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Define and Conquer: Tips to Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment

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by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Sam Boush, the President of Lead Lizard , a marketing automation agency based in Portland, Oregon that delivers world-class demand generation strategy, lead nurturing and lead scoring programs, lead management processes, and sales enablement programs. Check out Eloqua’s Grande Guide to Lead Scoring.

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How To Predict Conversion Rates From Lead to Close With an ‘Exit Criteria’

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The truth is that the measurement linking lead to closed deal is precarious at best.  Far too many steps occur between those two moments to offer clarity and insight into our company’s “a typical deal.”  One look at the standard deviation between the average days in the sales cycle reveals this point.  Why You Now?™”, The Founder of Basho and M.J. Sound familiar? Who is right? 

3 Reports Every Marketer Should Run to Measure Lead Scoring Effectiveness

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Lead scoring isn’t an “old fashioned trick” we used two or three years ago when automation system adoption began to grow rapidly. To focus on ramping up your automation efforts, you focus on lead nurturing to advance your engagement with prospects and customers. Have you checked back up on your initial step to check if your lead scoring system is running correctly?

4 Must Haves To Enhance Your Marketing Analysis Strategy [New Guide]

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by Eloqua | Tweet this Are you reporting on the right information to support your organization’s efforts, and more importantly, maximized experiences with your brand? While it may seem like there’s no silver bullet path to determining the right mix of marketing analytics, there are some key decisions that you can make to move down the right strategic path.

4 Back to Basics Tips to Improve Lead Quality

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Are most of your leads going in the garbage pile instead of the MQL (marketing qualified lead) or SAL (sales accepted lead) bucket? If you’re fishing for leads and getting a lot of junk, it’s time to do something about it. Here are some tips to enhance your lead quality, and quantity. 1. when the lead is ready to speak to a sales rep and buy). 2.

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6 Ways Marketing Can Help Generate Early Leads for Sales

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by Shawn Cook | Tweet this A marketer posed a perplexing question to me recently. In fact CEB Sales Practice research says that on average prospects are 57% of the way through making a purchase before they ever talk to sales. Getting to prospects is paramount, but so is focusing on the most qualified leads. When sales people in the field known about how individual prospects are behaving, they get a head start on determining if now is the right time to start talking. And the earlier they get there, the more they can help guide the decision process. 2.

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A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

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The group was divided down the middle with half energized by the process and half dreading it as much as a root canal. used to be a member of the “dread it” crowd. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process. have the data to support how and where I spend my money.  I know what works and what doesn’t.  And I know precisely what my Marketing team has to do to hit those targets. To explain, I created a sample marketing budget below. Number of days between stages. o   Inquiry to SQO    120 days. o   SQO to Win          90 days.