members start out as enthusiastic participants, they may well start to lose interest or become too busy to offer meaningful help.  Even the most objective board members will have blind spots, particularly when their business interests are involved. Board members will want to make sure your own business interests won’t compromise them. In an article published last Monday, Joe Pulizzi advocated the use of editorial advisory boards for content marketers. In keeping with his July 4th publication date, Pulizzi made his case with revolutionary zeal.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

brand publishers aren’t in the business of publishing. business. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY12 While the business goals of your content marketing efforts are import- ant—be it generating leads, sales, brand awareness, industry education, or, more likely, some combination of initiatives—we find it extremely. We do have clear business goals for The Content.

Can Content Save Publishers? Only If They Wake Up

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Though at first it might seem odd to say that businesses built on content don’t value it, she has a point. As she explains, pure content businesses like magazines are just one of three types of media options for advertisers. In an article on Min Online this week, Judy Franks of The Marketing Democracy suggests that traditional media companies are faltering because they don’t value content. If you have strong owned and earned media, why pay a third party for theirs? Great content—at which traditional media excel—should be a compelling reason. Content, of course.

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What B2B Publishers Can Learn About Content from Circa

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would add that these issues are particularly important for business-to-business journalism. In Sarah Lacy’s recent review of Circa , a new iPhone news app, she identifies and critiques three innovations in the way it presents news information. Its content is atomized, aggregated, and personalized. Each news story is made up of one or more of these flash cards. Here’s why.

Digital First, Not Foremost

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Alan Mutter puts it plainly : “Publishers today are struggling to pivot to a new business model that they call ‘digital first’—whatever that means—while managing through the seemingly relentless decline of their existing one. John Paton: Misguided, or misunderstood? Print sucks!”. To my mind, that’s not what digital first means. It’s about which medium people use. Try This Test.

Writing, Photography, and the Art of Thinking Visually

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One of the reasons a photograph can seem so powerful is that it captures details of an event that many news or business writers might not think pertinent  or appropriate—a facial expression, the relation of people to their surroundings, the sense of place. For the last few weeks, though, I’ve been wondering if I’m not putting too much stress on visual media.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

better job of linking their efforts to measurable business results. Demonstrate business results: the challenge to tie marketing efforts to measurable business results (e.g., Encourage employee advocacy: a business's employees are (or at least should be) natural brand advocates. What are the business and. my business deliver upon them? B2B Marketing.

A Lament for Borders Bookstores

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Back in the days when I covered the bookstore business for Publishers Weekly , Borders was perceived as an evil juggernaut that was going to destroy independent bookstores. Crown made its ultimately short-lived business out of heavy discounting best-sellers, hardly a cultural benefit. But that argument worked much better against the previous villain, Crown Books.

Content Marketing & Journalism: Theory vs. Practice

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Companies whose main business is not publishing, he said, are simply unwilling to take on serious journalism. Paul Conley has written another one of his all-too-rare blog posts , and as usually happens, he has motivated me to get off my own long-dormant blogging butt. It only adds to my motivation that he mentions my year-old interview with him  here on B2B Memes. Back then, he surprised me with a pessimistic assessment of the state of content marketing as a home for journalists. year later, he’s reversed course. Brand journalism, dead a year ago, is now ready to be reborn.

Commodity Content, Demand Media, and Quality

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The weirdly fascinating thing for me about Demand Media is how it wants to build a high-growth business on commodity content. I’m not convinced it’s possible. Are commodity content and quality incompatible? That seems to be the underlying assumption of most discussions of  Demand Media’s “frothy” IPO successfully concluded yesterday. Ominously, perhaps, that event was preceded by Google’s promise last week to clamp down on high-ranking content-farm sites with “shallow or low-quality content.”. Even Demand Media’s CEO is insulted by the label. But the choice of metaphors is odd.

Rethinking the Role of “Advertisers”

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Writing last week for the Nieman Journalism Lab , Ken Doctor analyzed “ The newsonomics of the Quartz business launch. In identifying the key aspects and implications of the business news startup from Atlantic Media , Doctor touched on a number of key points for any business-oriented publication. Forbes and Atlantic Media may not have found the right model yet.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

to really lay out the business case behind GE, and we. group of people who are important to your business, using content to align with their interests at a high. battling with their direct business competitors for. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. Introduction 3 II.

Editorial Wall, or Prison Wall?

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Does being involved in the business side of a media enterprise mean being involved in sales? In  a speech last June , he argued that editors should get involved in all sides of a business, even if that meant selling advertising. Is it really so difficult to honor editorial ethics and pursue business interests at the same time? Historically, most publishing enterprises have replied that it is, and have discouraged editorial involvement in business. As a representative of your company, you’re telling customers that you couldn’t care less about their business.